Brad & Angelina Thrilled To Be Adding To Their Brood

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

(In the above pics the glowy couple were snapped signing autographs at the awards in Santa Monica yesterday)

A source close to the couple told People magazine that Angelina and Brad are “thrilled to be adding to their brood.”

Angelina’s debut of her expectant form was all the buzz at the Film Independent’s Spirit Awards on Saturday.

The family currently consists of Maddox, 6; Pax, 4; Zahara, 3; and Shiloh, 1. Last week the couple’s adoption of Pax was made official.

Adds a source close to the couple, “They are very, very happy.”




  1. Celia says

    Brangelina are the best looking couple.They can produce beautiful babies .Look at shiloh?For me ,she’s one of the best looking baby.Angie is beautiful person inside and out,so as Brad .Brad Pitt fulfill his dream to have his own Family.I just wish they will marry soon for their kids sake.

  2. says

    Why is everyone so interested in a lier and a homewecker anyway? The very fact that both brad and angelina lied that they never cheated is a totally crock. angelina not only wrecked billy bob throthan and Laurne engament while fimling the movie Pushing Tin should say that she is nothing more the a pathical lier and has not regard for anyone feelings but her own. The fact she has so many kid or does charitey work should not cover the fact she is selfish person. I feel sorry for Brad and angelina that while they think there are good people they are only fooling them selves. I wish nothing but long and misberal life together has they desever nothing less and certaily nothing more then the pain they cause jennifer anstion buy treating her like a idot. my they rot in the hell of karma very soon I hope.

  3. Jx2 says

    Sara – seems that you know a lot about mental people – is it safe yo assume that you yourself are one????

    I don’t believe in taking meds – but you go right ahead and indulge yourself – I won’t be calling 9-1-1 if you overdose.

    I despise knitting….it’s incredibly boring. I do however enjoy cooking and also working on my part time business as an accessories designer and I also watch a lot of films and movies – not aired on TV but rather on my 24 inch iMAC computer.

  4. Jx2 says

    Chrissy – Do you actually think that you belong to MENSA because you seem to think you are sooooo incredibly intelligent BUT I have news for you – YOU are a pseudo-intellect…!!! A fake!!!

    First off – I KNOW exactly what you wrote. You do not need to explain your jargon to me…I have a Master’s degree – I’m a smart cookie!! Perhaps you just wanted to explain it to me, so that YOU can understand what YOU wrote.

    “BP is 44 so yes, there is a slight speed button being pushed”

    Jx2 says: YOU ARE AN IDIOT!!
    BP can have kids in his 60s if he chooses!!

    “It’s simple math people: have a baby, adopt, have a baby, adopt… get it? NOT that complicated. They are trying to create a bond with all the children so that there is no, he’s adopted, she’s a bio, so forth of a division – creating balance.”

    Jx2 says: Did Aj & BP tell you personally that this mathematical equation was their mantra???!! YOU have concocted this whole thing up with your lentil sized brain!!!

    Clearly you are a storyteller because your comments reek of “make-believe” brou-ha-ha!

    You are NOT Brad Pitt’s publicist – You do not for one second know WHY he wants children NOW rather than LATER…YOU can merely assume and make up false and far-fetched notions as to why YOU think Brad wants kids….LOL HA! yeah right…to walk down the aisle with his kids…see his grandkids LOL that’s a laugh!! Not every parent cares about that…in fact the institution of marriage will cease to exist by the time Shiloh is an adult AND many people choose not to have children – so I really do not think that your assumptions are valid – just stu*pid and narrow-minded…you need to stop reading Mother Goose fairy tales and crack open a magazine like Harper’s or the Economist…! Maybe then you will become an informed and enlightened individual and not an ignorant flaky Mary Poppins as you seem to come across as!!

    So go ahead and create all the cock and bull stories you want…but you will never know the truth about this family – just what you read in the tabloids…!!

  5. oriana says

    Sara! You made me laugh, I love the second sentence about the knitting. You have got a great sense of humor! Ha! Loved it! Thank you!

  6. Sara says

    “Oriana provoked me!”

    Jx2: Actually she was kind of defending you in one of her posts on this thread, you moron.

    I miss the good old days when mental patients spent their time knitting.

    Let’s hope Jx2’s doctors revoke her computer privaleges or up her meds this week.

  7. oriana says

    kimora’s mommy, Libra was on here way before me and has been gone for some time. People I don’t like, like “N” and some others I don’t have anything to do with and there is no mistaking how I feel if I don’t care for someone.

    I did say Hello to you a week or so ago and I didn’t think there was a problem between us. You voiced your opinion and I cleared it up about Shaniqua. She is hilarious and will pop up from time to time. You yourself will prob get a few laughs out of her! She blasted me a few times before we became friendly and I confess I do enjoy her.

    I am glad you asked or otherwise you would have had doubts and evidently it has bothered you since the subject was brought up. I did state I had a big fall out with someone and I didn’t consider us as having a big fall out at all.

    Please don’t be so sensitive and try to think positive about people. I think you need a lot of reassurance and positive compliments. I think you have it going on for you and I have said in the past I admire you and am very glad you have a happy home. I have not changed my opinion of you in the least.

    I don’t really care for Jennifer Anniston, Brad or Angie, but I do find some good qualities about each of them, but I have always maintained they were not my cup of tea so to speak. I don’t think Angie is putting on an act, I think she is sincere in wanting a huge family and I think she is in love with Brad.

    This is kind of long and I know that gets on people’s nerves and I am sorry about that. I hope you feel better and if you have any concerns or questions in the future please ask, no problem for me at all honey.

  8. says

    Sorry Oriana…I didn’t mean to assume you were talking about me…but you know me, I take EVERYTHING personally ;). I don’t know why, but I’ve just felt like you don’t really care for me that much since I called you a fair-weather friend when you were befriending Shaniqua and the gang (posters who were very mean and rude to others until Shaniqua apologized; the other two, one of whom was really strange and said grrrrrrr all the time, disappeared……MAGICALLY!!!) Anyways, just wanted to clear the air and explain why I felt the need to ask you.

  9. Jx2 says

    Hold on – let me grab my violin so I can play a sad melody while I read your post – ORhino! 😀

  10. oriana says

    I was born in 1949. Oh I did love the 60’s! Wish I could do it all over again! I loved Bob Dylan and still do! I remember when my grandmother took me to see The Beatles movie when it came out, the lines were so long. I also remember passing out fliers for Martin Luther King and saw JFK in Dallas the day of the tragedy.

    I remember when we slept with the screen door open and didn’t worry about locking the windows and doors. My girlfriend had a Pink Rambler, it was a bucket, but we had fun in that car!

