Heidi Klum With Leni & Henry

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum was snapped with Leni, 3, and Henry, 2, in Beverly Hills on Tuesday. The same day, Heidi took her daughter to celebrate Brooklyn Beckham’s birthday party.




  1. Ella's Mommy! says

    Heather Lynn their names are Johan Riley Fyodor Taiwo Samuel, Len is just Leni Klum, and Henry Guenther Ademola Dashtu Samuel if that helps!

  2. Heather Lynn says

    I have a question… do we know what Leni and Henry’s middle names are.. if they have any? I am always curious as to people’s names and I cannot remember theirs ever being mentioned.

  3. J.Katgirl says

    Whatever the race little boys hair should be short!!! If Henry was born fully white I bet you he’d just have one of those litte blonde mini surfer dude shaggy long hair…like Ryder & countless others argh!

  4. Yamile says

    The black people have a very strong genes… Thats why the hair but if they cut it short for sure look better. Heidy please, cut the hair to Henry because its ridiculous. Look like not tidy at all!!!

  5. Nicole says

    The kids hair looks fine to me!! Maybe you are not use to having naturally very curly hair. She does however look as if she has her hands full.

  6. Alex says

    Bella you can’t expect us to believe you, first you said that your water broke then changed it to 4 hours earlier and if you were having a contraction you wouldn’t be posting on a blog you would be more interested on giving birth to your baby not on the internet. You can’t fool us we are all on are toes!

  7. says

    Hi Tia. You’re right…it IS really cool. We’ve had doting aunts (and a few others, actually) make similar suggestions as you have…about modeling, that is.

    For Kimora and Kariah (and thus far with Kajanae), their hair texture is more similar to Jamal’s than mine. They have dark hair with a bunch of tiny, tight curls. However, their hair isn’t SO coarse that they’ll have to keep it short when they’re older…they seem to have what many in our community call “good hair” in which they could grow their hair past their shoulders and it’d still look healthy (which is not the case for some).

    As far as eyes, Kimora and Kariah’s are dark brown; Kajanae’s are actually a cross between gray and blue…she’s still obviously VERY young yet, so that may change…I kind of hope not though, because they’re really pretty :).

    Hola Mayra…un saludo a ti tambien! De verdad no importa su estilo de pelo…es un nino hermosisimo y las apariencias…bueno…hay cosas mas importantes estoy de acuerdo.

  8. makayla says

    and anthor thing i know bella is lying she given birth to her son yestardy it was march 7 not march 8 as in today date

  9. Jx2 says

    hi 2teens – Yeah – I didn’t think what she was posting was true either. I have never been in labour, but I also have never heard of someone typing posts to a blog while in labour at the hospital – it’s insane.

    We are having a major snow storm here today. All I can see when I look outside my window is white. When will it end? I think that we have had enough of winter for this year. A lot of travelers are stranded at the airport unable to fly south for Spring break. I’m just going to hang out at home today and read and surf online.

  10. 2teens says

    Jx2, don’t believe her. Bella has been posting here for quite a while and I never recall her mentioning having twin girls before. I remember her particularly because she and someone named Taylor M. were ganging up on me over some post and they were both rude pi.gs. Then Taylor M. went on to post le.sb.ian love stories under Oriana’s name.
    Bella is a liar. I don’t believe her for a second.

  11. Jx2 says

    Bella – do you blame us??!! After a couple of fabricated stories – it’s a classic example of “the boy who cried wolf.”
    All the best to you and your “boy”…Sayionara!!

  12. Bella says

    Just wondering why anyone would make up having a baby you would have to be really bored and have noooo life!!!! I was due April 2nd but my baby was born a month early, like the doctor said he would be!!! jeez you guys dont believe anything anyone says on here!!!! Lighten Up My GOD!!! Now i probablky wont be posting for a while because of my boy!!!

  13. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Back to the topic, Leni and Henry are both cute. And Henry’s hair looks fine to me. I don’t know how to take care of Afro hair. But I do know that Henry’s hair looks good. A lot of people on this site seem to be saying that Heidi doesn’t know how to care for her son’s hair, well hello but Henry’s father is black! I’m quite sure Seal knows how to take care of Henry’s hair! And I like the way they are letting his hair grow like this, I really think he has beatiful hair ad it makes him look even sweeter.

