An Expectant Angelina Jolie In Texas

Angelina Jolie

An expectant Angelina was at an Austin, Texas Barnes & Noble on Monday. Angelina and her family have been in Texas as Brad continues work on his movie Tree of Life.



  1. AJ24 says


  2. Zoe and Zaras mommy (and one on the way!!) says

    zoe just woke after a long ride in the car with her daddy and said “mommy whens the baby going to be her” and i said soon and then she said “hey mommy howed the baby get in there” and now am like ohhh noooooo

  3. Zoe and Zaras mommy (and one on the way!!) says

    Mutiples also run in my family but still no twins for me, i can see how your worried about Ella my step sister was the same she had a 12 month old baby boy then had triplets and now jack is 3 and the triplets now 2 and she is just had another baby! but jack was happy to have little borthers to help with as he got older he wanted to help more with feeding and what not, i wonder how long that will last. lol!

  4. Ella's Mommy! says

    Beautiful names!!! Mutiples run in our family so I wasnt suprised when I was pregnant with twins!!! The only thing i am worried about is how Ella will react because We will have 3 kids under 2!!!

  5. Zoe and Zaras mommy (and one on the way!!) says

    we are calling her Gracie mae, so we are going to have zoe jade williams, zara louise william and Gracie mae williams ( just Grace when she is older)

  6. Zoe and Zaras mommy (and one on the way!!) says

    my brother’s wife had twins one boy and one girl i want twins i think i would me nice

  7. Zoe and Zaras mommy (and one on the way!!) says

    yes i would like to have a little boy but i would have more girls or boys i dont really mind

  8. Ella's Mommy! says

    We are naming the twins Elise and Keirstin!! beautiful names that you are thinking for this baby! our last name is moore, so we had to find names that would sound good with that!! their middle names will be Elise Abigal and Keirstin Avery Moore! Ella’s middle name is Lorraine!

  9. oriana says

    Fly on he Wall, Yes, the picture is the exact one I was looking at! They could pass for sisters! She is a Harvard grad and I think deserves better. He seems very snobbish and arrogant to me too.

  10. Zoe and Zaras mommy (and one on the way!!) says

    Ella’s Mommy! I like the name Zahavah but I also like the names Courtney and grace, zara was named after my late Nan and I have always liked the name zoe I and like z names any way but with this baby I want something different. what are you calling the twins?

  11. Ella's Mommy! says

    Z and z’s mom- I will hopefully have more after the twins i really want a boy!! Do u know what u are naming this baby? are Zoe and Zara family names?

  12. Nicki says

    No there has been no confirmation about twins, or if they are having a boy or girl.
    She seems very happy to me.

  13. Z says




  14. Nicki says

    J.Katgirl–The Jolie-Pitts have enough money to buy each kid, all 6, 7,8 or 10 of them thier very own “stuff”. And there is nothing wrong with being taught to share, it makes them unselfish and caring.

  15. J.Katgirl says

    @Pena: it’s not have to share all your stuff with 5 others..I think it’s cruel & illogical to have 6 children!

  16. Fly On The Wall says

    143. oriana | March 12th, 2008 at 11:14 pm

    I live in NY, Oriana, and I have zero sympathy for that clown. He was making loud noises about busting prostitution rackets at the same time he was out chasing ho’s. And while I can feel sorry for his wife, it’s ironic that she was the one who was bashing Hillary Clinton for standing by her man when he couldn’t keep it in his drawers, telling everybody she’d never do that, and now here she is in the same position. Karma’s a stone b*tch, isn’t it?

    The one’s I really feel for are their three teenage daughters. Those poor kids must be in hibernation from everybody.

  17. Fly On The Wall says

    140. Fly On The Wall | March 12th, 2008 at 10:08 pm

    Whoever you are, honey, have fun impersonating me, because you obviously have no life of your own. You pathetic little troll.

  18. Jesse says

    Nicki,thank you for your nice comment and thanks for sharing the newest pics! Angie is pretty big 😉 can’t wait to see the baby/babies 🙂

  19. 2teens says

    Hey Nicki, maybe you’re right! LD could be the WM. LD has two kids, a boy and a girl… so does the WM.

  20. oriana says

    Yes indeed Mia, where is Xena? I have missed her for a long time!

    Nicki, no news yet for my husband, hope it comes soon! No pain though, thank you so much!

    I have looked at the news, the Gov. of N.Y. resigning, and I keep looking at his wife’s picture, she reminded me of someone, I do see a striking resemblance to Jennifer Anniston! I do feel sad for that family too! Too many hypocrites in this world today folks! What goes around, comes around!!!!

    I think Angie is getting bigger, nice fun pictures for the kids, these are some lucky children!!!!

  21. Nicki says

    142. XX ** Why are you stealing peoples name? Is that you Lauren?? No matter who you are please leave Fly On The Wall alone. This isn’t middle school, you are so transparent it isn’t funny. If you have enough guts, post under your own name and stand up for what you believe in, don’t hide like a coward behind stealing other peoples name. Stop the baby games and stealing Fly On The Wall name or anyone elses. Coward.

  22. Fly On The Wall says

    Man, I really need to get some therapy. I keep lashing out at myself! But it’s the truth. I did come out of a sl*t! It’s sad, it really is. I shouldn’t waste any more time on a baby site!

