Brooke Burke & David Charvet Welcome A Son!

Brooke Burke

Brooke Burke and fiancé David Charvet have welcomed a son!

“Brooke delivered the baby boy at 11:31 a.m. on Wednesday, March 5, 2008, in Los Angeles,” shared the spokesperson. “He weighs 6.5 pounds and is 20 1/4 inches long. Both mom and baby are doing well.”

This is Brooke’s fourth child, her second with David – and her first son!

The couple’s other child together, daughter Rain, turned 1 on January 8th. Neriah, 7, and Sierra, 5, are Brooke’s children with ex-husband Garth Fisher.

Brooke, 36, and David, 35, a former Baywatch star, announced their engagement and pregnancy in August.

Regarding her children’s “crazy, hippy names,” Brooke told Mom.Logic, “People are wondering what we are going to come up with next.”

“The couple has not announced a name yet,” shared the rep, who added that the new parents “are thrilled.”

Brooke recently launched her own online baby store,, the home of “Tauts,” the post-pregnancy Belly Wrap, the rep also noted.




  1. Stephanie says

    This is an interesting and controversial subject! I’ve written a book about the lengths one woman goes to so she can conceive the daughter she always dreamed of. It’s called Lullabies & Alibis and will be released from or you can email me for further information

  2. J.Katgirl says

    She’s probaby going to name him “Plumson Raynboe” or sumthin’ silaayy like that…She looks nice for her age & after 3+ kids but I h8 people who force their smile in EVERY photo!

  3. AliEmiGigiMom says

    I have three daughters and never wanted a boy. I like other baby boys but couldn’t imagine myself as a mother of a boy. Now I’m pregnant again and my husband hopes it is a boy this time. I’d like to have another little girl but if the baby is actually a boy, I’ll love my son the same of course! I’m so happy for them, they look like a wonderful family. I love their little girl, she’s very beautiful and always looking so happy! I bet the boy is gorgeous too. Congrats!

  4. Amber says

    It’s alright to “try” for a different gender for whatever reason. I have three boys and it would be nice to have a girl. My husband really wants a daughter so it’s not just that men wants sons. I think it is nice to experience having both genders. In the end it doesn’t matter because all I want is a healthy baby and I would love #4 just as much boy or girl.

  5. 2teens says

    What is the problem if someone wants to try for a baby of a certain sex? I don’t get the big fuss, it’s human nature to have a preference. It doesn’t mean you won’t love your baby if you don’t get what you wanted.
    To #17, first you said “I think it’s despicable when people say that they want a boy or a girl” then on post #21 you said “Besides I wouldn’t want a girl – why would I want to make her the 3rd man out???” So basically you are contradicting yourself. If you got pregnant again you would have a preference. You would want another boy.

  6. NG says

    I think people can try for a certain sex but are not mad when they don’t get the sex they want. If they are trying for Boy (or girl) then they want another baby. No one is mad when the baby comes out whether it’s the sex they “wanted” or not.

  7. Oh c'mon - at least be honest... says

    I’m not saying that I necessarily agree with #21 but PEOPLE ARE ALWAYS TRYING FOR A SON! It’s like the trophy child. Be honest. Wives are always wanting to “give their husband a son”. Again – I am not saying I agree with this but I can at least admit it. If someone has girls they always try for a boy but if they have boys – not always rushing to have a girl. I’ve seen it time & time again – personally and with the celebs. I’ve seen tons of people have more kid(s) than they wanted because they were “trying for that boy”. Be honest guys. It’s truly a strange phenomenon. I’M NOT AGREEING – JUST SAYING. Have a good one everybody.

  8. Zbella says

    Oh come on, people are allowed to try for a girl or a boy. I promise you there are a LOT of couples trying for girls. I live in CO, where you can actually take sperm and try to determine a child’s sex. More people (in the US) try for GIRLS. Anyway, it’s only natural to want one of each – what’s so bad about that?

  9. Hey "Carolina" says

    You are a moron. I was referring to the “cheesy celebrities” in this post – not ALL CELEBRITIES. I have two boys and I would NEVER “try” for a girl. If I wanted a 3rd child – I would just have/want a child. Not state to the world “how badly” i wanted a girl. Besides I wouldn’t want a girl – why would I want to make her the 3rd man out??? It’s purely for the parent.

  10. Carolina says

    Hey # 17 Oh Please !
    What the heck are you doing on this website then,
    if you don’t care about these cheesy celebrities.
    And I know a lot of people who are trying for girls, they
    already have 2 boys or more, so what are you talking
    Anyway this website do not need another frustrated
    person, God knows we have enough already.

  11. Oh please... says

    Who cares about these cheesy “celebrities”. I think it’s despicable when people say that they want a boy or a girl – especially when they have three girls!! (it’s all over the internet, they said they “really, really wanted a boy”) What are they saying to the girls? “we are trying again for a BOY because we have three of you.” I think it is especially funny that people are always “trying for a boy” no one is EVER “trying for a girl”. Daughter: “Mom – why did you and dad have ANOTHER kid when you ALREADY had 3 daughters??? Mom: “Because we wanted a boy – dad NEEDED a son”. And why would this “man” want a boy? He’s barely a male himself – he’s prettier than Brooke, much prettier face.

  12. teresa says

    congrats to the family.
    where’s halle berry anyway?she’s due in march and i can’t wait!

  13. AEM says

    Oriana – have you seen pictures lately of Rain? She has much longer hair and it really has changed her look – she’s absolutely adorable! Her eyes are stunning in her pictures! (and looks more girly now!) 🙂

  14. Eir says

    Oriana.. that’s because it’s got short hair.

    Most babies are pretty gender neutral unless you dress them in pink/blue.. There are some who look their gender, but uh.. it’s a baby. Kinda hard to tell, most of the time.

  15. Nicki says

    Awww, Congratulaions to the family. I also look forward to knowing what they named him. And your right Jessie, PLEASE not Max,LOL.
    Best wishes to the whole family.

  16. Betty says

    Congrats on the new addition!! Im sure he is one handsome boy. Brooke is one of my fave celeb Moms & Im happy she finally got her Boy 🙂

  17. Kalyn says

    Congratulations! Finally, a boy after 3 girls. I wonder what they are planning to name him. 😀

  18. boo says

    How very cool… I’m sure having a son will be a nice change from all the girls… .getting to put a baby in Blue instead of pink!lol…..I’m very Happy for them, Congratulations on the birth of your Son! I wonder what his name is????

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