    As for the “heritage issue”, hair doesn’t have much to do with heritage. No matter if Heidi and Seal were to give Henry and the other boy (Johan?) a full Afro, cornrows, dreadlocks, chemically straightened hair, a mohawk or a bald head when he is older, they will still have the same heritage!

  14. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Bella, I’m sorry but what a load of bull! You really expect us to believe that you were busy posting on here while at the hospital (HOW would you even do that?) and while giving birth? And then again minutes after your son’s birth, instead of bonding with him? If it is true, you need help!

  15. says

    Ok…When all of you get through talking..It is NO hair quite like African American’s hair..I should know..I am Of course African American, and It is a difference! Henry, is MIxed with African American..NOT Brazilan..So..Dori..PLEASE SHOVE IT! Thank you! 🙂

  16. makayla says

    bella bella stop lying on the salma post you wrote your baby boy was due april2 and its only march 8 bella you sound very simlar to morgan morgan husband and mommy of 8

    33. Bella | March 7th, 2008 at 6:03 pm
    KKK mommy I couldnt agree with you more! Little Girls are just labeled as Whiney Brats, my twins are not bratty and neither are my neices!!! I am very happy with my girls and im very happy that were adding a boy( due April 2nd!!!!!!)

  17. makayla says

    bella bella stop lying on the salma post you wrote you boy was due april2 nd its only march 8 and and you sound very simlar to morgan morgan husband and mommy of 8

    33. Bella | March 7th, 2008 at 6:03 pm
    KKK mommy I couldnt agree with you more! Little Girls are just labeled as Whiney Brats, my twins are not bratty and neither are my neices!!! I am very happy with my girls and im very happy that were adding a boy( due April 2nd!!!!!!)
    and your water just broke something fishy here

  18. Jx2 says

    Aveda has a great product called “Be Curly” hair creme – I’ve been using it for years…not only does it work wonders on my curls but it smells great too! I’m an Aveda fan!

  19. Zbella says

    Bella, please spend the next several days bonding with your son. We will be here when you get back. Congratulations, BTW.

  20. Zbella says

    Come on – I think you know what African hair is. If not, look it up. Many Brazilians have African heritage – the same goes for many Caribbeans such as those from DR, PR and of course, Haiti. I think Dori knows what she is talking about.

    Original N – May I recommend a hair product? I also have frizzy (and thick, and wavy) hair. I use Citré Shine Miracle Serum and it works wonders. It can be hard to find, but I just found some at Safeway (next to the Shampoo & Conditioner, rather than the other hair products). It costs about $7 and lasts a good long time because you only need a few drops after each wash. While your hair is still wet, add a bit to the palm of your hands and then spread onto the frizzy areas, avoiding the scalp so you don’t have a greasy look. Good luck!

  21. Bella says

    Wow fast and easy labor!!!! Baby Aiden Liam Roberson was born at 12:26 am on March 8th 2008! BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL Baby BOY!!!!!! He weighed 6lbs 2oz!!!! He is sooooo Tiny!!!!

  22. Zbella says

    You may not be reading this any time soon, but I think it’s fine to put a 30 month old, and indeed a 2 year old, in time out. I didn’t use time outs for my oldest until she was already 2 1/2 and she is still a handful. My son I started at one. Yes, I did. Only for 1 minute, but I taught him to literally take some time out to calm down.

    Super Nanny recommends one minute per year of age, and it’s worked well for my children. My youngest daughter who is now 18 months takes a time out as well. They understand at 10 months when they are being naughty and need to learn the meaning of “no” and to have respect. Kids do hit and my baby does this raspberry blowing thing when she is mad or doesn’t get her way, which she knows gets her a time out.

  23. Bella says

    Im going to push now and when i posted that my water broke it had broken 4 hours earlier i just panicked and couldnt post!!!!

  24. Jx2 says

    Afro hair is also common in my mother’s side of the family even though they are not of African descent. As a result, I have a lot of hair and it can get quite big and bushy at times since it is also curly. Right now I’m sporting a big mane of wild black curls that are in desperate need of a cut. If anybody needs extra hair to make a wig – let me know. I can mail you the cut offs. Seriously.

  25. Bella says

    OK I am at the doctor and they said the baby will be here really soon about an hour or two!!! I will let you know the name and weight and everything when he arrives!!! The twins are extatic and I have to go because im getting a contraction!!!!!

  26. oriana says

    Bella, Oh I love all those names! Cayden and Aidem are my favorites. I love Liam also but the others seem more unusual to me. I really love Cayden. Beautiful names though, every one of them my Dear!