    I remember O Henry candy bars and could get candy for a nickel, movies were 25 cents and you could get a hamburger (2 for a quarter), we thought it was a rip off when the movies went up to 35 cents!

    I remember crying when my husband was sent to Vietnam, yes, I am old, sometimes I feel like I am 30 and sometimes I feel like I am 80! Nicki, you and dori will understand what I mean although I am older than you all are.

    I enjoy the young ones on here, they perk me up. I watch MTV, I used to skate and dance, all up until 2001, my clients keep my young at heart by taking them to Disneyland and watching the world change thru their eyes. It warms my heart to see new babies enter the world and see happiness and joy. God knows we need it!

  11. Chrissy says

    Jx2 – for someone who clearly dislikes AJ, you definitely are obsessed with wanting to be heard and seen over someone you do not like… THAT is extremely pathetic! YOU are behaving in a self hatred pathetic manner. Perhaps you have been ignored all your life and like a child who throws a tantrum for attention… you’re throwing one little one! ONLY ignorant and uneducated – not to mention people prone to failure and self-worthlessness – resort to childish name calling and blasphemy in manner your pebble of brain defense by stating – it’s a defense and if someone attacks me, i’ll attack back. LOL… such high school stupidity! If you cannot debate with intellect perhaps use a dictionary and thesaurus to find words beyond 5th grade.

    Clearly you are incapable of reading a post accurately as mine stated that AJ & Brad stated they wanted children while they are young. 44 is still young and 50 is coming with a blink of an eye- life flies by. Focus and think hard – look at the bigger picture… kids get older, get married so forth, perhaps Brad wants to be around to walk her down the aisle, see them have children and so forth. Again, your ignorance and narrow minded point of interpretation.

    I recommend to everyone to simply ignore her tantrums – don’t acknowledge her nor her postings – it’s only feeding her ignorance and childishness. (Jx2 sorry if I used words too big for you. Perhaps I should have my 2 year old translate???)

  12. oriana says

    Goodnight All, can’t write any more tonight, have to make a “Depends” run! Thankfully don’t have to worry about denture cream just yet! Ha!

  13. Jx2 says

    Bea Arthur (aka Maude) who played Dorothy is “Fly on the Wall” yup…an androgynous woman…with a deep man voice…and then there’s Maude…and then there’s Maude!!!

  14. Jx2 says

    Yeah – you are Golden Girls….ha ha ha ha LOL with hairstyles to match…!!

    Okay so which one is Estelle Getty and which one is Bea Arthur? I know who Rue McLanahan is…it’s Dori!! She’s a fiesty one!…Betty White is the ding a ling also known as Nicki…Oriana is Estelle – the one that played “Sofia” that has Alzheimer’s now and can’t remember a thing…LOL!!
    Too funny!! Oh gawd how entertaining!!

  15. oriana says

    Nicki my Dear, you have a good night’s rest and enjoy your evening. As for me, I will snore and drool as usual! Ha!

  16. Nicki says

    oriana~you are a sweetie! You have way more patience than me. I think that the juvenile pest around here wishes they had even one friend on here, instead of thier 5 made up ones. You and many others were very nice to this person and after all that they slam you and the others at any chance they get. It is ME! ME! ME!. (or ME and my 5 fake friends). I can’t be bothered with such nonsense because it is useless to try. You and others are very patient. I am sorry that after you stuck up for me, much apprieciated-as so with the others that did also, you were attacked by a juvenile using vile and disgusting language.
    Now from the Golden Girls–(singing) Thank you for being my friend………………………………etc.

    Take care.

  17. Jx2 says

    Strange how me and Libra never clashed in the past…hmmm, come to think of it…I don’t even recall a”Libra” poster on here…must have been a while ago…like back in the 1960s when Oriana was a teenager! You are in your 50’s are you not – Oriana??

  18. oriana says

    carleigh, as usual you make more sense than most of us on here, thank you very much my Dear! I am sure you are like me and have many, many friends, on the internet and in your everyday life. I am proud to be one of them! I enjoy you and the other ladies so very much and have had many “pick me ups” from reading and laughing when I have had a sad or bad day. Thank you Ladieeeeees!!!!!!!

    As for you Jx2, I am not a Granny, I wish I was, neither of my sons have children and my pets have been “fixed” so sorry there. Of course my one son may meet someone yet before I croak but alas, my oldest, oh well, he will have to adopt, which would be wonderful for me!

    Carleigh, I hear tornadoes are all around you again so will keep you in my thoughts and prayers!

  19. oriana says

    kimora’s mommy, if you read my post again you will see where I said the person that accused me of lying among other things is the person that I had a big fall out over defending Tia. I have never had to defend her to you have I? I know that you like her very much so that should not have even entered your mind I meant you.

    The person was Libra and she is well aware of why I don’t have anything to discuss with her any more. I emailed her personally and told her so and she provoked the whole distasteful situation. And come to find out, it was a different Tia all along that I didn’t even know!

  20. Jx2 says

    Kx3 – Oriana provoked me! She stuck her big granny arse where she had no business!! She had it coming. She is meddlesome and needs to be put in her place. I will not stop harassing Oriana because she deserves everything coming to her.

    And as for Carlito’s Way – ignoring someone isn’t going to make them go away! If that were the case I would have been gone months ago.

    I mind my own business – I comment on the images just like every one else. For some reason people just like to control what I say and think…well, I’ve got news for those folks…you are fighting a losing battle!!!

  21. carleigh says

    Jx2…..your language is appalling, you are juvenile, combative and just downright rude. I won’t resort to calling you the same foul, abusive, crude names that you resorted to using with other members but you are just acting like a spoiled, petulant child.

    Leave Oriana and Nicki alone, they have done nothing to you personally.

    As far as calling someone a friend and never having met them before, I know a lot of people from the internet that I’ve never met before and some of them have hands down been the best friends I could ever have. I appreciate and cherish each friendship and person because they add something special to my life.

    So you step off and save your dirty, filthy talk for some other place because it’s not warranted, wanted or appreciated here.

    Go ahead and call me all kinds of names too, I don’t really care. All it does is shows what kind of person you really are and you should be sorely ashamed of yourself.

    Ladies, lets stop baiting and feeding the trolls now shall we?

  22. Jx2 says

    Suit yourself Oriana! You asked for it!!

    How can you call someone your “friend” when you haven’t even met them in your life…that is just CRA*ZY!!! Just like you!! CRA*ZY LADY!! Can’t you make REAL friends??? Are you such a lo*ser that you have to make friends on the internet???!!! God – you must be extremely anti-social in public spaces…do you have AGORAPHOBIA!!?? Or are you just PLAIN & UG*LY!!

    Nicki is a smelly C*UNT…and if you are her “BFF” then that makes you one TOOO!!!!

