Angelina Jolie Finally Shows Off Her Expectant Form!

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie finally proudly debuted her expectant form on Saturday! (No more loose and flowy gowns or discreet belted trenchcoats) Though she still hasn’t officially confirmed her pregnancy, Angelina sported a revealing black gown – showing off her expectant form – while posing with Brad Pitt on the blue carpet at the Film Independent Spirit Awards!

She looks great!



  1. Alex says

    Kimora, Kariah, and Kajanae’s Mommy I am also I fan of your blog and I do enjoy reading about you and your family, as for the comments made by not another teen mother-puleez! are absolutely terrible and sickening to think that their is someone in this world who thinks like that

  2. charmed 7 says

    They both love children, so why have a soccer team.
    When you have money like Brad and Angie why not
    share the love.

  3. Fly On The Wall says

    75. Liza | February 24th, 2008 at 11:14 pm

    Liza, if Aniston really wanted children, then why in the world did she sign on to do four movies in a row after “Friends”? When did she plan on starting a family — maybe in 2015? She might have given some thought to the fact that Brad was no longer young and didn’t want to wait till he was in his 50s to start a family.

  4. Zbella says

    Wow. I can’t believe my eyes! I thought she was pregnant, but not this far along! I’m so happy for them. Ange is one of my very favorites – along with her beautiful children. Brad looks so silly in some of the pictures, but I wouldn’t kick him out of bed. 😉

  5. oriana says

    DMITZ, I have been to Disneyland in Anahiem many times and I have heard Disney World is the best! I think you would have a fantastic time down there! It will be worth the wait. As for me, don’t have any major trips planned this year. Next year will be the biggie, my sister has never been to Hawaii and I haven’t been since 2000 so it will be nice. Haven’t been since I had my leg amputated so it will definitely be different! Love Pineapple and Coconut too, they have the best Coconut cake over there I have ever had.

    I want to go to Ky and Nashville this Fall, in Sept, but will see how the weather is and how my health is, I stay so tired all the time, a long trip drains me of my energy, but no place like home! My brother wants to drag me to the Smokies to Gatlinburg every time I go home and it is a four hour drive from Bowling Green, I do love it but I need to rest a couple of days after I fly. I wish I could go to Texas!!!!!

  6. carleigh says

    I certainly don’t know why some comments are moderated and then some of the vile one’s aren’t. It doesn’t make any sense to me either.

  7. .... says

    I know why mine was moderated it was because I talked about marriage. Something this couple doesn’t believe in for obvious reasons. Oh well Freedom of Speech no longer!

  8. carleigh says

    No worries Kx3’s Momma….people like this person need to realize that it’s people like them that make this world a harsh, horrible, dark and nasty place.

    I would say to anyone who would make such comments just one thing…….about race:

    We are ALL of the same race….the HUMAN RACE!!!!!

    I’m glad that you had a healthy baby and I enjoy reading your blogs, I wish I had the time to do….it’s nice to read about your lil kids and the sweet stories, thank you for sharing with us all.

    Number 104…I believe it. I’ve made some long winded comments that post immediately and then I make some that are one or two sentences long and they get moderated…go figure.

  9. Nicki says

    dori~ That is one of the best poems I have ever heard my sis-in-law read to my 2 nephews. It is absouletly beautiful. Thank-you for reminding me of it. I shall post it again.

    Not flesh of my flesh
    Nor bone of my bone
    But miraculously my own.
    Never forget, even for a minute
    You weren’t born under my heart,
    But in it.


  10. says

    Thanks Carleigh, Jenna, and Nicki. Fighting my battles here while I’m gone and busy…you guys are the best! 🙂

    Dori- thank you for sharing that. My mother would recite a similar sage if my siblings and I were lamenting not being biologically related to her and my daddy.

    “not another teen mother”- you haters are par for the course when I happen to be leading a life in which I would change NOTHING. Seriously, I don’t blame you for being so jealous.

  11. Nicki says

    96. –You are from the bowels of hell and should return to there imediately. If they have already kicked you out then please return to the nearest septic tank and remain forever… You are a disgrace.

