Nicole Richie Introduces Harlow Winter!

Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie posed with Harlow Winter for the cover of People Magazine, which hits newsstands this Friday. Nicole talks about how her life changed once Harlow came into her life, “It’s almost like I don’t even remember what life was like before her. She gives life a whole new meaning and a whole new purpose.”

As for breastfeeding, “There’s just so much I can’t eat because she’s sensitive,” says the new mom, 26. “I eat really bland food – chicken noodle soup, vegetables, fish. I had to cut out milk, no tomatoes, no lettuce. You think you have to cut everything out when you’re pregnant, but you really have to cut everything out when you’re breastfeeding.”

And while Nicole says, “I don’t know” how long she was in labor, “because I don’t know what time I actually went into labor, but I pushed for 10 minutes,” Joel, 28, said of his daughter: “She came out and she was crying. The doctor goes, ‘Well, it looks like you got a little girl!’ ”

What an adorable picture!



  1. Analise says

    Cute baby and Nicole looks great. She sounds so happy. Cutting out food for breastfeeding was very hard. Ended up using formula anyways.

  2. says

    Hey all…I’ve been busy for a few days and I now come back and see that there has been some controversy and unkind comments. I didn’t see post #30, but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out the theme of the post. Thanks to you all who jumped in and vouched for me in my absence! Props to you…

  3. Zbella says

    The scary thing is Paris was right! Harlow looks like a mini version of Nicole & Joel. Funny.. She is realllllly cute.

    Good for her to breastfeed. Certainly not all women have to cut out all foods. I can (and do) eat spicy Mexican food, beans, tomatoes, whatever I want and I’m nursing. But my kids are not sensitive.

  4. Jx2 says

    Hmm – that’s too bad…I cannot understand racism. I guess because I went to an elementary school and a high school with children from immigrant families that came from all over the world and I did not see them as different than me.

  5. 2teens says

    JX2, it was just a short message using a very derogatory term against mixed race children… specifically naming KX3’s kids as well as Harlow.

  6. Liza says

    R, I’m not offended at all.

    I just think asking someone you don’t know if they are breastfeeding is inappropriate and personal. I really don’t think it’s anyone’s business how I choose to feed my child as long as they receive proper nourishment, and I think asking can be intrusive. Family and friends talked to me about it fairly often, and it didn’t bother me one bit. It’s the stranger aspect of it.

    I also didn’t mean to imply if I did that you were incapable of an intelligent conversation, only that breastfeeding was not the primary focus for me. In those early weeks, when people were at my house ALL the time, it hardly came up as a topic of conversation, even when I was doing it every 2-3 hours.

    She might not have been asked, I haven’t read the actual article, and she does seem pretty candid, but I still think it’s a rather personal question to be asked.

  7. oriana says

    I know several ladies who have breast fed and they didn’t have to cut out all that food, that is news to me. She is very pretty and I can’t wait till the little one gets older, I think she is cute!

  8. Rijay says

    It’s good to hear she’s taking care of herself for the sake of her baby. –Now I’ve heard of cutting out dairy products which would bother the baby, but never lettuce. Hmm.

  9. Jx2 says

    Darn – I miss all the controversy…what happened?
    2teens care to share? the short version will do…

  10. R says

    Sorry to offend, Liza. I was actually referring to the person who said, “I don’t see why breastfeeding has to be mentioned.” And while I can have an intelligent conversation without talking about my boobs even though my baby is only 6 weeks old. I would have a hard time not mentioning it at all at this point, because it’s a pretty freaking big part of every day right now. Maybe I’m just still too sleep deprived to think of clever ways to avoid talking about boobs. Anyway, I don’t think anyone even knows if she was asked about breastfeeding or if she simply volunteered the info. She seems pretty candid about the whole thing. Either way, I don’t see what is so offensive about that question.

  11. Freya says

    Nicole and Harlow have the EXACT same colouring! Wow, gorgeous little girl. Many blessings to this new little family.

  12. 2teens says

    Tamboo, contacting the authorities isn’t going to do anything. What “not another teen mother – puhleez” posted wasn’t against the law… even as vile as it was. It was directed to Kx3, so it was obviously some hater of Kx3.
    I’m very glad to see that it was removed. But I do agree, the only way to stop the kind of crap that gets pulled on this site by “posers” attacking regular posters is REGISTRATION!

