An Expectant Brooke Burke & Heaven Rain

Brooke Burke

Brooke Burke

An expectant Brooke Burke was photographed with her daughter Heaven Rain. Heaven Rain is 13-months-old. Brooke is expecting her fourth child-a boy! It will be her second with David Charvet.

On expecting her first son:

We are thrilled beyond imagination. David has always desperately wanted a boy and I have been wishing for a son as well, all my life. Our home has been an estrogen pool, and full of pink, girly things. It is exciting to see all the blue stuff. None of us are quite sure what to do with a boy, but we are so happy and totally blessed. David is often complaining about needing some male energy, so now his wish will come true!

Brooke shared that she is now on bed rest:

I am officially on bed rest now and climbing the walls!!! I went to my Dr. last week and learned I was 2 centimeters dilated with a thin cervix. I have been down that road before with Neriah. I delivered her 5 wks early and she was only 4 ½ lbs. So the Dr. put me on house arrest, no sex, and told me not to carry Rain. I am not sure how I will get through this, but it is such an important time, so I am doing the best I can. It is nearly impossible to stay off my feet with 3 kids and David. I am trying and thank God I have made it through this past week. I am 35 weeks now, and hoping to make it to the end of the month.


  1. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Those ribbons aren’t safe! Seriously, why would a mother put those on a child’s crib? (I’m not criticising Brooke’s parenting skills I actually think she is a very good mother). It is a gorgeous crib though. And I think they are a beautiful family in so many ways.

  2. Analise says

    Brooke looks wonderful and Heaven Rain is very cute. The ribbons are clearly deco. Brooke is already at 35 weeks, that’s great. I was on bedrest a month at home then the hospital until my baby was born at 31 weeks. It was boring, but not so bad.

  3. Alex says

    Kimora, Kariah, and Kajanae’s Mommy sorry about all of those questions on the Nicole Ritchie post, I keep on asking everyone questions about three babies because I just found out that am expecting sorry again

  4. says

    My apologies, guys! Sometimes this delayed displaying really gets on my nerves…I thought maybe they didn’t like “sex” and then I thought maybe they didn’t like “heck”…so that’s why there’s three posts… least I got my point across LOL…

  5. Sonic says

    noway…I of mine is 14 months apart, 1 is 3 years apart. I had more fun, time, energy with them while they were spaced apart. They got all of me I got all of them. Not one on top of each other. Hands 2 full.

  6. Alex says

    the baby is cute I agree with 2teens on All those ribbons hanging down babies like any think colorful and long they like putting it in their moth and around them selves, I hope Brooke carries the baby until the end of the month every day is important

  7. 2teens says

    In the second picture she reminds me of DannieLynn.

    To Ms. Sugar Walls… I don’t know what SMH means in your reply to me. (so much hate, maybe?) Anyway, if that is what you meant please explain to me how my concern over a baby’s safety is hateful? Yes, there is a danger to a baby anytime you have long hanging cords that they can reach… that is why people baby-proof their homes, to avoid every potential mishap they can think of.

  8. Foxy says

    aww she is cute!

    sorry but just want to say rain isnt going to miss ANY time from having a new little brother, how silly! i had my second baby when my first was just over 12months old and i can asure you neither of them missed out on ANYTHING with me. Its actually very easy once you get your self into a routine i now have very healthy, confident and happy 2 and 3yr old children who have completely benefited from being so close in age, as im sure rain will to!

  9. expecting says

    It is not nice to say that a baby isn’t cute!!! She look’s like her dad!!! And, THANK GOD she didn’t get Brooke’s nose!!! Those nostrils are always flared!!!! geez

  10. Sarah says

    “I have read on another site that the ribbons were just for the photoshoot and in no way did the nursery designer intend on putting the children in any danger.”

    I read that too. But I don’t believe it. I think the designers are just trying to cover their butts because people were so upset about it.

  11. the real yummy brittaneyi says

    I had my baby boy at 36 weeks and he weigh 7lbs 1oz. I was on bedrest with him for 10 weeks cause my ceriv was dialiting. best wishes to the family baby is cute!!

  12. sara says

    I wish Rain could have had more one-on-one time with her mother and father before another one came along….she is still so little:(

  13. Joe says

    what a beutiful belly, I love it! I love it! God bless all pregnant women!! The most beautiful thing on earth, the pregnant woman!

  14. tink1217 says

    I have read on another site that the ribbons were just for the photoshoot and in no way did the nursery designer intend on putting the children in any danger. Brooke is gorgeous and so is Rain.

  15. says

    I bet that all of the people on here..that said..that they don’t think that Heaven is cute..Is horrible looking, and their children is U*** as H*ll!


    I am sure that she isn’t going to hang herself! SMH!

    Congrats..on the 1st boy!

    Heaven, looks like her father!

  16. Tam says

    She sure looks like david.. rain does.. but she isnt all too cute, just a normal looking baby i find.. nothing special.. i have a 13 month old also.. and i couldn’t imagine not being able to hold her if i was pregnant right now..

  17. Jx2 says

    Yeah – I don’t think Heaven Rain is cute either…she looks like a boy which would explain why the upcoming child is a boy!!!

  18. 2teens says

    All those ribbons hanging down in the second photo are extremely dangerous to have next to a babies crib! Unbelieveable! She could hang herself.

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