  23. Nicki says

    Jesse~ I like your comments. Greetings from USA. It’s nice to see people from all over. My best friend lived in Germany forn 3 years(a long time ago 70’s) and my friends son will be stationed there for training soon for 4-6 months.
    Keep posting. (Don’t let the dust get in your eyes, from all the troublemakers, that’s thier goal). You will find a lot of nice people here, and some who just live to make trouble. Welcome Jesse.

  24. Nicki says

    And she also broke up her now husbands marriage with his pregnant wife, because she got pregnant. Both kids are close in age.

  25. Nicki says

    Didn’t work…….maybe now we know who the semi celebrity
    mom is. I’ll try it again with only initials.

  26. Nicki says

    Well I cut and pasted my comment, and the only part that won’t show up is about the true person who broke up BBT, marriage. Wow.

  27. Nicki says

    And if the only Nicki’s you know are mental, then maybe it’s time to apply yourself and get out of that facility you have been confined to. Life is wonderful outside those 4 walls.

  28. Nicki says

    T –So you say. Do you have a link to prove your comment? I have never heard that and I was a big Brad Pitt fan from before his days with Gwyenth, his fiance. I never heard he was “stalking”, (your earlier word) Jen A. But even if he was, he isn’t or hasn’t been since ,I’ll give you 2005-look at interviews with his own words, I’d say more like end of 2003.

  29. Pena says

    excuse me?don’t understand what you wanted to say 😛
    this is a BABY-Blog,you know? 😉 It’s usual to talk about mummys and crybabies on a BABY site

  30. 2teens says

    Wow Joelly, maybe you need to find something better to do with your time than spew about Angelina Jolie. Here’s a hint: when you say it twice it’s no longer a joke. You reinforced your sentiment, yeah, you want a pregnant mother of 4 to become a crack addict… how sweet are you?
    T, you’re just as bad wishing ill on her because of your misinformation probably due to your subscription to Star and the National Enquirer.
    Both of you need to screw in the lightbulb tighter cause you’re a little dim.

  31. Pena says

    I’m the eldest of 6 siblings and it’s great.Love huge families and don’t want to miss my lovely brothers and sisters.
    Her style is not the best these days,but hey,she’s pregnant and its practically 😛

  32. J.Katgirl says

    WOW news to me I didnt know she was preg! I feel sorry for kids that grow up in huge families.

  33. Jesse says

    #120 “she make people fell in love with her”??? can you explain me how it works?oh i know she’s a bad bad witch,right?

  34. Liza says

    T, I can understand not liking her, but wishing her ill? Why would you want that for someone you don’t know, who hasn’t done anything to you or someone you know?

    AJ did not break up that marriage, and I am not a fan of hers, so don’t think this is some sort of defense. It takes two to make a marriage fail. I did think it was in bad taste for them to have gotten pregnant before the divorce was final, but I certainly do not wish them or their children ill will because of it.

    I think as far as having so many children quickly, she has said she wants to have all her children when she is younger and in a short amount of time so they are all close in age.

    The crack comment did not sound like a joke, neither did the ppd comment, whoever said that.

  35. kelly says

    She will have her down fall T. It is a mtter of time. This is the most miserable I have seen her look. Especially last year. She said something about lsoing her mother but am sure she has her demons. As for Pitt obviously he is a nonentity who no one still considers as a serious human being and that is why people refer to Angelina not him.

    I am sure Angelina wanted to push away one part of the golden couple and replace it with herself and make people fall in Love with her. She can never be Jennifer Aniston. The earlier she realises that the better.

    Mia Farrow adopted many kids, it was a kind act but look where she ended up. Angelina will end up there too.

  36. wow! says

    For a moment I thought T is JA.

    So much hate for a woman who supposedly stole a weasel away from his wife. Didn’t know husbands have no mind of his own therefore are like toys and could be stolen. If Brad Pitt wasn’t so great a catch, was a stalker, etc, perhaps Angelina has met her fate by ‘stealing’ him. Aniston, or is it you, are free of the skunk now, why not be happy? You scorned women are so predictable, always fail to recognize your contribution in your own misery.

  37. Jesse says

    @ T,do you know the newest Sheryl Crow Interview (a good friend of Jennifer)? She said JEN dumped Brad BEFORE Mr & Mrs.Smith,cause both of them had different plans for the future and the love was gone 😉 No one of us knows exactly what happend and IMO Angelina is the last person who found happiness by standing on the back of other peoples misery. JA is not the poor victim shes playing for almost 4 years now!

  38. T says

    Yes, of course Nicki, we all know they were set up on their date but that was because he was a fan of the show (a BIG fan) and wanted to meet her. He knew EVERYTHING about the show and about her and it was a bit creepy at first, or so she said. Obviously, she was extremely flattered by it and so on the story goes. Now, I’m sure if you personally haven’t read that then it won’t exist in your little world, which is fine I suppose, but that doesn’t make it any more real. But people like AJ who find their happiness by standing on the backs of other people’s misery will soon meet their own fate and I, for one, will be happy to wait and watch as she meets hers.

    You know every Nicki I’ve ever met was mental… hmm….

