Jennifer Lopez & Twins Released From The Hospital

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is back at home with her twins!

She was released from North Shore University Hospital on New York’s Long Island yesterday, her obstetrician, Dr. Anita Sadaty, told the New York Post.

Jennifer, 38, gave birth to a 5-pound, 7-ounce girl and 6 pound boy early Friday morning. The babies were born 11 minutes apart.

Their names have STILL not been released!

“Marc and Jennifer are ecstatic” Jennifer’s rep told Us magazine on Friday. “Everyone is healthy and happy.”

The children are the fourth and fifth children for Marc Anthony, 39, who has three children from previous relationships. Marc and Jennifer have been married since June 2004.

Jennifer, who has said earlier she “doesn’t know” if she’ll be a working mom, is signed on for the movie Love and Other Possible Pursuits, which begins shooting later this year, the New York Post reports.



  1. Thanhle says

    I love Jenifer Lopez. I believe she will be more and more sucessful in life. Her twin will become famous people too.

  2. says

    i am so happy for her,she alwasy wanted to have a baby and now she she have two not one but two beauitful and pretty babys.that what im talking about girl do your thing im happy for you mama.

  3. Nicki says

    oriana~It sounds similar to one my hubby makes. He uses breadcrumbs but I will mention the crackers instead. Sounds yummy.

  4. oriana says

    Nicki, I just throw one together that my Aunt used to make. It is rich, onions, cheese, crackers crumbled up, I use carnation milk instead of reg milk, salt n pepper, very good!

    About 4 to 5 cut up yellow squash, steam with onions or on top of stove in a skillet, cook till squash is soft
    3/4 cup of Carnation milk
    1 onion chopped up
    about 25 to 30 crumbled up Townhouse or Ritz crackers
    salt n pepper
    1 cup of shredded cheese or velveeta

    cook the squash and onions together cheese, milk, salt n pepper in baking dish for about 30 min. Crumble crackers on top with 1/4 cup of butter. It is rich and creamy but good. It is a fattening recipe but a Southern one. Very tasty!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Nicki says

    oriana~It was never a anything more than a thought with 3 male dogs. I know I have only 1 male left, but just the thought of him “watering” the garden constantly is enough to make me decide it isn’t worth it. I do know even the veggies at the stands and in supermarkets are probably visited by dogs and other animals, and yes I know wash and cook will probably take care of that. But just looking out the window, or playing with them outside and watching EVERYTIME relieving themselves in the favorite spot, which would be where I tend the garden, been there, is enough for me to not want to do it again. I will someday but only when my garden is not in thier fenced in area, and they have the whole backyard.

    Squash casserole is delish. Do you have a favorite recipe you could recommend? I love squash pie too. I only know 2 other people who like it, so I don;t bother with it because I end up eating it all or throwing it out. (lthough my dogs did love it.) Take care oriana.

  6. Jx2 says

    Oh ORHiney – you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself…I know that your body resembles a butternut squash and I’m sure your huband appreciates your squash-like torso but there is no need to call your husband a yellow crookneck…!!! 😀

    You may claim that you do not respond to my posts – but I sure as H*ELL know that you are reading them…LOL

  7. oriana says

    My husband loves butternut squash!

    I like the yellow crookneck, raised in my garden for at least 40 years! I do love a squash casserole.

  8. Nicki says

    MY hubby has the simplest tofu recipe. And anyone who eats it never knows. They always ask for the recipe and are quite shocked at the ingredients.
    Incredible Chocolate Pie=
    1 1/4 lbs soft tofu
    3/4 cup semisweet chocolate chips, melted
    1 9-inch unbaked Graham Cracker crust

    In a blender, puree the tofu to a smooth paste. Add the melted chips and blend throughly. Pour into the pie crust and chill for 2 hours. (can garnish with fresh fruit, never have and has always been a hit at parties.)

    Even I can make this, it is so simple, lol. People love it and request we bring it over and over again.

