Catherine Zeta-Jones At The Opening Of Elizabeth Arden's Store On Fifth Avenue

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine Zeta-Jones

…just because she is Catherine Zeta-Jones! 

The gorgeous mother-of-two was snapped at a ribbon cutting for the opening of Elizabeth Arden’s store on Fifth Avenue on March 6th.


  1. Nicki says

    Kimora, Kariah, and Kajanae’s Mommy~You right that wasn’t me. Well it sort of was. My niece and her friend drove down to visit for a long weekend. Her friend-CJ wasn’t interested in the movie we were watching so she went on my computer. She was looking through all my favorites and was checking out Babyrazzi. She asked me about it and asked if she could comment. I said just change my name to your name. Well she forgot that part.
    The comment was a bit mine. She asked what I thought and I told her I thought CZJ’s legs looked bad-she should have had hose on and if it was Angie…blah, blah-but I also said I think CZJ is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood.
    Thanks for “looking” out for me.
    As for the “should I” or “shouldn’t I” I would say only do it if you are comfortable posting it. I don’t think you are “chicken” if you don’t. We have a lot of mean ones here and some evil ones also. I’m sure you will decide the best thing. Take care.

  2. 2teens says

    Aman-duh, where have you been? I haven’t heard your drivel for quite a while. I’m sure Joe appreciates having a good buddy such as yourself to bond with. Enjoy talking about pregnant bellies, because believe me… that is ALL he will talk about.

  3. ronn!e says

    i love the giant red door and the fact the shop is on fifth avenue 🙂

    p.s. yes i know it’s intentional, it just made me chuckle:)

  4. Amanda says

    2teens, When did you get your PHD? Sweep your own porch before worrying about someone else. Talk about overstepping your boundries. How rude. How hard is it to say I am sorry for hurting your feelings and I should mind my own business. The nerve of you people is unreal!

    Joe just ignore simpletons like these peeps. You know what you need and what you dont.

  5. 2teens says

    Why should that offend you? If you were on meds then you needed them for a reason. Seriously, ask your doctor if you should go back on. Tell him/her about your obsession.
    Maybe some others on here find your comments cute, but I find the relentlessness disturbing.

  6. 2teens says

    Joe, please go back on your medication ASAP. Or at least post something meaningful… you sound like a broken record. And not a very bright one at that.

  7. Joe says

    I am poised to take over this blog one day, so help me lead us to a new day, when only preggo women will be shown on this site, and we will relish in the beautifulness of pregnant women!!!!

  8. Jx2 says

    #27 – I also thought that CZJ might be the owner of this blog but I quickly dismissed the thought because CZJ is an elegant, classy woman. I do not really think that she would have a pink blog and use “Hello Kitty” images to decorate it..kind of cheezy if you ask me!

  9. Joe says

    My prego top 5 will be out tomorrow, with a revised list of the top 5 sexiest prego celebs. Be on the lookout!

  10. Joe says

    i am on a mission to change this website for the better. Together we can make sure that only PREGNANT celebs are shown and talked about on here, and that pics are taken and shown with extensive belly exposure, Thats what we want baby!!!!! YEAH woo hoo

  11. Joe says

    i want to petition that this site only consist of pregnant women who are showing belly, thats what we want to see, preggo bellies!!!

  12. oriana says

    I know it is the trend now to not wear hose but I still think it is nice to do. Especially to church, weddings and social functions. She is beautiful to me!

  13. Suzianne says

    Disagree, her legs are unattractive in these photos and a lot has to be said for wearing nylons because they enhance. Who’s bright idea was to dress up without stockings because bare legs are seldom attractive unless one is young. She is pretty but age is catching up with her. Sorry people, that’s my opinion.

  14. ana-lika says

    She also snaped with a black short dress last night for elizebeth arden,she looked stunningly sexy ,i hope babyrazzi post those pics too,very classy ,gorgeous and elegant.

  15. Roman says

    Niki you are dumb and jealous.
    this lady is owner of great legs,her body is so sexy and her face and skin is flawless.
    remember she’s mother of two and almost 40(she’s 38 and half now).

  16. NKIA says

    WOW,She is stunningly gorgeous,foe her legs,she has some amazing legs,her legs are femous,dear.are you blind or maybe you just envy?

  17. Just my Opinion says

    she’s pretty!! so what if she’s the not “hourglass shape” beautiful women come in all shapes and sizes!

  18. says

    I am with you..Poster Up above..How is this relatated to KIDS???? Yes, She has two..I could see if she had them with her! UMMM I am lost! I love how Michael Douglas is still her husband! LOL

  19. Carii says

    She is always lovely, but shouldn’t she have wore red at this event? She looks stunning in that color.

  20. Jx2 says

    She is definitely a beautiful face. As for the bod…so-so. She has a tendency to be wider in the upper body and narrower on the hips which would explain the thinner appearance of her legs.

    If yellow is the “in” colour for Spring/Summer – I’m outta luck. Yellow is not my colour at all.

    Who cares if she is not photographed with her kids. I rather look at her!!

  21. ZBella says

    Beautiful, and ouch! She has great legs, but those heels do nothing for them. CZJ is so rarely photographed with her children – she is very private and sheltering of them, so that is why I think the WM chooses to post pictures of her alone.

  22. Freya says

    I’m on the fence about how I like her as an actress or as a person, but one thing I cannot refute is how much of a classic beauty CZJ looks like here. Beautiful. Stunning. Flawless. For all of you silly hens bawking and making a stink about her looking pregnant, or her chicken legs or the scissors in the picture are too big…you’re just jealous. I don’t know why the WM chose to post this here but who cares? Her site, her blog, her choice. Just enjoy the photos or don’t comment at all. Not everyone can be perfect but honestly Catherine is a lot closer to perfection than the majority complaining about her on here.

  23. Nicki says

    Maybe she is pregnant. Her upper half looks big. Best to her if she is. Her lrgs look like scrawny chicken legs, not pretty but I guess because she isn’t Angie…………her legs are OK.
    I like CZJ but lets be fair. Her legs look like ……………not good.—————-

  24. Sue says

    How is this related to babies or kids? Yes she is a mother but so are millions of other people.

  25. dori says

    What a beautiful woman. She’s elegant. Yellow for spring!!
    It’s all about yellow this year .

  26. Rijay says

    She’s beautiful. But those heels look so uncomfortable, like she’s got her whole weight on her toes!

  27. Starkiddie says

    She looks great as always, but without her daughter Carys or her son she hardly belongs here.

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