Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony Reveal Baby Names!

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony’s newborn twins are named Max and Emme, Jennifer’s manager Simon Fields officially confirmed to People magazine!

The new parents welcomed their son and daughter on February 22nd. Emme was born at 12:12 a.m. and weighed 5 lbs. 7 oz., and Max followed at 12:23 a.m., weighing 6 lbs.

Already gifts have been pouring in for the twins, including pillows and baby carriers from Baby K’tan in Fort Lauderdale with their names embroidered on them, a source told People magazine.

The twins are the first children for Jennifer, 38, and the fourth and fifth for Marc, 39.

Dragon Tales! 🙂

Jennifer Lopez



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  3. Mariacecilia says

    I hope god bless you with all your wish and dreams(4or the babies), and grow to be a good helping person(to Emme),to Max, I hope you love you life. To the parents of Emme and Max take of them and show them the right path. Best wishs and hpoes to all!!!!!!!!!!!! 4rom your best fan Mariacecilia, I wrote this and im only 16…!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PS.. Love ya and take care all the way!!!!!!!!!

  4. katie says

    aww so cute so how is life bet u they cry alot my aunt had twins and she is tired biggest fan!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. FeefeRs says

    CONGRATS! (i wonder if you guys actually read this stuff..) but just in case! i wish you guys the best of luck with your two babies. your so blessed to have two, a girl and a boy, at the same time! you saved like a whole nine months of pregnancy and labor for another kid! lol well i hope they live to be 100. they got the best looking mommy in the world, and a very inspiring daddy 🙂 bye!

  6. susanne innes says

    good luck
    jlo i hope you are very happy with what you got
    i hope max and emmie are doing okay xxxxxxxxxx

  7. Kristi Brown says

    Theys Babys are beautiful and I hope they make your lives so much more better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):):):)

  8. ElsieRodriguez says

    ur baby’s are very cute and god bliss them jennifer and marc anthony u guy’s make a nice couple and now u guy’s have a gorgeus son and a gorgeus daugther too.i like the names of ur baby’s god bliss them i hope u guy’s be together for a long time.bye ur frame that loves u guy’s alot and ur music jennifer and ur music marc anthony too.

  9. Heather Lynn says

    And I must add that I am sick of all these negative comments… It’s fine to share stuff about your lives like the welcoming of a baby but seriously… enough of the fighting!

  10. Heather Lynn says

    I heard that Max and Emme are just nicknames. The children’s actual names are supposedly Maximiano and Emmelina. They will go by the nicknames Max and Emme, though. I guess only time will tell.

  11. jULIA iZQUIERDO says


  12. Tia :) says

    oriana, you are not too old dear. We just have to ignore the immature comments. I enjoy talking to you, as does other people

  13. Bella says

    How do we really know if mommy of 8 is lying I don’t think everyone should just jump to conclusions. maybe she spelled a word wrong everyone does sometimes!

  14. oriana says

    I am really getting discouraged by all this Game Playing and Lying on this site! Not even counting the nastiness and pettiness! I can easily see why Christina didn’t want to participate on here any more. There are many remarkable ladies on here and I have enjoyed you all very much. I think I may be too old indeed as it has been pointed out to me pretty often on here.

  15. Alex says

    I know this is a dumb question to ask but am 8 weeks pregnant is it safe to take painkillers I know it’s a stupid question I don’t know what’s wrong with am worrying about every think at the moment

  16. Alex says

    One more thing all of a sudden “Morgan” and “Morgan’s husband” stop posting then mommy of 8 started to post saying that she just had a baby well if you just had a baby then look after the poor thing

  17. CTBmom says

    Mommy of 8
    “also to explain why i have so many kids i couldn’t get pregnant so i kept doing vitro fertrilazation and Ariana was my last.”

    Um, that makes no sense. According to what you said, you have all individual births, except for a set of twins. Somebody, undergoing invitro usually will stop after one or two successfull attempts because it is so pricey. So you must be extremely well off if you have had invitro 7 times……and that’s just assuming that you didn’t have any attempts that were unsuccessful, which would be unbelievable! But then again, your whole story is unbelievable. I agree with some of the others, I think you and Morgan (and Morgan’s husband) are the same person.

    You really remind of “Julia and Ivy” from awhile back. And if you are her, I’d appreciate it if you would take my son’s picture off your myspace, that you stole from Hellorazzi .

