Dannielynn Undergoes Eye Surgery

Anna Nicole Smith

Larry Birkhead and the late Anna Nicole Smith’s toddler daughter Danielynn has undergone eye surgery to treat a condition called strabismus and ET has confirmed that the operation went well.

“Dannielynn is home from surgery and resting comfortably,” Larry told ET. “My thanks go out to Dr. Arthur Rosenbaum and the Jules Stein Eye Institute staff for taking great care of Dannielynn.”

ET has also confirmed that contrary to false media reports, there were no cameras present.

Found in about five percent of children, the eye condition is perhaps better known as “cross-eyed” and it is something that cannot be outgrown and must be treated. Larry first opened up about Dannielynn’s condition last month saying it was something that both he and Anna had been looking at for a while.

“I’ve been taking her to the doctors and … Anna had taken Dannielynn to the doctor in the Bahamas to see about it when she was just a few months old,” he said in January.



  1. oriana says

    Shouldn’t she be walking now? I have never seen any pictures of her doing that, maybe I missed them, he just seems to hold and carry her all the time, I am sure he takes her to a Park sometimes? I think she is just beautiful!

  2. Zbella says

    She is stunning. Wow! My husband had this surgery as a child (age 2 or 3). He remembers being blind for several days. Then he wore an eye patch for a few weeks/months and then glasses for a while. Since then he has not needed glasses but his depth perception is funky! He has gorgeous blue eyes just like Danni.

  3. Freya says

    My 20 month old son also has this and it is a genetic condition. We’re hoping he had corrective surgery in the near future. Good luck Danni!

  4. belicoso says

    I don’t think any of us need to worry about Dannielynn recovering from her surgery. From what I understand it was minor and fairly common. Also, I am sure we’ll all get confirmation because Larry will probably sell photos and stories about her “rehab process” to all the celeb outlets.

  5. 2teens says

    Hey Oriana! We had a little cold-snap here and I had to put a sweater on my old dog that doesn’t have much hair left – LOL! It got pretty cold for central FL, it was in the 40’s.

  6. oriana says

    Hi 2teens, I am kind of torn on this one. I do think he is a good father and he seems to dote on her. I would love to see a picture of her walking, if she is walking by now. I think that if he didn’t sell to the tabloids someone else would be taking the pictures and reporting on her, and they might be untruthful, he does need money to raise her so I guess I don’t have a problem as long as it isn’t too distasteful, like at Anna’s grave site. Hope things are okay with you my Dear!

  7. 2teens says

    Well, I’m glad she is getting what she needs medically. And he does seem to dote on her so there’s no lack of love/affection. I just wish he would quit selling every damn story to ET, every week it’s something new.

  8. Al&J says

    She is beautiful and I hope for the best for her…but why does Larry always have Entertainment Tonight and all those other entertainment shows documenting every inch of this child’s life.

  9. candykane says

    The surgery is not that big of a deal. One of my daughters had both eyes corrected and another one had one eye corrected. And they were fine right after

  10. Sheri says

    I agree with everyone else. May God bless her and her father. She is a very precious little girl and she deserves the very best. It’s truely sad that she has lost her mother who she looks so much like. I hope she recovers quickly. God bless this little angel.

  11. onatear says

    Yes, Bless her lil’ heart, she did need it. For a girl in the spotlight as much as she is going to be and is, she has to be without reason for jokes, etc. I think her daddy is just great.

  12. dori says

    I hope she recovers quickly and we will see a beautiful little girl with beautiful eyes. She looks so much like Anna she and deserves to be perfect in every way

  13. Jx2 says

    I had actually noticed that about DL’s eyes a while ago…strabismus means “crooked” in Latin/Greek.

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