    Why don’t you go roast a P*IG and dance around it wearing a mumu!!!

  23. oriana says

    Jx2, I know it is none of my business but I am making it my business when you use such low class language regarding my friend Nicki. And don’t think for a minute Nicki can’t take up for herself either, that is not the case. I am just fed up with the kind of language you are using and acting so ignorant.

    Believe me my Dear, I have gone to battle with much smarter and sharper wit than you! I had a huge falling out over defending my dear Tia and was accused of lying among other things, with someone on here that YOU could not hold a candle too! So no worries from me about you, I am too old for that crap! So NO, I will butt off when I get ready too!

    And as far as stomping on my toes, bring it on!!!!! You don’t faze me in the least.

  24. Jx2 says

    Very well said “traveller”…I do not own a TV…I use the bus and Metro to get to work…I do not own a car…I buy second hand furniture for my home, I eat out twice a month…no meat in my diet, I don’t buy books or magazines – I borrow them from the library, I do splurge on travel and vacations once a year, I don’t purchase expensive clothes – I shop at local shops, I live in a co-op apartment…so if there is anyone that knows about not overspending – it’s me!!

  25. kai says

    traveler i love big families i am one of 8 and i have 13 kids of my own and one due end of this week

  26. traveler says


    Nope, I was raised during the 80s and early 90s. In fact, my youngest sibling is only 23 years old. We survived just fine on my dad’s income. We weren’t rich, but we weren’t poor either. What we didn’t do was go out to eat all the time or buy expensive stuff (hand me downs were the name of the game). The things that my parents did spend money on where things they felt made us better people. We participated in activities and sports and we went on yearly vacations to different parts of the U.S. Because there were 5 of us, we weren’t able to travel outside the U.S., but that’s ok. It just gave me something to look forward to doing as an adult.

    In my opinion, the reason people think they cannot afford large families nowadays, is because they try to have it and do it all. Eating out all the time, buying expensive cars, expensive clothes, going to concerts, buying kids thousands of dollars worth of Christmas presents, paying out the rear end for 500 channels on their tv, buying bigger houses than they need, etc. There’s no control in this country anymore.

  27. Jx2 says

    Yeah – that would be awesome…I’d love to see what that pimple faced punk Nickolodean looks like!! NOT!!! Go to H*ell Nicki !!

  28. carleigh says

    I know at one point we had hellorazzi, but I think that nobody goes there anymore.

    What I was wondering is if you ladies would like a place where we can blog together? Like this but private blog space where we can talk about our lives, share pics, emails and whatnot? I can set something up if I have enough of you ladies who’d like to join?

    I would love to share pic’s of my friends, family, kids, fiancee and whatnot…plus I’d love to actually “see” who I’ve been talking to for so long.

    I’m at school right now but if you ladies would let me know, I’ll be more than happy to set something up.

  29. Alex says

    i thought this was funny when i read it i know fly on the wall will enjoy this one “Jon Stewart (oscar host), from including Jolie in a joke about pregnant actresses, saying, “Obviously, Angelina Jolie couldn’t be here – it’s hard to find 17 babysitters on Oscar night.”

  30. Jx2 says

    Almighty & Jesus –
    You should refrain from rolling your eyes too much – they might stay that way!!! LOLOLOLOL!!!

  31. Jx2 says

    Oriana – I think you should BUTT out!!
    I live in Canada – not “lived” in Canada!!

    Speaking of living – people that live in glass houses should learn not to throw stones!!!

    I believe in an eye for an eye…tit for tat!!!
    You step on my toes – I’ll STOMP on yours!!!

    Maggot infested Fly on the Wall – are you still buzzing around???!! LOL Get me the Raid!!!

  32. oriana says

    No, I think she is older. She said she lived in Canada, had to walk to work, and I do feel bad about that in all the terrible weather they have had up there. I think she is very outspoken and has her own ideas about things, which is fine, but no need for all the vulgar talk at all!

  33. Deeds says

    I agree, Brad is a handsome man. BUT if he ever starts wearing polyester jumpsuits I’ll never feel the same way about him again!

  34. oriana says

    Jx2, I really think it is time you laid off of Nicki, enough is enough! I wish I had more room and could have ten dogs!!!!

    Deeds my Dear, happy to hear from you and thank you for the kindness, you are a very, VERY sweet lady!!!!! Hope you are staying dry up there!

    Nicki, no I did not know that about Christina until I read Al&J’s comment. I must have missed it too and I hope she reconsiders.

  35. 2cents says

    #101: Just because you don’t know doesn’t mean there aren’t any. I know a couple, immigrants, raising five kids to graduate from Berkely, UC San Diego for law and medical degrees on house cleaning income. And I know many many raising more kids to be fine citizens of this country and other countries too, all on income that is not middle class’. Ever heard of ‘if there’s a will, there’ll be a way’? Obviously not little one.

  36. Jx2 says

    Sending a crate of slug infested rotten tomatoes your way Agent #99 or rather “Desperately Seeking Stardom” LOL!!

    traveller – where you born in the 1950s ???
    Sorry to burst your bubble but I don;t know of any family that can survive today on one income and 5 children to raise…not possible!!!

  37. traveler says

    I’m seriously wondering about the sanity of some of the posters on this site. Since when is 5 to many? My parents had 5 kids and not one of us felt left out or unloved. We always had enough money for the essentials and even for a few extras like sports and music lessons. And my parents did it without Brad and Angie’s large incomes. In fact, they did it on my dad’s income only. They also managed to raise us without the aid of nannies. We all turned out just fine. So, 5 kids is not to many for some people.

    We are also a mixed family (as in some bio kids and some adopted kids). We were all treated the same and loved the same. There was never any distinction made between any of us.

    As for Brad and Angie having kids back to back, so what. Since when is that a problem either? I’m just 15 months older than one of my sisters. Apparently, having a sibling so shortly after I was born has not negatively affected me. I’m sure little Pax will be just fine. Especially since he came into a family already populated with children and has not known anything different. When you already have 2 sisters and 1 brother, what’s one or two more siblings?

    I would not trade my childhood experience or my large family for anything. I feel blessed to have had the love that I’ve had in my life. I’m still very close to all of my siblings and now have special relationships with all my nieces and nephews. I’m glad that Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, and all their future children will be blessed with a similar experience. I hope they appreciate the family bond their parents have given them. I know I thank my parents everyday for the one they gave me.

