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Hillary Clinton

It’s Hillary Clinton in 1950!

Whether you support McCain, Huckabee, Clinton or Obama, you have to admit that it is very exciting that a mother may be elected president! This unprecedented possibility seems to be going unnoticed by many. Whatever your political inclinations may be, it is very exciting that we may, for the first time ever, live in a world in which a mother is running our country. What will that be like? It is exciting to think that we may get to find out.

Below is a cute pic of Hillary with Chelsea in 1983.

Hillary Clinton


  1. oriana says

    dori, I for one have liked Obama for over a year now and I admire him, I think he has the country’s best interests at heart. I also admire Hillary and I think she has lots of experience and would be a strong Leader. I will vote and support for whichever gets the nomination. I don’t see her choosing him for a Running Mate and I really don’t know why, I just don’t think she would.

    I loved Bill, always have, and I thought it was horrible he was judged on his personal life, it was and is, no one’s business! He was a good President and still like him very much. JFK was one of the biggest wh**es ever and he is adored and revered. Bill could not hold a candle to him in the Ladies department! I myself loved JFK and still cry when I see the old archives about Dallas. I remember I was coming home from school and walked in my grandmother’s door and she told me the President just got shot, a dark, dark, day in our History!!!

  2. dori says

    The perfect ticket would be Barack and Hillary as a team Thats a winning team whoever wins the nomination should bring the other one on board. And from what Hillary has said and Barack it would be a ticket they are both willing to consider.

  3. dori says

    I am curious tto ask that those of you who have criticized Barak Obama actually have watched the debates because you opinions are way out of line with the facts.

  4. oriana says

    I too remember those huge kitchens, lots of cabinets also, three and four bedrooms, ONE bathroom! I guess that was the style back then. Loved the big yards, front and back, and I especially loved the big wrap around porches. You still see those in the South and Mid-West some, loved them!

  5. claudiazz says

    India has a good educational system at the lower end but the PhDs are still coming from the US. “According to Daniel Ling, vice president of Microsoft Research, 900 doctorates of computer science are awarded in the United States each year, compared to 50 in India” Granted we are living in a global economy and many service jobs are being outsourced to India because of the cheap labor market(to the chagrin of the American worker), but India is still sending many students overseas. Check out the following article: at http://www.forbes.com August 2007 “Indian Students Flock to US” After 9/11 many foreign students have chosen to participate in online courses from US schools because of the increased restrictions regarding entry into our country.
    The Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s OpenCourseware Initiative is an exciting example.. The OpenCourseware Web site makes materials from more than 1,800 MIT classes available online for free. Now anyone, anywhere in the world can access great resources that used to be available to only a small handful of students. India is trying to improve their educational system, but their students still look to the US for advanced degrees.

  6. says

    try buying a computer and ask how long its going to take and where its being shipped from…..MIT is expensive and hardly any of the indians I know ever went through the halls of MIT..they were not educated here..they have a really goof background in mathematics and engineering and computer sciences…I am sorry you dont think a country poorer than the US has good schools and this educated people smater than half the people in this country to effectively do your jobs

    We can agree to disagree…..from my perspective and life experience, this is my opinion!

  7. says

    I never knew catholic had reserved the right on latin….you dum-b ars-e next time you want to sound intelligent pick a kindergarteen board…and look up mea culpa ..sont assume because you are too dum,b to know it then we shouldnt know also;..what schooling have you had anyway to be this dum-b!

  8. onatear says

    Mia..I deliberately have spelled your name like the “Mea Culpa” Catholics say when they mean they are wrong.

  9. onatear says

    Claudia, come live or sit by me!! I love what you said. Miacoppa…you are truely one of a kind. Thank goodness.

  10. onatear says

    GO HILLARY!! For the first time in our nation’s history, every little GIRL could believe she could be president when she grew up. NOT vote for her because she is a women? Everyone else is voting for HIM because he is a MAN? OH, no??? Then is it because he’s black? Oh NO???Because they are both qualified. SHe is MORE qualified….GO HILLARY.