  9. Jx2 says

    It takes a great cook to be able to prepare texturized vegetable protein (TVP) ground soy “meat”, tempeh, and tofu..successfully! I’m a pro at it now and it always tastes divine!!!

  10. Nicki says

    Kimora, Kariah, and Kajanae’s Mommy~no need to worry about how long it took for you to post. With 3 little ones I know your busy. I do recall you mentioning being vegetarian, here or in your blog, not sure. My hubby found a wonderful recipe for vegetarian Chili. It has plenty of beans and also 1 medium butternut squash. The squash gives it a unique flavor. It is yummy. It has 0 milligrams cholesterol, 14 grams of fiber and 49 grams of protein.
    I don’t like most fake meat, but some are ok. My hubby likes much more of it than I. I get to try it and if I hate it, he gets to eat mine:lol:.
    It is a beautiful sunny day and we are off to enjoy the sunshine. Take care.

  11. says

    Hey Nicki! Sorry it’s taken me a while to get back with you, but I haven’t commented on Babyrazzi at all in the past few days, and this thread is the first I came to!

    That’s really neat to hear all those things about you…22 nieces and nephews…wow!! You and your husband must have a lot of siblings.

    Okay so you’re 48 and almost 49…not that it really matters but I just like to get a small idea about the people to whom I talk on here! 🙂 And married for 24 years- good for you! Don’t even try to apologize for the long post…I like long posts from PLEASANT people! lol

    Your husband is a wonderful cook…well that’s wonderfully unconventional. I really appreciate when people break traditional gender roles…you can call me a rebel 😉 lol

    I’m not sure that I knew about your vegetarianism, but I’m a vegetarian as well. I don’t eat a lot of meat substitutes…I don’t like REAL meat, and I don’t like FAKE meat. 🙂 I always don’t eat animal parts other than muscle aka hotdogs. I get a lot of my protein from beans, lentils, and dairy.

  12. Jx2 says

    What about using ground soy (Ives brand) instead of ground meat? My husband is diabetic also (Type 1) and the goal is to increase the protein (soy has a lot) and reduce the carb intake…I bake with soy flour also…muffins, cake, you’d be surprised at who well the soy flour works with baking and it absorbs slowly into the bloodstream so that your blood glucose level is steady with no major highs and lows. I do most of the cooking in the house and have discovered great ways to cut back on the carbs. Diet and exercise are very important factors for diabetes.

  13. oriana says

    Nicki, I have no doubt not eating meat is much healthier for a person and I had a scare over the tons of meat recalled recently. Not so much for me but for my husband, he is a meat eater all the way, I am a “sweet eater” and it has been hard but there is a lot of sugar free stuff on the market today. I have been eating more fruits also. My doctor said strawberries was good for diabetics.

    I love spaghetti and homemade chili too, so do use ground beef often in cooking. I am not really a big hamburger person though.

    Hope you have a safe and restful weekend Dear Friend!!!!! It was warm and very nice here today. Hope it stays that way!

  14. IRENE says




    IRENE M.

  15. Nicki says

    oriana~No I didn’t have a bad experience with meat. I don’t feel eating meat is beneficial to my body. And of course horrific treatment of animals is a big part of it also. And now they have so many alternative choices for meatless protein, that is much better for ones body, it just makes sense. When I first started a lot of what they had tasted like cardboard. Now we have so many choices “ribs” “chick’n” “meatballs”,etc. Friends eat over (and yes, lol, have returned for another meal) and while they say they can tell, it still tastes good to them.
    Sorry it took so long to get back to you Dear. Take care and have a nice evening.

  16. Jx2 says

    O-Rhino is a trash compactor! Hiccup!!!
    The abyss…a bottomless pit! Don’t feed the animal – they will follow you home and call you “dear” until you have to take her out to a cow pasture and put an end to her misery!

