Angelina To Give Birth In France To Honor Her Mother

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

It seems the Brangelina bunch will soon be following in the footsteps of Johnny Depp by living in France. After months of house-hunting Brad and Angelina have reportedly decided to buy a chateau in Provence, and are planning to raise their growing family there. The couple are understood to have chosen Chateau Val Joanis, a 1,000-acre vineyard in Provence, as their new French base.

The jet-setting couple, who are already adoptive parents to six-year-old Maddox, Pax Thien, four and Zahara, three, as well as their one-year-old natural daughter Shiloh, are expecting a fifth child this summer. (Or childREN!)

And although Shiloh was born in Namibia, the actress apparently plans to have her next child in a developed country. “She has given up all thought of having her babies in Third World countries like she’d always planned,” revealed a source. “They agreed that the next time Angie was pregnant, they’d go to France. It holds a lot of happy memories for all of them.”

According to reports, Angelina sees having her baby in France as a way to honour her late mother, French-Canadian actress Marcheline Bertrand, who passed away last year.

“Giving birth in France will give her a certain feeling of peace about her mother’s death,” said the source, who added: “All of the kids love it there. It’s a good place for them to be.”

“Angelina is proud of her French roots and wants her latest addition to be born and raised there,” confirmed a pal.



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  6. Tia :) says

    ps. the greek cookies…man oh man do i ever miss my YaYa’s cookies! She hasnt made some in ages!

  7. Tia :) says

    JJ, the shoppers near us has all of the easter stuff out too. I know what you mean about the chocolate being around…my husband bought me 2 boxes for valentines day…i secreatly gave them away to my niece and nephew…haha! I didnt want to hurt his feelings 😉 i snuck in a few though…haha. The weather today in st. catharines( near Niagara falls if you didnt know…i honestly have people asking me where it is all the time) was the same…rain on and off but beautiful! but it;s all going to s*hit tonight because we’re under winter storm watch…freezing rain and 10 cm on snow 🙁

  8. Jx2 says

    Hi Tia – yeah really – many of the nearby markets in Ottawa have less commercial products and more “holistic and healthy” brands – for people that are on special diets or are looking for a gourmet products.
    The supermarket I frequent is Italian and does not carry many American brands of chocolate. It has a a lot of imported European and Italian cheeses and other gourmet packaged products but they do carry Italian chocolates like Bacio and they even carry a line of Greek chocolate bars and Greek cookies imported from Greece.
    Shoppers D.M. has a lot of Easter chocolate out on the shelves and I was going to pick up some Lindt gold easter bunnies for my nieces…but if I have them hanging around the house I’m likely to eat them…so I’ll hold off on the Easter bunnies for while.
    How’s the weather in your city? We had a lot of rain today and the weather was around +8 degrees, so much of the snow is gone now. I hope we don’t get another snow storm. We’ve had too much snow this winter.

  9. Tia :) says

    JJ, you just saw them now?? I see them all the time! Ottawa has to get with the program 😉 hahaha! I agree with you…didnt understand what all the hype was about!

  10. Jx2 says

    They finally brought Dove chocolate to Canada..I have been scouting those for a while (as I had heard that they were quite good) and saw them today at Shopper’s Drug Mart for the first time and I had to buy one…I must say though I was a bit disappointed as I expected the chocolate to be creamier – it had a waxy texture but the cocoa flavour was strong. I don’t think I’ll be buying Dove again.

  11. oriana says

    Maybe one day the Company will wake up and sell to the US. In the meantime, enjoy one for me!!!!!

  12. Tia :) says

    I cant believe it!! Kit Kat Chunkys are amazing! My husband loves the peanut butter ones! Im not a huge chocolate bar eater, but if I had to choose, i would eat that…and probably Lindt Lindor….mmmmmm

  13. oriana says

    Tia, No, we don’t!!!! I know when my son came home from Canada he had some Dark Choc Kit Kat, Peanut Butter Kit Kat and even White Choc Kit Kat, I was surprised to see all that! He said the stores up there have a huge selection of different things we don’t have in the States. I am shocked that San Francisco doesn’t have any for that is a diverse city!!!! The Chunkys would be a big seller here! I think the company is missing out on a lot of revenue by not distributing them here. Have a nice day!!!!!!! Sun is out, nice here today.

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  18. oriana says

    Although I am not Catholic, my husband is, I would love to see The Vatican. If I had my choice of any country to go too before I die, I think I would like to go to Greece. I can’t travel like I used too, with the quality of life that I used too but I encourage my family and hubby to go without me. I don’t mind paying for it either if I can afford it.

  19. Fly On The Wall says

    124. Analise | March 3rd, 2008 at 2:03 am
    That property in the pic is stunning.

    It’s stunning, all right, but I doubt they have any idea of getting married in France. The whole thing is another fabrication cooked up by the tabloids. Angelina’s mother isn’t French at all; she’s French-Canadian.

  20. Fly On The Wall says

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  23. oriana says

    Nicki, there is a Trader Joe’s right down the street from my house!

    I freeze my candy and break off squares, that way when I have a craving I can have a taste and it lasts a long time. I do love dark choc the best.

    5g is equivalent to a teaspoon full of sugar so have to be careful.

  24. Nicki says

    oriana~I’m not sure what an acceptable level of sugar is for a diabetic in candy, but if you like Kit Kat bars, not sure of thier sugar level, but the new Nestle Crunch Crisp bar is really good, and I don’t like the regular ones at all. This one says it has 21g. of sugar.
    Thanks for letting me know the Snickers Almond isn’t the same. I don’t really eat much candy, I do love it but only eat it when I crave it, but one of my favorites is the Hershey’s Symphony bar with the blue writing on the wrap, the one with almonds and toffee. And the Ritter Sports bars are very good, but the ones with nuts are the best. The only place I have ever seen them was at Trader Joe’s in CA. So I haven’t had one in a long time.