  18. Alex says

    Well spotted 2teens I didn’t see that until you picked it up and it’s funny how mommy of 8 said on the 2nd of march that she was expecting a another baby then on the 3rd I think it was she said she had the baby and she was still in hospital

  19. 2teens says

    Mommy of 8, it’s funny how you misspelled the word “lyers” in exactly the same way that Morgan’s Husband did. the correct spelling is “liars”, and that is what you and all of your other multiple personalities are.

  20. Sara says

    Over 2600 children in Utah are in need of Foster homes or adoption…..I have 3 children and feel I can’t give them physically, mentally or emotionally what I should some days. How do you do it with 8?? what is your secret???

  21. mommy of 8 says

    also to explain why i have so many kids i couldn’t get pregnant so i kept doing vitro fertrilazation and Ariana was my last.

  22. mommy of 8 says

    the olny reason i said i am a real person is because yu guys always asume people are lyers and i am not lying. KKK mommy your daughter sounds wonderful beautiful name.

  23. Freya says

    I can’t follow all this but yes “morgan” emailed me the picture of baby Emma and then went on to say that their son Liam has cancer too……….too much drama.

  24. Tia :) says

    K,K&K’s mommy, only certain people know ( my mother, my father, his parents and my siblings) We’ll tell our friends once we get further along 🙂 Im feeling good so far, i remember being pretty sick at this point when i was pregnant with Alyssa…any and every smell made me sick!

  25. says

    Oriana- yes, I’ll be sure to share about my trip…you all know me! 🙂

    Nicki- I will DEFINITELY be taking pictures, but displaying them on my blog is iffy. I’ve actually been considering putting one of myself up since I can’t see how that would hurt; but of my daughters…I’m very intent on protecting them and would rather them not be recognized on the street.

    2teens- They sure can’t fool us! I wasn’t aware that your daughter (who has a “K” name for a middle name 😉 ) was sick. I’m glad she’s feeling better. I actually started having a sore throat today. One minute I’m hot and then the next minute I’m cold; no apparent fever yet, but sure doesn’t sound too good!

    Tia- good to hear from you again! I hope you are feeling well! Even though your pregnancy is not very far along, is it common knowledge with everyone? Oh so your the Greek one..okay 🙂

    Mommy of 8 says that “P.S. I’m a real person.” WHO SAYS THAT??? Seriously! It’s like when I walk into the kitchen and my one and a half-year old right away and abruptly says, “I wasn’t eating cookies!!” What reason does Kariah have to say that? Because she was!! Was reason do you have to say that…hmmmmmm…..

  26. Jx2 says

    You’ll just end up with egg on your face Nickster!!!
    There are other childless women that post on this blog…I do not feel the least bit insulted by your comment but you might just offend someone that does not have as thick skin as I do!!! JMO

  27. Nicki says

    This does sound like the “mom of 6 or 5 or whatever” a month or so back, but at least she is being pleasant and respectful to other posters. Those are the ones who get the benefit of the doubt, not the vile and disgusting or childess ones. JMO.

  28. Nicki says

    mommy of 8~Well of course you are busy. Thanks for the answer. i had 2 friends that lived in Ocean Beach and 1 in Mission Beach and the other lived just outside of National City, right off the 5.
    Rest and enjoy your children.

  29. Jx2 says

    Jx2 rolls her eyes and thinks…”you gotta be kidding me…I hope nobody falls for that one again!”
    Mommy of 8? why stop at 8? why not 9 or 9 and a half!!

  30. mommy of 8 says

    Thank you all! Nicki I live 10 minutes away from Lemon Grove, CA if that helps! Sorry I can’t really get on right now i have to take care of Ariana!!! I leave the hospital on Wednesday and have to go to Elliya’s musical on thursday so i am busy busy busy!! this a great website i have never been here untill yesterday when i went into labor Funny right!!!

  31. oriana says

    Congrats to you on the new baby, some of the most beautiful names I have ever seen! Love all of them! Just beautiful!!!

    Hi Nicki, Oh I do love San Diego! Wonderful city!!!!

  32. Nicki says

    mommy of 8~ Congratulations on your new baby. Pretty name. You have your hands full I’m sure, but where in San Diego do you live. I used to live about 40 miles north of SD and went there to visit friends all the time. Beautiful place.
    Again Congratulations on your new addition. Get some rest.

  33. mommy of 8 says

    Hi everyone i just wanted to let you know that i welcomed my eighth child this morning. We named her Ariana Isabelle she weighed 6lbs. 12oz. she joins Elliya 8, Cayden 6, Leilanie&Leila 5, Milo 4, Ariella 2, and Aiedan 14 months! Ps I am a real person i live in san diego california with my husband Jack and our eight beautiful children!!