  38. Al&J says

    I must say I’m soooo excited… like many of you I was finally honored with a nickname. AT&T! Isn’t it wonderful? Many of you have childish nicknames and now I’m the proud owner of one as well. Joyous day, joyous moment for me.
    In light of the Oscars being just last night, I would like to take this time to thank all who made this possible. Thank you babyrazzi for providing a forum for the childish nickname to be submitted and displayed and ofcourse I would like to thank Jx2 with whom none of this would be possible. Your tantrum inspired such venom yet such creativity..AT&T…so brillant and so original! I’m in awe.
    To anyone I missed I’m sorry… I’m just so overcome with joy!! Such a wonderful moment for me. (rolling eyes).

  39. Jx2 says

    Nicki the Dicki – I wouldn’t be surprised if you posted those comments against AJ so that you can something to gossip about…you appear quite adamant and insist that I made those other comments and posted under some other names…you are delusional – LOL – go right ahead and believe your fantasies…dreamer!!! LOL LOL

    Green snot on the wall – If I had a fly swatter I whack you until your guts came oozing out…LOL – what a great feeling that would be…. 😀

  40. april says

    if they had to raise those kids by their selves they wouldnt have as many the only reason they are doing this is because they have nannies which do most of the work for them and to take themselves popular other than that they wouldnt do it if they were like the rest of us. i think its insane to do that how are they giving each child the attention he/she/needs?????

  41. Liza says

    Ladyone, I don’t understand your statement. Why does it bother you that people who are unable to have biological children would adopt? And then you seem to have a problem with fertile people doing and then celebrities doing it?

    Who should take these children? Should we all just let them sit in institutions until they are dumped out onto the street?

    Regardless of why someone decides to adopt, often times it is giving a child another chance, or the life their biological parents couldn’t.

    And to whoever said it, yes, Pax will likely have some issues, but had they not adopted he likely would not have been adopted at all due to his age. He spent his first 3 years institutionalized with no single direct caregiver to care for him for him to bond to, possibly making it difficult for him to attach. However, in comments that they have made about him, it seems they are very aware of this, and in pictures of him, he seems to be adjusting quite well and seems to be a happy little boy.

  42. CTBmom says

    That’s okay Nicki, I am not worried about them (her)….I actually got a laugh out of her comment, because she actually seemed to think she was clever to come up with those vulgar words for the CTB initials in my name. Actually they are my little boys initials….I wonder if she kisses her mother with that mouth.

  43. Nicki says

    Fly On The Wall ~Your exactly right and this one proved it in a matter of 13 minutes. LMAO. (most are smart enough to do it within an hour or two, this one was TOO easy).

  44. Nicki says

    oriana~no it’s not strange to say you found your Ozzy, I found my Moose, Chance and my other 2. Plus all of my cats. I, and you know it isn’t exactly the same, but they mean everything to us, just as any bio or adopted child means to thier parents.

    I wish Christina was still around also. Did you know she “said she was leaving?” I must have missed it. So sorry about her not posting.
    Take care oriana. Watch out for that fog.

  45. Fly On The Wall says

    76. Nicki | February 25th, 2008 at 4:59 pm
    Jx2—You should change your name to Sybil.

    The thing about these trolls is, they never know when to quit.

  46. Nicki says

    CTBmom ~I am sorry about that, and thank you for seeing what Sybil had to do to make it seem like even anyone agreed with her. Sorry, but now you have been labeled by Sybil with a fifth grader made up name. It is so stupid, but everyone, even those who try to ignore her, have been “tagged” by her. It is a childess way for her (or one of the alters) to try to strike out. (She has nothing else except made up “half” quotes and lies.)
    Her nonsense has been ongoing, and some tolerate it, but the others just ignore it.
    The talking to herself in a 13 minute span was too much for me to ignore. It made me LMFAO.
    Just ignore her childess made-up names and she will leave you alone. She thrives on attention. (or one of the 5 or 6 do, but all the same).

  47. Fly On The Wall says

    84. Jx2 | February 25th, 2008 at 8:00 pm
    In my world – two offspring is too much!!

    In your world, zero offspring would be perfect, and your parents should have taken that into consideration before having you. It would have been one less pimple on the butt of humanity.

  48. Jx2 says

    hmm…I wonder what CTB stands for ??? as in CTB mom –
    let me guess now…C*unt, Ti*ts, B*utt??? LOL you asked for it my precious!!

  49. Jx2 says

    In my world – two offspring is too much!! I love dogs however and i would like two !! LOL he he he

  50. nicola says

    Since when did having five kids become “too much?” Haven’t any of your heard of the couple that has seventeen and is counting on having more? That could be considered too much…

  51. carleigh says

    Who are we to say what is right/not right for these two??? They make their own money, are both free adults and can do whatever they choose to do….last time I checked they weren’t trolling websites trying to garner statistics on the popular opinion was.

    She has adopted and has biological children…..she wanted them, chose them, and loves them all equally. If Brad didn’t love them he wouldn’t have adopted them, he is there by choice and nobody has brainwashed him or stuck a gun to his head.

    He is happy, she is happy and they have the love, time and money to devote to having as big of a family as they want to have.

    To anyone who is a mother… there not enough love to go around for all your kids??? Since when does one worry about “not” having enough love???? Love is free to give and is in great supply for anyone who is a parent…to the haters…find something else to whine about cause they are still together even after 3 years, like it or not.

  52. Tia :) says

    To all of you who are b*itching about this family, GET LOST! Are you jealous that she and Brad are happy and expecting another baby? I dont understand where all of you get off!! She’s only having biological children to keep Brad around?!? Give me a freaking break!! That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard!!

    Mandy, You are getting all of these different stories because of the media. If you dont know that ,then yeah…It’s only obvious that the paps are obsessed with this family, and lies are easily formed. If you believe in half of that crap, then you are just as bad.

  53. oriana says

    Brad is still good looking even though he is looking older. He isn’t aging that well like George Clooney is. He looks very handsome and distinguished, they kept talking about how debonair he looks last night at the Oscars. Brad reminds me of the Dad in The Brady Bunch with those pants on, all he needs is curly hair! Ha!

    I myself don’t find anything hateful about someone stating Angie finding the little adopted ones. They were FOUND and CHOSEN, what is wrong with that? She wanted them and she loves them. I don’t see anything negative or bad in saying that.

    I found my little OZZY (yes, I know there is no comparison between a Pet and a Child but he is like a child to me) and I chose him and cherish him, I don’t see the big deal in saying that? I don’t think it was said with malice, or at least hope not. I do see several more adopted kids down the way, I say at least three more and they will all be wonderfully taken care of.

    I really wish Christina was still with us!

  54. CTBmom says


    I shouldn’t be commenting, but I have to say: I think you totally called that one, lol.

  55. Jx2 says

    Are you jealous Nicki!!??

