Jennifer Aniston Preserving Her Eggs

Jennifer Aniston

Angelina Jolie may have secured the headlines over the weekend by finally revealing her much buzzed about baby bump, but Brad Pitt’s former wife, Jennifer Aniston, quietly made preparations for her own brood. The 39-year-old isn’t pregnant yet, but Star reports she’s put her eggs on ice until Mr. Right comes along.

“It was a really smart move, because it buys Jen a few years to figure it all out,” an insider told the magazine. “The pressure has lifted.”

The insider claims Jennifer could postpone having her first baby until she turns 45, and with ample resources and plenty of stamina, the actress isn’t worried about the wait. “She has loads of energy. And she’s so rich that she could just hire five nannies!”

Before making the decision to freeze her eggs, Jennifer considered other options, according to another Star source. “Her friend Sheryl Crow turned her on to the idea of adopting, but in her heart Jen would like to have her own child. She just needs the right man — someone she can trust.”

Jennifer’s rep told Star the story was untrue, but the source countered, insisting Jen would use the frozen eggs if she had any trouble conceiving naturally.

“Jen’s absolutely doing the right thing. She’s giving herself a big break from the intense pressure to find Mr. Right and have kids. She’s in a good place now.”

Star magazine


  1. ann says

    #79 Fly on the wall I total agree what you said, you are so right I like your opinion, J Aniston she is 39 years old woman but her hair and dress she tries look like a little girl, may be she think she is 19 years old. in her movies she acts look like little girl too, I don’t like her movies.

  2. Fly On The Wall says

    I’m sure Aniston has many regrets about what might have been and never will be, but I don’t see her in a lasting relationship until she is less controlling and realizes that a relationship isn’t all about her needs. It takes two to make a successful relationship and she doesn’t impress as a sharing person. She also needs to read more and take more of an interest in things outside of herself, and stop acting as if the parameters of her world are her tanning salon, her beauty parlor, and the beach at Malibu. Have you ever seen or read her in an interview? She can’t put two intelligent sentences together. You’d think she was still in junior high school. She gives the impression that if you ever asked her what she thinks about the Darfur situation she’d say “What’s a Darfur?” Ignorance is NOT becoming, and at her age it’s ridiculous.

  3. oriana says

    Fly on the Wall, I wonder if she has moments she reflects back and wishes she had worked harder (along with him) to have saved the marriage? She has to have regrets. I think Brad is very happy. He has his family, he is definitely a family man, and I think he adores Angie. I do think Jen was deeply hurt and I saw the pictures of her looking distraught. I think she is a spoiled woman, or she was, but I would like to see her in a strong relationship where she wouldn’t be alone. All the time with the Arquettes, it is bound to be lonely for her being a Third Wheel.

  4. Amy says

    Everyone: Ignore JX2 please. This is the way she gets what she wants: attention (neg or pos).



  5. Fly On The Wall says

    71. oriana | March 3rd, 2008 at 3:00 am

    When Pitt was overseas filming “Troy”, Aniston didn’t visit him once. Not once. She was too busy going off to parties and premieres in H-Wood to be with her husband. God forbid she should miss all those parties and premieres.

    When Brad goes away on location, Angelina packs up the whole family and they all go with him.

    She’s more of a wife to him than Aniston ever was.

  6. Fly On The Wall says

    8. Liza | February 26th, 2008 at 6:58 pm
    She didn’t choose her career over having childre…She has even said that she expected to spend the year that Friends was ending trying to get pregnant and being pregnant, but Brad pulled away.

    See, that is exactly why I can’t stand that lying b*tch. She is full of caca from nose to toes. As soon as Friends was finished, what does she do? Sign up to make four movies in a row!! That should give you some idea about how serious she was in wanting to get pregnant. When did she plan on starting, finally — 2012 or thereabouts?

  7. Jx2 says

    So what Bella!! i have done the same…I am focusing on my career first! Call me selfish..I know I am!!!

  8. BELLA says

    LIFE THEY HAVE!!!!!!

  9. oriana says

    Analise, once when Brad was getting ready to go overseas with the “boys” right after filming Oceans Eleven, they were at a going away party, all of them were there, she sat and pouted like a big baby, Brad was at the table consoling her and trying to cajole her into a good mood, it was pitiful! Yes, it was sad to see him go away, but no one else acted like she did. I think she is a whiner, and I think this woman has a lot going for her, a wonderful life ahead, great friends and she is in good health, still young, I just can’t find it to feel to sorry for her any longer.