  39. Zoe and Zaras mommy (and one on the way!!) says

    thats ok Nicki it just i had molly having a go at me saying that i was fake and saying i was someone called morgan and whatever else and i dont even know who she is and whats she done so it seems that am being attacked for nothing, any way it must be my hormones sorry

  40. Nicki says

    Zoe and Zaras mommy (and one on the way!!) — I’m not having a go at you. You asked a question and I answered it. You asked if it was you…………….and I answered that it was you. That’s all. I wasn’t having a go at you-sorry if you think that.

  41. Zoe and Zaras mommy (and one on the way!!) says

    ok Nicki i only said for gods sake whats with it with people on this site your all having ago at me

  42. Nicki says

    105. T— What comic book did you read any of that from??
    Brad did NOT stalk Jen. Thier publicist’s set them up on a blind date. Jen goes on to mention in an interview that she slept with him the first night and moved in with him right away. When did Brad have the time to stalk her? LMAO.
    Jen was Brad’s rebound chick after Gwyenth broke his heart.
    You sound like you are delusional. You can make up any story you want, it doesn’t make it true, only in your own mind. Good luck with that.

  43. Nicki says

    Zoe and Zaras mommy (and one on the way!!)–It is definitely you. She was bisexual and that was over 10 years ago.

  44. ann says

    #70 NICKI , Thank your picture, Angelina she is so young 26 years when she adopt Mad., She love this boy she take him everywhere she go instead of leaving him for nancy take care, She is loving mon , she is the best mon. luck boy Mad.

  45. T says

    Unfortunately, and I know shallowly, I wish ill for this woman for constantly stealing someone’s man. Wasn’t Billy Bob with someone as well? And no, I don’t think Brad should or could go back to Jen, after all she said at one point that he was like a fan/stalker when they met. So, Brad had Jen up on this pedestal way before they ever met… and no one ever lives up to that, reality eventually sets in and the perfection you imagined is never real. So, it was doomed from the beginning in my humble opinion and Jen is better off to get away from that weasel. But I sincerely think this woman is a skank, a true chocolate-covered dog turd. And no matter how much money she spreads around to the unfortunate or how many children she tries to aquire to stuff in and fill up that empty hole is going to fix what’s wrong her. She screams psycho…

  46. wow! says

    OMG, I too didn’t think that was a joke–the crack that is. It came off an nasty curse to me. If that were a joke, you’ve got a sick sense of humor #103.

    There are some very evil women on this thread. Incredible!

  47. Joelly says

    Wow 2teens # 79, maybe you need to find something better to do with your time than defend Angelina Jolie.
    And maybe learn how to take a joke. My reference to crack was made in relation to what seems to me to be an “addiction” or obsession for her with having to adopt as many kids as she possibly can in such a short amount of time. I’m all for adoption and reproducing but why is there such a need for her to do it all so quickly? It’s like she is trying to prove what a wonderful mother she can be….it doesn’t take numbers to be a good mother.

  48. Zoe and Zaras mommy (and one on the way!!) says

    Ella’s Mommy! is the twins the end for you or do you want more babies

  49. Ella's Mommy! says

    Zoe and Zaras Mommy- 2& 4 are great ages and a twin brother how fun me and my brother are 20 monts apart!!!

  50. Jesse says

    and btw some of you hate Angelina,she’s collecting kids,…but what about Brad?He is the FATHER and HE is the one who wishes between 7 and 14 kids.and I think he’s a wonderful father and Angie a wonderful,loving mum

  51. Zoe and Zaras mommy (and one on the way!!) says

    Ella’s mommy sorry you already said how old she is and yes another little girl i love twins i have a twin brother

  52. kendall says

    i dont know why people called angelina baby collecting.MIA FORROW apoted more kids then angelina Daughter: Soon-Yi Previn (adopted with Previn, later Allen’s lover and eventually wife) Daughter: Lark Song Previn (b. 1973, adopted with Previn) Daughter: Summer Song Previn (b. 6-Oct-1974, adopted with Previn) Daughter: Tam Farrow (b. 1979, adopted by Farrow, d. 2000 heart failure)Daughter: Dylan Farrow (b. 1985, adopted with Allen, her name was later changed to Eliza, then Malone)Son: Isaiah Farrow (adopted by Farrow)
    Daughter: Kaeli-Shea Farrow (adopted by Farrow)
    Son: Thaddeus Farrow (adopted by Farrow)
    Son: Gabriel Farrow (adopted by Farrow
    Josephine BakerShe adopted 12 children, partly because she couldn’t have any of her own and partly because she believed in equality for all, no matter what nationality, religion or race they were of. They were called “the Rainbow Children” and their names were: Aiko (Korea), Luis (Colombia), Janot (Japan), Jari (Finland), Jean-Claude (Canada), Moses (French), Marianne (France), Noel (France), Brahim (Arab), Mara (Venezuela), Koffi (the Ivory-Coast), Stellina (Morocco).
    angelina jolie never called shiloh a blob from what i can recall gwen s. called kingston a blob also angelina is a shank because she stole brad away tori spelling britney spears julia roberts did the same stole someone away but angelina get so much hate toward her when other celebrities done the same thing as her
    sorry for the long post

  53. Fly On The Wall says

    #94, take your dumb ass someplace else and stop stealing my name. I’m sure you know all about sl*ts, having come out of one.

  54. Zbella says

    Yeah, get over the “6 kids in 3 years” I guess you can’t count. First of all, I count 4 kids and one on the way – and that’s in 6 years.