    Perhaps you are the one with the split personality – I’ll call you “Hydra” – the 9-headed serpant from Greek mythology!!! Everytime one serpants head is cut off – another grows back in it’s place! LOL

  56. Nicki says

    Jx2—You should change your name to Sybil.
    Your going to have to do better than that if you want anyone to believe that in a matter of 13 minutes 4 fake names you just used all agreed with you. You also forgot to thank your other alter, Jessica. So that is 5 fake people all agreed with you in a matter of 13 minutes. Yeah right, LMFAO.

  57. Jx2 says

    thanks…thanks…thanks…Mandy…Kelly…you rock!!

    Liona – bingo – so true!!

    Yah Megan…hurray!!

  58. Leona says

    Awww Brad has lost his looks. I can see that now. SAD. Those kids are too many. Angie doesn’t seem to bond with the bio ones. Hope Brad has enough love to go around.

  59. Megan says

    Yaaaaaaaaay, she is now going to take that break. Good riddance to bad rubbish. I am just so tired of her.

  60. kelly says


    I am on your side, this biotch is a liar. She will compromise anything for the limelight. She is only having bio kids to keep Pitt around. He is in this for bio kids. She is in this for fame. So to keep him around she will go against her word. That said she has lied on so many occasions I have lost count.

  61. Jessica says

    Angelina is going to run out an dadopt a black child for Z if these are twins, that will amke the kids 7. Brad is going to wake up from the trnace he is in and wonder what hit him. His studio is in trouble. These two are not seeing very far.

  62. Mandy says

    She is a hypocrite and lies a lot.

    She doesn’t know how to use a computer but searches for news on the internet.

    She did not plan Shiloh, then she did.

    She would never sleep with a married man.

    She would take a year off work.

    She and Brad were not an item.

    She would never have biological kids- three so far

    She is as fake as they come. I don’t for one moment buy her do gooding acts. She looks much better than she has looked in ages, I saw pictures of her last week on x17 and she looked worse than Brad if that is possible. I guess it is the make up. She always wants to upstage every one and I am sure it was her intention this time. I am glad she id not get an oscar nod so we didn’t not have to put up with her vile presence.

    The ponly reason am glad she is pregnant is because her career now is virtually over. 6 kids are too many in three years when you are putting up with all the publicity these two have. They may afford it now but for how long? They will have to give up their life style. Brad’s days of good roles are over. He is aging and moreover not very well. She is not going to be working for sometime, by the time she is back, there will be no good roles for her too. Every one in LA hates her too. So I see a rocky patch ahead for these two. The smile end after this ‘show’ since it is what Angelina thrives upon.

  63. Kelli says

    I guess I’m happy for them although I do wish they would slow down a bit so that the adopted ones can acclimate more and feel secure about their place in the family. I see poor Pax having some issues later.

    That said, I do wonder if having another bio child – in addition to the wonderfulness of it all – is also to dilute the world’s view of Shiloh as their only REAL child and the heir apparent. Conspicuous as she is as the only Caucasian blonde with her daddy’s face. I think if there are many kids running around with no one child standing out as different, people will be less inclined to focus in on the one. That said, I think Princess Z (she may not be their bio kid and she may not look like her siblings, but can we not see that she is spoiled rotten? LOL) needs somebody else who resembles her too.

  64. CTBmom says

    In case you’re lurking. What do you mean by “What I don’t like is how people who cannot have children decide to adopt” Okay, so only people who can physically have children should adopt? But people who are unable to have children, like myself, should not be able to adopt children? That makes no sense. Would I have adopted if I had been able to have children….maybe, maybe not. I can’t say, as I have known since I was a teenager that I would never be able to have biological children. But I can honestly say, that I don’t feel sorry for myself in the least. Because of a selfless young woman, who chose what she felt was best for her baby, I am the mother of one terrific kid who has given me so much joy over the last 10 years. I am not a perfect mom, but I always try to be the best mom I can be. I’m sorry, I just don’t understand your logic.

  65. Granny says

    My daughter and son’in-law didn’t plan on any children. 13 years later – suprise!!! A son. And they are happy. But now they are trying to adopt becuase they can not have any more.

    They are not hypocrites but a couple who were pleasantly suprised to find that parenthood does work for them. And they don’t care if it is by blood or adoption.

    So maybe AJ discovered to her suprise that having natural children was as meaningful to her as adopting. She has proven she doesn’t need a man to adopt. Afterall, she could abort or even opt for sterilization if she didn’t want anymore. And BP can leave any time he wants, but he hasn’t. So another child must suit him also.

  66. Jx2 says

    AT&T – YOU are the silly one ! Are you sure you aren’t Edith Bunker -Archie Bunker’s wife from the 1970’s sitcom “All in the Family” becasue you sure sound like a dingbat!!!

    Nicki-lodeon – you are a hemmorhoid up my butt!!

  67. Nicki says

    LMFAO!!!! Al&J, Can you picture it…………Arrrgh, arms flailing, sweeping everything off the desk then pounding away at the keyboard until fingers are bleeding. Talk about a meltdown. I hope someone doesn’t have aneurysm.

  68. Al&J says

    LOL. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again some posters are so silly.
    My lordy, talk about throwing the ultimate temper tantrum. Jx2 are you sure you’re not really Suri Cruise?

  69. Jx2 says

    To all of the like-minded people above who commented on my statements…take a hike!

    I absolutely despise it when people are so vehement about choosing one lifestyle for themselves and then at the drop of a hat suddely change overnight…because it is convenient for them!! Live changes – SURE!! – but getting pregnant and adopting does not happen unless you choose fore it to happen.

    AJ is a hypocrite!!! Grab a dictionary you ding a lings!!
    You people are clueless and are talking out of your arses!!

    Sara Lee Pound Cake – you have no business telling ME how I should behave and how I should think …this is an open forum where anyone can make comments whether you like it or not …you are coming across as a dictator and I really do not care what your opinion is of me.

    AJ goes live on public TV and spews out utter rubbish for the past 5 years and then she meets BP…flavour of the month (or year), starts having tonnes of kids with him and next thing you know she’s on the righteous path to heaven and salvation…Santa Angelina!! AJ said that Shiloh had her parents to look at for identity so there is no reason for them to have another bio child…they should have adopted another African sibling for Z!

    Give me a BREAK!!!!
    Angelina Jolie is a hypocrite and I’m fed up with HER and with YOU LADIES!!!

    And for the Chrissy the Brangelina expert…you are insane!!!
    There is no logic to this madness…it’s just two Hollywood celebs having children and adopting willy-nilly!!! There is no theory or pattern…it’s just stupidity!!!

    p.s. just because Brad is 44 yrs old does not make his biological clock tick…it’s totally different with men – they can have children up until their 70s…so don’t worry about him!!

  70. LadyOne says

    What I don’t like is how people who cannot have children decide to adopt. Couples who ARE able to conceive, are not even thinking about the poor orphans waiting to be adopted. And in my opinion, celebrities only do it as publicity stunts nothing more. Thank you and goodnight.