    I think she would love to put the whole mess behind her and I think that she may still indeed be on friendly terms with him, not close, but I don’t think they are enemies at all.

  10. Analise says

    OMG… she is so pathetic. Here’s a clue, Jen. You could adopt or *gasp* maintain a relationship. How’s that big movie career working out for you? Friends is over, your movies suck, you can’t keep a man and you spend the holidays with the Arquettes. I would “almost” feel sorry for her if she hadn’t been such a witch the past few years. Not to mention she sounds dumb as a post in interviews when she’s not whining about her hard upbringing.

  11. Fly On The Wall says

    Question to the blog mistress: why are you putting a thread about Jennifer Aniston on Angelina Jolie’s spot? What does she have to do with either Jolie or Brad Pitt any more? You’re just as bad as the tabloids that keep this triangle crap going. Give it a rest, already. Nobody gives a tin fart about Aniston any more.

  12. Just my Opinion says

    there goes JX2 making enemies everywhere she goes! at least she admitted on this blog that she is crazy!! LOL
    anyways i do agree who ever said that she should find the right guy to have a baby with instead of freezing her eggs but who am i to judge, to each their own! i think it’s funny how these old women decide they want to have a baby soooo old!! You know, have your babies while you are young! she had a man for years to have a baby with and she decided not to, it may be too late now!

  13. oriana says

    I do have to say that I think it is time to stop showing pictures of Jen with Brad. It would be painful and aggravating if I was in her place. The past is the past, there is no need to rub anything in her face and I am sure she would love to look forward to the future. He has made a new life and has children, let them all be at peace and focus on a better life for everyone involved. I am not big fans of any of them, but they deserve some respect and considerate treatment.

  14. mrsjk says

    God i thought this site was to talk about different celeb stories when really it is just one big biatch fest how old are you all 10!!!!!!

  15. 2teens says

    Oriana… I think bambamswife might be thinking about the impersonator (aka taylor m.) who was posting nasties under your name.
    Bambamswife – there is somebody on here that really dislikes oriana and steals her name to post vile messages. It is not oriana.

  16. Jx2 says

    If I opened a dictionary and looked up the word “beeyotch” what would the definition be?! Would a I see a photo of you – Insect on the Wall??I do not speak this ‘bastardized’ language. I speak English!

  17. Fly On The Wall says

    4. Jade | February 26th, 2008 at 5:52 pm
    Imagine how it must feel to her.
    Talk about pouring salt on an open wound!!

    After three years?! I devoutly hope you are wrong, because if you aren’t, this lady is in serious need of a life.

    Her open wound would have healed over long ago if the tabloids, her idiot publicist and her fans didn’t keep the Infernal Triangle going. Some of her fans needs a hefty dose of tough love. Get the hell over it, already!

  18. oriana says

    If I was a Godmother to a little girl I would definitely spend quality time with her, with HER, not her parents all the time. I have never seen any pictures of them together, shopping, community outings, going out to eat, and I would for sure hold her hand sometimes! It is unusual to me there haven’t been any shows of affection and bonding between them?

    I have said before, many times, I just don’t think she wants any babies and I think she is too insecure and has some emotional issues to work on, and I don’t believe for a minute she is over Brad! The one guy she dated looked a lot like Brad to me, she had to notice the resemblance also, after all, she got a close up view! Ha!

  19. Fly On The Wall says

    17. Jx2 | February 26th, 2008 at 9:44 pm
    Saralicious pound cake – I liked Angelina till I found out she was pregnant I’m just so disappointed in her.

    Why should her pregnancy disappoint you? Or maybe you’re jealous that she’s pregnant and you’re not?

    You are one spiteful beeyotch, lady.

  20. Fly On The Wall says

    Coming from the Star, I’d take this report with a whole bushel of salt, never mind a grain or two.

    It does seem rather pathetic that she would talk about freezing her eggs to have a baby, rather than finding a man to make one with. If she goes the frozen eggs route, does she plan to have the embryo implanted back inside her, or will she hire a surrogate so that she doesn’t ruin her bikini figure?

    This woman has no more maternal instinct than a gnat. She is supposed to be the godmother of the Cox/Arquette’s little girl. Has anyone ever seen one single photo of her holding that child or playing with her or even holding her hand? If so, please post the link here.