  34. mommy of 8 says

    Hi everyone i just wanted to let you know that i welcomed my eighth child this morning. We named her Ariana Isabelle she weighed 6lbs. 12oz. she joins Elliya 8, Cayden 6, Leilanie&Leila 5, Milo 4, Ariella 2, and Aiedan 14 months!

  35. Nicki says

    104. Freya~ So are you saying morgan or morgans husband posted 2 pics of fake babies? The Justin and baby Emma pic, baby Emma is a pretty baby. Who are they? Did they (or she/he) email that one to you? This is a bit strange and have to agree with Kimora, Kariah, and Kajanae’s Mommy that this all sounds a bit too much like when she had Kajanae.

    Tia~If I hadn’t said it before, Congratulations! Please keep us updated with news of your new bundle of joy and love. Best wishes.

  36. 2teens says

    Tia:), I saw on the other thread that you are expecting!! Congratulations to you!!! I wish you well through all 40 weeks.

  37. Freya says

    dori are you saying that I used the name Libra on here? Hardly. I’m an Aries and I have only used Abbe and Freya.

  38. Freya says

    dori Abbe is my real name and Freya is a name I have enjoyed for some time. I rarely posted on here so how am I playing games or changing my name constantly? I didn’t know that Freya was a name that used on here already.

  39. Tia :) says

    K,K,&K’s mommy…we are the same age then! I turn 27 soon!! My husband is Italian actually, im the one who is Greek 😉 I hope everything is well with you! It sounds well…Cancun! Im jealous!

  40. dori says

    #67 Freya
    your comment
    I use to post under the name Libra but now I prefer using the name Freya.
    now you say you use to be Abbe So who are you and why do you play these stupid games? Changing your name all the time?

  41. Sonic says

    Such Controversy!!! KKK KKK KKK I wasn’t referring to you! But now that you brought “SUPER SONIC PAIN” into it, I guess I am talking about you! You need to “keep sweet girlfriend”!!!

  42. oriana says

    Hi 2teens, I loved Cozumel! They had some nice shops with beautiful jewelery. One store had three girls sitting out front, all dressed in short dresses (just alike) and inside the jewelery store was different sections of loose stones, one section aquamarine, emeralds, pearls, etc. gorgeous! I bought my birthstone and it was emerald cut aquamarine, the boat ride over was fun, the guys were so nice and we met some interesting people too.

    Kimora’s mommy, it is very HOT down there too so be careful with the new baby, her wee little skin could easily burn!

  43. Freya says

    DON’T be grateful to me. I don’t like people who steal photos of other people’s babies.

  44. says

    Everyone please see the link in my name and check Jessica Alba’s post on here. It’s about “morgan” and baby “Rayna”.

  45. morgan's husband says

    79. Freya | March 2nd, 2008 at 6:32 pm Liam is my brother’s name…Liam Patrick. He’s almost 25, lol. Liam and Rayna sound really nice together.

    yes liam and rayna sound very nice together but he is ill we didnt want to have another baby just yet because 2007 was a hard year for morgan and i 1st morgans dad past away and then 2 months later liam got diagnosed with cancer so yes thanks to every ine who is calling us lyers

  46. morgan's husband says

    just to clear up what kkks mommy said yes Morgan said that rayna was due in two days that’s because she was and I said that the baby was EXPECTED in a week because the doctors said that they would let Morgan go over a week not all babies come on their due date you should know you got three kids, you lot are going to criticize Morgan just because she got the time mixed up, one other thing kkks mommy every thing aint about you “I think she’s taking cues from everyone but herself!” I don’t think so, and who ever this Katie and Jordan person is their life is there’s and we are very grateful to Freya

  47. 2teens says

    Hi Kx3’s mama, I totally agree with you. And how stupid is it to give your e-mail out on a public blog? I doubt those are real either.
    It sounds like you will have a wonderful time in Mexico. I have been to several spots there including Mexico City, Durango (remote), Guanajuato where the mummies are, Chichen Itza to see some pretty cool ruins, and also saw the pyramids of the sun & the moon but I forget the name of that town, Mazatlan, Manzanilla & Cozumel… those last 3 are coastal, resort areas. Oh, also Baja California… the mexican part. This was not all one trip, I’ve been there 4 times over the years. All the beach towns will have Senor Frogs as Oriana mentioned, and Carlos & Charlies which is basically the same as senor frogs. Those places are fun but they can get packed and quite wild during spring break. I’m sure the older girls might enjoy that but you & Jamal and your folks might want to take the girls someplace quieter. I alway like to go a little off the beaten path to find the really authentic food… you usually save a bundle when you do that too because anything right in the action has very inflated prices.
    Gotta go, my daughter just asked for cinnamon toast. She has had a fever all weekend so asking for food is a very good sign 🙂

  48. oriana says

    kimora’s mommy, my dear, I have never had any doubts that you and Jamal could afford to go on any trip anywhere that you choose too, and I am very thrilled about that also. I think it is a wonderful experience when a family is as in tune as yours is and hubby is so considerate and helpful!

