Britney Finally Allowed A Visit With Her Boys

Britney Spears

Less than 24 hours after it was discovered that a deal had been worked out between Britney and Kevin’s lawyers that would allow Britney supervised visits with her children, Sean and Jayden came to visit Britney at her L.A. home.

Around 9am PT on Saturday, a Dodge truck carrying Sean Preston, 2, and one-year-old Jayden James entered Britney’s gated community, The Summit.

By noon, the boys were on their way back home to Kevin. “They definitely had smiles on their faces after the visit,” one witness told OK! magazine.

Also inside the house during the visit were Britney’s father Jamie Spears, a pyschologist, one of Kevin’s bodyguards, the court-ordered monitor, and a lawyer. According to a source,  Britney was not allowed to leave the common area of the house, where Jamie and the others could supervise, without the children.

This was the first time the boys have seen their mother since the January 3rd standoff with authorities that landed Britney in the hospital for several nights. Until this visit, she had only been allowed to speak with her children during short phone conversations.



  1. says

    LC their almost a month now. Thank u!!!!!! so much It worked!! I put them to bed at 7:30 and so far not one cry!! SO I THANK YOU SSSOOO MUCH!!!!!!! I followed your advise and It worked!

  2. LC says

    You have to start first with a bedtimeroutine, every night the same!Lets say, bottle, than bath and a book!Put them down somewere between 7.30 and 9!Not later and also put them to bed every night around the same time.Its not true the later you put you baby to bed, the better they sleep.

    hope this helps you if not then tell me because i have i few more tricks up my sleeves!

  3. LC says

    ok so what if you only let them have one or two naps a day? to try and get them even more tired, how old are they?

  4. LC says

    ok so what time do they go to bed? have they got a bed time? or is it just when ever they fall asleep?

  5. LC says

    hi the perfect 4 i just thought i could help you a little congrats by the way!

    what time do you put them to bed? and how many naps do they take during the day?

  6. Alex says

    oh Iraq am so sorry i know how you feel my husband has just gone back out there, is there any thing wrong with them any thing stopping them from sleeping maybe they will get better as they get older

  7. says

    thats the thing they haven’t been sleeping! 🙁 and my husband is getting ready to leave for Iraq again! He took leave for the birth and now has to go back. They will sleep for and hour or two then there up and wont go back to sleep.

  8. Alex says

    Aww if i lived by you i would help you out! it is hard very hard how is there sleeping routine right now?

  9. says

    Alex, I have a lot of support from my husband’s family,but Not a lot from mine. Plus my husband is always working all the time.It gets really hard! They never sleep, Like I’ll put them down for a nap and they just don’t sleep at all. And two days ago I broke my finger,so its getting really hard. 🙁

  10. Alex says

    the perfect 4 she said when the babies have a nap she naps with them and i have just started to have them every sunday night just for now but all you need is a lot of help and family suport

  11. Alex says

    4 on way aww congrats!! you will have to change your name now lol and yes im very excited and they will be my first congrats again!

  12. says

    Yes Alex, Kendal my girl was 3lb 7 oz,My son Travis was 4lb 5oz,My 2nd son Hayden was 4lb 7oz,Then Anthony was 5lb 3oz… I’m ssoo tired and happy!!! All born with in 6 min. of each other!!

  13. Alex says

    4 on way any sign of thoses little babies yet good news im in my 14th week now and we found out that we are having twins but we arre not finding out what im having.

    sxymlado any luck yet

  14. Alex says

    Thanks sxymlado you sound like a nice person unlike the other people on here having a go out each other and stuff good luck to you

  15. sxymlado says

    I wish Britney the best. I hope she gets her life together and gets to spend more time with her boys. I wish her the best of luck. I can’t stand Kev either… but reguardless off it all he’s handlinghis buisness and being the best dad he knows how to be. Those boys are So handsome, Brit is more blessed than she thinks.

    Also to 4 on way…. Congratulations! That must be SO scary and exciting all at the same time. What more could you ask for, 3 boys and a girl. I wish you the best of luck.