  55. Nicki says

    kelly if you were paying attention you would know they have had 3 kids in 3 years. Maddox is 6, so you can’t count him in your 3 year span. So that would be 4 kids in 6 years, with a baby on the way.
    You wouldn’t cut her any slack for anything. She checked herself in to a facility, and within 3 days they told her to go home she didn’t belong there.
    See Liza #91 about the blob comment. I will add-the interviewer said blob.

  56. Fly On The Wall says

    But what am I saying? I’m a sl*t! That’s why my name is “on the wall” so it’s ok Lauren, it don’t matter.

  57. Liza says

    Maybe you just weren’t paying attention or didn’t bother to read the actual interview, but she didn’t call her daughter a blob.

  58. Fly On The Wall says

    71. Lauren | March 11th, 2008 at 12:46 pm
    There are other celebrities that are having babies this year and everyone is stuck on “Brangelina having another baby!” Who cares!

    Obviously you do, because you’re all over this blog commenting on it. Get a damn life.

  59. Ella's Mommy! says

    Zoe and Zara’s mommy- So you will have three girls? If so very exciting, that will be my situation also come may or april sometimes twins are born early!!! how old are your girls?

  60. Zoe and Zaras mommy (and one on the way!!) says

    am not going to belive that angelina is having twins because they said the same thing when she was having Shiloh so am not beliveing until she has the baby

  61. kelly says

    She has a lose screw this woman. She is mental and those kids are in trouble. Now I wonder what next obsession will be after baby collecting.

    The adopted kids look cute. Shiloh disappointed me. May be she will grow into her looks who knows.

    But seriously other mothers gush how they can’t take their eyes off their newly born baby, AJ is calling hers a blob. Should she be having other kids? I know many women have many kids but I don’t know any with six kids in three years. I would may be cut her some slack but since she has been into a mental institution before, this obsession of collecting kids seems dangerous. Innocent lives are involved.

  62. Zoe and Zaras mommy (and one on the way!!) says

    Hey Ella’s Mommy! You’re the same age as me! I except your apology and am sorry too I don’t know what’s been happening on this site for awhile so I don’t know who Morgan, Morgan’s husband, mommy of 8, and Bella is am due in two weeks but both my girls were late so am guessing this one will be too!

  63. oriana says

    Nicki, have been busy doing paperwork and catching up on doctor appts. No kidney stone passed as of yet but no more pain so thank God for that! I have been on moderation so don’t know if this goes thru or not? Have a good evening!!!

  64. Ella's Mommy! says

    Zoe and Zaras mom- whatever I am 26 with a 20 month old and i am expecting twins in may, so you dont really have any idea what your talking about! sorry I said you werent a real person there are alot of fake people on this sight ei(morgan, morgans husband, mommy of 8, and Bella) When are you due???

  65. Granny says

    She wears black for the same reason people wear constant blue denim – she likes it.

    Her name adds attention to worthy causes whether you like her or not. And that is very productive.

    For what she gets for movies that some people don’t like, she could buy and sell each of us many times over.

    I don’t dress and doll up everytime I go out, especially just to the book store. I dress up or down only when I want. I doubt on casual day to day activities that she doesn’t feel the need to put on a red carpet face either.

    She has her children at the same rate that most people have theirs. When they want. How many people here are only 12 to 13 months older or younger than a sibling? I am. You have children that close together? My sister does and so are my two granddaughters. It is the parents call usually.

    Only AJ and her brother know the reason behind the separation from their dad. Only my sister and I know why we are estranged from my brother. Yet our other acquaintances don’t understand why we don’t speak to “such a nice misunderstood” guy. But there are personal reasons. I’m certain in AJ’s case there are reasons too.

    ANd unless we see the doctor bill or sit in on the procedures, I don’t think we can claim we know she had cosmetic surgery.

  66. 2teens says

    Man there are some vicious people coming out of the woodwork today. And here we go again with calling an innocent baby autistic, when that is very clearly not the case.
    And Joelly, you “sincerely hope these kids get to experience a normal childhood” yet you want their mother to become addicted to crack? Do you think that will provide them with some normalcy? Do you realize what you sound like? It’s not good.

  67. traveler says

    Ok, you believe that she has a wig because some trashy tabloid told you? I suppose you believe that story about the woman who had the alien baby too. Please. I don’t believe a word those stupid magazines write. They’ll make up anything just to make money. One week they say the family is moving to France for the baby’s birth, the next week they say she’ll have the baby in Texas. Face it, they’re pulling your leg and you’re the idiots falling for it.

    And so what if she wasn’t looking her best in that photo. You think she looks bad, you should’ve seen me yesterday. Yikes! And I don’t have any kids as an excuse. We all have our bad days. A few days earlier there were pictures of her in New York City and she looked lovely. So, lay off the poor woman.

    As for rumors of drug use and sleeping around, those are just that rumors. In fact, Brad has already said the rumors of her numerous boyfriends are false. It’s not right to judge someone you don’t even know. You wouldn’t want someone to judge you, therefore, you should show that same respect to others.

    My parents had 5 kids and we got along just fine (and without the JP’s money). We’re all still very close despite the fact that the 3 younger children were added to the family at the same time. The sudden and drastic change to the family dynamic didn’t affect my sister and I negatively. I’m sure they Jolie-Pitts are fine. As for name changing, we changed the names of my yougest siblings and they were 6, 4, and 2 at the time of their adoption. They seemed to handle the situation just fine. So, I don’t buy the whole “Pax is suffering because the changed his name” bologna.