    I worked in a Pediatrics Clinic for five years and met many young struggling interns as well as established doctors. Being paged in the middle of the night was so tiring and exhausting for them. I wish every young mother had a helping and loving hand (hands) as you do.

    Oh Yes, you will LOVE Cancun, it is beautiful down there. My friend I went with had a timeshare, I hate those things! I was very impressed with the beautiful, and I mean luxurious hotels side by side! We went to a cute little restaurant, Senor Frogs, it was fun! You can’t have a drink because of nursing, but I had a delish watermelon marg, loved it!!

    Have fun and tell us all about your trip!

  49. says

    Hey 2teens! I’ve missed talking with you! I agree; VERY reminiscent of those posts….mom to be of 4, mommy of 7, morgan, and I’m not sure but I think the others were called Katie and Jordan..all write similarly and have similar stories. I remember one said that she was from Atlanta, GA, United States, which is exactly what my blog says where I’m from…and writing about how her husband gave her strict instructions to report about the birth as I did….I think she’s taking cues from everyone but herself!

    Hey Oriana! I’m glad you enjoyed your trip to Cancun; I imagine it was indeed very expensive. I’ve been to Mexico, but never Cancun, so this will be a new experience. To be quite honest, the other places I went to in Mexico were rather primitive (for missions trips) and I loved those places, too. I’ve never been to a tropical resort such as the place where we’re going for the girls’ break…should be fun and relaxing (as relaxing as a mommy can be with 3 children ages 3 and under- Kimora’s turning 3 this month!).
    Yes, you’re correct in remembering that I’m 27. When I first began posting on Babyrazzi I was 26 like Tia; I turned 27 in January.

    Jamal is indeed older than me; he was still in medical residency at 27. A specialized doctor such as he requires four years of medical school after college and four years of residency after medical school. This means that he wasn’t “officially” done with school until he turned 30. That was three years ago, just before Kimora was born; he’s now 33. He’s part of a partnered practice, so he has part ownership of the practice/company. At this point he’s just working at his medical practice and not going on call at the hospital as this would require him to be paged in the middle of the night, etc. I suppose you were asking in a round-about way how we can afford to pay for this trip! 😉 Jamal’s also a trust fund kid! He also grew up in inner city Atlanta, but not in the same type of neighborhood as I did. I imagine the prices have inflated a great deal since 1991, too! Yikes!

  50. 2teens says

    This is all very reminiscent of those posts we had last month of all these people having twins & triplets, asking for baby names and then very quickly posting photos.
    I’m sorry Morgan, but you and your husband make the same typos… be & by for me & my. And how could you be two hours from the hospital at 1:56, yet in a room pushing at 2:51?
    That’s sad.

  51. oriana says

    kimora’s mommy, I went to Cancun back in 1991, it was very beautiful, the people friendly and lots of fun things to do. It was also very expensive. I remember getting a can of soda for $3.00 for one can. I saw the signs at McDonalds, $5.00 for a Big Mac. My friend and I had a nice breakfast at one of the restaurants there, just simple, and it was $60.00 for the two of us. We saw the Aztec ruins nearby and it was very amazing sight to see.

    I also have been wondering, are you a lot younger than your husband? I think I remember once that you are 27 and he has an established medical practice, usually 27 is very young for that for a doctor. It is also very nice that both of you have such a close relationship with your parents and enjoy each other so much.

  52. Jx2 says

    Kx3 I did see your list of observations…good catch – however, I didn’t think I should respond directly to you, so I made a general comment for nobody in particular.