  25. Jx2 says

    Do flies have 9 lives because I could have sworn I took a can of insect repellent and sprayed you “Fly on the Wall” on more than one occasion and your still hovering around ORhino’s cow turd!!

  26. Jx2 says

    ORhinoceros – I rather eat healthy food than pummel copious amounts of crappy food down my trachea without even chewing it!!!

  27. Jx2 says

    ORhinoceros – the last thing you need is to be eating chocolate when you are a diabetic!!! You might as well dig a ditch and lie in it – you are killing yourself s-l-o-w-l-y…not that I really mind if you croak…just proving my point about sugary candy bars and diabetes!

    Mars bars are disgusting! I buy free trade chocolate bars made with 70% real cocoa..Ritter Sports bars are also very good – they are made in Germany. Ghirardelli is also incredible!! I had one the other day with toffee bits and almonds…soooo goood!

  28. oriana says

    I had to look and read the sugar levels on all the candy bars to see which one was the lowest, Kit Kat isn’t too bad. And that’s another thing, CANADA, you all have different Kit Kat bars up there too! I think there is a conspiracy a foot here! I think I will write to the Hershey company and see what is going on!!!! Ha!!!

  29. Fly On The Wall says

    102. Jx2 | March 1st, 2008 at 5:31 pm

    Honey, if I found you in my kitchen I’d spray you with Raid. Do us all a favor and take your evil ass the hell off this blog. Crawl back under whatever rock you slithered out from under and pull it up over your head. Nobody wants you here.

  30. oriana says

    Tia, Cedar Point is supposed to be one of the best amusement parks in the U.S. My Aunt lives in Fremont, Ohio and her family has gone there for years, they love it! She is the one that has been a Missionary for 37 years, they are going to Zimbawee soon, probably spelled that wrong, sorry!

    I do miss my Mars bars, and my son loves them too!

    Nicki, I have tried the Snickers Almond, it is good but just not the same! Now I indulge when I really treat myself to any candy, in the Dark Choc Milky Way.

    Hope you all have a nice day! Very windy here today.

    Deeds, I am sure your hubby appreciates all your hard work! Ha!

    I won’t call any names, but I had rather have a JLo Butt than a JLo Butt for a mouth!

  31. Nicki says

    oriana~I read this on a site for ordering candy. I don’t know if it is exactly the same as a Mars bar, but it said this::

    We first saw the Mars Bar in the United States in 1936. It contained nougat and almonds topped with caramel and covered with milk chocolate. It was renamed the Snickers Almond bar in 2000.

    If you try the Snickers Almond bar, let me know if it is the same as the Mars bar or just similar.

  32. Deeds says

    Oriana~I must admit that I go over the top when it comes to exercise. (It really doesn’t matter how hard your bum is if it is flat, HA)

  33. Tia :) says

    Tea, I remember once when I was…i think 15, i went with friends of the family to Cedar Point in Ohio. My friend and I were waiting to go on a ride and she got to talking to this guy who was around our age. She asked him where he was from and he said Texas. He asked us where we were from and we said Canada. He looked at us and said ” Canada?!? Wow! You guys must be loving this weather! (It was July) I heard it always snows and that it’s always cold there…dont you guys live in Igloos or something?” We laughed so hard! haha! I looked at him and said “buddy…it’s probably more hot back at home than it is right here!!”

  34. neil says

    100. oriana

    Discovering the differences between Canada and the US can be quite a lot of fun just like discovering similarities between us. What I think is a waste of time is getting all tribal about it. When I hear someone dumping on Americans I switch off. Bigotry is boring no matter where you come from.

  35. oriana says

    I myself have witnessed this kind of rude behavior from the American people, only it was in Hawaii. I remember the film years ago, called The U*g*ly American. It was basically about how Americans go to any country and don’t bother to learn the language, expecting everyone to understand English but never apply that rule to themselves. It is sad but still true today but not as bad. I make no excuses for this behavior.

    The worst I have seen from other countries as far as manners go, are France, Bosnia, Korea and the English, although the men acted more uppidity than the women did. When I was in Hawaii I saw how the younger generation (teenagers and in the 20’s) acted so superior to the Polynesians working over there, it was embarrassing to witness.

    The most considerate and well mannered were the Japanese and the Vietnamese were very polite also. So I guess there is common decency and good manners in every nationality as well as the few that fall thru the cracks.

    I myself when I traveled in my younger days always tried to be exceptionally considerate and polite because I knew how it reflect on my country as well as my family. Plus, my father would have beat me within an inch of my life if I showed out in front of his peers. I still to this day say Yes Mam and No Mam to everyone, and Thank You and You are Welcome I said in my sleep from 2 years old! Ha! My grandmother saw to that.

  36. Tea says

    I to am proud to be a Canadian Tia! The saddest example I have seen of people being ignorant when I traveled that makes the sled dog comments seem like nothing, a group of people from the US were at the same resort as me in the Dominician Republic, and were complaining because some of the Gardeners did not speak english! They tried to order drinks from the man, even though he was obviously not a server, then got angry and started complaining that it is horrible that there are employees who did not speak english. This was in a country who’s language was Spanish, and yes it was a resort, so they did have many people who spoke english as well as other languages they got angry because a gardener, who really does not need to deal with the tourist, didn’t speak english?

