Nicole Richie & Harlow Sell Far More Magazines Than Christina Aguilera & Max

Christina Aguilera

Both new moms each had their own cover of People magazine, and according to some early estimates, the issue featuring Nicole and Harlow is on target to sell more than 1.8 million copies, according to an industry source, whereas Christina and Max has far less. (People magazine could not confirm sales numbers; a spokesperson said its too soon to know how many copies were sold.)

Why does there seem to be more interest in Nicole and Harlow? One magazine insider said part of it could come down to the moms’ fan bases. “Christina historically doesn’t do that well on covers,” said the source, who cites poor sales of her wedding photo issue in OK!, and less-than-stellar sales of her nude photo shoot in the January 2008 Marie Claire.

That might be true, but Nicole Richie doesn’t seem like an obvious home run on the cover, either. “There’s also a greater element of curiosity with Nicole,” the source conceded. “She’s gone public about being a heroin addict. Her boyfriend is covered in tattoos. By default, she’s got the more interesting baby. People want to see how she settles down. They want to see what kind of baby someone with her background has.”

JLo’s People magazine cover with Max and Emme (for which she was reportedly paid around $6 million) is expected to far surpass either of them in terms of sales.

In case you haven’t seen all the pics of Nicole Richie, Joel Madden and Harlow, they can be viewed here!



  1. sxymlado says

    Congratulations to both Nicole and Christina. I think they both have gorgeous babies.

    Now as far as who won which cover…. of course that goes to Nicole Richie. Everyone is interested in hearing a bad situation turn to good. Plus I think with all that has been talked about on Nicoles life was in the tablids ALOT more than Christina. I think if Christina tried going more natural in the pic with her baby, she would have had more issues sold. Peeps are getting tired of Christina looking like Marilyn M.

    ALso ANY issue concerning Angelina Jolie…. is going to be picked. Everyone wants to see an dknow whats going on it this Mother’s Life… and the expecting child issue as well.

  2. ZBella says

    Well I just bought the one with NR and I wouldn’t be caught dead with a copy of CA, I find her very annoying. Harlow is ADORABLE and Joel is really hot in the magazine photos – but I’m a sucker for ink – and he’s got it all down his arms.

  3. I miss the old Nicole says

    I miss fat Nicloe

    and DU! Nicole

    and drugg!e Nicole

    and smoking while pregnant Nicole…

    Google them – you’ll find them all.

  4. Blair says

    Harlow is adorable…how old is she? She doesn’t look that brand new to me! She looks older than i expected her to look at this point, in other words.

  5. Kay says

    I wouldn’t buy either but if you gave me a choice I would pick the one with Nicole Richie and her baby. Why? Because I think she has really grown up since having her baby, and she needed a break from all the contraversary surrounding her body image. Now she is healthy and she would never jeopardize her health because she has this precious baby to take care of. That being said, I think Christina’s baby is just as cute. I never liked her music but I am sure she is a great mother also!

  6. Daze says

    Harlow, with her big brown eyes is just cuter than the sleeping Max. I think pretty Harlow sold the cover. Plus, Nichole picked up a lot of Brownie points in the public view when she straightened out her act and became a mother.

  7. Babiicakesz says

    Maybe it’s because little girls are more precious and fun to look at. Or because Harlow’s pictures are of her being a little older and you can see what she looks like. Nobody really knows who Christina’s husband is and everyone know’s sexy rocker Joel. That makes Nicole a little more interesting. Plus you hear more about Nicole. i think it was the last thing anyone expected for Nicole to get pregnant. It would be the same with Paris. When she gets knocked up everyone is going to want to see her baby…. more than say “Lindsey Lohan”.

  8. Babiicakesz says

    I love Nicole and Richie both. They are both beautiful and awesome people. And both there kids are adorable. I think people are more interested in tv than music these days. And Nicole was really popular on “The Simple Life” and other things. Christina and Nicole have both been threw alot in there lives. Nicole told us about it on tv, and Christina sung her life story on her cd “stripped”. I think there trying to turn them against each other. Christina vs Britney is over now let the Christina vs Nicole battle begin.

  9. Kalyn says

    Well, obviously people are more interested in little Harlow whose existence changed Nicole’s life. Christina has the stereotypical story. Fame, wealth, love, marriage and now baby.

  10. says

    who cares who sold the best baby pic i think max and harlow are adraoble as they get older i would love seeng them at the park together

  11. Lou says

    Actually, I disagree… I would much rather purchase Aguilera’s cover… but Max and Harlow are both really adorable! 🙂

  12. dori says

    does it really matter who sold how many copies of people magazine? Congratulations to them both for having healthy beautiful babies and enough of the petty BS

  13. goingcrazyinny says

    Nicole’s issue only sold more becasue it had info about the new Brangelina baby!!!!

  14. 2teens says

    I was never much of a Nicole Richie fan, but it is nice to see someone turn their life around. I mean, she was headed in the same direction as Lindsey Lohan & Britney with her drug & traffic violations. Wasn’t she the one driving down the wrong freeway ramp? If it wasn’t for Joel and this baby I’m pretty sure she would have been another young star in rehab. So, yes, I do think that Nicole would garner more curiosity from the general public. I think she is definitely on the right track now.
    Christina, I do love her music but the diva attitude is kind of a turn-off.

  15. says

    Christina supposedly didn’t want Max and Harlow to be on the same cover, so I’m rather glad that Nicole and Harlow’s issue had better sales! I contributed to that a little, I guess, as I purchased the one with Harlow and Nicole last Saturday. She is such a sweet baby- adorable pics inside the magazine, too! 🙂

  16. fee says

    nicole is a bad girl gone good. I think everyone was expecting Nicole to go the way of self-destruction and end up dead, but her pregnancy stopped that. She has the chance to be a rare success story of hollywood.

  17. The Original Summer says

    Obviously Nicole’s copied has sold more, she’s 100 times more interesting than Christina will ever be…

  18. Grandma of 4 says

    Wonder if it has dawned on anyone that it just may be because of the OTHER articles in the magazine and not necessarily who is on the cover!

    Hello??? Oscar Extra! Angelina!

    leftfield #4 above…good comment! Smart thinking!

  19. boo says

    Yes I would prefer to purchase Nicoles Copy to read how pregnancy has changed her life. We all know that she is a recovering Drug addict, has had a pretty crazy past and it would be interesting to see how being a Mom has affected her.
    I love Nicole… although a few years back ( Her Simple Life Days) I couldn’t have cared less for her, being very immature, irresponsible and childish… but since being with Joel and getting Pregnant she has calmed down and matured Soooo much! And I think its wonderful!
    Harlow is a Lucky Girl and A beautiful one at that!!
    The pictures from that link are adorable! They are a Wonderful, Gorgeous famiy!!! 🙂

  20. leftfield says

    Could it be because Nicole’s issue contained photos from Oscar night? I am really not interested much in either of them, but checking out Oscar dresses would make me want to buy an issue.

  21. anime says

    I think more people care about Nicole because her life has changed so much and she seems more real about the pregnancy… on the other hand Christina is so fake and plastic and always seems to be wearing a mask of makeup so she’s not quite as open and approachable as Nicole is these days. I haven’t been a fan much of Nicole but I think she seems to be doing so well as a mom I am proud of her for turning her life around.

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