  53. Nicki says

    Kimora, Kariah, and Kajanae’s Mommy~I’m glad they were thrilled, and thought they would be. I told you I have your blog on my toolbar, so it is just a click away with my other favorites.
    Thanks for the pronunciations. I was almost on with Ciahnna, and a bit off with Acaijah, which sounds more beautiful when you explain it.
    Glad everyone had a wonderful surprise and are thrilled. If you could do a pic or two for your blog on your vacation that would be wonderful. But I understand if you would feel not comfortable posting any, we do have some strange ones on here, so I would understand if you wouldn’t. Just have fun and enjoy your time with your family in Cancun. (again I wish I had a big sis like you-I’m the only girl BTW, the oldest of 3). Take care.

  54. says

    Hey Nicki! I didn’t see your comment at first because I think we were posting about the same time…only a minute apart according to the post clock.

    Yes..the dinner was a hit! Ciahnna, the 14-year-old, actually screamed quite loudly out of excitement. She was beside up and did a little impromptu celebration dance! Acaijah was rather sure we were pulling her leg…kept asking, “Are you serious?” “Are you joking?” Corinne was absolutely beaming…I think she’ll probably elect to have her new boyfriend to go along! 😉 Separate rooms of course (they’re great kids; they wouldn’t have it any other way, either)

    So, yes, anticipation is running high in our family now. This will be a first for all three of my girls. We’ve traveled a lot within the U.S. with Kimora and Kariah, but this will also be their first time out of the country.

    Acaijah is pronounced like Uh- KAY- zha
    The middle syllable has the stress and the “j” makes the same sound as the j in Kajanae, like the “sh” in cashmere, which I think would look like zh phonetically.

    Ciahnna is pronounced like See- AHN- ah
    The middle syllable has the stress and the vowel of the stressed syllable sounds like a short “o”.

    Hope this helps! I’m impressed with how quickly you read my post today! 🙂

  55. says

    Jx2…I DID see that…which is obviously why I posted.

    Sonic, you’re a super sonic pain! The whole scenario seemed strange to me, and so I posted as to why I thought that. No need to say that I’m nosy just because I’m observant of detail.

  56. Nicki says

    Kimora, Kariah, and Kajanae’s Mommy~I have to agree. But if true best wishes to morgan, hubby and new baby, Rayna-pretty name.
    On another note~I hope your suprise dinner for you sisters is a big hit. I’m excited waiting for the update from you. You are a wonderful big sis.
    Can you do the same with the pronunciation of Acaijah & Ciahnna’s names as you did for Kajanae?
    I’m sure you will have have a wonderful time in Cancun. Hope to hear soon how surprised they were and how excited they were. When will you be going? (I wish I had a big sis like you.) Is this the girls first trip out of the states, of course it is for Kajanae, but for Kimora & Kariah? Sounds like fun for the whole family. Please let us know here, or there thier reactions and how excited they were.

  57. Jx2 says

    It is so blatantly obvious that “Morgan” is fibbing!! Come one – why can’t anyone see that!! I smelled a rat very early on in the conversation…typing AND being in labour while you are driving in the car???!!! What are you Morgan – a “Flying Wallenda””??? An acrobat!? The Amazing Kreskin??
    Too flippin’ obvious!!!

  58. says

    I’m confused….

    Morgan said that they were expecting her baby in TWO DAYS.
    Her husband said that they were expecting their baby in ONE WEEK.

    Morgan’s husband is Greek just like Tia’s, and her husband is reporting on here just like my husband did.

    The baby is named Rayna, a name that the parents had only heard of for two hours before the birth.

    They were 2 hours away from the hospital, but Morgan typed 7 because she was having a contraction….?

    They were 2 hours away from the hospital but the ambulance got there in ten minutes.

    They don’t know where the hospital is, since they got lost….a pregnant woman has to go to the hospital for appointments and check-ups during the pregnancy, too.

    A baby who is supposedly Rayna was posted and she has a different name stitched on her hat.

    Morgan and her husband write curiously alike….no periods and run-on sentences.


  59. Freya says

    Liam is my brother’s name…Liam Patrick. He’s almost 25, lol. Liam and Rayna sound really nice together. 🙂

  60. morgan's husband says

    well am home right now picking up stuff for Rayna and I had strict instaurations from my wife to up date you she just phoned be now and said take your time because am going to sleep so i figerd i would give her time to rest and i could get her some things together

  61. morgan's husband says

    Freya i am going to get the pic to you soon and i will try and get the right baby this time lol

  62. Freya says

    I posted the links but they’re awaiting moderation so:

    The girl’s name Rayna \ra(y)-na\ is pronounced RAY-nah. It is of Scandinavian and Israeli origin, and its meaning is “counsel; song”.