  12. .... says

    carleigh no kidding. My comment is awaiting moderation. No name calling, no swearing, nothing bad and people like that get to speak. Sad

  13. dori says

    Not flesh of my flesh
    Nor bone of my bone
    But miraculously my own.
    Never forget, even for a minute
    You weren’t born under my heart,
    But in it.
    This is an adoptive mothers prayer…I am adoptive parent and no one I have ever met in my life has made such a statement as #69. You should not only never adopt but I ever question your ability to be a loving mother .You are completely self centered

  14. Tia :) says

    Rijay, we dont know the whole story, so there is no need to say ” she should feel what Jen felt” Jen and Brad wanted different things. He wanted children, her..not so much. That marriage was over a long time ago.They have moved on which is why i cannot understand why the media hasnt.

    These two are a lovely couple…such a beautiful family! I cant wait to see the new baby!

  15. Rijay says

    I agree with the poster who wrote “once a cheater, always a cheater”. But in this case, these two both cheated. And I hope Brad cheats on Angelina so that she gets a taste of how Jen felt. And she never apologized; just claimed they did nothing wrong. Shameless.

  16. Jenna M. (UK) says

    #95, its sad that there are so many ignorant people like you left in the world. If you don’t like K&K&K’s Mommy then don’t read her blog! It is as simple as that! I for one definitely enjoy reading it and know many others do too. Also, K&K&K’s Mommy is a pretty clever woman, I’m sure she couldn’t care less about you and your redneck opinions!

  17. carleigh says

    Wow, to the poster “not another teen mother”……your comments are offensive, out-of-line and totally inappropriate! It’s sad and sickening that people like you are allowed to own a computer and are just barely intelligent enough to form a complete sentence…..get a life!

    To Leona, this child is wanted and certainly will not break them. They are old enough and knowledgeable enough to decide what and what they aren’t ready for.

  18. Leona says

    This child is going to break them. She seems emotionally insecure about Brad. She is doing all this to get more famous. Well… like it or not, at 40, she will fade and she will be stuck with all these kids and an aging Brad Pitt who seems to fade every day. He is not aging well. But that is Karma.

    Any one happy like me that she will not be making more movies? Stay home and be earth mother to your blobs.

  19. not another teen mother-puleez! says

    TO KIMORA,KARIAH AND KAJANAE’S MOMMY–I followed the link to your blog and read all about your GHETTO FABULOUS LIFE!!! Can we say YEAH RIGHT!!

  20. Nicki says

    Kimora, Kariah, and Kajanae’s Mommy~ It was kind of a freak thing that happened and 2teens was very nice to let me know about it.
    Hope all is going well with you little darlings. Looking forward to reading your blog in a few. Take Care.

  21. Nicki says

    just saying… Believe it or not most here do speak it. For me it is like a puzzle that sometimes makes me dizzy if it too long a post. But I seem to be in the minority with this, as most seem to have no problem with dizziness and answer with clarity. (sometimes if you read a response the puzzle is solved.)

  22. Smc7679 says

    I think it is just GREAT that they love each other so much & not afraid to show it in public.
    As for stealing someones husband, can’t be done, not if they are truely in love and committed to each other & want to keep things togeather. No one can come along and take your husband or wife, if you truely LOVE each other and you TRUSTeach other.
    So I think that you need to lighten up on Angelina & leave them in peace. I would like to see more men as devoted as Brad is to Angelina & their kids & not afraid to show it.
    Been their, done that, 3 times.

  23. Jarry Hames says

    Angelina looks great! And she never called Shiloh a blob and I’m sure that she’s connecting with her own child. Come on people – go back and READ the article. Angelina didn’t take Jennifer’s husband. Brad Pitt is a grown man in his 40s. He left because the marriage was over. Let’s get real! If there was a marriage worth saving, they’d still be together.

  24. Diana says

    88… I am not sure saying that they bought the children that they have adopted seems very appropriate. Fair enough they may have the money to adopt these children but good for them . It is fabulous that they have given these beautiful children the chance of a loved and blessed life. Saying they were bought sounds very cold. But that’s just my opinion 😉

  25. .... says

    Once a cheater always a cheater. He cheated on Jen he will do it to AJ. They have about a 20% chance at a relationship being that it started out in infidelity anyways. AJ knows it as one of the reasons she doesn’t want to commit to the relationship other than buying more children.