    The only reason she wants a child is to prove she can have one. A child to her is a trophy. Everybody else is having one so she has to have one too. Once it’s here, she’ll hand it off to the nannies and never bother about it again, except when she needs a good photo-op.

    Stick to Norman and Dolly, Jen. They’re the only “family” you really care about.

  21. oriana says

    bambamswife, please stop lying! If you don’t like me that is fine, there are many that don’t, but when have I ever used foul language on here? WHEN? When have I ever used the kind of vile words that have been spoken? You can’t quote me EVER on that! I may have said harsh things, even insults to those I don’t care for, but gross language? Again, stop your lying!!!!!!!

  22. bambamswife says

    Oriana is usually the one with the gross things to say. I can’t believe that she would have any friends. Guys, guys, guys you all act like you know these people so well _ celebs that is. We have a personal right to dislike or like them as actors.
    I’ve heard angelina joile in interviews and the things that have come from her mouth in her bio on E! and on the actor’s guild studio with James Lipton, and I can’t stomach the woman. I can’t stomach Brad Pitt now_ he makes me sick being with that nut job. I think she is a good actress however. I don’t like to watch her, but I have seen a few of her films.
    We don’t know what goes on in these people’s lives, but everybody sure acts like experts in these blogs.

  23. Liza says

    Oriana, I never spouted off on you. I never wrote anything inappropriate to you, or called you names, or my made my posts personal to you (as you have done to me). I merely debated with you and challenged your opinions. I could care less if you like me or not.

    Think what you want about Aniston, but you don’t know her mind or her feelings, so its pretty useless to start saying what her motivations are without having the documentation to back it up.

    Aniston was quite good in the The Good Girl and Friends with Money, but her romantic comedies are boring. I think she has shown she has range when she takes a chance, but doesn’t do that too often.

    The only movie I have liked AJ is in A Might Heart, in which I thought her performance was powerful and heart wrenching. Otherwise, I have found her screechy and vapid in most of her roles.

    Brad surpasses both of them. Having an Oscar doesn’t mean that much, he’s been brilliant in several roles.

  24. Jx2 says

    Al&J – Angelina and Halle are beautiful but Brooke – sorry I don;t agree with you there…without make-up she can look very homely. I do think that Jennifer is pretty but I wouldn’t say she’s exceptional by any means. As a full package however she can be very attractive.

  25. Al&J says

    Shezz..~ She does have a very toned and firm body for someone her age. It’s amazing and it looks quite good but her face is another story.
    I don’t love her face and would not call it beautiful by any means. Halle Berry, Angelina Jolie, Brooke Burke just to name a these ladies have beautiful faces. In candid shots they are beautiful and they can go around without makeup and still look stunning.

  26. says

    Friend. And forget about what the tabloids had to say about her breakup with Mr. Pitt; we love her hair, her face, her incredibly fit body, and her down-to-earth attitude.


  27. oriana says

    I moo like a Cow? Well, that is better than me. squealing like a Pig! I have been known to do both! My friends will testify to that! Ha! Oink, Oink!!!!!

  28. Jx2 says

    ORhino enjoys sucking on big fat sausages in her mouth!!! She also moos like a cow when she eats them!! and Nicki and ORhino are closet lovers who feed each other bratwurst sausages after they have used them as dildo*S DEAREST!!! LOL LOL 😀

  29. HELLOBUDD says

    get ur own chat site talk about the column
    i think tht everyone should just leave Aniston alone.
    i dont evn like her tht is how stupid this is gettin
    try put urself in her spot!

  30. oriana says

    Nicki, DEAR, I love you!!!!! I am thinking of Mimi’s today! It is 74 degrees, finally I am warm! Ha!

    Having a good Southern dinner tonight, Great Northern Beans, Corncakes on the stove, fried potatoes, kraut n weiners, BBQ ribs (I am not a Rib person but the clients love them) and Peach Pie!!!! Of course a big salad, got to have something Green with every meal at dinner/supper!

    Have a good evening honey!

  31. Nicki says

    oriana,Dear how are you? I hope all is well with you Dear. I think someone is jealous of being left out of your circle of “Dear” friends.
    Maybe I will catch you later in. Take care Dear.

  32. oriana says

    Jx2, you are unique alright!!!

