Salma Hayek Confesses That She Wanted A Boy

Salma Hayek

Though Salma Hayek is thrilled with her 6-month-old daughter, Valentina, she had an honest confession to make.

Salma, 41, shared in the new issue of Glamour magazine, “I have something to confess, I wanted a boy.”


“Probably because I was afraid,” she admitted. “I think women suffer more a bit more than boys, and there is always conflict between mother and daughters.

“But now that she’s here, I’m so happy she’s a girl,” Salma went on to say. “And I can’t imagine there ever being conflict between us, because I’m in a state of innocence where I love everything she does.”

Even though she is engaged to French businessman François Henri Pinault — the father of her child — Salma says she doesn’t feel any rush to make it down the aisle.

“Do I think we are going to get married? Probably. Will it make a difference? I hope not. I don’t have a need for marriage.

“You want to grow old with someone, you want to have a partner and to have children — we have all those things,” she shared.

“Some people need the commitment. Maybe we’ll just make the party!”



  1. natalia says

    everyone has a right to there own opinion. i dont have kids but when i do i will pray for a boy and if i get i a girl i will love her the same

  2. Ronn!e says

    i wanted a girl sooooo desperately

    i didnt realy have a reason it was probably something underlying because i knew how badly my dad and mum wanted a boy when i had my little boy though… i couldnt have asked for anything different!

  3. Jenna M. (UK) says

    I don’t see why people have such a problem with what Salma said. Many people whether they admit it or not have a preference. I would like to have a son first, but after that I’m not fussy (I’m planning on adopting anyway, so I do actually have that choice!). I don’t really know why I want a son first, maybe so he can look out for his little sisters in school lol!

    As for which sex is easier to raise: my little brother and I are close in age and my mum always says that I was an easy baby/toddler but my brother could be a nightmare. He had tantrums all the time and was impossible to put to bed. I was the complete opposite. When we were young teens though, my brother was an angel and I gave my mum all the grief! And strangely, now that we are a bit older (18 and 16), its my brother who gives her the hassle and me who’s perfectly behaved (mostly!).

    My little half-sister is different. Because there’s such a large age gap between her and my brother and me (she’ll be 2 in April), she is very spoilt. Two much older siblings to dote on her and spoil her, plus she is my step-dad’s only child, and my mum has more time to devote to her because she doesn’t have any other young kids to look after. As a result, she can be whiney, but thats probably more to do with us all spoiling her than her being a girl!

  4. carleigh says

    For both of my pregnancies I wanted to have a little boy, but alas it wasn’t mean to be. I had two healthy beautiful baby girls and I couldn’t be more in love with my kids.

    All kids can have their trying moments, it’s up to us as parents to set firm and steady boundaries for them to follow, because part of being a parent is not only love but about discipline.

  5. .... says

    Tia actually no I was the good girl, except for the typical “girl whininess” when I was young. You must fall in the majority on this website that are a pain? Funny I never would have pegged you the type.

  6. Tia :) says

    well number 34 arn’t you just a ray of sunshine! If you dont like it, then dont bother posting. You were probably one of those pain in the A*ss girls weren’t you?

  7. Blair says

    Oh please…Get over it people…it is VERY normal for parents to have a gender preference, but in most cases, once that baby is born and healthy, you love it regardless.

  8. .... says

    Newsflash: Everyone thinks their own children are sweet perfect little angels, they can be whiney and bratty and you parents are living in denial!

    I agree girls are a pain, just look at majority of the women posters on this website.

  9. Bella says

    KKK mommy I couldnt agree with you more! Little Girls are just labeled as Whiney Brats, my twins are not bratty and neither are my neices!!! I am very happy with my girls and im very happy that were adding a boy( due April 2nd!!!!!!)

  10. Carlosyevna says

    No one enters parenthood completely sure, in fact, you are never sure when it comes to parenthood. Just because Salma stated she wanted a boy does not mean she isn’t ready for parenthood.

