1. catsue says

    This kid looks like a homeless person. What happened? With their MILLIONS why can’t they get him a haircut, a bath, and some normal clothes? Does he have Downs Syndrome?

  2. Zbella says

    I’m sure he’s plenty warm. Kids (at least mine) don’t get as cold as I do. They like to run around naked and/or barefoot or as nude as I’ll let them, even on cold snowy days. It’s not like he’s going skiing!

  3. Liza says

    Exactly, 2teens, if you’re going to go the immature route and name call, at least stand by your words and use your usual username rather than hide behind a cowardly pseudonym.

  4. 2teens says

    Hey Liza, I agree with you and I just don’t get it when people hide behind a pseudonym just to be rude, like #19. What a piece of chicken
    #19 – If you think Liza is a Dumb a$$ but you are not brave enough to post under one name then your opinion doesn’t mean squat here.

  5. Jx2 says

    Well if the kid is cold – he has now learned his lesson and he will be certain to dress warmly next time he goes out for a walk.

  6. Liza says

    Someone clearly has their panties in a bunch over a difference of opinion! What maturity!

    As my mother used to say I would tell her when I was that age, “Why do I have to wear a coat because you’re cold?”

    The kid’s fine.

  7. oriana says

    Doesn’t bother me if he is in his jammies for a walk with the dog, but he looks like he is cold to me.

  8. Liza says

    It was nearly 50 yesterday in NYC, so he is plenty “bundled up”. I think he is a cute kid and looks just fine. For thos who think a 5 year old doesn’t have their own style, 5 year olds often want to dress themselves and pick out their own clothes, so it’s not unusual that the kid might have picked out his own clothes.

    If he is in my pajamas, who cares, they are just walking the dog on a nice day!

  9. onatear says

    This isn’t a movie premier or anything…they’re walking the dog. I think Matthew is very private. They shielded the kid until just last year from the ‘razzi. I think he’s a little cutie, whenever I see him, I just say “Aw…you doodlebuy!!” I bet he is a funny little guy.

  10. Jennifer N says

    He looks A LOT like his father in this picture. I agre he should have a hat on. Who cares if he is out in his jammies….I see adults at the grocery store all the time in their jammies…..he’s only 5, and can’t control how his parents let him leave the house.

  11. Jennifer says

    Matthew was probably ready to walk the dog when James wanted to go with him. He probably just told him to just grab a jacket. Who knows, maybe he has a beanie in his pocket but too it off because he got hot. We are picking apart these people’s every moves, they’re normal just like us.

  12. nosoupforyou says

    They dress this boy so strangely.

    When he was younger, I wondered if his parents wanted a girl.

  13. Amanda says

    Matt always looks so miserable! I wonder if the marriage is really happy? I don’t understand why all these celebs spend all kinds of money on thier hair to look good and thier kids look horrible. Nothing wrong with walking the dog in PJs but NO EXCUSE for the hair!!

  14. Gracie says

    Kalyn – 5 year olds don’t have a “sense of style” when they are out in their jammies. That’s mom and dad not getting them dressed. And if you are referring to other outfits you’ve seen him in, then again, it’s mom. Anyway – they woke up and took their cute dog! (rat terrier I think!) for a walk. BIG DEAL! I just hope he’s warm enough. I see a lot of celebs all bundled up but their kids aren’t as bundled as they are. If it’s cold enough for a hat for YOU then it’s cold enough for a hat for YOUR CHILD!! Cover his little noggin!

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