Nicole Kidman's Rep Denies That Nicole Indulged In Wine At The Academy Awards

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman’s rep says that Nicole didn’t down wine at this Sunday’s Academy Awards.

Cindy Adams of The New York Post wrote in her column yesterday: “Boozing backstage during the Oscarcast is a no-no. But if you’re pregnant Nicole Kidman it’s a yes- yes. She wanted white wine. She got it.”

But a rep for Nicole, 40, fired back in a statement to

“Not true. She drank lemon zinger and water and was nursing a very bad cold.”

Nicole announced last month that she and husband Keith Urban are expecting their first child.

I thought that sounded suspicious…I couldn’t believe it.



  1. 2teens says

    Jenna, I never realized that you are only 18. I always enjoy your posts and you come across as much older. I guess that shows your intelligence and maturity.
    Judging people by the way they look or dress is just not right. I hope you told that woman to mind her own business!

  2. Jenna M. (UK) says

    I kind of agree with Onatear about all the world’s children, but I agree more with Sarah. Its not always our place to butt in (and in this case its really not – I highly doubt Nicole would be stupid enough to risk her baby by drinking too much), but when a child could be in danger it is. Too many neglected or abused children have died because their neighbours “minded their own business” instead of doing anything. Its sad but true. I don’t necessarily think it has to be life and death before people should say anything either.

    It is annoying when “old ladies” in shops and on the street tell people how to bring up their kids though. I’m 18 (no kids) but have a one and a half year old sister. Whenever I take her out I get old women blatantly staring at me in disgust, assuming I am her mother and as I’m young, not fit to be a parent! I’ve even had a woman stop me and say how cute my sister was but that I should have waited until I was older to have her! I was about to say something when she went on to say that I should remove my facial piercings and tone down my image because it wasn’t fair on the baby! I was so angry! In cases like that, people really should butt out and mind their own business!

  3. Zbella says

    I don’t believe she is underweight. How can you judge? She is not very far along, and she is very tall, so you may not notice some weight gain. I always gained 30 pounds later in my pregnancy (mostly the last half). That is healthy. My face was not fat, nor were my arms. Nicole is doing just fine and I’m sure she is eating often to maintain her pregnancy. After several miscarriages, I don’t imagine she would take any chances. That being said, I have no problem at all with pregnant women enjoying a glass of wine or a beer every now and again.

  4. Joe says

    nicole kidman is so hot pregnant. I love her little belly and I cant wait for it to get bigger. Thank god for this website who gives men like myself a chance to enjoy what turns us on the most, which is pregnant women!!!!

  5. Sarah says

    “Actually, in a broad sense, all children are all the world’s children, for all of us to care for and see they have the best childhood.”

    I agree to a point. I think if it’s a life-and-death matter (someone driving with a kid not in a carseat, a one year old playing in the street) then it’s everyone’s business, but if it’s not life-and-death then it’s none of our business. And the majority of “advice” (criticism) given to mothers isn’t regarding life-and-death matters, it’s generally about stuff that is simply a matter of different parenting styles, in which case people should really mind their own business.

  6. Jennifer says

    My daughter is just a couple months old, when I was pregnant the doctor said no alcohol but told me to take Sudafed when I had a cold. Don’t people make meth with Sudafed? But ,my midwife said I could have 1 glass of wine with a meal. People have been drinking wine and beer forever. One glass every now and then while pregnant isn’t bad…it’s just not good to drink on a regular basis. Also, in Europe they prescribe beer for morning sickness and also a pint of Guinness a day in the last trimester because of the iron content.

  7. Liza says

    She’s not underweight, shes fine. Not every pregnant woman gains large amounts of weight.

    I agree pretty much with all the comments here about a woman’s right to privacy while pregnant, and how everyone judges a pregnant woman’s every step, and everyone feels they have a right to comment on their every choice.

    I do not believe this story is true (and agree with Dori on the WM needing to do better), but had she had ONE drink, it’s not a big deal, and the choices that Nicole is making for her own family should be respected.