  11. kim says

    one shouldn’t be entering parenthood if afraid to tackle anything not labeled “easy.”
    Nicely said KKK’s mom. Very good point.

  12. Carlosyevna says

    I applaud Salma for being so honest. She wasn’t wrong in wanting a boy, just over-protective. And a majority of mothers have all gone through this one time or another.

  13. says

    Everyone who thinks that girls are whinier and more difficult really should meet my little girls. I get so tired of hearing people say that boys are easier to raise; I disagree. However, even if boys WERE easier to raise, one shouldn’t be entering parenthood if afraid to tackle anything not labeled “easy.”

    There’s no reason to think that Valentina will give Salma “hell” when she’s older. Of course teenagers will venture to find their wings and views of the world; but it’s all in how the child is raised….trust the seeds.

    While pregnant with Kimora I didn’t care if she was a boy or a girl; her sex was a surprise on her day of delivery. For Kariah and Kajanae, I was hoping that they would be girls since my children are so close in age. Already having had my “surprise” delivery, I found out the sexes of babies #2 and #3 as soon as possible. (And for me, being a planner, this worked out well 😉 )

  14. kim says

    I had a boy and the second time around i wanted a girl because i had a boy. I had another boy and wouldnt change it for the world!They play sports together and have so much in common I cant imagine what my son would have done with a sister but im sure it would have been fine. I have now realized that im definately a “soccer mom” than anything else…so sometimes what you think you wanted dosent happen but it works out in the end.

  15. Bella says

    the olny reason is i babysat for 3 boys for a long time and they were terrible!!! but like everyone else said its the way the were raised, by the way im expecting a boy and very excited!!

  16. Just my Opinion says

    i always a girl, and a boy! but i had two girls, and although i wanted my second to be a boy, i was happy with my little girl, they are so different, and they fill me with happiness!!

  17. ZBella says

    I think it’s so special to have a daughter – but just as special to have a son! I’m so lucky I have one of each and a bonus… I have 2 daughters and they are no more or less whiny than my son.

    The title to this post sounds bad but once you read the article, Salma sounds totally normal and in love with her little angel.

  18. Sonic says

    Yes, Selma was just being honest. I myself have 3 girls! With each of them I went into the delivery room wearing pink clothes, pink nail polish and pink lippy! Even though I had no idea what I was having, I so wanted all little girls!! I prayed for healthy babies, but in the end girls are what I’m partial to. Tea parties, prom, weddings, baby showers…all things I wanted and saw in my future having a girl. All mothers need a girl.

  19. Tempany says

    I don’t see anything wrong in what she said. If Salma were my mother and I read that comment, I wouldn’t be offended. She is being honest and I think it’s very clear how much she loves her girl now – that’s her very point!

  20. teresa says

    it’s ridiculous,girls are perfect and more better than boys.girls are often calm and sweet and BOYS ARE a real nightmare,Sarah B

  21. 2teens says

    I actually have more problems with my son than with my daughter. He is a good kid, doesn’t get into trouble he just doesn’t take his schooling seriously enough. Let’s not stereotype teenage girls please. It does have much to do with how they are raised but above and beyond that… each child comes with their own personality and there isn’t much you can do to change their nature. Some kids are shy, some are sullen, some are extroverts, some are bookworms… etc., etc., etc. You don’t know what you are going to get. So you instill your morals and values into each child, teach them how to be good men & women and hope for the best.

  22. Kat says

    That’s silly! There has never been a conflict with me and my mum… but there has been with my dad. We just don’t get on so well.

  23. Ali says

    i am so glad i have a girl! i really wanted a girl cause, there are only boys on my husbands side…. i also think it is ok if someone wants a boy or a girl…. but, the bottom line is they are blessings!