    I am uncouth, Please, is that the best you can come out with? Trust me my DEARRRRRRRRR, I have been called much worse than that!

    Yes, it is old school, I am old school, I don’t deny that, and if I have been offensive to anyone by using that term, I do apologize to them, I don’t think my friends have minded and you do not fall in that category.

  33. Jx2 says

    O-Rhino – YOu are an ignorant old lady that has zero tolerance for individuality and uniquness and gravitate to mediocre conversations that reek banality!!!

    You are very uncouth!!

    Do you think that just because you call everyone “dear” that you are being nice and friendly…HA HA HA!!

    You sound so fake and the term “dear” is very offensive to many people. It’s so old school and archaic just like you!!!

    Take your “dear” and shove it!!

  34. Sara says

    “Hey, it looks like there’s another “Sara” on here besides me….”

    I’ll add an H on to the end of my name in future posts to cut down on the confusion.

  35. oriana says

    Thank you Deeds for the info, I did see her quoting from Silence of the Lambs so since she doesn’t watch TV she must go to a lot of movies. And I also doubt very seriously if she has a great man like she claims to have too.

    Al&J, I did love Brad in Babel, he has come a long way since Legends of the Fall. I thought Angie did an outstanding job as Gia and also Girl Interrupted. I see Jennifer in the Rachel role from now on out in most of her films and she does have a flair for the comedic roles.

    Jx2, No, I don’t care for the snotty French and have never made any bones about it. They are as snobbish now as they were 40 years ago when I was there.

  36. Al&J says

    Oriana I have to agree with you in terms of acting.
    As much as I like Brad, I do feel in some ways that Angelina is the better actress out of all three of them. She is only one out of this threesome that has actually has an Academy Award and despite not coming away with an Oscar nomination this year for her portrayal in A Mighty Heart she captured a lot of critical praise and she was nominated for pretty much every other award out there.
    At the Independent Spirit Awards last weekend Richard Roeper told reporters on the press line that the Academy robbed Angelina of a nomination (I’m not sure she was robbed….but his opinion does carry a lot weight of weight in film critic circles as he has seen many films) and during the telecast Dustin Hoffman singled out Angelina and chose to only congratulate her on what he called an amazing performance.
    I don’t want to bash her…but I believe that Jennifer has no real range when it comes to acting. I find that in most of her movies I see playing her character of Rachel on Friends. I don’t think she’s much of a risk taker and sticks to genres that are safe. Comedies or Romantic comedies. I believe she has a few movies coming out this year and next year and it’s a safe bet that these will be also be comedies or romantic comedies.
    I don’t think either of these women are in a league with Cate Blanchett who takes enormous risks but at least Angelina has made an attempt to broaden her range like Cate.
    I would say Brad is getting there..he is actually quite good in some of his movies and at least he has shown some depth in his acting. He has done comedies, action and has taken on some more good dramatic roles. While I thought Casey was just brilliant in the Assassination of Jesse James, Brad was also was very good and he will be taking on another dramatic adaptation with Cate Blanchett at the end of the year.

  37. Jx2 says

    Good one Deeds – it took you a while to figure that one out…I’ve been calling you that for quite some time now. “Dirty deeds done dirt cheap…” good song!!

    Sophocles – As the singer “Seal” once sang: “YOu are never going to survive unless…you get a little crazy”…wise words by a great musician. I’m taking the term “crazy” and claiming it as my own…!!!

  38. Deeds says

    Oriana~everything she uses to put someone down is a rip off from a song or saying, it’s so not worth your time.
    Dirty Deeds Done Cheap = AC/DC

  39. Sofimee says

    Sofi-mean!!! Booohooo!!! you’re mean! and i vow to never address you again, or comment on your little evil remarks about people and celebrities! say what you want! i don’t care! you’re crazy!

  40. Jx2 says

    AEIOU and sometimes Y – You will never know what my connection to Jennifer A is…and it figures you would only focus on the obvious, that of “appearance” as being a factor…but I assure you there is more than that…I do not resemble Jennifer in appearance at all…I look more like a cross between Nellie Furtado (the musician) and Katherine Zeta Jones and Julia Louis Dreyfuss – (Elaine character from Seinfeld)…so much for your barking up the wrong tree!!

