Jennifer Lopez Spent $1.4 Million On The Birth Of Her Twins

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez has spent $1.4 million for her twins` birth.

According to reports, the new mom made sure her demands were met by spending the staggering amount. Sources says Jennifer, who delivered a boy and a girl at North Shore University Hospital in New York on February 22nd, shelled out $700,000 to reserve the lavish birthing suite at the hospital.

She also spent $175,000 per week for the suit, which had been reserved for three weeks even before she checked in. The birthing suite has a large Apple computer monitor, private kitchen, two flat-screen TVs, and white couches. The 38-year-old singer/actress and her husband, Marc Anthony, paid another $300,000 for the private doctors and nurses, $300,000 for the security, and $100,000 for the personal assistants. According to In Touch magazine, an insider had heard that Jennifer called her newborns Maximiano and Emelina.


  1. LooLoo says

    Her babies are precious! theya re bautiful, so what if she spent alot on them, shes spending the money on her kids not on herself, thats good in my book. 🙂

  2. come get me says

    spending 1.4million on babies is soooooooo, ridiculous!
    babies grows fast so. stupid J.LO
    the consequence of a desperate mother.

  3. Tea says

    Oh well, at least she contrubutes to the economy! lol, My question is who are the other people who are buying such over the top items, cause she can’t be the only one. Designers would be making these things for more than just her!

  4. shughes600 says

    I say, if you got the money, then you got the money. It’s not like she’ll go anywhere broke from it. Just another drop in the endless bucket.

  5. Tea says

    Though it is their right to spend their money the way they want, and I can see spending that for the privacy and security, getting a special suite like that and what she has spent on many of the other things is just crazy to me. It just screams Diva, and that is not appealing to me. Just my opinion, and I don’t think her kids are going to feel any more loved just because she bought a snake skin diaper bag!

  6. oriana says

    Hi dori, thanks for the consideration! I think (and could be wrong) that Libra did not go willingly, I don’t see her as staying away so long as much as she liked to stir up stuff, I think the WM has banned her from here, maybe not permanently but I hope so!

  7. dori says

    Oriana as I recall Libra used to fight with everyone and she left so if this is her … look out!! she will turn on you eventually.

  8. Dora Galvan says

    I think people should mind their own business and not worry about what celebraties spend on their personal life. These babies are the couples Royalties and if they have the funds of being able to spend on their babies ,then i think thats great. Even the poor try to get the best for their children and no-one can say they don’t. Let the couple spend as much as they want to without the media being critical. Back off people. Everyone believes their babies deserve the best and they do . So get rid of the jealousy.

  9. Pablo says

    Kids are special. In this story, they were the only special guests. SO I think someone can spend “not enough money for his kids, but not the other way around”.
    there choice to spend this amount of money, if it is true, should be respected.
    If they wanna make donation they still can do so, but they choose to honor their kids in the way they think is the best. After all our little ones are the greatest reason of our eforts. WE WOULD DIE FOR’M!!!!
    Every single one of us work our butt off for’m; they mean the world to us. I would be suprised if she had spent less money in her kids than she does for her wedding ring.
    N.B I am not her fan but I respect her choice for childwood sake.

  10. carmen says

    STOP HATING? If you had that much money and fame yall be doing the same thing.Yall be going all out. congratulate her and mark and leave it like that.Thats why all of you haters out there will always be poor with nothing cause of the hating yall doing know?

  11. carmenpagan says

    jlo you looke great.I have never seen a mom to be looke this good.Especially with twins.And mark lookes like a first time dad,,The perfect couples.Im your BIGEST fan.

  12. oriana says

    dori, I don’t think it is Libra, I don’t even think freya wrote #48 and If I am wrong then I my instincts are way off base!

  13. Maria says

    Come on…stop the criticism…they can afford to pay for their privacy more power to them. God Bless them and their new born twins. I wish them health, happiness and peace.

  14. Julia Izquierdo says


  15. dori says

    with all that money they could have added a neonatal wing to the hospitals. They are ridiculous. No regard for money what so ever. The more I read the less I like this couple.