  26. says

    whar has anniston got to do with this thread…why are people still bringing her name up with these two…her marriage or association with pitt is over asn as long as I ma concerned she is better off, because brad is just expereimenting as he goes along..

    Why write such foolish thing about her wanting children or not…both pitt and anniston have said that is not brad wanted children so desperately what was he waiting for all the ime he was with anniston..seems he also didnt want them then enought to work with this then partner about having kids!

    Why all th eblame on anniston who as long as I know she never cheated or walked out on her spouse..seem slike some are too happy to give kudos to cheaters in order to bash a woman who chose to honor her marriage vows..and be careful what you wish on others…if her owmb is so shrivelled up , what about yours..there are just somethings thaat are better left;ecially among fello women

  27. CTBmom says

    I am not always good with words, so after reading what I wrote, I wasn’t sure if it made sense. What I was trying to say was: I am well aware that I did not give birth to my son, but my heart doesn’t care where he came from. He is my son…period.

  28. CTBmom says

    I am an adoptive mom, and I at first I was furious at your narrow minded comments….but then I realized that at least you know that you are not the type of person who should ever adopt. However, do let me clarify something for you….I love my son with all my heart. He is my world. Sometimes when I check on him at night, I get tears in my eyes because I am overwhelmed at how much I love that kid. Obviously I know in my mind that I did not give birth to him….but my heart doesn’t have a clue.

  29. DMITZ says

    I agree w/you there Oriana on this:

    As far as Jennifer Anniston, I think that she is definitely not over Brad and it shows to me. I don’t believe her when she says she is ready for kids, I think she is prob a few steps closer since her dreams of a big movie star career have faded and I hope she does find happiness and peace of mind.

    Hugs to you! I hope you had a great weekend. They go by too fast! I’m in need of a vacation. I would like to take the family to Florida for a Disney vacation but I want to wait until my 21 month daughter is old enough to remember it. Any plans for this year?

  30. DMITZ says

    Well #81 I really wasn’t talking to you and def haven’t always agreed with you but I’ve bitten my tongue. Kindly do the same. 🙂 Thanks.

  31. says

    Aliciasweets85…people like you make my stomach churn….her REAL kids????? WTH??? Seriously, I could write so much more to you but you’re not even worth my time.

    DMITZ….I don’t think I was being disrespectful of others opinions, even though I was indeed one of the people who said neo-Aniston fans need to get over their obsession of the Brad, Angie, Jen triangle. I get so tired of Aniston coming into the conversation when Brad and Angie are with their kids, expecting another baby, etc. What I’M simply saying is that Aniston doesn’t even belong in the conversation any longer. So, “geez” yourself…that’s my opinion!!

  32. oriana says

    Big Pink Hugs to DMITZ and Al&J tonight! I really think that Angie and Brad are happy and could care less about what people think of them. I can see true joy when I see it and this couple has it in my opinion.

    As far as Jennifer Anniston, I think that she is definitely not over Brad and it shows to me. I don’t believe her when she says she is ready for kids, I think she is prob a few steps closer since her dreams of a big movie star career have faded and I hope she does find happiness and peace of mind.

    Angie does need to gain some more weight and she will, but she looks very healthy to me and is glowing.

    OH NIcki, I agree that she does look stunning and I hope you are having a nice weekend honey. It is still rainy and cold here! I am sorry to hear from Al&J about Christina, I enjoyed her so much. I hope she is able to read all the comments and not get offended.

    Well, back to the Oscars!

  33. just saying... says

    I think that everyone has a good point. I’m a huge fan of Angelina (always have been) but I do think she was a big part of why Pitt and Aniston aren’t together anymore. I don’t necessarily think DMITZ and others that made comments about it are hooked or can’t let it go. It’s a point they are trying to make.

