Is Katie Holmes Pregnant?

Katie Holmes

UPDATE: “She’s not pregnant,” Katie Holmes’ rep has told Us magazine in response to OK! magazine’s new cover story which asks whether the actress, 29, is expecting.

When Katie showed up wearing loose-fitting dresses at both the Costume Designers Guild Awards and the Essence Black Women in Hollywood Awards that seemed to reveal the hint of a bump to spectators, the question on everyone’s lips was: Could Katie have a baby on board?

“She has that special glow that only pregnant women have,” an eyewitness told OK! magazine. “I would say there is a strong possibility that she’s pregnant.”

If true, the timing couldn’t be better, with Suri turning 2 in April. “Katie’s a big believer in big families and lots of siblings. It’s how she was brought up,” a family friend told OK! magazine. The 29-year-old actress has three older sisters and a brother eight years her senior. “She was always jealous of being so far apart in age from her siblings, so she doesn’t want to space it out too far.”

And with Katie’s next slated project, The Other Side, currently stalled, it has left her with time for another child. “To be honest, she’s giving up the pipe dream of wanting an Oscar for now,” the pal said. “She wants to focus on being married and happy, and giving Suri a little brother or sister.”

Wow! I know this is purely speculation at this point…but maybe it is true!



  1. cherisse says

    She is not, but if she was it would be great. She is a great mother mostly everywhere she go she always had Suri with her. Of course i have not seen her in alot of movies like she used to do but after seeing what she has been doing i guess i can understand. She loves being a mothe and good at it. I heard a lot of people even before she had kids that she is good with kids. I believe that she could win an Oscar some day it just it is not how you act it is what role is good for you to act. There were alot of people who was told that they were not going to make it and they worked hard to prove them wrong so it is a possibility that it could happen not now but some day.

  2. ronn!e says

    hope she has a little boy would love to see him cos suri is the most beautiful baby i have ever seen:)

  3. Shadow Girl says

    Actually, she IS knocked up. It was announced yesterday on my local news. EW! LIKE WE NEED MORE OF THOSE ALIEN SPAWN! SOMEBODY CASTRATE HIM!

  4. Christiane says

    I get so angry when I see these stupid magazines and read about how easily people want to believe the crap. Does anyone know what a female body looks like these days? One can hardly call that a bump or a belly! No wonder girls strive to look skeletal.

  5. dori says

    I Doubt that she is pregnant because Tom Cruise is IMPOTENT and can’t father children Suri is probably not his biological child so the chances of her getting pregnant now with Tom is not possible They would need another sprem donor for her to have a baby. Mimi Rogers told the public long ago Tom was not capable of having cjildren.

  6. Joanne says

    I think she’s not pregnant! Katie always has a slouchy posture and I think It’s also the dress that looks her pregnant and I doubt it If she would be expecting soon, coz for me Suri as a biological child of Tom is still a mysterious.

  7. 2teens says

    Katie is very cute in a kewpie doll way, and I think she has about as much inside of her head as a kewpie doll does too.
    I wonder how much of L. Ron’s sperm has been put on ice? Enough for a sibling for Suri?

  8. oriana says

    I do not think she is pregnant at all. I do think she is very pretty and sweet. However, she will never have the grace or the class that Nicole Kidman has, sorry about that, and she will never be the talent that Nicole is and I am not sorry about stating that. The truth is the truth!

  9. Rijay says

    I don’t think she’s pregnant. She just slouches a lot since she wears heels BUT wants to look at least Tom’s height, not taller. The little that you see of her belly is her pop belly from slouching. Besides, I thought Tom was sterile? Who knows how they had Suri. There are all sorts of rumors… don’t rule anything out with Scientology.

  10. Ruby Jackson says

    That’s funny samsmom, because I was thinking the same thing about Halle Berry! Girl is a one-note actress.

    If Katie and Tom have another baby, they better hope he/she looks like Suri, or the speculation about Suri’s paternity will never cease.

  11. lola says

    Katie cannot be preggers,cause Tom is AZOSPERMIC.
    That means ZERO sperm count in the semen analysis,
    which ofcourse is somehow a common disease.

  12. Leona says

    I think Katie is very talented. I saw her in pieces of April and teaching Mrs Tingle, she is very talented. It is just that all this tomkat stuff has made us forget who she was in the first place. I hope soon when all this dies down, we will remember.

    Yes Katie is glowing but I doubt she preggers. Too man pregnant stars. I like Katie, she seems a nice girl and a nice person. Gets a lot of crap but she still maintains her faith in life.

  13. samsmom says

    Candy, I compare because other than Erin Borckovich (sp?), Julia has proven time and again that the only thing she is really good at acting is the woman in love, or the woman who can’t stay in love, or the woman who can’t commit. She is not a versatile actress at all. Almost every movie that she is in that is not a romantic comedy has flopped.
    Katie, on the other hand, while not a seasoned actress, has shown that she can be quite versatile. Think “Pieces of April”. And while I am not saying that Katie deserves an Oscar so far, neither does Julia.

  14. Amanda says

    Ohh and for the record, Katie has nothing to be jealous of when it comes to Nicole. She is much more beautiful and you can tell Tom adores her. Granted she is lacking in talent at this point but she has lots of time for that. Nicole looks fake anymore.

  15. Amanda says

    I do not think they will have any more children together. They may adopt. I think they enjoy spoiling Suri too much at this point. I mean she just now really is getting out (Katie)

  16. LAURIE HARRIS says



  17. LAURIE HARRIS says



  18. Candy says

    samsmom how could you compare between Julia Roberts’s talent & Katie’s ….Katie’s talent is like a dot in Julia’s sea can’t compare between them

  19. Candy says

    i wish she could be pregnant …suri is an adorable girl & it would be great if she have a little bro or sis …also Katie is an awesome mom

  20. Christine says

    I thougth there was a post last week or two ago with her in a skin tight dress that proved she wasn’t pregnant? It was some other awards thing.

  21. Butterfly says

    Has anyone realized yet that a lot of this speculation is probably because Angelina is pregnant? Remember all the hoopla over the Shiloh and Suri pictures and the exchanges between Tom and Brad?

  22. samsmom says

    I think if Julia Roberts can win an Oscar, then anyone can!
    Katie is at least as talented as Julia.

  23. Liza says

    I see no hint of a belly.

    I’m sure they will have another when they are ready and I think Suri is adorable, so clearly they make cute babies!

  24. hello baby! says

    Good heavens! I just found out that Britney Spears is pregnant with Adnans baby on another site! Poor little baby.
    And what could that girl be thinking?!?
    she is so irresponsible.

  25. carleigh says

    I don’t know if she is or not. It’s really hard to tell with Katie because she has such a slouchy posture.

  26. onatear says

    Poor woman. However, Suri could use a little companion, and she and her sibling(s) will have a comfortable life. I DON’T think she is pregnant, however. !!

  27. meg says

    To be honest,she would not win an Oscar in a million years,she is not that
    much talented,so this is an excuse for not winning the Oscars.
    Though I have to admit she is soooooo pretty and a very dedicated mother
    also a very nice wife for the lucky Tom.
    Tom must have done something great in his life to deserve someone like
    I really wish I could be her,then I would have made a much better choice than Tom!!!!!!!!

  28. Alex says

    if its true then great am not a big fan of tom or katies but they have a great little girl and it would be nice if suri had a little sister or brother

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