Kate Hudson & Ryder Pool Fun!

 Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson and Ryder, 4, were snapped having fun by the pool in Miami on Monday. Kate is in Florida for the 2008 Annual Miami International Film Festival.

Kate is in such AMAZING shape!



  1. L says

    Maybe we don’t see Ryder smile alot because photographers are following him around for every picture that we see of him. For all we know he is perfectly happy when paparazzi aren’t everywhere.

  2. Liza says

    If he had a nose job, he wouldn’t be recognizable as Owen Wilson! That face has gotten him very far. I believe his nose is the result of multiple broken noses.

    As far as Kate’s taste in men, to each their own. I think she and Chris were adorable together although I don’t find him physically attractive, although I wouldn’t say “ewwww”. Different people have different tastes. She also never date McConaughey.

  3. kim says

    He probably hasnt fixed his nose because it dosent bother him and unlike most celebrities he dosent care what people think…He’s a geat guy no matter what he looks like.Whatever happened to living with what god gives you…plastic surgery is out of control.

  4. dori says

    Kate is so cute yet she chooses these not so attractive men. I don’t get it. I thought she and Matthew McConaughy were a cute couple but Chris Robinson(eww… not attractive at all) and Owen (though he is very funny) has a nose I can’t look at …. it’s so big and crooked.He would really cute if he had a nose job. And I always wonder why he hasn’t fixed his nose . From what I read the other day they are suposedly dating again.

  5. dori says

    I know it ‘s wet !! I also know it always looks stringy. I don’t like his long hair it’s fine and stringy in all his pics. Is that clear enough for you?
    He does very often look sad and I do see there is a hint of a smile. But no joy and laughing on this child. When you think of Goldie Hawn and Kate who giggle all the time it’s amazing that this child didn’t get any of that happy happy joy joy attitude He’s solemn like his dad I guess.

  6. Tia :) says

    I love the picture where he has his little feet up…he’s adorable! I dont understand where people say he’s homely.

  7. Kalyn says

    CUTE! She doesn’t look pregnant here but I seriously think she is. There have been a lot of bumpy pictures lately

  8. phnxgirl says

    I love Kate Hudson’s movies. She is so pretty and I just like her personality. She is gorgeous!!

  9. 2teens says

    You don’t see a lil’ smile in the photo with his feet up Dori? I think that is my favorite of all the pics. I have never thought of Ryder as homely although I know that there are many people who do. I just think he looks sad most of the time. The long hair doesn’t bother me at all. I am starting to think he looks more like his mother lately.

  10. dori says

    If it’s so much fun…how come the kid isn’t smiling in a single picture??? He’s homely yet cute can’t put my finger on it what I do know is that i really dislike his stringy long hair …ewwwww

  11. 2teens says

    I saw some other pictures of this day on another site and her stomach is flat… so no bump. It looked so huge before though, more than just period bloating. That’s weird.
    Ryder is very cute and I love the little smiles that were captured because usually he looks sad.

  12. AmyY says

    Holy crap.. she is in awesome shape.. I guess I’d be too though if I had a chef and personal trainer haha

  13. kim says

    so why all the pregnancy rumors? A “bump” one day and “great shape” the next. I dont know. They are cute together tho…

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