    No matter what Angie does, the haters will always find some fault with it. It’s beyond the point of absurdity now and yet they still do it. Makes me wonder why they spend so much time hating someone they don’t even know. Jealousy perhaps?

  68. Liza says

    Megan, what does an autistic child look like? They have no facial markers that declare them autistic. It is their behavior that makes the difference. Based on pictures and a few videos, I see no indication of autism. She looks somewhat bewildered in photographs, but she does not look withdrawn, she does not shy away from physical touch, she plays, etc. We also have no idea what she is like at home with just her family without the cameras and the crowds. She is also quite young for a diagnosis of autism.

    And to hope the woman gets addicted to crack, this whole thread is filled with people I would rather my own children never been around.

  69. Joelly says

    I agree that it seems to be addiction to collect as many kids as she can in as little time possible. I wish she would just take up crack.

    I sincerely hope these kids get to experience a normal childhood, if anything at least they will have each other. They’ll either grow up extremely close or will want nothing to do with one another. Maybe one day Shiloh will publicly scorn her mother, like Angelina has done to her father. Only time will tell….

    Personally, I can’t wait until these two break up….once Angelina finds a new interest (I’m hoping it’s crack) I’m sure it will be done and over.

  70. Zoe and Zaras mommy (and one on the way!!) says

    Ella’s Mommy! OMG Are we really falling for this again Zara and zoes mom watever your clearly not ar real

    what are you on about you don’t even sound old enough to have a kid

  71. Lauren says

    I hope they have a boy this time. I’m no fan of Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie but they sure do make beautiful kids. I wish everyone would stop making a big deal about it. There are other celebrities that are having babies this year and everyone is stuck on “Brangelina having another baby!” Who cares!

  72. annie says

    I disagree what you said about Shiloh, she looks fine for 21 months little girl, some girl very shy are in public, I think Shiloh she is very shy little girl, Angelina & Brad are the best parents as they take the children everywhere they go, These children are very lucky to have parents like them.

  73. Nicki says

    So lauren will you be hanging around for 8 years sneering about how bad you think she looks??
    Why not do us a favor and just come back when she turns 40 and tell us then. Thanks.

  74. Megan says


    Angelina is far from natural. She has had her nose and cheeks done. Not sure about the lips though they look fuller than they did in the 90s. I agree they are a tad repulsive since they are cracked most fo the time when she is not wearing make up.

  75. lauren says

    Her star is fading. Now most people are tired of her. I can see that sneer again around her lips. Ugliest thing about her. Then those spongy carcked lips. Then the veins. Then the huge head.

    I can’t wait for her to get to 40. SOmething tells me with all those kids she is not going to age well.

  76. ann says

    I like Angelina dress naturally to be comfortable, it doesn’t mean that just because she’s celebrity movie stair she should be dressed in a stair style to impress other people, I like Angelina ‘s natural beauty, No matter how she dresses , she always looks pretty

  77. Megan says


    I disagree, Shiloh does not look normal for a two year old. She looks autistic. May be that is why she is having another one. May be this one will turn out right. An dif her hair looks like that with four kids, I wonder what it is going to look like with five.

  78. Megan says

    I agree she looks like crap. No one asked her to have that many kids. Heidi Klum looks fab with her kids. She is starting to look like her brother James Haven. That is not a good thing at all.

    FYI That is a piece, check it out on usweekly, they had a thread about it when it look horrible. You couldeven see where it joins her hair. Her real hair is very thin you can see her scalp. Again check it out on Usweekly.

  79. Liza says

    I work with a lot of children with attachment issues. A child like Pax would be expected to have some attachment issues due to being instituionalized in an orphanage for so long. But I really think Angelina and Brad did it right. They have mentioned allowing him to sleep with them, creating close physical proximity, and a specific bond related to sleeping, which is beneficial to children’s Pax’s age.

    The pictures I have seen of that little boy he looks so joyous and happy. Children as young as he is with PTSD and Attachment issues, do not look as happy as he is, they do not show physical affection the way that he has.

    As far as another poster, I think Maddox looks just fine. He won’t always be smiling, not of them will, but he clearly gets one on one attention from each parent. It is an adjustment for any child to go from being an only child to having siblings. As for Zahara, she looks like such a little pistol who has that whole family wrapped around her little finger. I see no evidence of being traumatized. Shiloh looks as normal as any 2 year old to me.

    Why do people care so much about how many children they have if they have the means to care for and love these children? The kids are well taken care of, they are loved, they all look happy, whose business is it how many more they have?

    And not to nitpick, but why do so many people posting here seem to have a problem with punctuation?

  80. Miapocca says

    Donal is a BAD husband but a good father in all..and he is HONEST to a pain..and wether or not he has issues, I quoted him because I have the same opinion on that one…

    The fact that Hilary lies about her financial dealing, doesnt mean I am not goign to beleive her if she says a stock is about to plummet..:)..ahhaha

    To each his opinion…but Jolie’s day will come and the longet this charade goes on for too long the worse it will be for her…being a drama intense queen, I would say she will need 911 on speed dial…

    Hi Orianna..long time, been busy busy busy…then I come once in a while…as irritating as ever that others will not allow one to have thier own opinion of a situation……..

