Guess Who!

Elisabeth Hasselbeck

It’s Elisabeth Hasselbeck! I used to wear glasses like that (well not quite as big as those actually!) until I got contacts! I had totally forgotten how hideous eyeglasses were back then!

Elisabeth Hasselbeck


  1. Jx2 says

    She’s the kind of girl I would have picked on in junior high…actually, she is the kind of woman I would pick on today…I can’t stand her…yuck!!

  2. Blair says

    I was an awkward child too, but good lord with those glasses! They didn’t have anything a size smaller, LMAO! Poor thing…she must have been teased about those I would imagine..She turned out to be very attractive however.

  3. Rijay says

    Looks like she only got contacts or Lasiks and lightened her hair. There is nothing to back up that she had any plastic surgery. You may not like her, but that isn’t reason to spread untruth.

  4. carleigh says

    Ladies….this shows what a good dentist, plastic surgeon, chef and personal trainer can do for a girl!!LOL…there’s nothing natural about her, unfortunately! She’s bonded, nipped and tucked and probably has botox as well, wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

    She does get on my ever loving last nerve!!! Like ya can’t tell right??LOL

  5. marla says

    Too cute! I actually think she is more beautiful in her earlier picture. Her darker hair color brings out her skin tone and looks more natural. She is very pretty.

  6. claudiazz says

    It just goes to show all the young girls who are insecure about their looks that ugly ducklings often do turn into beautiful swans!!

  7. Ali says

    although, i do not agreee with many things she comes out with…but, i have to say she is a beauty! i was a dorky looking myself!LOL!

  8. Lizzie says

    Sue–the freckle actually looks more like a mole and was probably cosmetically removed. I had one in the same exact spot and had it frozen and cut off. She definately was the ugly duckling back then. I’m not a fan of hers but time (and money) has really done wonders for her.

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