    Orianna, people from many countries actually have more respect for people who come over and honestly try to use their language, even if they butcher it,. It is the people like the group I saw in the Dominician that give all Americians the bad name when traveling!

  37. oriana says

    Tia will understand this!

    I do have one grudge against Canada! They have Mars bars and we don’t!!!! Unfair I say, Unfair!!!!!!! Ha!

  38. oriana says

    Hi Deeds, you must young and strong indeed to do rock climbing! I would be way too afraid to tackle that, even in my early days! I do think that exercise is vital to our health and well being, I used to love to walk and ride bicycles, hated the gym, but always wished I could swim, never learned how. It is hard for me now with only one leg and in a wheelchair but I have my exercises my Rehab counselor taught me. I have gotten lazy now and just have the stamina any more to do what I should.

    I really think it would be in good taste and a show of respect to not be rude or ill mannered to comment because of her beliefs and culture ideas. And especially because of her kindness regarding me. Blast me if necessary, but it should be obvious to everyone she is a decent lady.

    My butt is soft, my head is clear and my heart is full, and I want to thank all of my friends who have been fair minded regarding me!

  39. oriana says

    HI Jenna, I wrote to you also on the Heidi Klum thread, I also hope my friends read that also, thank you. I do agree and concede that it is wrong to be against a whole country just because of some bad experiences. I want to think that the rudeness I saw was maybe, directed because I was there associated with military. I do find them snobbish in their outlook towards us, but I have to admit, there are a lot of American tourists that are loud, Fat, and obnoxious when they go there. It is true! I can only imagine the laughter and remarks made when some of us come over and destroy the language by trying to speak it and can’t pronounce the words accurately.

    I also didn’t like it when France refused the U.S. rights to fly over their airspace but again, I am the daughter of a U.S. Colonel so I got very annoyed about that.

    I think that Canadians are treated with more respect than Americans in most countries and I have the utmost respect for them. To me, the just plain stupidity and ridiculous remarks that Tea encountered are too dumb to even respond too when people say things like that! I could picture a 2 year old child talking about igloos and dog sleds but not adults, but again, it takes all kinds!

    Everyone is fighting some kind of battle, be it personal within, with their family or with others, it is the way we go about it that defines us. People can be defensive, rude, diplomatic, etc. without being vicious and cruel. Most of us aren’t the latter, but there are some that enjoy being as hateful and snide as they can be.

    I don’t like it when people steal others identities and try to stir up trouble, to me they are cowards. And you know who you are on here that has done that! I heard the expression years ago, why lie, the truth can be bad enough, so I don’t see it necessary to get on here and tell untruths on each other also just because we don’t like or agree with someone.

  40. Fly On The Wall says

    90. Jx2 | March 1st, 2008 at 2:30 pm
    Tea – I rarely travel to the US

    Thank God for that. Now all we need to do is find a way to keep you out permanently.

  41. Tia :) says

    cheers to that one JJ. We are from North America, true…but no one ever refers to it that way…ever. I am CANADIAN! And damn proud of it too!

  42. Jx2 says

    Zbella – you can walk down that path with me if you like!! That person I mentioned earlier said the exact same thing to me…called me a North American to which I responded “then you must be a Balkan”…as this guys country is situated in the Balkan states…he obviously did not like that!! As I;m sure you wouldn’t like it if someone called you “not a real Hispanic” but rather a bastardized version as the South Americans are a mix of Europeans and South American Indians…People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones…AND your ignorance just rang clear to me with your comment about the Canadians “poor dears” LOL – I really don’t feel “poor ” at all but rather quite proud to be associated with a country whose people are welcomed with admiration wherever they travel unlike some other parts of “North America” whose citizens get treated really shabby by foreigners…and we all know who that is!!

  43. comment says

    One last thing, remember if it were for people born in the 50’s, 18th century, and earlier, you wouldn’t have what you have today. Without them you’d be a stone age person. I leave you to the peace of your pride now.

  44. comment says

    Tea, concur with you on returning respect to respect. As I said, respecting elder is my cultural thing.

    Jenna M: When you reach Oriana’s age, having lived and seen many things in life and conducted yourself to earn respect, you’ll find that you want respect because of having lived longer than the younger people. That’s not to say that you haven’t erred in your life or all you’ve done are respected by them or your peers. That’s is simply impossible. So to me, respect is relative and multi-layers. One can have one, a few or all. Regardless of how one conducts him/herself, I believe every one is trying to earn respect all the time. The proof is right here: every one comes here to post her opinions, citing their experiences and success in business or love or parenting or whatever as support for her pov. If she did not want respect of some kind, she would not divulge her personal info. And ‘she’ is meant for every one, myself included. I was once having the same belief with you and Tea, laughing off my people’s edict as old school and out dated. But having traveled 2/3 of Oriana’s path, I see the wisdom in that old school edict. Thank God I have observed it. I would not want to be insulted by younger people ever. And Oriana hasn’t said anything to deserve middle school treatment.

    JX2, yes I’m old and do try to be a lady so my parents and kids won’t be shamed. Sorry about my reading comprehension skill. I always assume that a person ridicule another as wide is equivalent to bragging herself skinny. My bad. Great that you are health conscious and have hard behind. Has it ever occurred to you that some others really don’t care, or they might have naturally firm behinds, or they can’t exercise for health reasons? If their reasons were the last, it would be cruel of you to mock them, don’t you think? Mocking elder on their physical attributes is, to me, silly and childish and most of all, pointless. Now, why would a successful business woman, a bread winner (all of which are indication of smartness) want to do pointless thing?

  45. Zbella says

    Oh, I’m sure you did!