  71. Liza says

    People are entitled to changing their minds, people are entitled to having life experiences change their future plans.

    I have a friend who had no maternal instincts and never wanted any children, biological or adopted. She got pregnant by accident, and now loves being a mom to her little girl. She is expecting no. 2 in a few months, the result of a planned pregnancy.

    Is she a hypocrite? No, her experiences changed her mind, they changed her feelings.

    If Angelina was criticizing others for having biological children when there were so many other children in need to homes, but continued to have her own biological children, then yes, that would make her a hypocrite. But she has only ever spoken of her own experiences and her own feelings.

  72. Sara says

    “praised the virtues of adoption and said once that she wasn’ t planning on having children of her own…Angelina has said all these things – yet now she is preggers again…damn hypocrite – I do plan to adopt one day yet not right now ! Did I pass the test? Does that answer your question?!!”

    Praising adopting does not make a person obligated to adopt tons of children. She has already adopted 3.

    And your answer to my question shows that you entirely missed my point.. The point of my question was that until you have adopted (and personally lived through the experience, and begun to parent those children) you have no business lecturing other people about how many children they should adopt. Actually, you would have no business lecturing them ever after you have adopted, but if you had actually already gone through the process then your comments about AJ being a hypocrite might come across as a little less hollow. As it is now, you are simply coming across as a very immature person who has a lot of growing up to do.

  73. Sara says

    “So what does make someone a hypocrite??? Care to clarify because in my world a hypocrite is someone that says they would not do something, then they turn around and do that very same thing!!”

    It makes someone young. I had a lot of ideas about how I thought I wanted my life to be when I was young, and some of those things I still want and most of them I don’t.
    I have a lot more respect for people who have the guts to admit that they have changed their minds about something than for people who stubbornly dig in their heels and cling to some vision of their life that no longer fits just because you once thought that’s what you wanted (or in this case, didn’t want). So JX2, maybe you should do a little growing up before you start tossing the word hypocrite around so easily – life doesn’t always turn out the way you originally planned it.

  74. Chrissy says

    Allow me to correct the quotes: AJ stated that she would go on adopting and didn’t necessarily need to have biological children and she didn’t see that happening for herself considering there are so many children out there in need of homes. (Babara Walters special). – that was when she was SINGLE, several divorces under her belt, and found true unconditional love w/Maddox AND started as an Ambassador and saw how many children were in orphanages. ALL that would effect any SINGLE woman to be slightly cynical about finding love w/a man and realizing she doesn’t need it to have children.

    Now she has found love w/BP. Together they started a family and BOTH have said they want to have children while they are both young (BP is 44 so yes, there is a slight speed button being pushed).

    I will bank money on the fact that they will adopt again next. It’s simple math people: have a baby, adopt, have a baby, adopt… get it? NOT that complicated. They are trying to create a bond with all the children so that there is no, he’s adopted, she’s a bio, so forth of a division – creating balance. They want a BIG family and clearly have a plan in how to create that.

  75. kim says

    #54…you nailed it…THAT is a mom…and i’ve done everything you listed and im so proud of that…now my question is brad and ang are in a relationship so obviously they are having sex…what if she got pregnant on accident like so many other couples? it does happen…either way, they are great parents. and i like what someone wrote on another post about how alot of woman get pregnant accidentally but when you adopt you know it is a wanted child.

  76. CTBmom says

    You posted that same comment on a previous thread, so it seems like you are wanting comments. I responded to you on the other thread, but in case you didn’t read it, I wanted to respond to you here. I am the mother of a 10 year-old boy that I adopted at birth. Yes, when you give birth to a child, you are technically a mother…..but just birthing a baby is only the beginning. What really makes a mom, is the middle of the night feedings, the kissing of a bumped head, cheering on their first steps, shedding a few tears on your baby’s first day of kindergarten, putting the dollar under their pillow when they lose their first tooth, sitting in the cold rain watching them play soccer, and camping out all night at City Circuit Thanksgiving Day to make sure you get that one hard to find item that really wanted for Christmas. These are things that a mom does, and it doesn’t matter that my son isn’t of my flesh. What is important, is that he is of my heart. I do have to say, that I am glad you realize that adoption isn’t for you….it isn’t for everyone, but it has been dream come true for me.

  77. Diana says

    Aliciasweet – I understand you have your opinions in regards to adopted children but may I just say that we have two friends that adopted a little girl because they could not conceive themselves because the guy had cancer at 14 and then again at 21. I think children are a major blessing and adoption is a beautiful thing and if it means that a child can have the chance of a loved and blessed life with a couple such as Angelina then that’s fabulous x Angelina looks stunning and really much better than when she was so thin 😉

  78. Fly On The Wall says

    44. Jx2 | February 24th, 2008 at 11:26 pm

    Life is a learning and growth process. Nobody stays the same as they were ten or twenty years ago. People change and grow. When Angelina was younger and unattached, she felt no need to have a biological child. When she fell in love with a man who wanted a biological child, she wanted to give him one. There is absolutely nothing “hypocritical” about that. Once she got pregnant, she found that she enjoyed the experience enough to do it again. How could she have known she enjoyed being pregnant before she ever got pregnant the first time?

  79. Fly On The Wall says

    37. daisy

    You’re absolutely right that adoption isn’t for everyone. What bothers me is calling an adopted child a “found” child, as if you just picked the child up off the street somewhere. It’s a very demeaning comment to call anyone a “found” child.

  80. barbra says

    i think that nothing lasts forever anyway and if these two make it then more power to them… u can see they clearly love each other and are family oriented….!! whats wrong wit that? as far asthem not staying together coz there in hollywood thats a load of bull …………there are some cuple s in hoolywood that DO last look at goldy hawn and kurt russell? and angie harmon and herhusband and kevin bacon and his wife…..jad and will smoth i coukd go on………..

  81. claudiazz says

    I agree with some of the other posters, she may have had biological children because Brad wanted them. She has also said that she wished to adopt two Asian children so that they had someone else in the family who looked like them. Perhaps she didn’t want Shiloh to feel “different” by being their only biological child. She now has two Asian children, two biological children and my guess will be that they will adopt another African baby next so Zahara has someone to identify with also. Kudos to them for giving a loving home and family to as many children as they can. Their adopted children came from very bleak circumstances and they seem to love their siblings and their parents! Who can condemn a loving family as opposed to the future these children faced before they were adopted.

  82. 2cents says

    JX2, live longer and you’ll find yourself a hypocrite too. For now, you’re entitled to your opinion and we are entitled to refute its. She has changed and for the better. I really don’t like those who claim to never change. How can one not change by life? Only if she/he hasn’t really lived the reality.