  17. oriana says

    Nicki, what made you decide to go veggie, did you have a bad experience with meat? Is it because of abuse to animals? I know you are an animal lover and protector (I think there is a special place for you in Heaven) and yes folks, I do believe there is a Heaven! I do eat meat but when I go to the Cracker Barrel and back home, (of course I do love BBQ) I love the homestyle vegetable plate, 5 choices and of course biscuits and corn muffins. Oh, now I homesick!!!!!!!

  18. Julia Izquierdo says

    Congratulations ,Jenider and Marc A, you are very happy that should be fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!we love you Jenifer and MARC a. AND WE LOVE THE TWINS TOO. jULIA i. p,r..

  19. Nicki says

    Hi oriana~Had a wonderful evening thanks. How’s everything going with you? Be careful in that fog.
    Yes I also didn’t mention that we are mostly vegetarian (eat a bit of fish) and have been since 1992. I tried to print the condensed version, but I should have mentioned my sweet hubby is a wonderful cook. He does all the cooking or we let a resturant cook for us.
    Take care and have a wonderful day.

  20. Jx2 says

    “The only time I did address you directly was to call you on posting as 5 different people agreeing with your nonsensical rant in a matter of 13 minutes. All I said was I was LMFAO.”

    That’s Bull sh*t Nicki !!! How can you be so convinced those other posters were me???? You can’t – you just assume because you are an ASS!!

    I have NO reason to post as another poster…I’m quite happy with my own posts and comments…I do not fear others reactions to my posts…so why would I hide behind other fake posters!!!??

    I have never posted under another name…except JJ…now I label my posts Jx2….of course I do not expect YOU to believe me and that is no skin off my nose…Toodles to you – Fossilized C*unt!!

  21. Nicki says

    Kimora, Kariah, and Kajanae’s Mommy~Your a smart lady and caring and compassionate. All great things, just be careful where that is directed, some won’t apprieciate it and even abuse it.

    I don’t have a blog, but I love yours.
    I have been happily married for almost 25 years, November 08, my highschool sweetheart. We have been together for over 32 years. (and no I wasn’t as strong as you were before, but good for you)-You know what I mean right?
    We weren’t blessed with children but are very happy with our ……….let me count……22 nieces and nephews. 3 have thier own babes and are a joy. I don’t think you saw the answer I gave before to you when you asked how old I was. I wrote it as sort of a riddle without saying it. Let me see if I can remember about how I put it……………I am younger than oriana, (but not by much in “old” years,LOL) I am for the next 2 months still only 48. But in 14 months I will be 50. I feel like I’m 30 so all is well. We have 2 (recently was 4) dogs and 3 cats. We are active in our community and volunteer often. We love life and enjoy it.

    Sorry for the long post————and to the resident pest, I will not respond to anything you have to say. Just Please do not address me directly again. Thank you.

  22. Kalyn says

    I’ve heard the rumor that People is shelling out more $ for the first pics then Christina and Nicole’s baby pictures combined?!

  23. Nicki says

    Jx2 -Please do not address me again. I have addressed nothing to you in this thread, so mind your own business. I have only addressed you once in the last 2 months. After you wished death and destruction on the pregnant posters here I was done with addressing you. (go back and check)

    The only time I did address you directly was to call you on posting as 5 different people agreeing with your nonsensical rant in a matter of 13 minutes. All I said was I was LMFAO.
    Please stop adressing me, call me all the childess names you want, just PLEASE do not adress me directly. I will not respond.

  24. LAURIE HARRIS says


  25. says

    Hey Nicki…thanks for the words of advice. I truly do look for the good, but it’s hard sometimes! I think you’re right as usual.

    We are doing very well indeed; thanks for asking! I just realized that I know very little about you and your family…do you happen to have a blog?