    Anyway, if you really want to be accurate, you are American – as in, from the Americas. From Chile to Nicaragua to Canada – that’s America. Of course, not many people say “I’m United States of American.” American does imply that you are from the USA. I happily leave you, Jx2, to the Canadians (poor dears).

  46. Jx2 says

    Tea – I rarely travel to the US and as such have not been privy to such ignorant comments about igloos and dog sleds. Ignorant people exist everywhere. While vacationing in Europe one year I was referred to as “an American” (which really irked me) even though the person knew I was Canadian!! I got into a heated debate about the differences between an American and a Canadian…needless to say there are differences – I put the man in his place and shut him up real good!

  47. Tea says

    Sorry Orianna, I miscredited the comment that the French in Canada don’t speak real french to you, not to Dori, likely because you later made the comment that you didn’t like the french. I apoligise for that mistake. I have never dealt with or seen the kind of rudness you are talking about when I traveled anywhere, but I am not American, I am Canadian, and we are looked at differently by other countries. The only thing I have dealt with that compares is ignorance from people in the States about Canada. for example people asking who is looking after my sled dogs while I am done there? or if I ever worry that my igloo will melt because of global warming?, and these people are compleatly serious!

    Comment, my remarks about respect being earned is not exactly accurate, I will respect anyone unless they show disrespect to me, in which case I feel compleatly free to show how I really feel, regardless of age, or profession. That being said, every one should have some basic respect for another as a person and name calling on a blog is very childish.

  48. Jx2 says

    Thanks Jenna – I will try to ignore Oriana in the future just to make you happy because I really want you to like me! LOL
    I mean that with all sincerity…your kind words melted my cold heart that was housed in a Canadian igloo..I feel so alive again and so LOVED! 🙂

  49. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Oriana, I am sorry but I don’t think its right to generalise an entire nation of people. You may have had bad experiences with the French but that doesn’t mean they are all like that. Its just like me saying that all Americans are fat, materialistic, loud and arrogant because that’s the way they are stereotyped. There may be cultural differences of course but on the whole Europeans (not including the Brits sadly!) have a reputation for being friendly.

    Comment, its nice to see someone sticking up for Oriana. I really enjoy reading her posts and talking to her on here. However, I can only agree to an extent that we should respect our elders simply because they are our elders. Not all elderly people deserve respect, some don’t deserve it at all, and I think respsect should be earned!

    Jx2, I really don’t like the way you attack Oriana all the time. Fair enough you have your differences with her – as you can see at the top of this post so do I – but is there really any need to be so rude? You always seem to come on here insulting everybody and trying to stir things up. I think its a shame, as I do actually quite like you! Some of your comments are very funny, and I like your honesty (usually!). I also think you seem to live your life in a very good way (charity work, concern for the environment etc that you have spoken about before) and I have a lot of respect for that but this just makes it harder to understand why you seem to be a fairly nice person in the real world but are so different on here!

  50. Deeds says

    My cabin has a gym. I use it daily and love it I enjoy rock climbing the most. Never been to France or Africa. Are Africans rude to Americans?

  51. B G says

    Angelina is so lovely; they both look very happy.

    I wonder what kind of batteries Jx2’s “husband/partner/spouse” uses…ha ha.
    She’s such a narcissist.

  52. Freya says

    Oriana – I suggested that you “mind your own business” and you provoked me and said that you were up for the challenge of dealing with me so don’t scream bloody murder now…are you ready to call it a game?

  53. Jx2 says

    Comment – spoken like a true old lady!!
    I went to the gym again this evening and exercised for 45 minutes. Exercise is not only good for the heart and the body but for the mind and the spirit too!! I care about my health and exercise accordingly as well as sticking to a predominately vegetarian diet. Not once did I say I was skinny but rather I said that I had a hard butt. Exercise will do that. My husband also goes to the gym and works out. We care about our health and well-being. Exercise will cure you of anything that ails you…it releases endorphins that relax you and make you feel good. You should try it sometime.

  54. Tia :) says

    Dori- Have you ever even been to Canada? It’s not real french?!? Come on! How insulting! Im sorry, my fathers mother comes Montreal and i can assure you, SHE SPOKE FRENCH! Im sorry, but the ignorance just gets me. They speak a different dialect…that’s true, but many, many of the words are the same.

  55. oriana says

    It is very apparent to me that comment is a decent woman with very ladylike qualities about her, and Chrissy is educated, fair minded and a has common sense as well as good manners. Thank you Ladies!!!!

    This whole mess started when I said the name calling of Nicki was enough, and I thought it was very vulgar and trashy the language that was used. Nicki is a friend of mine but to anyone, that kind of disgusting name calling was truely enough!

    I will have a BD March 4th and I thank God for it!

    I have acted childish myself on here but I have never resorted to the low level that Jx2 has, not only to me, to be people that have deserved it.

    I think people can disagree, and not even like one another, without having to resort to the level of degree of ignorance and low class that has been displayed.

    comment, I am glad there are women like you around, Chrissy, you made me cry, and every thing you said rang true to me. You are very sweet and I will indeed ignore her in the future.

    comment, I had to laugh about hitting the gym part, I am old, from the old school, I still think it is good for a man to open a door for a woman, hold her chair for her (or purse sometimes) and definitely think a man should work and do his fair share!

    I don’t mind the horse and buggy if I don’t have to worry about being in charge of it!

    For those of you who have any doubts about me when she tries to paint me as a ra*cist like she did on other threads, my Aunt has been a missionary for 37 years, sh e and her husband adopted a beautiful little girl from Ethiopia 25 years ago, my sister has two children ages 21 and 29, that are biracial, she married a Black man when she was 17, and I upheld for her all the way.