  8. onatear says

    Jessie…what a wise 15 yr old you are. Actually, in a broad sense, all children are all the world’s children, for all of us to care for and see they have the best childhood. I think “old ladies” who speak up, should first compliment mom and baby, and then, if they are concerned, just say what is worrying them. Let’s be honest here, no one, especially first time mothers, knows everything about bringing up babies. AND maybe a stranger is trying to spare a baby an ear infection, for example. Be nice, not offended, when someone is interested in your kid’s welfare. You sound as if you think they are criticizing your bag and will take it away because it doesn’t go with your outfit!

  9. dori says

    I doubt anything in this article is real The WM is getting lazy and instead of posting factual information is taking her headlines from tabloid magazines.

  10. Sarah B says

    Why is this an issue? So what if she drank wine? Why isn’t anyone commenting on the fact that she’s clearly underweight. The lack of nutrients in that woman’s body is more worrying than the odd glass of wine at a special occassion. Eat something lady – your baby needs nourishment – not a stick thin mother!

  11. says

    Not only is Nicole one of the best actresses of her generation, but she has the kind of clout in Tinseltown that allows her to foray into independent films without it hurting her image or pull with casting directors.

  12. Candy says

    i think it’s false …nicole wouldn’t do something like that ..she’s not like one of hollywood young actress to do this

  13. Ali says

    nothing i hated more then was people telling me what to do with my daughter…. cold hands, hats, ect..2 teens i sooo agree with what you said!

    look at the ice-skaters who skate while pregnant.people smoke, drink, take pain killers,ect…. none of my buisness. i do not agree ,but hey…. we are all different!

  14. boo says

    I don’t think she would drink any alcohol… only because of her past history and miscarrying…. I think to her this is probably her Miracle Baby, and I’m sure she wouldn’t want to do anything to risk the babies health!!
    Not that ONE glass of wine is going to do that, but some expectant mother’s ( Like Myself) won’t even think to take a sip of anything alcoholic throughout the Entire pregnancy!
    I believe whatever she was drinking likely wasn’t alcoholic!!!

  15. Jx2 says

    So what if Nicole drank wine! Or ate sushi or drank coffee. I have no intention of changing my eating habits for nobody!!

  16. Generic name says

    well I guess there’s nothing with that! besides she’s at the party, and as long as she knows when to stop drinking wine.

  17. Kalyn says

    I seriously doubt Nicole had wine. She’s wanted to be pregnant for so long that I don’t think she’d take a risk like that.

  18. Lila V. says

    Jessie, I wish everyone were as well-meaning as you. I believe, though, that this weird preoccupation with the pregnant woman (can she abort or not? should she breastfeed or not?) lies in sexism and a desire to control women (in the guise of protecting children). I don’t mean to silence you though – I appreciate your thoughts.

  19. Jessie says

    I think that people judge others and try and give friendly advice, even though sometimes it may not be so friendly, because there are so many “bad” moms out there these days and people feel for those poor babies so they don’t know who is and who isn’t a “bad” mom so they feel they should say something before they see that baby, dead, on the news or something. That’s just why I think they do it. I’m only 15.

  20. Lila V. says

    i understand your private discomfort 2teens; i admit to feeling some of it myself. as you rightly say, though, it’s not for anyone to dictate a pregnant women her menu or her daily habits.

  21. 2teens says

    Another thing that used to irk me was after the baby is born, elderly ladies in the grocery store or wherever always had something to say, like: “That baby needs a sweater/hat/socks” (I live in Florida) or, “what is in that baby’s bottle? he should be drinking pune juice.”

  22. 2teens says

    ^^^ yes, that is very annoying… but I do understand why people feel the need to judge when they see a pregnant woman doing something unhealthy. It really annoys me when I see pregnant women smoking. But I wouldn’t say something to them.

  23. Lila V. says

    It’s strange that a woman’s body suddenly becomes “public” during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Didn’t Roe v. Wade decide – fully and finally – that an expectant mother’s rights to dignity and security are not suspended when she expecting a child? I’ve never had a child, but the idea that anyone might monitor my intake – and presume to judge it – during pregnancy is offensive.

  24. says

    So maybe she did drink a glass of wine, maybe she didn’t. So what? I think it’s ok to have a glass or two your whole pregnancy. And many doctors will agree. I didn’t have any while I was pregnant, but I just don’t see what the big deal is if she did.

    I have know people with defects from alcohol during pregnancy, but it was daily and more than one daily. I know it’s a big issue, but I’m not seeing this case as one.

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