    RAYNA (1)
    Gender: Feminine

    Usage: Bulgarian

    Other Scripts: ????? (Bulgarian)

    Either a Bulgarian form of REGINA or a feminine form of RAYNO

    RAYNA (2)
    Gender: Feminine

    Usage: Yiddish

    Other Scripts: ?????? (Yiddish)

    Variant transcription of REINA (2)

    REINA (2)
    Gender: Feminine

    Usage: Yiddish

    Other Scripts: (Yiddish)

    Derived from Yiddish (rein) meaning “clean, pure”. It is sometimes used as a Yiddish form of KATHERINE.

  63. Candy says

    How come we don’t hear about Halle Berry till now ??… i think she is supposed to due this months

  64. Freya says

    I posted the links but they’re awaiting moderation so:

    The girl’s name Rayna \ra(y)-na\ is pronounced RAY-nah. It is of Scandinavian and Israeli origin, and its meaning is “counsel; song”.

    RAYNA (1)
    Gender: Feminine

    Usage: Bulgarian

    Other Scripts: ????? (Bulgarian)

    Either a Bulgarian form of REGINA or a feminine form of RAYNO

    RAYNA (2)
    Gender: Feminine

    Usage: Yiddish

    Other Scripts: ?????? (Yiddish)

    Variant transcription of REINA (2)

    REINA (2)
    Gender: Feminine

    Usage: Yiddish

    Other Scripts: ?????? (Yiddish)

    Derived from Yiddish ???? (rein) meaning “clean, pure”. It is sometimes used as a Yiddish form of KATHERINE.

  65. carleigh says

    Sorry, but I am quite skeptical of that picture being of an actual newborn. The baby in the picture looks to be about a month old and furthermore, the link provided with the picture is to a sunshine wellness website and there is the question of the name “Sierra” in the posted link. Sorry Morgan/Morgan’s hubby but I don’t believe your whole story. Find some other dumb people to dupe, this pic is a fake and your whole story appears to be a fake as well. Ladies type in and it will take you directly to the link that this “supposed” person put up…I smell a fake and a scam.

    On a bright note thas is totally true, my cousin Jennifer and her husband Kevin had their first baby yesterday, her name is Abigail Alania (not certain of the proper spellling just yet) and when they have the photo’s up on webnursery I will post the URL so you can all see my newest family member,

    My sister is 30 weeks now and we are all excited about the coming of baby Quinn Patrick (not sure about the name yet, but will love him no matter what of course!)..the baby shower and all the fun stuff is coming up. I have a picture of his sonogram and can’t wait to see him…..I’m going to be an Auntie for the very first time!

    Hope you are all having a great day!

  66. Freya says

    My real name is Abbe and you’re welcome…would love to see a picture of your little one. If you have an email address I can email you and if you have Facebook I’d love to add you. This is kinda neat, lol. I’ve always loved names and help people all the time but first time someone actually went with the name lol!

  67. morgan's husband says

    Freya we did go with Rayna Alexis it means a lot to us thank you very much for helping with the name we would of never had picked a name if it wasnt for you

  68. morgan's husband says

    oh my gosh sorry Freya thats the wrong baby! thats morgans sister baby so sorry i willl have to get the right one sorry

  69. Freya says

    Congrats-if that is her, though, why does it say Sierra? I’m surprised you would just go with the name someone on the internet came up with but I’m flattered at the same time. Do you guys happen to have facebook?

  70. says

    thanks oriana, Freya yes it was very quick maybe I should explain, Morgan’s waters broke out of the blue we didn’t expect the baby for another week so we were on our way to the hospital and then we got lost (my bad) so we phoned for a ambulance, we got to the hospital within 10 to 15 minutes, we got to the ward and the midwife examined her and she was already 7cm dilated so Morgan walked around the wards for a bit when we got back she was 9 cm so she got ready to push and as she was pushing the babies shoulders got stuck so the midwife helped to pull her out. It happen so quick our family didn’t have time to get here. we have a picture of Rayna Alexis

  71. Freya says

    that quickly? wow…i’m a bit of a skeptic, but if it’s true i just helped name someone’s baby! yay!

  72. The Original Summer says

    Yay yippe Morgan had her baby congratulations!! whoop whoop….sooooo happy for ya!! yeah ok…..

    Dooby dooooooooooo.