    It is not the skin color, it is the integrity and the decency of a human being that makes us what we are. I have seen pretty children of all races, and I have seen that I didn’t think were pretty at all, from many races also. It is in the “eye of the beholder” I have always heard.

    I just think it is mean and evil natured people who tries to cause pain, embarrassment and untruths just because they are not agreed with or get angry. The old sayings, the bitter with the sweet, the good with the bad, does ring true and we unfortunately have to be exposed to it from time to time.

  56. oriana says

    Tea, I am sorry to you if you got offended over my comment about not caring for the French. To me, when I was there, they seemed very condescending and snobbish, especially towards the Americans. I found the majority of them to be that way. Yes, there are many of the French that are super nice and kind, but my experiences were not favorable. It is just my opinion and I formed it by my own experiences.

    I personally find Brad’s references to Shiloh and Namibia silly. EVERY time he has talked about his children, he has to say that they have one child that was born in Namibia, the world is aware of that, just like the world is aware she has not been back there since and she was born to American parents. I have never understood why he has to put so much emphasis on her being born in Namibia.

  57. Zbella says

    Hee hee – I did get a nice laugh out of the post about French Canadians not speaking French. 🙂 I speak French and have been to both Paris & Quebec – I was perfectly understood in both cities.

    AJ is a smart woman and I’m sure she speaks at least passable French.

  58. Jx2 says

    Chrispy the Adjective – What on earth are you talking about?
    YOu barely make any sense.

    “Everyone please ignore that noun not worth being a verb that still suffers from the lack of attention that she has to times her name twice just to be heard.”

    LOL…the Riddler strikes again!!!

    If you have any complaints you may send them to:

  59. Jx2 says

    I’m unoriginal (?) as opposed to YOUR originality for expecting “old fashioned” respect to be given to an old lady by the name of ORhino who calls everyone DEAR??? That to me is predictable and not in the least bit original BUT rather predictable…Not a chance – she won’t be getting any R-E-S-P-E-C-T from me!!

  60. comment says


    No arguing with you on respect should be earned. Just want to elaborate my position.

    There are many kinds of respects. I can respect a doctor for his skill but don’t like his personality. Likewise with artists, entertainers, politicians, etc. My point regarding Oriana was about respect due elder for having lived life longer than us therefore have acquired life experiences that we younger people have yet to acquire and consequently have wisdom to offer us. Not all their wisdom will be applicable to our situation, nevertheless, my people respect them for having it. We also were raised to respect our elder because they are on the same rank with our aunts, uncles, parents, grandparents. It’s just cultural difference you might want to say.

    Having said that, glad to know that you found jx2 childish too. And yes, she is unoriginal.

  61. Tea says

    Oriana, I did not much like you comment about french people as it is stereo typical, that being said, generally you are at least generally respectful so I wouldn’t hold it against you and think that it is rather immature of people to attack eachother all the time. I also find your irritation of Brad refering to Shiloh being born in Namibia rather silly and but you are entitled to your opinion.

    Commet, Respect should be earned, age does is not the only requisit to get respect, if some one is older but is not respecting you, then why should you respect them? That being said, I have not seen anyone say anything to Jx2 that deserves the disrespect she shows everyone on this board, the name calling is very childish, and not terribly original,.

  62. Chrissy says

    Lycee does NOT speak French only. It’s a bilingual school that requires all students to learn French; basically all the kids speak french and english. Not to mention, it’s one of very few schools that have different locations throughout the word but oddly, not in France.

    Oriana- for love of living life joyfully, IGNORE HER!!!! Everyone please ignore that noun not worth being a verb that still suffers from the lack of attention that she has to times her name twice just to be heard. The fact that she keeps posting on post re: someone she has so much disdain for simply shows her lack of significance in the world. Oriana- you are better than that… you cannot talk into ignorance, hatred nor contempt – best avoid it. Plus, her continuous desire to vomit on people on this site clearly demonstrates her own inner ugliness PROJECTED on others.

    Oriana- please please ignore her… I very much dislike the way she attacks you and Nicki for that matter.

  63. comment says

    You’re welcome, Oriana. I simply can’t stand it when young people insulting elder. And it’s funny she doesn’t realize that it’s easy to love a woman with money and time to hit the gym to firm her behind (or a man for that matter), but it takes a great man to stick with her when she has aged and sagged and “wide”. It takes a remarkable man to love you when you’re no longer your active self. I think you’ll agree that we rather be “kept” women to such men over her “kept” man. It’s great that we don’t have to hit the gym or bring in the bread to be loved, isn’t it? Ha ha ha.

    Agree w/ you on Brad’s parents.

    It’s foggy but I’m sure the sun will come just like yesterday. Have a good day!

  64. oriana says

    I would think that Brad’s parents want him to be happy and they clearly see he is with her and the children. I think they are the type of people that has the capacity to still love and care about Jennifer’s well being, as well as accept and care about Angie also. I think they are thrilled about the baby and prob get concerned when Angie goes on her trips and they want her to be safe and healthy.

    This family seems like one I would enjoy having. I admire Brad’s parents very much.

  65. oriana says

    comment, thank you for the considerate statement. I do appreciate it very much. Again, thank you in all sincerity!

  66. comment says

    Oh dear, is there a need to be so rude? Oriana is an elder and by having lived long she deserves respect. You could disagree with her and engage her in debate, but to insult her to get your point across is unnecessary. JX2, you are an ill-bred and immature. With behavior like yours, no amount of business success would impress people. As for your husband loving you, I don’t doubt it because my people have a saying: the lid must suit the pot to make a set. So I am sure he is very much like you.

