Natalie Morales & Husband Expecting Their Second Child

Natalie Morales, 35, and her husband, Joe Rhodes, are expecting their second child. Their son Josh is 4.

“We’re really excited!” said Natalie, who is 12 weeks along. “It’s truly a blessing.”

“He’s excited to be a big brother. He says he’ll share all his toys … he says that now!”

Baby Morales will be the second tiny addition to the TODAY family this year; Giada De Laurentiis is expecting her first child next month.

“I was so excited for Giada, and when I found out I was pregnant, it was the best news I’d gotten all year,” Natalie said. “We had been trying for a long time … Most people think you can just decide to have a child, but it just doesn’t work that way.”

Natalie said she knew was pregnant when she had an overwhelming craving for a cheeseburger, the same food she coveted when she was pregnant with Josh. When she was buying a big bag of deliciously acidic oranges a few days later, she and Joe were positive they were expecting.

“How amazing that your body knows what it has to do! We are so perfect in that way. We are so made to have children.”

That isn’t to say Natalie is immune to the pitfalls of pregnancy. While she’s escaped morning sickness — a relief, considering she’s at work so early in the day — she’s been getting nauseous at night. And she said she’s feeling much more tired than she was during her first pregnancy.

Natalie is due on September 16th, which means she won’t be covering the Olympics in Beijing or the political conventions in the fall. But her pregnancy is already giving her ideas for the show after she gets back from maternity leave.

“I’m inspired to do all the getting-fit-after-the-baby segments!”

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  1. Sarena says

    She is due 3 days after I am! I’ll be right on time for her “Getting fit after baby” segments!

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