  83. Jx2 says

    #48 – AJ is entitled to do as she pleases and I am entitled to my opinion about her…I really do not care for her any longer…in my eyes she is a hypocrite – you can’t change my mind about that.

  84. carleigh says

    When Angelina spoke about adoption vs. having biological children, like was stated above she wasn’t in a relationship. It is perfectly OK for her to meet the love of her life, begin a family and to want to share the experiences of making a baby, carrying a life, and giving birth to the child of a man she loves… has nothing to do with her being a hypocrite, it’s called changing her mind.

    This doesn’t have any bearing on the love/devotion/commitment or relationships she has with her adopted children. Anyone can clearly see how she has changed over the past 3 years.

    She has love in her life, she’s happy and she’s making a family for herself, why do some many people think she is exempt from the desire to make (whether through adoption/bio) her own family??? Isn’t she entitled?? It’s her life….people really need to get a grip…damn!

  85. Jx2 says

    #43 – So what does make someone a hypocrite??? Care to clarify because in my world a hypocrite is someone that says they would not do something, then they turn around and do that very same thing!!

    If AJ said that she was having a bio child for Brad – then shouldn’t she stop at one (a) bio child?

    I’m sure that she cares for her Shiloh but there are times where in interviews she has said she is more protective of her adopted children…they have had a rough life compared to her bio child that was born into privilege…then she goes and becomes pregnant again…why!??? I find that so strange and contrary to what she has often been quoted as saying in the past!

    I still think she’s a hypocrite…! Is she also having this other child for Brad? Or has she changed her tune on that also ??

    Is her way of thinking comparable to ” I once hated eating spinach but then one day I tried it and now I really like it?”… I don’t think that having a biological child can be that easily dismissed as “Oh, I though I didn’t want my own child but now that I had one, I really liked it, so I want more of my own…!!

    Hypocrite – Hypocrite – Hypocrite!!

    How superficial!!

  86. Liza says

    It’s one thing to say adoption isn’t for you and that you don’t think you would be able to attach to an adopted child the same way as a biological child.

    It’s something entirely different to say that adopted children aren’t someone’s “real” children and that their parents just “found” them.

    When Angelina said she couldn’t see herself having any biological children, she wasn’t in a relationship. She has been quoted as saying that having a biological child was important to Brad, and that after getting pregnant, she found she really enjoyed the experience. People change over time and different experiences color feelings, it doesn’t make them hypocrites.

  87. Jx2 says

    Sara Lee desserts – I am not the one that has oodles of cash and who has – on live television – praised the virtues of adoption and said once that she wasn’ t planning on having children of her own…Angelina has said all these things – yet now she is preggers again…damn hypocrite – I do plan to adopt one day yet not right now ! Did I pass the test? Does that answer your question?!!

  88. Sara says

    “once upon a time she was interested in adoption…which I applauded her for but now that she has decided to have her own bio kids…”

    Deciding to have a bio kid does not mean that she doesn’t care about adoption anymore. She had a bio kid and then went on to adopt another child, so clearly adoption is still something that is important to her. Some people just feel like they are meant to have children both through adoption and by giving birth. It doesn’t have to be an either/or thing. She has already adopted 3 children and if she never adopts another kid after this, that alone would be a wonderful thing.

    And I’m just wondering Jx2, since you seem to think that Angelina is obligated to adopt all of her kids: How many kids have you adopted?

  89. Jx2 says

    tinkle 24-7
    First off, I do not watch TV shows so I do not know what on earth you are talking about!!!
    Secondly, yes, I am disappointed in Angelina for many reasons…once upon a time she was interested in adoption…which I applauded her for but now that she has decided to have her own bio kids…I’m not as impressed with her…turns out she is a hypocrite!! She advocates humanitarian rights which is great but what about all the children in orphanages she could potentially adopt??!!
    You should remove that kosher pickle from out of your arse because you seem way too offended for me clearly stating my opinion…I admire people who open their doors to children via adoption…just about anyone can have bio kids!!!

  90. tink1217 says

    aliciasweets, your comments bother me a bit. I am hoping you are just young and inexperienced. I appreciate the candidness, but the wording is so awful. My children from my first marriage were legally adopted by my 2nd husband and I am so thankful he doesn’t feel the same way you do about my kids as opposed to if we had a bio child. Whatever way children come to a couple they should be loved the same. I honestly hope you can someday have biological children. If you cannot have your own children,the only thing you can do is adopt…I guess you would remain childless then.

  91. Lizzie says

    First off,(IMO) Brad is still the sexiest man alive. I dont care for this Mr. Brady (from the Brady Bunch) look. It ages him way beyond his years. Angie is beautiful, as always. Love the preggie glow. They have both said they wanted their own “soccer team” so I guess they’ll stop after that has been completed. I seriously doubt having children is going to bankrupt them. Brad’s life is complete and he has said on several occassions that his life has meaning now. Go Brangelina!

  92. daisy says

    I think Aliciasweets85 was being very candid and honest about her feelings on adoption. I respect her for that. Adoption is not for everyone, which she clearly stated about herself. How is that hateful? Many people don’t feel like an adopted child is their own. My best friend wanted to adopt but her husband felt this very way. A few years later, he decided to go ahead and adopt and this little girl is the center of his universe – he couldn’t love her more. But prior to the time he was ready, he felt the same way Aliciasweets85 feels.

  93. daisy says

    Yeah, Brad is aging but so what. He is in his 40’s after all and should be aging. What is making him look so odd I think is the botox he must be getting. Someone said he looks like a wax figure and they were right on.

  94. Lauren says

    Wow, Brad is really aging. All those kids are catching up to him. LOL! Angelina looks a lot healthier now

  95. Fly On The Wall says

    #31. Aliciasweets85

    An adopted child is a “found” child? Good lord, that’s a hateful thing to say. An adopted child IS your “real” child, as much as a child that is born to you. You don’t make a distinction between your adopted children and your “natural” children. The late Bob Considine, a TV personality, used to say “I have four children; two are adopted. I forget which two”; meaning he loved them all alike. Brad Pitt is on record as saying his adopted children are as much his blood as if they had been born to him. Anyone who has adopted a child will tell you that an adopted child holds a very special place in your heart. You chose him to be yours, after all.

  96. dori says

    I have to admit they look genuinely happy all the time now and so how can you resist being happy for them?