  13. Jx2 says

    I really don;t find this baby cute…I agree with another poster…she looks homely and underweight…no cheeks to pinch!!

  14. tamboo says

    They actually need to leave #30 comments there so that they can be turned over to the authorities. I’m sure they can find out/trace where the messages are coming from.

    I’ve been known to have conspiracy theories and here goes another one. #30 is probably some loner or miserable person that doesn’t have any friends, probably hates himself/herself and the world as well. Has no relationship with the Lord and posted that message as a cry for HELP!!!!

    Oh, I thought TOMKAT’s baby was the cutest out of all the celebrity babies. Now, I have changed my mind. Harlow is gorgeous and her name is beautiful.

  15. Georgia says

    Wow what a pretty baby!!! Shes so beautiful! She has Nicole’s colouring but she looks so much like Joel. Congrats to them!

  16. Lilac says

    Her baby must be very sensitive to have had to cut out all kinds of things from her diet. I didn’t (still don’t) cut out anything and my baby is fine. Good for her for breastfeeding. It’s the best start she could give her baby.

  17. sara says

    Don’t feed into it….that’s the reaction #30 is wanting….breastfeeding indiscreetly is key. I lived in Japan when I breastfed 3 daughters….they are very modest and have “nursing rooms” throughout shopping centers/malls/restaurants. It’s different all over the world.

  18. Liza says

    I don’t understand why comments like #30 continue to be allowed to post, while perfectly appopriate posts are awaiting moderation.

    And no one said it was perverted to talk about breastfeeding or that they didn’t really want to hear about, it was said that to ask every new mother whether she is breastfeeding is rude, because its a personal question about what a woman does with her body. If a woman volunteers the information or wants to talk about it, sure, no problem. But I do think it’s a rude thing to ask.

    And I breastfed for awhile, I just night weaned my daughter, but even when she was a newborn, it wasn’t all I had to talk about, I was still capable of an intelligent conversation that didn’t center around my boobs. And if a stranger asked if I was breastfeeding, I would have told them it wasn’t any of their business. I wasn’t embarassed or ashamed, I even did it in public, but what I do with my body is my business, not for some stranger to randomly ask about, and that is why I think it is rude.

  19. elz4 says

    Awwww!!!!! She is soooo cute. lol i love the look on her face. God she looks like her daddy.

    #30.. that is soo mean what u said.. shes a little innocent baby. your probably some pervey old guy that has nothing better 2 do except perve on the mummys. EWW

    Im glad Nicoles startin 2 see the bigger picture in life :). its amazing how one little person can change a person so much

  20. CTBmom says

    Okay, I don’t understand what I said wrong, but I have tried to post twice and is say my comments are being moderated. Yet number #30 can say what she said, and it still is on here. That is ridiculous!!! #30’s comments need to be taken off here. That is cruel and uncalled for.

  21. carleigh says

    Where did #30 come from and when did “it” start posting here??????

    The WM needs to get on the ball and monitor these comments and be a bit more proactive in finding a way to block these kinds of hateful comments. (Maybe registering?????? Which is what should have been done long ago!!!)

    GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We don’t need such nasty comments here, try Perez Hilton I’m sure they have a place for a low life like you!!!

  22. R says

    The reason breastfeeding mothers talk about breastfeeding is because if you choose that method it’s pretty much all you do, especially for the first month. It’s breastfeeding around the clock every 2-3 hours. If you didn’t talk about it, there wouldn’t be much else to say. Those of you who don’t want to hear about it… maybe you should pick another blog to read.

  23. D'Anna says

    #9–I’m sick of people thinking people who volunteer or ask about breastfeeding are perverts. It’s no different a question than asking what kind of formula your baby drinks or what your nursery theme is.

    I do agree though that I’m very happy that she had a good enough doctor to suggest eliminating certain foods, because the baby probably would have had problems with most formulas anyway if her stomach is that sensitive.

  24. m3kiddomama says

    I am thankful she said breastfeeding wasn’t easy but she stuck with it. So many say oh well it didn’t work right, I quit.
    Harlow is a cutie!!!!!