  81. Nicki says

    hey oriana~How are you? I haven’t been on in a while, how is your hubby doing? Hope he is doing better now.
    Take care and maybe talk soon. Don’t know if I will be on tonight, but tomorrow afternoon for sure. Take care.

  82. Nicki says

    “As trump ssays…………. how can someone be mean to their family and break families apart………..”

    This is as far as I could get without LMFAO. I think it was #48. Donald Trump?? The Donald Trump, the arrogant pompous windbag that broke apart 2 of his own families for younger shinier models to create a newer family with? This Donald Trump?? Maybe he should answer that very question himself. What a hypocrite. ( I won’t even mention the pile of straw on the top of his overblown head.)

    Angie NEVER claimed to be a saint, it’s only all the jealous people who do nothing but criticize her that call her that.

  83. oriana says

    Oh for Heaven’s sake, it is NOT a wig, it is her real hair! And who amongst us has not had bad hair days? I love Texas and I am sure they are all enjoying it down there. It can be hot and humid but don’t think it is that bad this time of year.

    Everyone knows I am not a huge fan, I agree with Malayka on a lot of things, but at least she isn’t flashing her crotch in every picture, or hanging in the clubs. I think she is a good mother to the kids, I did think she should have spent more time focusing on Shiloh by being a baby, before they brought Pax home. Now she will have a new baby to dote on and it will work out.

    She has assistants, nannies, and of course Braddie boy to take up the slack. It will be just fine for them, I feel good about it.

    Hello to Mia!!!!!!!!! Hope things are well with you!

  84. kim says

    Everyone keeps talking about her hair…she has four kids and is pregnant…yeah, im sure she’s worried about getting decked out to run to the book store…you should see what I look like when I drive my kids to and as far as kids go…some people do not feel fulfilled until they have a certain amount of kids…I have 2 and I am DONE but yet my friend had 3 and still said she did not feel fulfilled and wanted a big family. She had her fourth and now she is done. And she dosent have HALF the money Brad and Angie have and she is fine and her kids are well taken care of. So I think that 5 isnt really alot considering she has said she wants a soccer team…there will be many more coming. Good luck to them with that.

  85. says

    yep..she looks a lot like dar old dad who never seeshis grand kids because james haven and angelina were denied thier own car to the prom…talk about A SERIOUSLY TRAUMATIZING EVENT FOR A BEVERLY HILLS KID living with her boyfriend in her moms house hahahahha

    Is that really a wig..I thought it was her hair…she will be glammed up tommorrow and look fabolous with the help of botox here and there..ahhaha

  86. Jessie says

    #40 Fly On The Wall- I know she is pretty, why do you think I said, “I wish she didn’t wear so much black…”? I think she’s amazing! I love her! I just wish she would wear some color or even white! I wasn’t saying anything bad about her…

  87. Sara says

    Wow~ A LOT of venom spewing on this post…. what is it that makes her so unlikeable and touch so many buttons? She definitely strikes a nerve for so many of you….

  88. Malayka says

    My question is, why the need to have all these kids in three years?

    It is too much and even her fans should be able to see this. Maddox looks subdued since she started collecting kids and Zahara looks traumatized. Shiloh looks like an ignored child. And yet she is adding to her brood, possibly twins. She turns turns one obsession into another. From violent sex, to heroin, to adultery, to fame, to charity now to collecting kids. Good luck to her. Lets see how this obsession will work out. Such a pity so many people have been hurt and more will be hurt by her selfish actions.

  89. Nancy says

    I never blame any one for hating this has been prostitute. I watched a mighty heart and that accent was not the best. I know it got good reviews but it was not all that. I am not surprised she did not get an oscar nod.

    Her fans seem to think she walks on water. She looks like crap and that wig looks like it has lice.

    At least Madonna did not change David Banda’s name and he was only one. Pax was three. He may look happy now but Angelina did look like a happy child, only to trun out scarred and deranged.

  90. daisy says

    She looks skanky, like I usually think she does. Except for recent pregnant pics where she looks beautiful. Like someone said her hair looks dirty, it just looks ratty and matted and dull like she doesn’t wash it. I have noticed that for quite a while about her.

    However, she is human like the rest of us, I think. We all have bad days.

    I still don’t like her tho and think her hair always looks dirty.

  91. says

    she wore a DUSKY PINK the other day…she must be having a girl …LOL..combined power of estrogens ,…ahahahahahah
    Black is proably from her goth days..she may jus t love her image in black..

  92. says

    I think the problem with mosr angelina worshippers are that they do canno tpossible see HOW the can little noises of someone helping the world makes a big impression on them..I know to omany who give back to society in so many ways that are FAMOUS and not televised each second…

    She is on some repentance mode and I dont find her givigng genuine…IMO..As trump ssays how can someone be mean to their family and break families apart and claim to be a saint..hahah…charity begins at home

    She is only adding to the family because shemay genuinely enjoy her new role, but her selfishness and that of brad is beyond me..bring children into a fragile union and then what,.leave them aqwacking around when done with each other

    She does not look good in the picture..she look s alot like her father,..but then the red carpet pics are prepped for a whole week with all kinds of beauty regimens..this one they caught her off guard…and yes the two have been looking scruffy lately

    Also they have Nannies, SO i doubt they are like the ordinary pa and ma that do hands on…she probaly doesnt do laundry either…thats a lot of free time for someonewith 5 household chores and no 24/7 baby watch for celebs


    having said that, its interesting to wat till the death knell…payback is a biotch!

    this is all my opinion, s I suggest you state yours and leave other bloggers to have an opinion instead of attacking them for thinking differently from yourself…the world is full of diversity, repect it…

  93. neil says

    16. lauren | March 10th, 2008 at 6:39 pm
    Angelina is screwed. She has not realised it yet.