    Hi Orion Pictures – practice any voodoo lately???
    Just do you know….I advise you to never come to Quebec (in Canada) because it is full of French people and they will roast you like a sucklilng pig over a spit fire when they find out your dislike for them…and then they will have your liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti!!! LOL

    Au revoir grenouille!!!

  41. dori says

    ORIANA I disagree with you about angies acting abilities It’s Brad who is the great actor. Angie is only good for action films whereas Brad can be anyone anywhere anytime and be believable. angie isn’t a great actress except for the good woman good mother act she’s putting on for the world to see.

  42. oriana says

    Deeds, you are right! What about Gwyneth who is pregnant? I would like to see more pictures of Moses. He isn’t photographed that often.

  43. Candy says

    i feel bad for her ..i really like her so much ..i just wish she could find Mr.Right any time soon best wishes for you Jen 🙂

  44. Al&J says

    LOL Carleigh. I agree. Jx2 has a lot of growing up to do. I doubt she and Jen have anything in common.

  45. tammy says

    As always, JJ Walker is fighting with everyone! I’m glad it wasn’t just me- anybody on here see a pattern with her?

  46. oriana says

    Oh Yes, I just don’t know how anyone would miss not seeing the similarities with you and Jennifer! Why you two are just identical! It is just amazing what you have so much in common with her, and your stupidity and foul mouth is exactly how she is and how she acted on Friends! A blind person could see it!!!!! Why you probably look just like also, you gorgeous thing you!!!! We all should be so lucky!

  47. Jx2 says

    Oriana what have you been smoking tonight???!!
    You are the one with the insecurity issues Royal Highness of Miss Babyrazzi!!! Can’t fight your own battles and has to team up with others to feel empowered…LOL I told you TOOTS – it’s fight or flight for you! Now run along and dance around the pig roasting over the fire…oh wait!! that’s not a pig roasting it’s you!!! LOLOL Burn baby burn…disco inferno…burn baby burn!!! 😀

  48. Jx2 says

    LOL LOL Sofi-mean!! LOL LOL ha ha ha ha…get it – ha ha ha Sofi-mean!!!

    I can’t get laid tonight Sofi-mean because you are already in my hole!!! LOL LOL


  49. Sofimee says

    hahahahahaha Jx2 has something in common with Jenn?? What her money or her looks? Please!! she wishes! she’s old, cold, mean and barren, and i still think if she got Laid right, she wouldn’t be so moody! LOL
    “all in fun”….

  50. oriana says

    I do agree absolutely that she has the Right to have a child if and whenever she chooses too. I just have heard her on too many Interview shows talking about how she wants kids and she thinks without a doubt this time next year (five years ago) she would be pregnant and wanted to be happily married.

    I don’t think she was sincere in stating that. I think she is a nice person, I think she is a good actress, loved her in The Good Girl, but she is not and never will be, the actress that Angie is, neither will Brad be in Angie’s league either for that matter, as far as being a actor goes.

    I do think she has suffered and has been deeply hurt and I feel for her in that aspect. Brad must have roller skates on going out the door so fast when he flew to Angie right after they separated.

    As for you Liza, I haven’t forgotten how you spouted off about me and to me on earlier posts. I don’t like you and I am not denying it. And of course she would not be stupid enough to state she preferred her career over having kids, she knows how that would affect her fan base with some fans, her actions proved it much louder than words.

    carleigh, I don’t think she has anger issues, I think she has insecurity issues and that is sad. I think it would be wonderful if she would adopt a child and in the future she may change her mind and do it, hope so!

    She is pretty, not beautiful or stunning by any means, she has a gorgeous figure, talented, $100 million dollars, she has everything going for her, she will be just fine and I wish her luck.

  51. Jx2 says

    Saralicious pound cake – I liked Angelina till I found out she was pregnant I’m just so disappointed in her.

  52. Jx2 says

    Carlito’sWay – That’s for me to know and you to never find out…!! So much for sticking to your”…let’s ignore this person”…strategy…seems you can’t…hypocrite!

  53. Sara says

    “I really like Jennifer…She and I have a lot in common.”

    I guess that explains why you’re always trashing Angelina.

  54. carleigh says

    This woman will have a child when and if she chooses to and not one moment sooner. She has every right to pursue whatever she chooses, it’s her life and she has the money, means and time to do things that most of us will never have.