  27. mayra sanchez says

    hola kimora,para mi henry,es un herrmoso chiquillo,que de seguro sera un apuesto joven cuando crezca,no importa como tenga el pelo y como lo lleve

    un saludo desde esta isla caribena

  28. dori says

    Sugar walls for your information Brazilians are all colors and black is one of them so there fore they have african style hair.
    So once again you’re talking out of your behind.
    Have a wonderful day 🙂

  29. Blair says

    Aw they’re both so cute….And I love Leni with all the little hair clips and the over the top sunglasses!

  30. Bella says

    Oriana- My daughters names are Ella and Lea and the baby on the way will either be Aiden, Liam, or Cayden!!! I feel like you have so much to be proud of your children sound wonderful and very acomplished! ( my daughters’ biggest accomplishments are potty training!! haha well start small!!!) Im very excited for thhis baby this is the longest ive ever been Pregnant The twins were 5 weeks early my doc said this baby will be born really soon so we’ll see!!!!

  31. Bella says

    Oriana- your family sounds wonderful!!!! 22 seems very young ( ecspecially if you have 2 year old twins and another on the way!)

  32. oriana says

    Bella, many best wishes to you with your precious twins! You are very young, but seems like you are very savvy to me! Young mothers these days have better educations and I think, this is just my feeling, better mothers than those that were 22 in my day! You all have mastered the art of multi-tasking and being good role models all at the same time. Much to be admired, yes indeed!!!!!

    My youngest works with me, is interested in sports, and is going back to school in the Spring.

    My oldest moved to Pa. and works with the disabled also, he teaches a class in Meditation and is going to school to be a Rehab Therapist. He also loves Harry Potter! Ha!

    I will prob never have any grandkids, the oldest is Gay and the youngest would rather play sports, he had a long term relationship of 9 years he has not gotten over easily. She has remarried, is happy and he is still bitter.

    So I will just settle for puppies and kittens! Ha!

  33. Tia :) says

    K,K&K’s mommy- Just a question…my niece is also birac*ial…her hair is curly, but her texture is like ours…is your daughters hair more like your husband’s or yours? I think it’s really cool. She has the most beautiful hair and green eyes…i keep telling my sister to her her into modeling.

  34. The original "N" says

    Dori if your kids have hair like Halle Berry you shouldn’t put a relaxer or a perm in it. Halle’s hair is not processed…..her hair is the by product of a white mother and a black father…..Just like Henry’s. By the way just because it is frizzy does not mean it is not “Conditioned or Well cared for”…….. My hair does the exact same thing and it makes no difference what I put in it to condition or make it look less frizzy….by the end of the day the frizz is back! You dont know that much about the hair as you think!!
    I have had this convo with you before and it turned into an argument. Not going there this time…..Accept that you dont know what you are talking about.

  35. says

    Okay this is what I was trying to post yesterday…let’s see if it works! 🙂

    Jen…I think you’re very insightful…..Props to you. The meanings run very deep, and I think you’re perceptive to pick up on that.

    Hairstyles do indeed have stereotypes attached to them. I recently got my hair cornrowed for the first time in a long time…After taking them out my blonde hair was a glorious, huge, expansive fr*o….and I LOVED my extra kinky hair…and I just love in general breaking societal rac*ial norms and stereotypes.

    As many of you all know, my daughters are bira*cial, and I’ve discussed before on another thread the hair care I use for their hair. Unlike most Cau*casia*n mothers of bira*cial children, I didn’t have to educate myself on these specific hair care techniques as I grew up in a black family. As a child, my hair was fixed the same as my sisters: cornrows, fancy parts with pigtails, etc. However, I understand that this is not the norm. However yet again, I think Henry’s hair is just fine. I love the individuality that Heidi and Seal allow their children to express at even such a young age.

  36. Bella says

    oriana your children sound wonderful! I am a baby to most also I am olny 22! yea twins double the fun double the trouble and im expecting a boy in april!

  37. curlyk says

    I, too, love Henry’s hair. My DS is also bi-racial – my friends call his massive amount of crazy hair a halfro.

  38. Carlosyevna says

    Jesus, people on here really do take offense to people’s opinions. Isn’t that a what a blog is? If you can’t handle other people’s opinions then why be on here? Henry’s hair is just a little messy, do you really expect these people to look perfect all the time? more so, a small child?