    Angelina WAS screwed and I think because of her expanding waist-line she is more than aware of it.

  94. Joe says

    i agree traveler, people are just judgemental, the same people who think that homosexuality is a bigger threat to america than terrorism, its a stupid frame of mind, but i agree, if angelina wants to have more kids than by all means,

  95. Freya says

    traveler-I couldn’t have said it better.

    I don’t know if AJ is carrying twins, triplets or aliens, but I do know that she will be a fantastic mother to the new addition and continue to shine and be a down-to-earth person.

  96. traveler says

    Most of the pics I’ve seen of Pax, he’s smiling and laughing and looking like he’s having a blast. Whether being chased around a car by a bodyguard on his mom’s movie set or tubing down a snow covered mountain with his dad, he looks happy. Of all the Jolie-Pitt kids, he seems to have the most out-going and joyous personality. I think the kid is doing just fine. I think all the kids are doing just fine.

    Why do people come on here and criticize Brad and Angelina for having 5 kids and then praise people like the Duggars for their great achievement of 18 kids? How come it’s ok for the Duggars to have a load of kids, but not the Jolie-Pitts? As long as they can love them all and take care of them all without sucking up my tax dollars in order to do it, I have no problem. My max is 2 kids, but who am I to tell others how to build their families? If people really want to worry about kids, what about all those kids in foster care or orphanages? What about all those kids whose parents are selling drugs or those kids who are abused? Those are the children you should be worrying about. Not the Jolie-Pitts.

  97. Fly On The Wall says

    35. Jessie | March 10th, 2008 at 9:39 pm
    I wish she didn’t wear so much black…

    Angelina never gives a lot of thought to what she wears. She wears black because it’s practical. Doesn’t matter what she puts on; she’d look drop-dead gorgeous in a Pillsbury flour sack with three X’s on it.

  98. Joe says

    there was a report today on e! online that angelina is reportedly expecting twins, according to a close source. it sure does look like it

  99. Freya says

    Plus, Pax is still fairly young and I know relatives who adopted children from other cultures who were a lot older and they still adjusted. All it takes is patience, love and acceptance. I don’t think that he’s suffering and I’m sure that the Jolie-Pitt clan has actually adapted to PAX more so than the other way around.

  100. Freya says

    Jx2-I’m not attacking you, but I just wanted to respond to what you said about so many unknown people donating to charities and adopting children; you’re absolutely right, but at the same time those kinds of things NEED a famous person to encourage others to do the same. It’s a sad thing, but we live in a society that likes to mimic the rich and famous, and if AJ is doing these wonderful things, then chances are more people will follow suit. It’s sad that people have to be nudged like that and can’t be influenced by a charitable neighbour, but if she can encourage people to think about people other than themselves, then why not? It’s no different than Michael J. Fox becoming a spokesperson for Parkinson’s or Elizabeth Taylor holding charity events for HIV/AIDS. They are respectable people within their circles and the public tends to look up to them.

    As for Pax being thrown into “her” lifestyle and probably having PTSD, chances are he was having nightmares and problems at the orphange long before he was adopted into a loving new family. I imagine it was all overwhelming, but do you honestly think he was better off where he was?

  101. Liza says

    Kelly, PPDis a horrible thing to wish on someone. It can be a horribly debilitating disease which can lead to psychosis and long term mental illness. Shame on you!

    JX2, I am not a fan of Jolie’s acting. Everyone movie I saw of hers, I was disappointed, not only in the movie itself, but her acting, which I felt was shallow and wooden until I saw A Mighty Heart. Her performance in that movie was powerful and heart wrenching.

  102. Jx2 says

    There are a LOT of people that donate their time and money to charities and humanitarian causes…but who the heck are they??? Nobody knows them from a hole in the wall…AJ did not invent the word ‘charity’ or ‘adoption’…she is not the only person doing these things…yet she receives such praise over her actions…it’s nauseating!!

    When she adopted Maddox I thought she was awesome. Then she adopted Zed and I still thought she was awesome…then she had her own child Shiloh and I still thought she was awesome…then she plucked a kid out of an orphanage called “something else”…re-named him “Pax” brought him to America and tried to get him to assimilate to HER lifestyle – meanwhile the child probably developed some kind of post traumatic stress disorder from dealing with all the media attention…now AJ is having another bio child and I’ve just about had it – I really do not admire her anymore…The image I had of her has been tarnished.

  103. amy says

    #Freya I agree what you said, How could people be so mean, Angelina always helping poor child and people, she is loving giving intelligent and a good ambassador to the world. We all should admire her, I just wish there world be more movies Stars do what she does. she is very special woman. We love her movies, she is the best.

  104. Ag says

    I live in Austin, and weather has been horrible today. Nothing but rain and humidity. That’s probably why her hair looks like crap.