  73. morgan's husband says

    Hi guys well she’s here! baby Rayna Alexis weighed 7lbs 1oz and was 18 inches long mother and baby doing fine tired but fine, thank you all for your help with picking the name I am going to upload a picture of the baby now so next time I update you I will have a picture

  74. morgan's husband says

    hi every one, morgan just wanted me to update you we finally got to the hospital and now she is getting ready to push so hopefully we will have our baby soon i will keep you updated

  75. morgan says

    oh sorry i meant to say 2 hours away but i had a contraction sorry oh and we live in California

  76. morgan says

    thanks again Freya well it looks like am going to be delivering in the car! by husband has just got us lost and we are about 7 hours away from the hospital

  77. Freya says

    morgan I know you’re looking for a Greek name, but Rayna Clarice just came to mind and I thought I would suggest it just in case…

  78. Freya says

    Good luck morgan! Many blessings for a safe delivery and here’s to a happy and healthy baby!

  79. morgan says

    hi all am typing to you all from the car because by waters have just broke and am trying to take my mind off the pain Freya thanks for those wonderful names I never really thought about using it as a first name but now I have herd the name Rayna I really like it
    i will try and keep you all updated

  80. Zbella says

    Ray is our son’s middle name. My FIL (Ray) died when my husband was 24 and our son was born 6 years later. It’s so nice to honor him this way.

    Another girl name is Raya – I have a friend who named her daughter that and it’s quite original.

  81. Freya says

    Jx2 those are some wonderful names. Morgan, I like the sentiment behind using Rae and I’m a big name buff. Here are some other ideas:

    Have you thought of using the first name Rayna to honour your father with the nickname Rae/Ray?

    Rayna Selene
    Rayna Alexis
    Rayna Zoe
    Rayna Chloe
    Cynthia Rae
    Rayna Daphne
    Rayna Helene
    Ianthe Rae
    Rayna Irene
    Iris Rae
    Jocasta Rae
    Leda Rae
    Maia Rae
    Melia Rae
    Rayna Nephele
    Odessa Rae
    Penelope Rae
    Phaedra Rae
    Phoebe Rae
    Thalia Rae
    Rayna Xanthe

  82. Jx2 says

    Cassandra Rae
    Constantina Rae
    Georgia Rae
    Theodora Rae
    Theoni Rae
    Helena Rae
    Katerina Rae
    Sophia Rae
    Chrissoula Rae
    Stella Rae
    Athena Rae

  83. morgan says

    thanks oriana the name Cybele is very nice my husband likes Alexis mae but i dont think its very nice i want something girly sweet and something i can have rae as a sort of duoble names if you know what i mean i have got 2 days left until she is here, i want rae in her name because my fathers name was ray and he past away in may 2007, and i want a greek name because my husband is geek but it doesnt have to be greek but i do really want rae in there

  84. Alex says

    thanks Kimora, Kariah, and Kajanae’s Mommy i really like the name Kajanae its really sweet name

  85. oriana says

    morgan, what about Cybele? I always thought that was pretty, haven’t heard it for years now. Just a thought! Good luck, let us know your choice when you decide. Congrats!

  86. Generic name says

    KKK mommy

    I’ve read you’re post many times, you have you’re own opinion, you’re frank, though I don’t know you personally but I know you’re a wonderful person. I read you’re blog once, I know you’re happy and a proud mother of cute 3K’s but I have one question to you? If it is ok with you and I hope you wont be offended.
    What do you get on this?..I mean creating you’re own blog and telling us about you’re kids? like that..etc. etc..
    again I hope you wont be offended
    Good day to you! : ) (-_-)

  87. says

    I read your questions..don’t worry…they’re not personal at all! Yes, Kajanae is a fantastic baby. Kimora had a very similar sleeping schedule to the one that Kajanae currently has (basically only waking twice a night to nurse). Kariah was also a fantastic baby, but she had a very sensitive stomach; therefore, I had to wake with her a little more often when her tummy was bothering her.

  88. Alex says

    Kimora, Kariah, and Kajanae’s Mommy sorry about all of those questions on the Nicole Ritchie post, I keep on asking everyone questions about three babies because I just found out that am expecting sorry again

  89. says

    Aww..thanks Nicki! We think Kajanae has a beautiful name, too! 🙂 And no worries about the pronunciation; it’s an uncommon name.

    To just saying- You didn’t realize I was a celeb? Well, now you know!! LOLOL My blog has been quite the hit, and I have no intention of stopping! The majority of people really enjoy it, but a few people have gotten riled up about the attention I get from it….sorry, I don’t really care that you don’t like my being fawned over. I’ve gotten used to it, and so will you! haha

    This incident did indeed happen; if you read the entire entry you would see that I was disbelieving of the incident, as well….I tried to convince myself that it didn’t happen. Not looking for sympathy- just looking to promote awareness….and as an afterthought…I’m not bored at all..nor am I a “housewife” as you have so ignorantly stereotyped…congratulations! I can add you to the list of people who have judged my family and me. Feel special (insert sarcasm).