    Also Congrats to you too Alex, being a mother is a beautiful thing. And wow… your sister is definatley gonna have her hands full. It’s a trip to think people can actually have that many babies at once.

    Im 26 with two stepkids, and my husband and I are just now planning for a baby of our own. Im excited nad nervous… I cant wait. I would love to have twins (boy/girl), but I doubt that is going to happen. Wish me the luck 🙂

  16. says

    oh I live in A little town called Oakdale,CA. I’m always in the news paper for our town.It gets annoying after awhile 😉 but I manage

  17. Alex says

    4 on way yeah it was fast but ali (my sister) didn’t want to stay in hospital any more she had been there for 10 weeks before the birth and the girls are ok they have gained some weight so the doctors said she can go home, how exciting having your babies on your birthday I love the names, where do you live?

  18. Alex says

    4 on way yeah it wasfast but ali (my sister) didnt want to stay in hospital any more she had been there for 10 weeks before the birth and the girls are ok they have gained some weight so the doctors said she can go home, how exciting having your babies on your birthday i love the names, where do you live?

  19. says

    Alex: wow she’s already home?? That was really fast!!! & two cars!!wow Man I don’t want to have to use two cars!!lolol I’m so excited because the babies are due on my b-day now!!! I switched my kids names my daughters name is going to be Kendal and my other son’s name is going to be hayden

  20. Alex says

    4 on way you are defiantly going to have your hands full we got my sister home form the hospital and we had to use tow cars!

  21. Carol says

    I am so happy Britney can see her boys! I think its really wrong for people trying no to leave her. But, I can say one the a real mom fights ti see her kids, Britney is a real mom cause she fights to see her kids and she shows every body that she does love and care and would do any thing for her two pretty boys.. I think people needs to listen to Britany cause if they do they could see that.. Cause everybody needs to think what would they do if that was them and there kids! Britney I know your a wonderful mom just keep your head up and keep fighting for those boys!!! God Pless You

  22. Alex says

    4 on way my sister gave birth to five beautiful baby girls, Sophia was first she was 5lb 4oz, then it was Ella she was 5lb 2oz, then phoebe she was 5lb 7oz, Savannah was 4lb 9oz and finally Amelia she was 4lb.
    Am so excited for my belly to start showing I got a scan today and am so nervous

  23. says

    Alex: oh how exciting!!!!!!!!! Yeah I can’t wait till I have mine My tummy lol Is so huge!!! I can barely put my arms around it!!

  24. Alex says

    4 on way I don’t mind at all, she is having all girls they are going to give her a c-section today because she keeps on going into labor and she really wants to push so they said they would have to do a c-section, she was having six but very early on in her pregnancy she lost one

  25. says

    Brit was a bad mom from the start according to all the tabloids. She didn’t put a lifejacket on her kid, but there are pics of Coco Arquet without one and that was just fine. Yeah she may be a star but people need to leave her the frick alone and let her make mistakes. No one is a perfect parent. I hope she gets the hepl she needs and gets her biys back. K-Fed wasn’t there all the time when they were born..he was out partying.

  26. Alex says

    4 on way they done the same thing to my sister she was expecting five babies and they said she was due in april and now they are saying that she is due in may and she has been on bed rest for 10 weeks because she went into labour last month but so far no babies

  27. Alex says

    4 on way Hayden is a lovely name am having my first baby in October and ive always like the name George for a boy and Leah or Courtney for a girl, when are you due if you dont mind me asking

  28. says

    and u know what #24 I’m married and these babies were planned although we were trying for 1 and instead we got four all of my kids will be loved so back the F*** off!!!!

  29. Alex says

    not another teen mother-puleez! aka fantasy why don’t you go and crawl back under the rock you come from you nasty piece of filth just because 4 on way is 19 doesn’t mean she’s not going to love her babies and it doesn’t mean she has aids, people like you my me sick no one likes you so go away!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. not another teen mother-puleez! says

    HaSn’T AnY oF tHe lITtLe wHoReS hEaRd oF bIRtH cOnTrOl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. not another teen mother-puleez! says

    #17~~~NoT OnLy DoEs ThAt MaKe YoU NaStY tHaT aLsO MaKeS yOu a wHoRe ToO!!!!!!!