  25. Eir says

    I don’t really think she’s that cute. On the contrary, she’s sorta homely to me. But I guess she’s got time to grow into her cuteness, and Nicole’s always been an odd-looking girl to me, although pretty.

    Eh. It’s so hard to tell with babies if they’ll be cute one day from the next because they’re changing SO much, so quickly.

    I’m glad she’s breastfeeding as well!

  26. J says

    I’m new here and this place is SO much better than Celebrity Baby Blog. You can actually post comments here without having the creepy die-hard fans and the stalker like staff there flip out if you disagree with something the celeb does…lol!

  27. mersera says

    30- that is the most hateful thing one could say. you need help. might i remind you its not the 1800 and remember no one is 100% anything

  28. carleigh says

    For some reason I have the sinking feeling that Paris-ite is going to wind up preggo next…what a catastrophe that would be!!!


    Harlow is truly a cutie pie…though I wish the picture was bigger because you can’t really tell what color her eyes are, they look blue to me but I could be wrong, but she is cute!!!

  29. boo says

    Nicole looks amazing after only a month and a half or so of giving birth! She looks stunning!
    I too think Harlow looks like Daddy! What a little Angel! So cute 🙂

  30. Jacquie says

    Harlow is cute! I see Daddy in her, but everyone is going to see something different. She is cute anywhich way.

  31. pat says

    She is to cute!!!!!!!!!!!! Look at that face, she is a doll and her momma looks great to. Not to mention so proud of her little girl, congrats to the family

  32. Generic name says

    Baby Harlow is so so cute! I know mama Nicole is so happy and proud of her!! as I’ve seen Nicole really change a lot.

  33. Kalyn says

    OMG! Harlow is wayy to cute. I can’t wait to buy this issue.

    #18-That’s desperation on Paris’s part. She’s obviously wants attention on her since Nicole has always been talked about postively since having Harlow.

  34. nicola says

    I also find it a little bit funny/coincidental that Joel Madden’s BROTHER is the new flame of Nicole Richie’s BEST FRIEND. They could potentially become sister-in-laws.

  35. sara says

    Congrats!! I see a beautiful combination of both parents in her. Love her UNIQUE name. Out of the ordinary stream of baby names!

  36. nicola says

    Harlow is so adorable! I really think that she got the best of both genes, despite the fact that she could technically pass for a boy at this point.

  37. says


    She is a cutie! Both girls are! SHAME On XTINA for not wanting to share the cover! AS you saw..the issue didn’t sell that good!

  38. The Original Summer says

    She does indeed look like Joel!! Very cute, I don’t see Nicole in her at all 🙂

  39. samsmom says

    It didn’t seem clear to me that Nicole was asked about the breastfeeding. Maybe she volunteered the info.
    I think it is great that high profile people are willing to discuss breastfeeding openly. I do think it is rude for the press to ask. Some people are not comfortable talking about it at all. But it does not seem that Nicole had a problem with it.

  40. Liza says

    She’s an adorable baby! I see both parents!

    I had to cut out dairy with my daughter, it made her very colicky for awhile and then poof, it went away when the dairy went away.

    But I also agree with the press always asking about breastfeeding, it really isn’t anyone’s business. No one goes around asking non-pregnant women what they do with their breasts.

  41. Lilly says

    She’s sooooo cute!Worth the wait to see!
    I think she looks like Joel! Daddies little girl for sure!

  42. Sandra says

    Awww what a cute baby! I don’t understand why breastfeeding always has to be mentioned. Why not just say the baby is happy and healthy and it is none of your business if I am giving my baby a bottle of beer or Big Mac N Fries. I appreciate the picture though she is very cute!

  43. D'Anna says

    Ugh, no wonder people don’t want to breastfeed. I gave up nothing with the two I have already and had no problems. I’m glad she’s doing it though!!!

  44. Alex says

    hi Kimora, Kariah, and Kajanae’s Mommy how are you, how are the girls I was reading your blog and I read the post about the birth of Kajanae (beautiful name by the way) and how she sleeps and she sounds like a really good baby were all of them the same with their sleeping or were they different sorry if theses questions are personal you don’t have to answer

  45. Alex says

    She is a little cutie, look at lose little chubby cheeks so cute am glad Nicole has finally clam down after Harlow. Mother Hood really seems to suit her

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