  26. Rhonda_ryan says

    I would like to express my congratulations to jennifer and marc.!!!! Jennifer you are one of my fave celebrities.!!!
    Regardless of what people say your a strong woman and those lil babies are blessed to have their mom….
    A fan from british Columbia canada

  27. dori says

    Whats with all the BS in here? Now someone is posing as Mark &jLo ‘s assistant? Get a life you sorry losers!!
    Congrats to the happy family. If you’re not happy for them DON’T BLOG HERE

  28. Jx2 says

    Sophiclees – you are too wise beyond words – too wise even for your own good!! LOL

    Nick the Dick – stop with the self-righteousness…trying to be saccahrine with other posters so they will join your anti- JJ gang!!

    YOu are such a sell – out!!!

    Just because I trashed AJ your “Best Friend Forever”…I’ve suddenly become the enemy…the vileness comes out when I have to deal with the likes of you…!! If you don’t like it move on and don;t address comments to me again…you she-devil!!

  29. assistant to jlo & marc says

    They have chosen names for the daughter and son:

    Antonia Graciella Ruiz and Domenic Antonio Ruiz

  30. Nicki says

    Kimora, Kariah, and Kajanae’s Mommy~You and many others (note*not me) have been very nice to this juvenile poster for too long after the horrible, vile things they have said to you and about others. I think it just thrives on attention, negative mostly. You are too sweet and shouldn’t waste any of that on this one. It is a lost cause.

    Hope your girls and you and J are doing well. You are a wonderful person and it shows in how you try to see the best in everyone. (this one is a lost cause-your positive engery should be used on those who apprieciate it. JMO) Take care.

  31. Sofimee says

    OMG jx2 you’re right! i was letting myself get sucked into your little game! let me crawl out of your self-pity hole, and move on! thanks!
    Congrats to Jlo and marc!!!

  32. says

    IM not A FUn Of THis Couple! they’Re Sucks! EsPeciAlly Marc! SeeKing GrEEnEr pAstUre BY MarrYying Jlo Who Is ALso A Self ceNtered BiAtCH!!!!! POor POor POor cHoice For both Of thEm!!! gRRRRR And PLZZZ Don’T teLL me To Stop Coz Im just ExpreSSing What Im THINKING!!

  33. Sofimee says

    jx2 has no friends or life, that’s why she’s here being a real B***ch!! she’s mean! if you don’t like JLO don’t come here! you know she just gave birth and she’s gonna be all over!! Why are you here? you obvouisly don’t like anyone! go crawl back into your hole!

  34. tim says


  35. Jx2 says

    Kx3 – Are you related to Jenifer Lopez? I don’t think so. Yet you are offended at what I said!? I don’t care for JLo and seeing her face plastered all over the place really irks me. Clearly you are a fan! And i guess I have insulted her and now you are offended (?)

    I’m not going to defend myself..I know what I said and I have no intention of apologizing to nobody!! We can be civil to one another. I have no issues with you right now. If you choose to not interact with me then that is your choice. You can buddy up with Oriana…she can sure use the help!

    Why are you harping on about the Down’s comment I made 2 months ago?! Did you not say it was “water under the bridge”… now, you want to start at me again?

    It’s your call…!

  36. carleigh says

    Ladies, and we are ladies………lets all agree to stop baiting our friendly babyrazzi troll!!! No attention will suffice. This person is seriously disturbed and only here to keep us from having the fun we should be having and enjoying ourselves and the celeb babies.

  37. donna says

    Jx2 inexplicably advertised her nightly reaction to beans on another conversation thread, KimKar. Which is to say she’s best left severely alone.

  38. says

    ^^^What is wrong with you? I’m asking this as a serious question. I know you want the angry backlash…but all you have is my pity. How can you truly hope that that happens to someone…I just can’t fathom it. It must be awful to have such feelings of contempt towards another human being.

    “Oh it’s all in fun KimKar….I just was hoping that your baby had Downes Syndrome, but it’s all in fun. I hope that J-Lo dies in a car accident, but it’s all in fun! No one will ever know me personally on this website, so it’s all in fun.”

    I thought we had finally found some common ground…guess that was wishful thinking. Go ahead…proceed. I’m out!!

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