    I also think that Angelina and Brad are sincerely happy. I think this is the 1st time Brad has felt “at home” and “complete” in life. I think he puts more into the relationship than Angelina b/c Brad appears to be a very passionate person. What I’ve always admired about Angelina is her being so independent and sure of what she wants in life and I just don’t see her settling down w/one person for the rest of her life. That’s what I love about her! She’s wild and doesn’t care what anyone thinks. I think every guy/girl she has been with admires that in her.

  34. DMITZ says

    Fly on the wall my posts aren’t fake sweetie. Let’s re-read what I wrote. I do think Angie looks great. I’m flattered that you’ve followed my posts for the “past year and a half” but I’ve only known about this site for MAYBE the last 8 months? If even that long. There’s a difference between my thinking Angie looks great than for me to gush on and on how much I “adore” this couple. I’m the type of person that will congratulate any pregnant woman. I don’t hate Angie dear. I don’t live celebs, I have a life outside this. So I’m happy that she wants to expand her family. But how I feel about a certain “fakeness” this couple gives off or for the reasons I think B&J split are my opinions. So while I’m flattered my opionions mean so much to me, they are my opinions.

    And that goes for anyone who says get over it. No one really knows why they split for any other couple for that matter. It’s all speculation and gossip that even I’ve put MY OPINION on. That’s my biggest IRK on this site – that one can’t have an opinion without you frequent posters thinking that anyone that has a different opnion is wrong.

    Geez. I highly respect Oriana and Tia and I don’t always agree with what they say (as they don’t with me) but I respect their opinions.

  35. Liza says

    Um, I didn’t say anything about sympathizing with Jennifer. I said it’s time to move on, but….

    I said that this idea that she didn’t want to have children isn’t true. The press made up the story that she didn’t want to have children and Aniston has taken the time to state the truth about it. She has stated repeatedly that she DOES want children, that she DID want children with Brad, but that it just didn’t happen while they were together. That lies with both of them, not just her.

    If their marriage fell apart, having children or not had nothing to do with it. It likely fell apart for numerous reasons, and one of them was clearly Angelina, but not the only one because relationships don’t rise and fall that easily.

    Only Brad knows how much happier and fulfilled he is with Angelina, although he does seem happy. Angelina seems happy. Jennifer seems happy. LET IT GO.

  36. lily says

    #71 Liza I don’t sympathize with Jennifer , four years of marriage with Brad and she can’t give him a family. Brad wanted kids and she is stupid not having any babies, She made a poor choice. I am so great that Brad with Angelina have a very happy family life, He made a good choice. His life with Angelina is more rewarding and fulfilling.

  37. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Angelina looks fantastic!

    #69, you sound like a very narrow-minded and ignorant person. I hope you are never allowed to adopt kids.

  38. Liza says

    I have long been a fan of Jennifer Aniston and will admit to being disappointed when the marriage fell apart. I think Brad left the marriage emotionally long before it was actually over and the reason was Angelina.

    Jennifer has never said she didn’t want children and has stated several times that she thought she would be pregnant within a few months of Friends being over.

    However, it happened over 3 years ago now. All parties involved have moved on and so should the fans.

  39. Aliciasweets85 says

    Angelina is beautiful, and I always read news/gossip articles with her in them.
    As far as these children are concerned…I am ONLY interested in seeing what these new kids will look like. I could care less where the family lives, how many others they adopt, what they wear, or who watches their movies. My fascination rests SOLEY on what the offspring of two beautiful people will look like. Shiloh was absolutely gorgeous at first, but she is funny looking now. So if Angie is having twins, I cant wait to see who they resemble more (brad or angie) and how Angie treats her three REAL kids as opposed to the ones she ‘found’…
    If i adopted, I am sorry, but I would always feel more for my bio kids. They are part of ME…those other ones wouldn’t seem as important in my eyes **shrug** oh well, guess that’s why I’ll never adopt! **haha**

  40. says

    Thanks 2teens! It’s good to hear from you again! You’re right; the nurturing instinct has always been part of my nature.

    2teens and Nicki, how do you have each others’ emails?