    For years, I didn’t like her. But it’s hard to hate someone who gives so much back to the world. And who cares how many kids she has? As long as she takes care of them, and they all know they’re loved.

  105. Jx2 says

    I am going to watch “A Mighty Heart” tonight because I heard it was a good movie NOT because AJ is in it.

    FYI – I am not an AJ hater – I just don’t like the way she looks in this photo AND how she keeps adding more kids to her family…it’s tired..very tired!!

  106. lily says

    We love Angelina any movies, she is very kind and young very sexy woman , she care about poor people and helping them, she is too good to be true in Hollywood she is the best.

  107. Freya says

    I couldn’t get through the GARBAGE people are spewing on here about the beautiful and talented Angelina Jolie. I think some people are just jealous.

  108. ann says

    I con’t stand people who criticize Angelina , she is a Hollywood role model, only one person in Hollywood Angelina Jolie gives one-third of all her movie proceeds, she is very kind and no one does this. Angelina & Brad are too good to be true, If people criticize them. These people have something wrong. We love to see any movie she acts in. She is best actress and sexy and kind and very good woman.

  109. dori says

    I think she looks very pretty again with her face filled out. Definately an improvement. I wonder if she is having twins???

  110. 2teens says

    Wow, seven AJ haters in a row. A little obvious dontcha’ think? #13 – wig in her hair? That looks like her normal hair to me, I have never seen her wear a wig. #15 – gets paid for her kids? WHAT in the WORLD are you takling about? And all the other negative things you mentioned are water under the bridge and have been for SEVERAL YEARS. Since AJ has become a mother she has been nothing but dedicated to her children and encouraging public awareness to charitable causes.

  111. Amanda says

    I dont think she looks well at all. Her hair looks dirty and she is extremely pale. How do you get pretty out of that?

  112. Amanda says

    I dont like them, something seems shady and this all the sudden a ton of kids thing is just wierd IMO. Gives instant family new meaning.

  113. Jx2 says

    Not sure what’s up with AJ’s hair these days…it looks so unkempt…She is in desperate need of a haircut and style…we all know she can afford a $30 haircut…there was a time when she would get all glammed up and she would change her haircolour and style often…now she reminds me of a burnt out biker chic mama…it’s not that far from the truth, actually!!

  114. Fly On The Wall says

    Melanie, Kelly and Nania, you little twerps can hate on her till the cows come home, but Brad is still not going back to Jennifer. Just deal with it.

  115. anita says

    Even the most beautiful woman in the world have their unguarded moments. Angelina is not an exception, who knows she maybe suffering from morning sickness still coz it looks like she is on her first trimester only, but to me , no matter what she wears or looks, she is a beautiful soul and i give her credit for all the great work she’s doing especially to the refugees in Iraq.
    God bless the jolie-Pitt and couldn’t wait for their baby/babies to come.

  116. Ella's Mommy! says

    OMG Are we really falling for this again Zara and zoes mom watever your clearly not ar real

  117. OLIVIER says

    I hope with this pregnancy, her career is over. Her movies were not doing well anyway. Not that she was a box office hit before Brangelian but atleast back then Lara Croft was selling well. None of her movies have done well after Mr and Mrs Smith and I don’t see her career recovering as long as she is Brad Pitt. She has to take time off to be with all those kids. Pax will soon start feeling like he is back in that orphanage.

    Here is to praying that she disappears for a while and we are rid of her.

  118. Melanie says

    I really can’t stand this woman. Something about her is too phoney for my liking. I know they pay her for the kids but six kids in three years is too much. Why does she do everything obsessively? S*x, vials of blood, knives, breaking marriages. She is just a sick woman.

  119. kelly says

    Every one in hollywood is pregnant apart from Tom and Katie. Even Matt Damon and his wife and Kimora lee. I guess it is what boosts people’s profile. Sorry Angelina. You are no longer special. I hope she is expecting twins and she gets the worst PPD ever.

  120. Honey says

    She always has that wig in her hair. I wonder if the kids don’t pull it out. Brad and her look the owrtse they have ever looked. Another child is a straw that will break their back. Good luck. At least Shiloh gets to stop being special.

  121. starstruk says

    I must say she looks healthy. She looks great! But with the loads of dough they roll around in you think she could wear something a little less scrungy!

  122. Alex says

    Rachael yes i am preggers am 9 weeks now lily is doing good she had a tooth out last week and lauren is pregnant too when we spoke to her about it she said she is 11 weeks and she got pregnant because she knew me and marc was trying for a baby and now she says she doesnt want the baby

  123. Zoe and Zaras mommy (and one on the way!!) says

    hi Alex the girls are great, am great the baby is great we are all great! yeah we did find out what we are having it’s a girl which is great i didnt really mind what i am having. only two weeks left now! how are you i heard that you are pregnant thats great hows lily and lauren

  124. Alex says

    hey Rachael how’s zara and zoe? i havent seen you in ages, how are you? hows the baby did you find out what you are having in the end

  125. Sydney [Amanda & Kevin's Mommy =] says

    she looks so great.
    i cant wait ’till she has the baby cause since seeing shiloh, i cant even IMAGINE how cute the baby on the way will be.

    best wishes

  126. Zoe and Zaras mommy (and one on the way!!) says

    she look’s great i hope i will be able to see her around lol!

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