  11. KLou says

    Thanks for this post web-mistress. It is really refreshing to see a politician in this different light.

  12. claudiazz says

    I disagree with your take on technology. I am a computer specialist and where do you think all of these Asians and Indians are comig for training—MIT, etc. in the U.S. and then they are going home and training the native work force—cheap labor to do the work and take the jobs from American counterparts. Remember Microsoft, Intel, Cisco, etc. are all U.S. based. Gates was an American prodigy—don’t underestimate US ingenuity.

  13. Miapocca says

    Jesse J is full fo balooney …he is a wanne be b and all those civil right leader can cause major damage to the obama campaign, but then thats why he NEVER talks about race adn deflect everything…I doubt OBAMA is a racially bland as he projects to the public……….

    What I know is that for his politicla aspirations he rejected islam in favor of christianity , a very stong balck church in chicago…so yes, this man is making all the right moves..at one poitn we have to ask if these moves are for getting votes or if they are strong personal choices…if my parents gave me the middle name hussien I iwll damn well use it irrespective of public opinion..so as OBAMA does everything in his power to celan up for the american public…its fair to ask if he will cut of his p-en-is to please the public if people clamour for a woman president

  14. Miapocca says

    Clauadia..we are not in the most technologically advance country in the WORLD…ever heard of the continent calles ASIA..the coutnries there repair and build the computes coming into the US…silicon valley was full of Indians on visas to work in teh computer industry because american lacked the knowledge and skills to do the work!

  15. Miapocca says

    Me …do you know any politician who are nto power drink or greedy and lie and manipulate the public t get votes…what do you think tehpolls are for..they figure out waht you want and they give it to you in their speeched.d.when an individual craft messages to appeal to you simpl;y based on thier surveys, you you honestly think thats the truth

    Having lived in the beltway I can tell that nothing changes…so although I admire OBAMA I still he is full of sh-it and he knows it…who teh heck can change the old boys club unless of course all 3 branches of government leave town when he gets into the white house

    HIlary is also full of sh-it,…she enjoys the games and makes promises just like OBAMA that having been in her positions of power knows cannot be fulfilled

    But then either of the two is better any day than what is here NOW!

  16. claudia says

    What message is this sending to our daughters? And our sons? Women are less capable. And we couldn’t believe it took women so long to get the vote in this country—what would the women who worked so hard to gain us that privilege say??

  17. claudia says

    Has anyone considered that we live in the country that is the leader of the free world, the most technologically advanced country in the world and yet we are sooooo behind the times because we still support the good ole boy network and have not elected a female president. Women represent approximately 52% of the vote and we only have a single woman on the Supreme Court. Until we turn things around and receive more representation on the court and in the political arena, women’s issues will not receive the serious consideration they deserve. Wake up girls! In order for our voices to be heard we need to elect some candidates of our own gender who have experienced our problems!! Indira Gandhi, Margaret Thatcher, Golda Meir, when will we move forward into the future and trust someone of our own gender to be capable of the presidency!! We need to breakdown the gender barrier girls, this is the 21st century.

  18. Jx2 says

    ORhino – I believe MLK’s speeches have touched more people than Jesse J – MLK’s name is synonymous with black liberation and his tragic and untimely death made him an icon of Black America over the decades – MLK was a powerful speaker and his speeches have influenced people – young and old, white and black…MLK’s speech “I have a dream” reminds people of a time where America was changing…women’s rights, Black liberation, anti-Vietnam war rallying and protesting in the streets…everything pointed to hope and change.
    Just like now, people are hoping that a change in American politics will do some good and help the USA save face with the rest of the world, especially since Georgie porgie flushed it all down the toilet.
    Anywho – I live in Canada and know a lot more about American Politics than most American’s know about Canadian politics…now ain’t that inneresting!!

  19. oriana says

    Well now, I guess no remembers Jesse Jackson speaking out and running for Office? I do think that has been since Martin Luther King!