    I’m really excited about this new Jolie-Pitt baby! Sorry Aniston fans…Jennifer’s not in the picture anymore…no competition from her! I don’t approve of busting up marriages, but you all have to let it go; you weren’t personally involved.

  41. who cares says

    I wonder why people continue to speculate why Brad and Jen broke up. Many think its because like much of Hollywood – they did not choose to have a child before marriage or soon after. Maybe they wanted to spend time as a married couple for a while before bringing a child in the world. I am guessing that this was a topic that was discussed before marriage between Brad and Jen.

    In one article Jen stated that:

    Jennifer also confessed they split up because she knew Brad was cheating on her, not because she didn’t want to have babies.

    “That really annoyed me. I’ve never in my life said I don’t want children. I did and I do and I will. I would never give up that experience for a career. I want to have it all.”

    After all this, I don’t think that Jen and Brad were really meant to be. It appears that there values and morals are much different.

    I believe that Brad and Angelina are perfect together (for now) They appear to love all of their children very much. But something tells me that if been a lesbian, carried your ex husbands blood in a vile around your neck, and had a very long kiss with your bro, your probably not the kinda gal that will stay with one dude forever!

  42. ann says

    46&#53 Nicki , Thank you so much, you do a good job. We enjoy these pictures very much. We are just interested Angelina & Brad & Shiloh any news or any picture. Thank yoy again.

  43. Nicki says

    2teens~Thank-you so much sweetie. I emailed you back to say Thanks. I took your advice for this one. Please let me know if you see it again. I will do the same.
    Again, Thanks!

  44. 2teens says

    Kx3’s mama, I just read your blog about singing to your sister. It seems that you were a good mommy even before you became a real mommy. That was so sweet.

  45. 2teens says

    Nicki, check your email.

    I am so excited by Angelina’s pregnancy! She looks great and I love this couple. I am always interested in seeing what they and there kiddies are up to.
    I am wondering if Brad has been dressing so 70’s lately because of a movie role… to help him get into character.
    Re: Jen Aniston, the tabloids are doing this girl no service by all their ridiculous stories. I think it is very unlikely after all this time that she is pining for Brad Pitt. Or that there is any ill will from either party.

  46. tink1217 says

    Angelina looks radiant!!!! I am so happy for them. I am also sick of hearing about that stupid interview and the “Shiloh comments”. They were taken completely out of context. Some people just look for the worst in others no matter what, even if its not there.

  47. Tia :) says

    I think brad looks great ladies! I dont mind the pants at all.

    Wow wow wow!! Angie looks great!! Congrats to the happy couple!

  48. Nicki says

    Warning to all who hate Brads pants…….LOL…the first pic posted in #53, they look like a different pair of pants. You all thought they were bad, wait until you see that pic,LOL.

  49. Nicki says

    #51–Here is one more, with 30plus more off to the side. Click on any pic to make it larger.

    It is not photoshopped. There was live feed on the net with everyone arriving at the ISA. Brad and Angie were there and her bump was clearly visible. I am not aware of how anyone can photoshop live video.

    She looked great and very pregnant.

  50. Christina Squillante says

    Ladies, I think this is photoshopped. Are there other pictures from other angles? It looks like someone used the blur tool to pull her tummy out. I’ll believe it when I see more of it…

  51. AMJ says

    Brad looks ridiculous!! Hate the glasses, hate the pants..Angie looks too good for him! Looks like a boy to me.

  52. Cathi says

    wow. i am just surprised that they are having another biological child. i guess after shiloh, angie was so in love that she decided it was ok to have more biological children after all! it proves the point that having children changes your perspective on life. you think you know who you are? have a child…you’ll change your mind.

  53. Nicki says

    Al&J~ I am sad about Christina not posting here too. I didn’t realize she had said she wouldn’t. Maybe she will change her mind and come back. She had a wonderful way of seeing a situation. She will be missed.

    Congratulations to the Jolie-Pitts and thier newest addition(/additions?). They both look extremely happy.

  54. Nicki says

    She looks stunning. They both look so happy.
    Brads outfit looks like 1/2 of what he wore to the last awards show they attended.