  67. Jx2 says

    O-Rhino – I wear the pants in the family. I am the bread winner and I call the shots. This sister is doing it for herself. I live in the 21st Century BABY!!! I have a job and a business. I don’t need to be a “kept” woman…you on the other hand can ride around in your horse drawn carriage and and eat fried chicken right out of the Colonel’s bucket while you sit in front of your computer all day a grow a huge wide as*s…You know what I did tonight?…I went to the gym and exercised on the cross-trainer for 40 minutes…my as*s is hard and firm and my husband/partner/spouse loves it!!!

  68. Jenna M. (UK) says

    What’s the big deal about this? She can give birth wherever she wants for whatever reason she wants. Its her business.

  69. 2teens says

    I have been to France several times and French-Canadians are perfectly understood by Parisians. There are just a few words that are different, and as Al&J said… an accent. It’s comparable to american-english and uk-english.
    Provence is just a stunningly beautiful place, If this story is true I think it;s a great idea to raise the kids out of the limelight. Obviously Angelina wants her kids to be fluent in French because she chose the Lycee de Paris for Maddox’s schooling, and they speak only French there. It would make sense for them to have a home in the US as well as in France.

  70. Jx2 says

    Thanks Al&J!!
    I’ve been to Montreal and to Quebec and work with many French people!! Steoreotypes begin from misinformed people who make uneducated comments.

  71. traveler says

    Oh, I don’t think his parents hate her or are disappointed in him. I’m sure that all they want is for him to be happy and he is. Plus, I’ve yet to meet a grandma that isn’t thrilled to be getting more grandchildren. My mom has 12 and still wants more!

    Besides, you shouldn’t believe everything you read about Angelina. The tabloids lie constantly. She seems like a nice and compassionate person and she obviously loves her kids tremendously. I think both Brad and Angie are good parents. What more could a mother want for her son?

  72. HELLOBUDD says

    Jolie looks great!
    I think tht Brad’s rents hate this but he doesnt mind tht too much.
    i think finally they r a family
    but WOW tht is a LOT of land!
    all i can saay i LUCKY kid!
    i dont think this whole France thingy is gonna work.
    but congrats u get ur own biological kid too!
    what child number is this i lost count!

  73. becky says

    I think she realised all that Namibia circus was for her and did not actually help Namibians. I still think she is going to do something at the birth to garner attention.

  74. Nikki says

    Any one notice something aorund Angelina’s mouth all the time. Like she wants to vomit. A sneer sort of.

    I don’t like her much. Something about the way she uses people.

  75. helena says

    I doubt Brad’s parents are thrilled. I think they are actually worried about him. He has been like a zombie led by his balls for the last three eyars. He looks stupid and am sure they do not recognise they boy they knew. It is actually sad what has happened to him. He looks like a lost soul. No one cah want their grand children to have a mother with a history like Angelina. Remember his parents were close to Jen and his mother still sees Jen. To see their son further tied to this former prostitute with another child must be painful to watch by any mother. Personally I would cry every night if my son run off with a manipulative lunatic like Angelina Jolie. Look what she has done to him. Now a shadow of his former self without friends and his star fading fast. 6 children, five movies and directing 7 all with bad box office results is not going to be good for him. He had better stock some anti depressants. I would not be surprised if they find him collapsed and dead like Heath.

  76. oriana says

    Even if they don’t live there, (the picture above) I hope they buy it! It is fantastic! I would love to see them own it and take the kids there whenever.

    They will LOVE Texas!!!! DMITZ, go see them!!!! Ha!

    I can easily imagine her speaking French, Brad, not so much.

    Al&J, I can’t tell you how much I enjoy you my Dear! I hope it is not offensive to you for me to call you that? It is a habit from the South and I will try to work on that. Anyway, you are one of my favorites on here and I look forward to reading your posts more often.

  77. traveler says

    Jeez, people. Didn’t you read Al&J’s post. Brad is going to be filming in Texas. That makes it impossible to live in France. If she’s around 5 months and he films in Texas for about 3 to 4 months, that means the baby will most likely be born in the states.

    Of course the family moves around. That’s the life of a movie star. You need to be where the director wants to film. Matt Damon talks about his travelling family all the time. And wasn’t Michelle Williams in Europe with Matilda when Heath died? Moving around a lot is just their life. Plenty of celebrity kids have survived that life style before. I’m sure the Jolie-Pitts will be just fine.

    How is Angelina seeking publicity? If she were doing that, we’d have known about the pregnancy 4 months ago. Seems to me like she’s trying to attain as much privacy as she can. They never actually announced this pregnancy (they didn’t announce Shiloh’s either), they just waited until it was obvious. Doesn’t sound publicity seeking to me at all.

    Dori – maybe you’re thinking of Cajun French spoken down in Louisiana. Now that is not at all like traditional French.

  78. Al&J says

    Angelina does speak some French and I’ve heard it with my very own ears and the children understand her perfectly. Out of all of them Maddox is the one who knows the most French but Brad and Angelina are learning it as well.

    JC – Hi! Nice to hear your account. I have no doubt that France and the area in which you speak of is quite beautiful. When the family went to France last year they were not bothered by the stalker photographers because of the tight laws. It’s nice to see a country actually look out and protect their celebrities.
    I have a question..I watched La Vie En Rose not too long ago and thought that Marion Cotilard (sp?) did a fantastic she a big sensation in France?

