1. Alex says

    hey tia how are you feeling? my morning sickness finally kicked in today i dont know why its called morning sickness because its like all day sickness

  2. Tia :) says

    Thanks!!!! To answer you and Alex, i figure i must be no more than 5 weeks. It wasn’t so fast…we’ve been trying for about 5 months i think. Im just so excited, i cannot even explain it! So i suppose I’ll be due in October. Im going to the doctors tomorrow. I will fill you in! Im like clock work when it comes to my periods…and when it didnt come i knew for sure!

  3. JMama says

    I agree totally with #15. My family was skeptical about buying me anything blue after my boy ultrasound because I carried so high and “girl-like” and my toddler is all boy. I’m expecting my second boy now and am carrying exactly the same, I’m 32 weeks and am still in non-maternity low cut jeans since the baby is so high. Everyone carries completely different, it’s fun to speculate but it means nothing. And for those who are so good at predicting genders, I had two people who had “never been wrong” telling me I was totally having a girl.

    As for Jessica, I think she looks stunning and so happy.

  4. Alex says

    Tia am sorry if you think am being a bit personal here but (I hope you don’t mind me asking) do you know how far along you are, you don’t have to answer

  5. Tia :) says

    oops! I clicked send too soon!! I’v been feeling a bit off lately and i knew right away! I took like 4 tests just to make sure…we are all so excited!

  6. Tia :) says

    Hey K,K&K’s mommy! Glad to hear all is well! We are all doing good…very good actually! We are over the moon!! I just found out im pregnant!!!!!! Ahhh!!! haha!

  7. Julie says

    Don’t like the dress or the hair, but she looks beautiful nonetheless. #23, it’s 2008, let’s be respectful of EVERYONE’S heritage.

  8. BGarcia says

    She looks beautiful!!!!
    PLEASE do not compare her with JLo (1-Candy), she did not steal any father-husband from no other woman.
    Her hairstyle and dress make her look gorgeous!!!!!

  9. kelly says

    i agree very unnecessary comment #23. i like her but i think she is too pregnant for that dress it kept falling she needed something with straps.

  10. Amy says

    Uh….#23 what rock did crawl out from under?

    There is no place in the 21 century (do you know what means?) for that language. I second the motion for it to be removed.

  11. AMJ says

    I also disagree with #15, and I also say a girl….a boy you are more of a basketball and a girl more of a football. I too am good at guessing and being right on the babies gender! I also heard the rumour she might be having twins…who knows.

  12. says

    Hey there Tia girl! Sorry about being slow to answer you on another post…but I did answer when I found it on the Vanessa Williams post. I figured that was pretty far back in the archives, so I copied and pasted the still relevant info:

    Hey Tia! Thumbs up on our front! I don’t know if you heard or not, but I have cornrows now. I had them a lot as a child, but I haven’t had them done in a few years. I forgot how much they hurt! The girls are great; Kajanae is growing quickly and hitting all of her milestones on time.

    Good to hear from you! How’s Alyssa?

  13. Tia :) says

    ah, but I disagree #15…i also say girl, and i am pretty good at guessing…my family and friends tell me to keep my mouth shut when they dont want to know!! haha!

    I dont like her dress at all…but she’s pretty, so it makes up for it 😉

  14. Alex says

    am pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh sorry for this comment but am sooooooooooo happy

  15. Eir says

    I hate hearing ‘omg she’s carrying a girl!’ because of the position of the baby. A baby moves in the womb, it can position itself in many different ways. How you carry it doesn’t mean ANYTHING. God.

    On another note, I’m not really a fan of this dress on her. She’s naturally so good looking, and purple just.. doesn’t really do it for her. Nor does that faux-fur on the top, wtf is that about? 🙁 Don’t like it.

    I like that it’s long and flowing. Most women tend to like loose, flow-y clothing while pregnant, I’d assume. I know I prefer it.

  16. namir says

    the drees is ugly but the color is cool , her earings dont mach her outfit , her boyfriend is yuk!

  17. carleigh says

    Alex…lol…sorry your comment was funny and made me

    I never really liked this girl before, I thought she was a bit self centered and full of herself…but it seems that with motherhood she’s softened up her image.

    I think she looks good here and is very pretty…..and I would like to see pic’s of her baby.

  18. ann says

    It was a stupid boring Oscar, because without very famous couple in the world-Angelina & Brad is not same.

  19. Al&J says

    She looks very nice and very happy although I’m not sure why she was asked to present at the Oscars because she has never won one, has never been nominated and isn’t very talented. She is very pretty though.
    Did anyone see Ryan Seacrest asking her about breast-feeding? What a big loser. Why ask such a personal question. Some of these entertainment reporters and tabloid workers have let their positions go to their heads.

  20. pat says

    She looked beautiful. The color, style, design all look great on her, she is glowing. Hope everything goes great for her.

  21. Jx2 says

    love the colour – hate the style of the dress …this is not Jessica’s colour…she has an olive complexion – better suited to bronze, gold, brown, etc…

  22. Tango says

    I would say she is carrying a girl (sorry if it has already be confirmed waht the sex is) see seems to be putting the weight on all around her mid section

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