  24. Tia :) says

    To all of you people complaining about having a girl….have a daughter and then get back to me!!. not all little girls ” are whiney and needy ” I can tell you right now, that my daughter is neither of these. My 8 year old niece is neither of these. Im sorry, but it’s all in the way you raise your child. My sister is having more trouble with her son, then her daughter…he is the whiney one….because he is the baby, and my sister gives in to him..again because it was in the he was raised!!

  25. 2GIRLS2RAISE says

    I understand EXACTLY what Selma is saying. She took the words from my mouth. I wanted a boy so bad – b/c all I saw with girls was them turning 13. A teenage girl is far worse than a teenage boy! But I love both my girls to pieces and am trying to have a strong relationship with both so we don’t run into those mother/daughter tough spots in the teenage years. I wouldn’t trade them for the world! I think everyone wants one thing or anything, but we get what is best for us.

  26. Amber says

    It’s totally natural. I went through the same thing only reverse. I have 3 boys. I really wanted a girl when I found out I was having my second boy. But then of course as time went on I was happy and it didn’t matter. But, she’s right and you tend to worry more about girls. My husband wants to “try” again. I just want healthy kids.

  27. Sandra says

    Alex some people can’t have any more babies, it is called infertility.

    No one said they wanted their child to not be healthy either. Some people want what they want, doesn’t mean we all get what we want.

  28. Kalyn says

    I think everybody has a preference to what they want their child to be. But, it all goes away once their baby is in their arms. 😀

  29. Alex says

    You can’t just pick and chose what you want you want a baby you have the baby you should be happy that he/she is healthy not saying this is not what I wanted it’s not like you can’t have another baby any way

  30. Kris2 says

    I wanted a girl so bad. I even imagined what she would look like. Then I found out I was having a boy. I swore they were wrong. I didn’t believe them…up until I gave birth I was convinced I was going to have a girl. 5 years later…I wouldn’t have it any other way. My son and I share this bond that is beyond words. I finally had the girl I always wanted…1 year ago. They are totally different. Night and day…but I’m sure all of you know what I’m talking about.

    I wish Salma and her family the best!!

  31. letibe says

    Sorry, to disagree w/ you Sandra. Not all girls are whiney. It depends on how you raise them 😉

  32. 2teens says

    Well, I really wanted a girl for my first baby but we found out pretty quickly (at the first ultrasound) that it was a boy. I actually started crying there on the ultasound table!!! But, the minute we were in the car driving home suddenly I was thrilled & so happy to know I was having a little boy. I guess just lots of extra emotions when you are pregnant.
    With the second one I again wanted a girl but I had three ultrasounds and they could never figure out the sex. So we had to wait until the big day. Yes, it was a girl.

  33. Sandra says

    I wanted a girl when I was pregnant. I swore I was having a girl up until the ultrasound. I was so devastated when I found out I was having a boy. The moment I saw him I was in love. All of the “I wanted a girl” feelings went right out the window. My mom even remembers me calling her at 3am to say how beautiful he was, and he still is almost 6 years later! And now my feelings are opposite I would be over the moon with another boy. I actually don’t want a girl after seeing how whiney and needy they really can be.

  34. letibe says

    I think it’s normal when a woman gets pregnant you tend to want either a boy or a girl more. When I was 1st pregnant everyone kept saying it looks like you are having a boy , so I actually started to believe it! Then when I found out it was a girl i was pretty upset. Then my beauitful baby girl came along and I was so happy! I couldn’t care less. So, from now on I keep my opinon on whether it is going to be a girl or boy to myself.

  35. kbunkakers says

    I don’t think it sounds like she didn’t want a girl. I think it sounds like she just wanted a boy because she didn’t want to bring a girl into a world she fears will be harder for a girl. She sounds like a protecive, loving mom who started wanting to protect Valentina even before she knew she existed.

  36. Sarah B says

    Sorry? Disappointed? Did you actually read the article? She’s right! Girls are a nightmare!!

  37. ANTI says

    I’m very disappointed with Salma. That’ll be a great thing for Valentina to hear in about 10 years at school.

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