  16. Generic name says

    # 27 Freya..
    NO Freya I did not generalized my statement you can see my comments on #24 Its says ” NOT LIKE THE OTHER MOMMY OR MOMMY-TO-BE” the word “OTHER” is of course understandable that there are exemptions!
    Britney and Pamela are NOT simple and humble! but CRAZY!
    I’m referring to Nicole, Halle, AJ, Katie B. and even Salma! they are rich too but they did not even bother to tell how much they spend every single thing they buy or whatever!!
    oh! YES! I’m thinking very well what I’m posting here!! Good day to you! : )

  17. Freya says

    2teens-thanks for enlightening me. I still don’t think that Brangelina are living a normal life, but at least they’re into recycling.

  18. 2teens says

    It has been well documented in photos. Shiloh is often seen wearing Zee’s old clothes. Zee and Pax have been photographed numerous times wearing Mad’s old tee shirts.

  19. Kalyn says

    That’s ridiculous. They’re newborns and they aren’t going to remember that. They need to do what Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt or Joel Madden and Nicole Richie did. Donate it to a hospital or start a charity.

  20. says

    Now this is ridiculous. Look at Brad and Angelina’s kids – wearing hand me downs all the time, trying to live a “normal” life as best they can….these two are over the top. If they have that much money, donate it, do something with it.

  21. lavelephant says

    that is totally absurd for someone to pay that much to have a baby and for privacy. Why didnt they just have the babies at home and brought in there private doctor and nurses it wouldnt have cost that much. And what the in hell is wrong with these celbs and the names for there children have they really thought it thru before naming them. They have to live with it not them and just because they want them to be uninque. Well noone is uninque and special and we shouldnt treat them that way that leads to alot of problems when they grow up.

  22. D'Anna says

    I stick with my original sentiment–there are suffering people in the world. Sure, she makes the money, but this kind of behavior is going to make these kids grow up spoiled.

    I agree with the commenter too…you can’t pay that kind of money for clothes and accessories because point blank the kids are going to spit up and poop on them and ruin them anyway. Just my opinion.

  23. Toni says

    It doesnt mke any sense how people spend that type of money for no reason. She can’t act or sing and she only married him because no one wanted her wore out ass. She has slept with half of hollywood and she is a has been and so is he. He looks like he smokes CRACK

  24. maureen says


  25. jess says

    oops, there went their college tuition! she’ll just have to explain how it went into their birth. not to mention the rest will get split up when (not if) WHEN they get divorced.

  26. oriana says

    I have heard that she is a very hard worker, it is her money, they are her children, I am inclined to say I think she has the right to do whatever she wants too with her money. She has earned it.

    The only thing I don’t like (and it could all be false reports) is that she does treat her employees kind of shabby, is a poor tipper and is very tight and cheap. I don’t understand that, if it is true, and it is nothing to be admired for.

  27. Kara says

    Why not donate some extra money to charity or some worthy cause?? I don’t get it. I gave birth to both of my children (not twins) in a regular hospital room and was perfectly comfortable. All babies need is love, security, attention and be provided for. Maybe she should focus her attention on that instead of making sure her babies are dressed in cashmere and the most lavish outfits. The babies will spit up and have explosive poop on those outfits and ruin them. Sheesh….this information just makes me dislike her even more. Babies need the simplest things and I don’t have all the money like she does but I have two wonderful appreciative kids- 5 and 3 year old girls. J LO is a spoiled brat and flaunts her money and her kids will grow up the same way.

  28. DJ says

    Even though I could never spend that kind of money, this is something she has waited her whole life for and for a long time and wanted it to be very private, protected and special. This is an unsafe world and being famous comes with a price. Look where fame and fortune got Lady Diana. She worked very hard for years and now she is enjoying the benefits-I am sure she only wants the best for her babies, I know I do for my grown son. Congratulations to them for their double bundle of joy!

  29. Freya says

    Generic name-#24-I think that is a very generalized statement to say that all Hollywood mothers are simple and humble. Do you think Britney Spears is that? Pamela Anderson? Maybe you should think before you say such ridiculous things.