    I don’t normally care for anything that Jx2 has to say but in this case I most certainly have to agree.
    It is highly offensive to call the French that is spoken in Canada ‘not real’. If you visit Quebec the French that is spoken there is different from the French that is spoken in Ontario and like Jx2 has said the dialect, sound and accent are different but that doesn’t make it any less real. What an insulting and ignorant thing to say.

  79. Decorum says

    I had a lot of reading to catch up on, haven’t been around in a while. Does this family have a clue where they want to live or do? It seems like they change their mind every few weeks. It’s their life but can that be healthy for the kids? I think they should cool it with the adding more kids to the family until the get settled in their minds what they really want.

  80. ann says

    Angelina looks so beautiful pregnant, she is a very sexy fantastic woman, they are a perfect fit. They look so happy and lovely. We love this couple and love little Shiloh.

  81. oriana says

    HI Just Me, thank you!

    dori, Jx2 first said she had a great man, now he is her husband, she is an expert on everything, she struggles to survive, I wonder if her “great man'” has a job? She has to walk to work, doesn’t have a TV, doesn’t sound like he is contributing much to the “marriage”! Ignore her, she is a Pest and enjoys riling people up with her idiotic comments.

  82. Jx2 says


    “The french spoken in Canada is not real French and not usable in France.”

    WRONG !! WRONG !!!

    The accent and some words (dialect) is different…THAT IS ALL!!!!

    Your comment above is like saying that people in New Orleans don’t speak English…which I’m sure they do…it’s just a different dialect and accent.

    My husband speaks French and he went to France and had no problems communicating with the French there.

    I’m trying hard not to pick on you because I don;t expect you to know this…but please don’t make unfounded assumptions on things you know nothing about!!

  83. Just me says

    I think I read somewhere that Angelina actually does speak French. And also, Maddox was attending those school where they only speak French.
    Oriana, your comment about Namibia cracked me up because I always thought that too!

  84. dori says

    Once again the WM slacks off on her job of providing factual information on her website and copies tabloid garbage for us to discuss.

  85. dori says

    The french spoken in Canada is not real French and not usable in France . So I doubt she can speak the language. France is a wonderful place but knowing AJ’s behaviour pattern they will hideout until the baby is born and then come back to revive their careers and get back into the media again. They know very well the photog’s will hunt them down and follow them around thetas why they ANNOUNCED WHERE THEY ARE LIVING YOU STUPID PEOPLE!!!

  86. JC says

    I live in France. This is simple tabloid and does not have a quote directly from the couple. The laws here are different than American laws and much stronger now after Princess Di died. I know the area that they are or are not purchasing the vineyard and it’s quite magnificent. A beautiful harmonious place for anyone to raise a family and very private. I think for celebrity couples it is not always easy to find a peaceful safe place for the children. I see many videos and have been to Cannes during the festivals and I am very scared and stunned to see the way the camera crazy stalk them and Clooney. It can be frightening for anyone. I think now the family is growing and children are older they will settle on roots that will best keep them all safe and not so paranoid of a camera. Plus, I must say that people in Europe have more culture to offer. I am not saying better just more. This is my thought.

  87. Zbella says

    Of course I don’t believe a word of this – but I enjoy hearing about my favorite celebrity family none-the-less. Beautiful woman. She just shines!

  88. andie says

    these two are just too much and NEED to go away. By trying to create this international persona she’s FAILED to give ANY of those children roots to any one place.

    I find it AMUSING how Brad prided himself in being such a “homebody” way back before Angelina got her claws into him.

    I don’t think he could FIND home at this point if you kicked him through the front door.

  89. lily says

    It is so great to see they have more baby, They look so happy and lovely. We love this family hope they are married.

  90. dori says

    I agree Brad does look like Robert Redfordish!! I thik Brad is the Robert Redford of this younger generation so why not age like Robert Redford too?

  91. oriana says

    I agree with Deeds, what would be wrong with having the baby in the U.S. and giving it her mother’s name? I hope she considers that. I just want the baby to be healthy and I do hope the rumors are true about having twins. I know Brad’s parents are thrilled!

  92. Generic name says

    they always say that ” we loved this place, we want to permanently settled here etc.etc.” but they still always pack their things and go! well I hope this time they will settled permanently as in permanently! but I doubt it, coz most of their works are usually based in U.S that would be too tiring if they will go back and forth — U.S to France and vice versa.

  93. Kalyn says

    I think that’s a beautiful way of honoring her late mother with her latest grand-child(ren). I wonder if it’s true that she’s having twins?!

  94. Sara says

    “I am sure she is going to make a media circus out of giving birth. Wait and see. I will come back to tell you I told you so.”

    I doubt it. She didn’t make a media circus out of it that last time. They went to a country where the paparazzi wasn’t aloud to horn in on their private moment. It was the media that tried to make a big ordeal out of it, and they refused to allow the press to do that.

  95. oriana says

    Mia, does Brad have any roots? I would think he would consider having a child born in the U.S. but he of course will go along with whatever she wants. I get irritated every time I hear him say, oh we have one child born in Namibia, like Shiloh is from that country, she is not Namibian! She hasn’t been back since she was born. I wonder if they will get her a tutor to learn the language from there.

  96. Miapocca says


    her mother barely lived in canada…but rather was home grown midwest potato eating dysfunctional woman…

  97. Émilie says

    Her mother is French-Canadian, not French from France!!!!

    Why does she wants to give birth in France, it doesn’t make sense at all!!!

    She should give birth in Montréal, for really honoring her mother’s roots.

  98. Malayka says

    She always has something around her mmouth like a sneer. Makes her look bad.

    Now that she is to have 5 kids I hope she takes a break. We also need a break from her.

