Cate Blanchett's Baby Slept Through The Oscars

Cate Blanchett

An expectant Cate Blanchett was feeling “pregnant” Sunday on the Oscar red carpet, but says her baby wasn’t feeling a thing.

Presenter and nominee for Best Actress, Cate seemed to reveal her unborn baby’s gender when she told People magazine, “He’s actually asleep – believe it or not, which bodes well.”



  1. Julie says

    This gal is rockin! She’s shown up at awards shows every time she’s been pregnant, no matter how far along she is. Good for her! She looks awesome!

  2. kelly says

    i thought she was robbed of the oscar! she look really pretty i was not a fan of the dress though it fit her well.

  3. Generic name says

    she looks so stunning! I like her a lot! she’s one of my favorite actress..I watched the Oscars yesterday evening and I saw Kate B.. while her name was mentioned as one of the nominees of best actress..I like her face expression she’s kinda shy..oh! like her so so much

  4. Sheniqua says

    ok i dunno who that was, but this is bs. i hasn been on tis site in months, and this is my welcome? nah, hell nah. enemies, STFU!!!!! HOLLA

  5. Sheniqua says

    I did not mean that it was someone pretending to be me i think she is gorgeous and i am sorry for all my mean coments in the past. i was so weird. this is my apology. Sorry! please forgive me.

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