    Jx2….what could someone like you personally have in common with Jennifer Aniston??? She certainly doesn’t have the foul mouth, anger issues or resentment that you have. You should never have children, lest they turn out like you….sick and depraved and wishing ill will on people you don’t even know. That shows your maturity level so maybe you are taking Jen’s route and freezing your eggs too, in the hopes that in about 20 years you too shall grow up.

    That’s the only similarity that I see you and JA possessing that is even remotely alike!!!

  55. Liza says

    Oriana, you don’t know that she didn’t try to suggest counseling or that they didn’t actually do it. Just because something isn’t mentioned in the press, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. Only they know what ended their marriage, what they did to save it, and how they feel about it now.

    As far as the Friends thing, nowhere has she said she wanted a career before she wanted children. She did say that the time that her character was pregnant would have been perfect (not too long after they were married) but that it didn’t work out. Lots of actresses get pregnant (Angelina, Cate,Jessica) while signing onto more movies. Should women just not work at all if they want to get pregnant? Should they put the rest of their lives on hold?

    I’m not sure why you take things so personally and feel the need to pursue a pesonal attack. I merely disagreed with you and said you don’t know how Aniston feels about her marriage to him. No, I haven’t talked to her which is why I haven’t tried to explain how she feels about something. I just feel it’s better and makes more sense to base things on what people have actually said especially when you don’t actually know them.

  56. Jx2 says

    Hey – I’m being disagreeable??!!
    Whenever I state my opinion – the majority here disagree with me!!!

  57. oriana says

    Liza, since you are a know it all about everything, it is just my opinion that she regrets losing Brad and the breakup of the marriage.

    As for my thoughts of her wanting her career over kids, SHE said herself on a TV interview, out of her OWN mouth that she wanted kids after she completed Friends, then EVERY time practically you saw a picture of her she had a cigarette dangling out of mouth and signed up for movie after movie. To me if she was serious about having kids she would have concentrated on that instead of becoming a big Star that she has flopped at. If she knew Brad was pulling away, then she should have considered counseling and working hard on regaining a stable marriage. I would have. Especially if my husband was Brad Pitt!

    So NO, I haven’t talked to her, and I doubt seriously if you have either! So don’t worry about me or what I think, concentrate on yourself!

  58. oriana says

    Jx2, I am glad you have a great man, maybe he can influence you to not be so disagreeable on here!

  59. Jx2 says

    Oriana – Personally – I do not care to share what Jen and I have in common…Yes – I have a great man…up till now we have chosen to abstain from having a child…we’ve talked about it but neither of us feels ready right now. Both my partner and I have put our careers first…But there is a lot more than that – I choose not to divulge it with you.

  60. Liza says

    She didn’t choose her career over having children. The only reports that she didn’t want to have children or wanted to make her career first came from the tabloid press. Read any of the quotes from her or Brad and you would see that neither of them claim that. She has even said that she expected to spend the year that Friends was ending trying to get pregnant and being pregnant, but Brad pulled away.

    As for this story, Star is a tabloid, I don’t consider it actual journalism, and I don’t really believe this story.

    Oriana, you don’t know that she is still grieving the relationship. She could be, but she’s a complete stranger to you, how could you possibly know how she feels about it when she hasn’t talked about it in so long.

  61. oriana says

    Jx2, you have a lot in common with her? Like what? Did you have a good man too that you didn’t want children with? Did you put your career first? That is what she did.

    She had the right man with Brad and she knows she lost out. I think Brad is weak but he is a good man, she is still grieving over the breakup and I do hope she finds happiness.

  62. Ruby Jackson says

    What’s the point of freezing 40 year old eggs? You’re supposed to freeze 20 year old eggs to use in your 40s. She waited too long, I’m afraid.

  63. Jx2 says

    I really feel bad for her…I really like Jennifer…She and I have a lot in common. I hope she finds someone soon! Even if she chooses not to have children I still hope she finds a companion soon!

  64. Jade says

    I love this web site and am not trying to be rude but….
    I think it’s very unfair to continually show old pics of Jennifer with Brad. Imagine how it must feel to her.
    Talk about pouring salt on an open wound!!

  65. says


  66. Christy says

    Annie is right. Literally only 200 children in the US have been born with frozen eggs-it is not remotely a guarantee…any great doctor would have told her this…

  67. annie says

    Embryos are one things but I thought there was only a 40% chance you could freeze eggs without them being damaged in the thawing process.

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