  39. Chloe says

    Why do some parents continue to “my child is so many months” waaaayyyy too long? There is no need to say that your kid is 31 months, it is just plain silly after the kid is a year old. I actually met a parent today who said, “My kid is 48 months” lol

  40. oriana says

    Twins! Oh, how cute is that!!!! Honey, my sons are old, one is 38 and one is 40. You are a baby yourself compared to me! Ha! I think kids these days are sharp as tacks, very smart and quick to learn! I am amazed at how fast they pick up, on good and bad! Ha!

  41. says


    Last time I heard…YOUR kids are brazilian, or did you forget that you spat out that information?? so I think that you are speaking out of your @ss!

    NEWSFLASH..Their hair is quite different from African American kids! So..STFU! thank you! 😀

  42. Bella says

    oriana thank you My daughter hit her twin sister an i panicked and put her in time out i just didnt know if i should have? thank you for your help! how old are your children?

  43. oriana says

    Bella, yes I would, a 30 mo. old child knows the difference between yes and no and right and wrong, but I am old fashioned and young mothers these days do a lot different than when my sons were small. I think they should be given more consequences, I have seen WAY too much acting out in public and it is downright ridiculous the way some of the kids act these days!

  44. Alex says

    It’s a boy – finally – for Rock Star: Supernova host Brooke Burke and fiancé David Charvet, her rep confirms to PEOPLE.

    “Burke delivered the baby boy at 11:31 a.m. on Wednesday, March 5, 2008, in Los Angeles,” says the spokesperson. “He weighs 6.5 pounds and is 20 1/4 inches long. Both mom and baby are doing well.”

    This is Burke’s fourth child, her second with Charvet – and her first son.

    The couple’s other child together, daughter Rain, turned 1 on Jan. 8. Neriah, 7, and Sierra, 5, are Burke’s children with ex-husband Garth Fisher.

    Burke, 36, and Charvet, 35, a former Baywatch star, announced their engagement and pregnancy in August.

    Regarding her children’s “crazy, hippy names,” Burke told Mom.Logic, “People are wondering what we are going to come up with next.”

    “The couple has not announced a name yet,” says the rep, who adds that the new parents “are thrilled.”

    Burke recently launched her own online baby store, BabooshBaby.com, the home of “Tauts,” the post-pregnancy Belly Wrap, the rep also noted.

  45. Liza says

    I think Henry’s hair looks fine. It doesn’t look overly dry, it looks healthy and cute to me. I’ve seen recent pictures of Johan and his hair looks totally different, so to me, this isn’t really a matter of a parent not taking proper care of his hair.

    And dori, while I agree that a white parent adopting a black child should educate themselves on how to take care of that child’s hair, don’t forget that this little boy’s father is involved in his life and is probably more than able to help Heidi with the day to day care of the children’s hygiene needs, including proper care of african american hair. It seems more likely that they and he like his hair this way.

    As far as criticizing of the afro in general, I’m sure there are people who are just criticizing because they don’t like the way it looks and those for whom it is something different. Several of my black friends look great with an afro, but a few look ridiculous and I’ve told them so, just like I expect them to tell me what my hair looks awful.

  46. Jen says

    I think that this topic gets people roused b/c it’s so loaded. I’ve read alot of literature on the ‘meaning’ of the afro, and its use to repudiate ‘whiteness’ (you can even find some discussion on wikipedia). i don’t presume to say that those posters who argue that it’s only a hairstyle are wrong. i’ve just often wondered whether criticism of the afro is purely a matter of taste/style, or whether it’s about something deeper.

  47. dori says

    There are products out there for mixed race or blacks people than moisturize the the very coarse hair and smooth it out and give it a more defined curl. Perhaps when you raise children with that kind of hair you too will understand that being a caucaision means you have to educate yourself on hair products . Relaxer is alsoused to smoothe the hair without making it stick straight my girls have beautiful hair that looks permed because I relaxed it every 6 months so the curls are beautiful and they have hair like Halle Berry not like Henry. So before you start criticaizing me… think what you are saying.

  48. dori says

    sugar walls ….why dont’t you Think before you speak to me!!! I happen to have 2 adopted kids with hair like that and I know VERY WELL how to care for african hair!!!
    Tell me genius…. are you BLACK or just talking out of your a**?