  20. Lisa says

    I am Canadian and I hope Hillary wins. She has much more experiene and credibility than Obama. I worry that if he runs, he won’t win – there is just so much discrimination in the world. She actually has a chance. Canadians care about what happens in the US, as it affects us so much… just look at Afghanistan – we are watching our kids get killed over there now because of GWB… I can’t wait to see the back of him.

  21. Nicki says

    That is an adorable pic of Hillary. A pretty pic. I like the one with Chelsea and her by the ?? is it the fridge or a pantry??

    Many of you had great points on the political theme. I am only here for the pics and do the politics elsewhere. But I enjoy reading the opinions of all and most here seem well informed.

    Rijay~I got married in 1983 and usually, in the homes I checked out to buy most had huge kitchens. Usually the largest room, other than the master bedroom, in the house.
    But your right it is a big kitchen.

  22. reeny says

    If she does get her political party nomination I bet she will be right leaning just to get elected!

  23. Jx2 says

    The last time a black man was spoke out and took a political stance was during the 1960s. Martin Luther King represented the black population and gave them a voice. For all the women and the black people in the USA that have been oppressed (and by golly there has been A LOT of oppression in the USA) by white men – this is a ground-breaking historic event!!
    Throughout history, blacks and women have been under-represented, exploited, tortured, ra*ped – their human rights have been violated! These two minority groups have been treated like second class citizens. I’m sure there are other minority groups like the Chinese and the Hispanics that also need a voice but for arguments sake we shall focus on Obama and Clinton right now. I’m looking forward to the day when a le*sbian female or a ga*y man will run for politics…come on Ellen DeGeneris – come on Whoopi Goldberg!!!

  24. Lila V. says

    i’m w/ you 2teens. (and sara, i don’t think this site is antithetical to talking politics.)

  25. 2teens says

    I placed my vote for Hillary in my states primaries. She has many years of politics under her belt, she is intelligent and articulate and she has a real solution for the masses of uninsured Americans. She would make a great president. I think Obama will do a good job but is not in the same league as Hillary, not as seasoned a performer. That said, if he makes it through I will support him.

  26. Lila V. says

    ‘Give others a chance?’ This isn’t kindergarten or playtime or a toy to be passed in and amongst squabbling kids. It’s the presidency. Do you really believe this Jo? You don’t think that’s a principle best left for preschoolers? Let the men share and give Hillary a ‘chance’; they’re the ones who’ve had power for too long.

  27. Tia :) says

    Jenna, i dont think she ment it as the sole reason we need to vote for her, i think she just likes the idea…and that’s ok 🙂

  28. Jen says

    I do find it odd that complaints of ‘political dynasties’ only break out when it’s a woman running for president. I don’t recall that George W’s pedigree was a liability when he ran. And acting as first-lady is some distance from acting as President. She never had power until she became a Senator (and a very good one too) in her own right.

  29. Jenna M. (UK) says

    WM, while it will be a first for a mother to be President, supporting her because she is a mother is ludicrous. I hate it when people say they support Barack because he’s black or Hillary because she’s a woman. Those people shouldn’t be allowed to vote!

  30. candace says

    I think she will be a very good leader and I would love to see a mom as president, I will vote for her.

  31. me says

    Hillary has been in the corridors of power for too long.she was the first lady of arkansas for 12 yrs and in the white house for 8 yrs.I think she is power drunk and extremely greedy.I hope she doesnot win.Is she now trying to say that there are no Americans that can rule apart from the Clintons.The White house and American presidency is not a Dynasty.

  32. oriana says

    These are cute pictures! Hillary was a cute little girl. I wonder if the kitchen was in the Governor’s mansion?

  33. Jen says

    Granted, Hillary is not the feel-good motivational speaker that Barak is. If, however, it’s a choice btwn the delivery of pretty (and pretty meaningless) soundbites or competence in the Oval Office, then I pick Hillary.

  34. Tia :) says

    Even though im a canadian, i think Hillary would make a lovely president! Barack too! Either way, i think they are both wonderful.

  35. dori says

    Very cute… she would make a very good president Her entire life has revolved around politics. She is not my personal choice but if she won I would still be happy. I want Barack Obama!!!!!!

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