  90. carleigh says

    Wow, she did end up naming them something rather “plain”…but the names are OK. Rather have these names then something outrageous and made-up sounding.

  91. morgan says

    i would love to have a really nice greek name and have rae as a middle name but i cant think of any think please helppppppppppppppppppppppp

    thank you in advance

  92. morgan says

    hi all am trying to think of baby names for a girl and i want something with rae in it like a double name

  93. Sandra says

    This picture makes JLO look like a huge balloon and makes her husband look so pale and skinny like he is dying of AIDS.

  94. Bobby-Sue says

    I have to say, I was pretty disappointed when I heard these baby names. I was thinking than Jennifer Lopez, of all people, would have unique names! Thats ok though, I mean, it is her and Mark’s choice! Congrats!

  95. Sadey UK says

    My son is Max (aged 4)and I love the name, it means the ‘Greatest’ and to me my son will always be the greatest thing to happen to me.
    He is a cheeky monkey(as all boys should be) not a little brat 🙁
    I wish Jennifer & Marc Anthony, years of fun and laughter with their children, Max & Emme

  96. LAURIE HARRIS says




  97. Butterfly says

    Am I the only one sick of this picture? Aren’t there any other pictures of the happy parental couple?

  98. just saying... says

    And yup, I was bored enough to read it. Brown nosers kept talking about it and I had to see what the fuss was about. Yawn.

  99. just saying... says

    Nicki, u mispronounced KKK mommy baby Kajanae? Jeez, I didn’t realize she was celeb enough to even bring her up like she’s Angelina or Madonna or someone.

    I’m so tired pathetic people fawning and “OH I’M A FAN OF YOUR BLOG”. Please. Go read a real celebs blog, not some bored housewife that has nothing better to do than talk about the racial profiling she has endured. I read the one about what “happened” at the ice cream place. I don’t think any mother would tell their child what KKK mommy said that lady told her children (as to the reason why KKK’s kids don’t look like her). KKK always looking for sympathy. That scenario MAY have happened 30+ years ago but even then, it would take a lot for a mother to say that to children. Another adult, yes…

  100. sara says

    “Board Housewives”??? But can’t you see we are all spending our precious time so wisely?? Arguing, commenting, quoting, posting is a part of our day…..

  101. says

    stop being so hard on her she had twins for crying out loud

    i love this family and hope the best for them

    congratoulions on your twins Jennifer i know emme and max will love you very much

  102. Jessie says

    Haha, Jaime, you’re funny. :] It’s the truth though. Who has heard of fighting over someone’s opinion over a baby blog?!

  103. boo says

    “Dragon Tales, Dragon Tales, Its almost time for Dragon Tales, Come along take my hand, lets all go too Dragon Laaaaaand!!!”
    lmao…… Ah yes My children do watch the show, can’t ya tell!
    I think the Names are adorable, can’t wait to see pics!:)

  104. Freya says

    Jx2-they seem to have been rather quiet until just in the past couple of days about their twins. Plus she was hush hush for most of her pregnancy, so give her a break already.

  105. Jessie says

    Haha it is just like Dragon Tales! I loved that show when I was younger. I’m only 15, but I stopped watching it when I was, like, 11. Haha.

  106. Nicki says

    Best wishes to the twins. Max and Emme are cute names. I also wonder how it will be pronounced. My guess would be “M.E.” which is a cute way.
    But who knows after I flubbed up with the pronunciation of Kajanae’s name, and by the way is so much more beautiful than I was thinking it was pronounced. (thanks to her Moms helping us out with her name) Who knows. I’m sure the pics are in next weeks People mag. We will know for sure what the babies names are. I wish her and the babies the best wishes possible. I know she has talked about becoming a Mom and I am happy she has recieved her wish for that. How wonderful, a boy and a girl at the same time. Can’t wait to see the pics of the twins.

  107. Just my Opinion says

    i can’t believe they named them those ugly, typical names! especially that christina just named her son Max, what a copy cat! and that they are from a cartoon! i can’t believe it!! don’t like those names at all! but whatever! their kids their decision! good luck to them and i hope they are happy!

  108. Jx2 says

    Enough already with the Lopez clan!! There are plenty of other expectant celebs that deserve to have their time in the spotlight.

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