  30. DeeDee says

    JEALOUSY abounds! You all know if you had it to waste you would have done the same thing!! More power to her!!!

  31. Joe says

    it doesnt bother me that j lo spends so much money on her kids. what i would like is if she would show more pics next time she is pregnant, and maybe let us see some belly pics. That would be awesome!!!

  32. Generic name says

    I never like this woman ever since , she’s over exposed!! she’s not like the other celebrity mom or mom- to-be! who are SIMPLE AND HUMBLE ! : )

  33. kim says

    I guess what suprises me about jlo is the fact that she wasnt born rich she had to get there and it seems like she wouldnt be so extravagant because of her roots unlike maybe Paris Hilton who was rich the day she was born and dosent know any other way. Im not bothered by her spending her own money on her babies, im happy for her that she is a mom…its just that im suprised being where she came from she would consider donating or helping out more.

  34. Joe says

    I hope she gets pregnant again soon, so hopefully next time we can get some belly shots and she can show off that sexy belly!

  35. ann says

    We don’t like her person she only care herself, she treat other people very cheatly, We never hear that they are doing anything charitable or helping poor people.I’m not surprised she spent so much money for her baby just show off. I’m not interested any news about her.

  36. Freya says

    lily by “we” are you speaking about yourself in the second person or are you the new spokesperson for this site?

  37. lily says

    We don’t like this woman at all, she is very material person, who care she spent so much money for her baby , she is very poor actress her movie even free I don’t would to see.

  38. Freya says

    What does it matter to any of us how much she spends or doesn’t spend on her birth? We all make our own choices and expect respect, so perhaps we should respect hers as well.

  39. Kris2 says

    She did go a little overboard. But she has longed to be a mother for so long. These are probably the only little ones she will have. So she probably wanted everything to be just perfect. I can’t wait to see pictures.

  40. candace says

    hopefully the kids look more like her, that guy she marry is so ugly. Does he even see his other kids

  41. Joe says

    I wish J lo was still pregnant, it was such a pleasure to see her with that big beautiful belly! Praise god for all pregnant women

  42. Lilly says

    Come on guys…..they’ve worked hard for the money and it’s theirs NOT yours. JLo has also waited a VERY long time ot have babies!! Why won’t she/they go above and beyond for their new additions. As reg. parents we go above and beyond for our kids already…why should they be any different??????
    As for the names….there nice….but remind me of the children on Dragon Tales!!!LOL

  43. Christine says

    Exactly, who cares. It’s her money, her life, her twins. WE are the people that provide her with that money by listening to her, watching her, going to her movies, listenign to her music, etc, etc, etc. She only wanted the best for herself and her babies.

    Not too keen on the boy name but the girl name is beautiful.

  44. Tia :) says

    I dont understand why people get all worked up over this! Who cares?? It’s her life! She has the money, go for it!

  45. Tam says

    Thats ridiculous..

    how can she think shes that special to need at those requirements.. never did like her!

  46. carleigh says

    This splurging is just another example of her life of wasted excess…..she is frivolous and foolish for spending this exorbitant amount of money!!! She could have forgone all of this elaborate spending and came down to reality, she’s not having the Messiah!!!

    Donating the money to charity as suggested above would have been a much more grand and noble gesture, but with Jennifer nothing is ever simple. She thinks very highly of herself and this ridiculous article outlining her outlandish spending shows just how important she is, too herself!!!

    I was excited in the beginning about seeing pics and finding out about her twins, but now just from reading this……..I’m probably not good enough to “View” the pics of her babies. I won’t be buying any mags with her pics or babies pic on them, I hate to think I could possibly perpetuate this ridiculousness any further.

  47. 2teens says

    They must think they are royalty or something. I never liked her much before… and don’t know a whole lot about Marc Anthony, but all this over indulgence has made me like her even less.

  48. Sharrie says

    that is absolutely insane. She is not as special as she thinks she is. She would have been better off easing up on some of the luxuries and donating to a charity in the name of her twins. I don’t begrudge anyone their salaries, but show offs like this and million dollar weddings (only to end in divorce a few years down the road) piss me off.

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