JLo's Posh Nursery

Jennifer Lopez

Just like Nicole Richie and Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez called upon the experts at Hollywood favorite baby boutique Petit Tresor. The new mom opened a lengthy registry and had owners Nina and Sam help her design fabulous nurseries for the arrival of her twins! So what’s in store for the twins? J.Lo will keep her new baby boy wrapped in a cashmere cardigan, hat and bootie pants from Baby Cz, $279 and, of course, a matching pink set, $279, for the new fashionista of the family. The twins will also have a set of Plain Mary’s Hunk and Babe onesies, $169. For the nursery, the twins will dream away in Chelsea Sleigh cribs, $1390 each while Mom and Dad relax in Glam Gliders $1,420 each. And when they need changing, the twins will have a Clara changing table, $1780. And why give up gorgeous handbags just because diapers are involved? Check out Jennifer’s Italian leather and snake skin trim Mia Bossi diaper bag, $1250.



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  2. Tania says

    I third Carleigh. J Lo is so over the top. Instead of buying Swarvoski crystal onesies (by the way, the twins don’t wear the onesies more than once) give some of that money to charity.

  3. Big fan says

    Let the woman enjoy her money and her newborn twins. she donates enough. This was planned all along, and does not put a dent in her pocket. Spend that money girl!!!!

  4. says

    You people talk like jlo is the only person who spend too much on her baby .there are other actress who do the same. And how do you know the she doesn’t help anybody. Do you live with her to know what she do with her money. Just because she don’t go around tell people how she spend ,give to other doesn’t mean she don’t help .

  5. Dora Galvan says

    You go J.Lo enjoy the spending its ur money and ur babies. If u have to throw it away after they puke om them its ur money.Enjoy ur spending and seeing ur babies look pretty.After all u worked hard at the beginning to get to where ur at and God Blessed you .Now enjoy it.

  6. dori says

    congrats on the babies but it will be more BS in ther future of her spending like Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham These are shallow meanigless people who have no regard for their fans or the rest of the world who are suffering harsh economic times while they spend money like it grows on trees. One day they will need something their precious money CANNOT buy and they will learn a good lesson.

  7. dori says

    Jlo is well known for extravagant spending on herself someone should tell her buying all these material things doesn’t breing happiness or fulfillment and that donating to charitable causes is much more rewarding.
    Jlo from the “hood” is a self centerd greedy biatch

  8. Diana says

    How very sad, perhaps she does give to charity with her husband but then to spend so much money on such small items is really very sad. Although the media do tend to hype things up so I am not one to judge them.

  9. Generic name says

    yeah It’s her money she can do and buy whatever she wants but its too much!! I understand that she’s happy and excited as a first time mom, but I think It’s unreasonable to spend that big amount of money just for this things and babies cannot even appreciate it anyway! I think what’s more important is for the babies to be comfortable and well cared!

    Just as I always think about her! she’s always an EXTRAVAGANT WOMAN WITH NO CLASS! sorry to Jlo’s funs but Its true! and I agree also to Carleigh..there are a lot of things in this world that needs help! and Jlo can do/help them if she is WISE ENOUGH to spend her money!

  10. Chris X says

    When Ben and Jen were expec ting, a minor league baseball team in West VA had a pretend shower for them where anyone who brought something to the game like baby diapers or wipes got money off their admission. Then that was given to some homeless shelter in the area. When Ben and Jen heard about that, they also donated a huge amount of money and products to that shelter. The only time I see Lopez doing anything for charity, it is always something that enables her to get dressed up and show off. For what ever reason, Bennifer must have been some lust thing. Ben has found the right girl who doesn’t make him dress up, care whether she looks perfect or do much with their child except make her totally happy and Lopez has found the right man whose head doesnt’ explode when she spends money she earned on ridiculous clothes for babies. Since it was so long ago, what Ben thinks about Lopez or vice versa is not important – but I can’t help but wonder what might haver happened if he had ever suggested to Lopez that she go to the Oscars by herself/ They probably woudl have heard that fight on the moon!

  11. says


  12. kim says

    I agree with #9 BizzyB…my friend always talks about the picture with Ben Affleck bent over and hes wearing old navy boxers…lol…him and jen garner are so “normal” not like these two…169.00 on onesies is sick…that could pay one of my bills and her babies will throw up on them and they will go in the trash because you KNOW after they puke on them she isnt putting them back on them again.And knowing there are starving babies out there that money could buy them some formula or food. “Im still Jenny from the block” Please!!!

  13. BizzyB says

    Its pretty obscene but then why dso you think that Beniffer never worked!! Boy I’ll bet he ( Ben Affleck) just shudders when he thinks of what could have been.

    #8 Think that a they will pick a humble Spanish name that we will always associate with decedance and greed!

    AHH! Got that out of my system now time for a cup of tea and flick through the Harrods catalogue for an outfit for my cat!!

  14. Sofimee says

    ok so what are their names already!! Hhahaha, yea defenitly it’s useless to buy expensive clothes, they will outgrow them in a month, and it will get dirty, with poop and vomit!!! oh well to each their own!

  15. Alex says

    #6. R I would just like to congratulate you on your new baby and I agree babies are only going to grow out of clothes and puke on them and they do really go to waste i know some people are going to dhe got the money she can spend it on what ever she wants yes she can but she doesnt have to be stupid with her money

  16. R says

    $169 on a pack of onesies is not only bordering on ridiculous decadence, it’s also just stupid. I just had a baby a month ago and he has already grown out of some of the 5 pack onesies I got from Target for about $9.99 and THAT makes me feel wasteful. It’s just sad when people lose touch so much that they have to buy stuff like that for a newborn. If you want to spend money, spend it later when they can wear their clothes for longer than a couple of weeks, or give some to charity. Why does anyone even charge that much for onesies anyway. Ugh.. the whole thing is just disgusting.

  17. melissa says

    i second carleigh…i have no where near that amount of income and i help out in my community when i can. i find it just disgusting. but they earned it they can spend it how they wish it’s just not what i would do.

  18. carleigh says

    And no I am not in the least bit jealous of her wealth, all I am saying is that if I had the amount of money that she did, I’d invest it wisely in the children because there are so many out there that need help. Her money could be put to making a difference and that’s my point.

  19. carleigh says

    Rather than spend all of this money needlessly, Marc and Jennifer should do what Nicole and Joel did and develop a charity. Jennifer grew up in the Bronx and it’s clear that she forgot all about her modest upbringing, she’s over the top at this point and for what? This money would be better spent enriching the lives of single mothers, orphan children, literacy, housing, food & clothing for low income families….but yet she spends obscene amounts of money on stuff that the babies will puke on and ruin. It’s just sick to spend $169 on a pack of onesies???? Where is the justification in that? I know she can afford it, but just because she can doesn’t mean she should.

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