  49. kbunkakers says

    Considering the majority of us have probably never actually met the people we post about on this site, I think its safe to say that ALL of us, at one point or another, has posted about things we obviously don’t know anything about. IT’S JUST SOMEONE’S OPINION about someone’s hair. So unless you’ve actually met Henry and have some insider’s sight into the condition of his hair, it is entirely possible its not in the best of conditions. Or maybe it is, but who the heck cares, and that’s my point. You don’t really know and neither does anyone else on theis side. We’re just posting our opinions, not claiming actual facts.

    I really wish people would stop taking comments about someone’s hair looking messy so personally. Unless, of course, your Henry or Heidi.

  50. says


    Actually..it is on good condition! He probably already has oil sheen on his hair…please know what you are talking about..before you pass judgement..on something that you obviously don’t know anything about! OK! thanx!
    Maybe, his grade of hair is more frizzier..than curly! It is different type of hair..that is usually worn by bi-racial kids!
    EXAMPLE: CREE SUMMERS on it’s a different world! 🙂

  51. lala_brit says

    Actually who cares if Henry’s hair is messy? (which it isn’t!), both children are loved and have everything they need in life. Geez there are more things to worry about than hair………get a life people!

  52. ZBella says

    Beautiful children. Nothing wrong with them or their hair. They are very well cared for and look adorable.

  53. Sole1976 says

    I’m so glad they took that comment off about the monkeys coming out to play. Some people are just tasteless and nasty. I wanted to reach through the screen and strangle the writer. I’m a proud white mother of two beautiful interracial boys (their dad is Hispanic).

  54. dori says

    His hair is not in good condition… she could be using moisturizing products on his hair so it would look curly and defined rather than frizzy.
    It looks like she’s trying to get him to behave and he’s fighting to get free of her. LOL LOL

  55. Kris2 says

    I think this is such a cute family. From pumpkin patches to visiting Santa. They really let their kids be who they want to be…etc..all the barrettes.

  56. Nicki says

    On another site I read both kids were walking, then the crazy paps surrounded them and she picked them both up quickly to protect them. It looks like Henry did not want to be carried. I like Henry’s hair. I like the way Leni did hers also, it is cute.

  57. 2teens says

    Awww, that is a great photo of adorable Henry and sweet Leni!! You’re right Oriana, I don’t know how Heidi manages to carry the both of them.
    As for the hair, I think Henry’s hair looks so cute just the way it is. I hope they don’t cut it anytime soon. And, Henry is my favorite of all Heidi’s kids.

  58. Carolina says

    Au contraire,
    If Henry would have is curly hair cut all even, then it would
    be an Afro, but his hair are so cute like this and this
    is the way he his, so stop being so critrical about
    a little kid’s hair. I mean really…
    My girlfriend has 2 little boys just like Henry, she is white
    and her husband is black, and this is the way their hair
    look like.

  59. kbunkakers says

    I love my heritage – and it has nothing to do with hairstyles. Stereotyping difference cultures by assigning specific hairstyles to them is what we should try to avoid. Hair is only a “heritage issue” if you’re determined to create one.

  60. Suzianne says

    If it’s so much a heritage issue as Jen said, then why do most of the black actors cut their hair close to the scalp like Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence and even Seals who is bald etc. Messy hair is messy hair and I don’t care what colour the person is.

  61. oriana says

    That hair is way too wild! It needs to be trimmed. He is getting cuter the older he gets. I don’t see how she can carry both of them like that, they are both bound to be heavy!

  62. Jen says

    afro is, necessarily, a little ‘off’ – the sharp edges you’d get w/ caucasian hair won’t happen. and afro is actually a massive issue amongst blacks; the debate of chemically straightening hair or leaving it alone is fundamental to issues of race and conformity. so yeah, it’s a heritage issue.

  63. kbunkakers says

    It is possible to have an afro without having it look uneven all over. I don’t think it has anything to do with celebrating a child’s heritage. Being proud of your heritage goes way beyond how your hair is cut. And btw, I actually like how his hair looks, I just think people shouldn’t cry foul just beause someone’ else posts an opinion that isn’t favorable.

    I think it’s funny that Leni has all those extra barrettes in her hair.

  64. Suzianne says

    I didn’t say shave him bald-just trim it so it looks neat.
    No need to bring his heritage into it.

  65. Suzianne says

    I don’t understand why Heidi doesn’t have Henry’s hair cut shorter. It looks so messy and unruly when it could look better rounded off for a neater look.

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