1. Blair says

    He’s quite good actually! I went to the spice girls concert in chicago and it was amazing! SO much fun! And during Mama….(the song), Emma, Mel B, and Victoria all brought their kids on stage….No break dancing tho..I’m not sure where Bluebell was that night…Adorable kids!

  2. Keni says

    Hey Liza-
    D/w Im quite calm, it takes larger issues than the Spice Girls to stress me…
    Just letting you know the facts…

  3. boo says

    Yes this video did happen lastnight, I have a girlfriend that travelled to Toronto to attend the concert and took pictures of him doing this! She thought it was the cutest thing also! Seeing it live, was I’m sure much cuter then after the fact on video~

  4. * says

    Ok if she does, then go to a different site! Big deal, get a life! WM has kid(s) and she has a life, unlike you obviously! Geez give her a break!

  5. Liza says

    Hey Keni, calm down. Sorry I don’t follow the Spice Girls every move (due to the lack of talent), so I just happened to see the previous video on some website and usually don’t bother reading or looking at stories about them.

    My mistake, geez, it’s just that the WM often times posts pictures or stories that are over a weekl old.

  6. Keni says

    No Liza, in this case the WM is not falling behind, you are…

    This happened at the farewell concert last nite- he has now danced more than once.

    Cute kid!

  7. Liza says

    The video was not doubt adorable. And he is fearless in only the way that a 3 year old can be.

    However, this video is over a week old. WM falling behind?

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