  32. patti says

    Maybe if someone was paying attention to her a long time ago she would not be going through this. I for one can read my kids like a book where were her parents through all of this?????????

  33. oriana says

    DMITZ, I know what you mean, I really want this to be a success story. Those boys are so sweet and very cute. I think Kevin is doing a good job and I hope he continues to have strength and stamina taking care of the boys. I wonder if his mom is still there helping him out?

  34. says

    #14 What a f***ed up name.I’m 19 and pregnant with 4 so does that make me nasty too!! Oh and I’m sure that your the one who wants to slit your wrists and die!!!!

  35. Sandy Blair says

    Hi Britt: I’m so happy you are getting better. Your boys need the love that only a Mom can give at this age. Can the guy who drugged you be charged. Take care of yourself and your boys. Don’t let the guys who brought you down back in your life.

  36. not another teen mother-puleez! says

    BrItNeY SuCkS CaMeL JoCkeY CoCk—ShEZ QuItE NaStY tOo!ShE sHoUlD sLiT hEr wRiStS aNd DiE!!!!!

  37. carleigh says

    Britney had another visit with her kids today, so that must mean somethings are getting better.

    I do feel sorry for those kids though, it’s got to be so confusing for them even at this young age.

  38. DMITZ says

    I’m glad (for the boys sake) that they get to see their mother. I really hope Britney gets it together for them. I hope being around them for those 3 hours really reminds her how much she missed them. How could anyone not? I know it really had to be hard on Sean Preston. Kids at that age are constantly asking/looking for their mommy/daddy.

  39. boo says

    I think It is Good that they got to see their Mommy, and I hope that she is on her way to a full recovery and can be in their lives fulltime someday soon! They deserve to AND Need to have their Mommy close by! ( Once she is Doing Better Of course)

  40. Jacquie says

    I too am happy that her parents have stepped up. Britney so needed some guidance that didn’t involve the losers she saddled herself with. I hope this is the start down the road back to normalcy for her (or as normal as it can be)

  41. Lauren says

    I’m glad to see Brit’s father stepping in and exerting parental control. That’s all that Britney really needs. The love and support from her family. She seems a lot better without that Lufti guy around as well.

  42. Alex says

    It’s nice to see her out with her dad! Her skin looks great which is an indication that she’s taking better care of herself and watching what she puts in her body. I’m so relieved that her family stepped in to help her get better! Perhaps this can be another feel good Cindarella story for the near future! Let’s hope!

  43. Dunn says

    Finally having a stable influence in her life, like her father seems to have made a tremendous amount of difference. Now that she’s not being secretly medicated (in her food), sequestered and cut off from loved ones (allegedly) by her so-called manager, I’m sure she’s finally getting back onto the healthy road to humanity. It’s just too bad that all of this wasn’t found out sooner, for her and the boys sake. Imagine if things had gotten worse?!, and the guy had OD’d her!!!

  44. carleigh says

    I’m glad that her father has intervened and she seems to be more stable than she has in the recent past. Maybe her father might not have been the best parent to her in her youth, but his presence is clearly beneficial to Britney and her kids. It seems that she is home, getting proper medical care, dressing more appropriately (remember this is Britney we’re talking about), being low-key, and the bad influences have been weeded out of her life.

    I hope that he can keep control until it is certain that Britney is out of harms way, as much for her as for her future relationship with her kids.

  45. Tia :) says

    You know i understand that she was obviously very unstable and unable to take care of her children. I am happy they’re with Kevin…but is keeping the children away from their mother for almost 2 months healthy? She’s a mother, she needs to see her babies, and those babies need to see her. Im happy she is allowed to see them now. I think it’s great that her father is with her. I also think it’s a good idea to have all of those people with her when she sees her children.


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