  99. Leona says

    I hope they stay there. I am tired of them. Her fans think she hates the attention, but she loves it. I am sure she is going to make a media circus out of giving birth. Wait and see. I will come back to tell you I told you so.

  100. ann says

    We love this family, They are the best parents in the world, Brad and Angelina are a perfit fit, This year Oscar without them it is very boring and stupid , They are the most famous couple, We hope next year We can see them in Oscar without them is not same.

  101. Al&J says

    I really like this picture of her. She’s is absolutely gorgeous and more so now that she is pregnant. In the summer she looked so thin. I know she is naturally skinny but she could have put on a few more punds.

    Granny ~ I was thinking the exact same thing. I doubt this story is true. Who are these sources? If these sources believe that the information they have provided for this story is correct, accurate and truthful…why would they shy away from attaching their name to their information.

    Besides when is she going to have time to go to France. She is in Texas now as Brad is filming yet another movie and the family will be there for at least the next 3-4 months.
    Maybe if some of you live in that area then you might catch a glimpse of them.

    Not only do I have my doubts about this story but I have doubts as to the WM claiming that she is a celebrity mom. Everything that is posted on here is from one tabloid or another. If she were a real celebrity mom wouldn’t she be able to debunk a few of these stories as being a lie or the truth? Sorry I don’t buy it.

  102. oriana says

    Hi Deeds, I will check it now.

    samsmom, I was thinking the exact same thing, Canada would be a wonderful place to have the baby!

  103. Granny says

    I always question the validity of information from unnamed sources, unnamed friends and unnamed family. If it it true, and they are that close, give up your informants name.

  104. samsmom says

    Why not give birth in Canada to honor her mother?
    Makes as much sense as giving birth in France!

  105. Liza says

    Why are so many people so quick to believe tabloid stories? If she herself has stated that her mother was American and only of French-Canadien descent on her father’s side, then why would you believe this story?

    Like someone else already pointed out, this same story was told when she was expecting Shiloh, and it obviously wasn’t true.

    We don’t know where she will give birth. Maybe it will be LA, maybe NO, maybe NY, or somewhere overseas. Does it really matter?

  106. megs says

    Angie looks great, I don’t know how someone can keep their pregnancy a secret, I was telling people right away i was so thrilled! Guess that is being a celeb tho! Provence looks lovely, regardless of if this truth or not!

  107. george says

    he looks like he grew up and never left the60’s..over rated has been..trying to look young and find his “youth” again.

  108. Deeds says

    Oriana~I left you a note under the Jenn thread. Umm, why can’t she have a baby in the states? It would be more of a dedication if she named the child after her mom. If it’s a boy then she can use it for the middle name. I think that would be so more special and a better tribute to her mom.

  109. Sheri says

    I think it is wonderful that Angelina wants to give birth in France to honor her late mother. Like # 3, I just love this family and they deserve peace and happiness. It is to bad that there are alot of people out there that have nothing nice to say about them. I speculate that it is do to being jealous. Angelina is a very beautiful women, pregnant or not, she has a great man, and a beautiful rounded family. I wish her and her family the best. God Bless You.

  110. tink1217 says

    Angelina is still French, but French Canadian. Who cares why she is wanting to give birth in France…I think its great!! Anyplace they can get away from the watchful eye of the paparazzi is a great idea!

  111. traveler says

    Please, the tabloids said the same thing when she was pregnant with Shiloh. They insisted she was going to have her in France to honor her mother (who is not even French). That, as we all know, was total rubbish and now they’ve trotted out this old story again. Really, can’t the tabloids come up with anything new? It’s the same trash over and over again. You’d have to be an idiot to believe this story.

  112. Just me says

    I was thinking the same think, LadyOne. Except my question is why? I think he looks a lot older this way.

  113. assistant to jlo & marc says

    Dori….the Jolie Pitts didn’t release this information, it’s tabloid speculation. You don’ t really believe all that hype from the tabloids now do you?

  114. dori says

    It sounds like a fairy tale…. and from what #6 says it’s just more of the Jolie Pitts glamorizing themselves for their dear public.

  115. Just me says

    This is why I think this post is a bunch of crap …. I took this from Wikepedia. Please, honoring her roots would be to give birth n the good ole US of A. Angelina is no more French than I am.
    Bertrand was born in Chicago, Illinois, the daughter of Lois June (née Gouwens) and Rolland F. Bertrand.[1] She was of French-Canadian descent on her father’s side, and is a descendant of Zacharie Cloutier[2][3]. According to daughter Angelina Jolie, Bertrand was often wrongly identified as a French actress: “My mom is as far from French Parisian as you can get. She grew up in a bowling alley that my grandparents owned.”[4]

  116. boo says

    Angie Looks Beautiful Pregnant! I can’t believe how long she kept it a secret for, I found it impossible to keep my pregnancies a secret… I was telling people when I found out at 4 weeks along, because I was so excited! Theres no way I could not say anything for 5 or 6 mos!
    She did good, I must say! lol

  117. Momof Boys says

    I love this family and I think moving to France is a fantastic idea. I feel the need to point out to the webmistress though, that Shiloh is their *biological* child. Saying she is their only “natural” child is offensive to many adoptive families because adoptive families (and children) are no less “natural” than their biological counterparts.

  118. oriana says

    If this is true I think it is nice. I would love to see her give birth in the U.S. but they deserve privacy and it is a nice place. I am not particularly fond of the French but I can see where she would feel close to her Mother. It is a good thing.

  119. Andrea says

    The best parents in the world deserves some privacy. I heard that law in France restricts the photographers, so family like angelina will not be hounded and photographed wherever they go all the time

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