1. lavelephant says

    i think that it is wonderful that she is having her own baby. She deserves it from all that tom cruise has done with there adopted children what arrogant jerk i dont like him and i think that katie holmes has made a big mistake by marring him. if you cant make 2 marriages work then what makes you think he can make another one work. HURRAY FOR NICOLE AND HER NEW BABY GOOD LUCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. says

    I love this couple and can’t wait for them to have this baby. On the other hand, I want them to share this exciting time together!

  3. tamboo says

    Nicole is already a MOTHER. She has a daughter, and a son that she adopted. Is she good to them. If she is, then she’s a good mother. If she’s not well then, there you have it.

  4. oriana says

    I really pray for her to be happy. I think she will be a wonderful mother and I think Keith will be a proud Papa too!

  5. Julie says

    First, congrats to this couple they seem very happy. However, I have to comment on Nicole. Her face looks so botoxed, she looks like a wax figure. Maybe it’s not botox, but she’s definitely done something to her face that makes it appear frozen. It’s weird.

  6. meg says

    Nicole seems a bit aging,specially in the first photo.
    Her neck seems wrinkled and in my opinion she looks somehow
    depressed,I hope I am wrong,but her divorce from Tom made her

  7. meg says

    I wanted to post a comment just like what
    #20 said,poor Bella & Connor,it seems they are never
    existing,If i were them i would feel neglected.
    If they are not neglected then what has happened to them??

  8. tiffer7497 says

    I’m around the same height as Nicole and I did not show at all until I was 5 and a half months pregnant.I think the fact we have such long torsos maybe gives the baby more space to grow so it takes longer to show.

  9. eyesofopearls says

    I see Tom with Suri everywhere. Nicole is now pregnant! What happenned with the children they adopted? They kind of dissappeared. I hope they don’t feel neglected…

  10. eyesofopearls says

    every photo these two have is with the same pose!! 🙂 it’s like seeing the same picture over and over again.

  11. kelly says

    she is so beautiful needless to say i love her. i think she is having a boy because no where else is she showing pregnancy her face is still so slender she is carrying all in front. i also really liked her dress and necklace.

  12. Eir says

    That necklace is overkill, she’s already glowing and doesn’t need the extra blingage. However, she IS quite tall, I think she’s 5’11”.

    Most women don’t show very much in their first pregnancy until the very end, when they balloon out. Either way, she looks stunning, and SO happy. She definitely has the mother’s glow, I’m excited for her. 🙂

  13. Anna says

    not a fan of her necklace. something similar but shorter and not as heavy would have looked so pretty.

  14. Al&J says

    Where is her baby bump? (I’m starting to hate that term). She is hardly even showing but they do look very happy.

  15. Malia says

    She looks beautiful, classy as always. Pregnancy suits her. Keith looks great, the best to both f them.

  16. Tango says

    Is Nicole quite tall? I would think she would be showing a little by now but if she is tall then the bump may not show so soon. I am about 5 ft 6 but I have a long torso and I didnt show till about 5 months gone!

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