  97. Aliciasweets85 says

    I am ONLY interested in seeing what these new kids will look like. I could care less where the family lives, how many others they adopt, what they wear, or who watches their movies. My fascination rests SOLEY on what the offspring of two beautiful people will look like. Shiloh was absolutely gorgeous at first, but she is funny looking now. So if Angie is having twins, I cant wait to see who they resemble more (brad or angie) and how Angie treats her three REAL kids as opposed to the ones she ‘found’…
    If i adopted, I am sorry, but I would always feel more for my bio kids. They are part of ME…those other ones wouldn’t seem as important in my eyes **shrug** oh well, guess that’s why I’ll never adopt! **haha**

  98. sara says

    For the comments on the “family size”….I live here in Utah where it is the “Mormon capital of the world”. Families here START at 5 and they don’t blink an eye at wanting 8 or more. Most don’t adopt either. This tends to be their religious belief (for some reason more will get them to heaven).
    I think if Brad and Ange can afford it and helping kids around the world is an awesome thing, then more power to them!

  99. Alex says

    Fly On The Wall shut up go away and stop having a go at me I don’t want any think to do with you just because you are a fan of Angelina’s doesn’t mean you can go from post to post picking on who ever you want

  100. phnxgirl says

    I think it is great that they are adopting and also having their own kids. They can totally afford it and they seem to have so much love to go around, so why not?? I have two kids and I guarantee that if I could afford more, I would have more kids. I love being a mom, and I guarantee that Angelina feels the same way. Brad just seems to ooze “great dad” to me. I am happy for them.

  101. ann says

    #19 Cory, Your opinion is very wrong, Angelina she is very talented and very sexy woman , she is only one person in the Hollywood gives 1/3 of all her movie proceeds, she is very young and kind and no one does this. We all should admire her instead of criticize her. you said this stuip woman who is stuip I thank it you.

  102. Fly On The Wall says

    20. Alex | February 24th, 2008 at 3:56 pm

    Who are you to tell people to shut up? You said you have the right to say anything you want. Do you think the privilege only belongs to you?

    23. Al&J | February 24th, 2008 at 4:11 pm

    ITA about Brad’s outfit. The guy is beyond fine, but that 70’s look gotta go.

    (OTOH, let’s be glad it wasn’t worse… at least he didn’t walk in there wearing a polyester jump suit and platform shoes with goldfish in the heels.)

  103. Alex says

    why are you all attacking me I couldn’t care less if Brad & Angelina have more kids that’s up to them but for god sake back off I aint the only one who has said about her having more kids that’s up to them if they do I don’t think Angelina is going to look on this blog and read my comment and say omg Alex said we have to stop having kids no I don’t think so that’s never going to happen so for all of you who are having a go at me I think you all should grow up

  104. tink1217 says

    wow, amazing people you have never met and you have to comment on their choice of family size and whether they need to have more children? But you would probably applaud that show John & Kate plus 8 or the McCaughey family and their septuplets plus their first born daughter. THAT is probably ok to you. And, whomever said they were disappointed that Angelina didn’t “only adopt” is a moron. So, those who adopt are ONLY allowed to adopt??? grow up and get a life!

  105. Al&J says

    LOL @ Alex being told by Fly on the Wall that she is flaunting her stupidity all over cyberspace. Sorry I found that funny but it was a good one.

    Carleigh – Yes. It is a bag of popcorn. The ISA’s gave them out yesterday. The camera men on the red carpet were also eating popcorn. I’m unsure why..but I think it goes along with the type of vibe and laid back atomsphere of this event.

    I still don’t like Brad’s outfit (and I will shut up about it after this) but he is still incredibly good looking. He might look a little older, rounder, aged and tired but this is the life that he has wanted. I doubt he is at home crying about the loss of his youthful looks…rather he seems to be incredibly happy because he now has a family and is well on his way to achieving that ‘large’ family he has spoken a lot about.

  106. 2teens says

    Yep, that’s popcorn. She must be eating for three.
    I think Brad is hotter now than he was when he was younger. His 70’s look is a little odd though.

  107. Jx2 says

    #21 – it does look a lot like she is carrying popcorn…I do that too when I go to the movies…I bring popcorn from home…otherwise it costs an arm and a leg to get popcorn at the cinema – paying for the movie is expensive enough without the added cost of snacks.

  108. Cory says

    I can’t believe this stupid woman is going to have six childre. It will leave them banrupt. Now she will have to take time off. No one was watchingher movies anyway.

  109. carleigh says

    Angie looks great and Brad looks good too, I just think he needs to rethink his 70’s wardrobe. He would look much better in a suit all one color and a muted color shirt underneath, either unbuttoned or with a tie…this look just does nothing for him. I still find him YUMMY though!!

    I am just wondering in that second picture it sure looks to me like Angie is carrying two bags of microwave popcorn????? Is it just me or do other people think it is too?

  110. Tia :) says

    im sorry…i dont understand where you guys say that he looks sooo old. The man is 44 yrd old and is still sexy as hell to me!!

  111. Fly On The Wall says

    11. Alex

    Of course you can. If you want to flaunt your stupidity to everyone in cyberspace, by all means be my guest. Don’t let anyone stop you.

  112. Fly On The Wall says

    I can’t stop laughing at all the dumb comments about how “old” Brad looks. He’s middle-aged, people! He’s 44 years old. Did you expect him to keep on looking the way he did in “Thelma and Louise”? He wasn’t even 30 when he made that film. For a guy his age he looks damn good.

  113. Alex says

    Fly On The Wall I don’t need your opinion on my comment thank you very much I can say what ever I want

  114. Fly On The Wall says

    #2. Alex | February 24th, 2008 at 1:30 pm
    when is this woman going to stop

    When they are damn good and ready. They certainly won’t be asking your opinion about when it’s time for them to stop.

  115. Dobe says

    When will these two stop having/adopting children?? Its just getting ridiculous now!! You KNOW that they wont stay together forever, its Hollywood!! They are bound to split up sooner or later. What will they do with their litter of kids then???

  116. Jx2 says

    The Jolie-Pitt family have a HUGE carbon footprint…will they ever stop having children??!! Added to that, the excessive plane traveling that they do (#1 culprit for carbon emissions in the atmosphere)…whatever happened to her desire to ONLY adopt? I used to admire her but now…I’m losing interest and I don’t really think very highly of her…she is selfish and Brad reminds be of a robot (the six-million dollar man – Lee Majors wannabe)

  117. lily says

    She is one of the most beautiful woman in the world, very sexy and talented. Brad made good choice with Angelina his life is more rewarding and fulfilling.

  118. ann says

    Brad and Angelina are a perfit fit. They look so happy and lovely. We love this family . It is a good news. They made good and pretty baby.

  119. tink1217 says

    how the heck do celebrities walk in high heels whilst pregnant??? Somebody tell me! I couldn’t at all when I was PG! My center of gravity and balance was so completely off I would have fallen on my face!! I gotta give these ladies credit! My behind would be in flats all the time. Ang looks amazing!

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