    I liked it better with the matching vest and jacket. But he looks so happy. They both look great. So happy for them.

    oriana~no need to apologize. I do like that about you though, if you say something and it turns out different, you are the first to admit it. You are a sweetie.

    Eir~~I don’t think they are going to NO yet. Brad is shooting a movie in Austin TX starting early March. Maybe they will go to NO until then. I believe the film is expected to take 3 months to shoot. He may pop over to NO to check on MIR here and there, but I think the whole family will stay in Austin until the movie is done.

    I still can’t figure out why Jennifer Aniston is even brought up in Brad and Angies threads. It makes her seem pitiful. She has moved on. She has had a few lovers in the 3 years since. Let her be.

  55. Eir says

    Just so everyone here knows- anorexia/bulimia causes your upper and lower arm to be the same size. Hers are most obviously not, therefore she’s just naturally thin. If her body was eating away at itself the upper arm muscle would deteriorate at a much more rapid rate. She’s always been a thin woman, aging does change how one’s body is proportioned- much like pregnancy.

    Her stomach is pointy, which is leading me to believe twins. Although some women just naturally carry outward instead of up/downward, I’m not sure what she looked like with Shiloh anymore, so I can’t really recall. Not that her previous pregnancy means anything- most women don’t show well with their first, but after that they tend to balloon outward pretty fast.

    Either way, I’m excited. Angelina is my favorite actress, and I adore Brad as well.

    Does anyone happen to live in New Orleans, and have you seen them out and about? I’m curious to see them in a non-spotlight photo for once. 🙂

  56. Team Jolie says

    Her body has really regained it fullness since she gave birth to Shiloh. When I looked at the first picture, I thought her stomach was edited on there! I’m so happy for this family and I’m curious about the twin rumor……

  57. Sofimee says

    wow, her belly looks so pointy! it looks fake! i’m not saying it it fake, i’m sure it’s real! she’s still too skinny! i hope she’s eating and taking vitamins! LOL, Good luck to them!! i don’t think is twins though

  58. Missy says

    My BF saw these pics with me and both of our first reactions to the top pic was “ARE THOSE WAX FIGURES?!?!?!”

    Upon further inspection we discovered they were not wax figures and agreed she looks fabulous!

  59. Fly On The Wall says

    I wonder if they have said anything to Maddox yet? He seems to be a bright youngster, very observant, and he’s old enough to guess why mommy’s tummy is getting fat.

    Pax and Z have probably noticed something by now. Shiloh would be too little to understand yet.

  60. Dee says

    #19 Get a life. If Jen and Brad were happy I hardly think he could have been ‘stolen’. He wanted a family, she didn’t. So they broke up. Get over it and stop projecting your own inadequacies onto celebs!

  61. Al&J says

    Somewhat Off Topic- I’m really sad that Christina has decided to no longer post on this blog. I really enjoyed her posts as she was always dead on in her interpretations and gave wonderful insights. It was the sheer absurdity of some of comments and dare I say idiotic comments in regards to Angelina that drove her away but I do hope she rethinks her decision and decides to rejoin again.

  62. Al&J says

    Fly – I have a funny feeling that it is indeed twins this time around.

    LOL. Why in God’s name would Jennifer Aniston be jealous about this? Brad and Angelina have 4 children already…so what would make Jen jealous this time around. Absurd. Jennifer could settle down and have a family as well.
    So much unnecessary drama that many of you create. I think its high time you stop reading and believing every piece of gossip fed to you from tabloids.

    Anyway how wonderful is this! Congratulations to both of them. I had a hunch all along that she was pregnant and wasn’t trying to pull some big PR stunt as was suggested by some of the posters on here. One person in particular was very adamant about this being a ploy and I’m sure she is feeling very foolish and ridiculous right about now. I’m waiting to see what her comment will be now.
    Oh and just to make clear…Oriana I just read your comment and I wasn’t referring to you dear. How are you by the way?
    Angelina was always a beautiful woman but being pregnant and adding a little weight has made her look absolutely radiant.
    I have to agree Carleigh. I have no idea what Brad is wearing. His outfit looks like something out of the 70’s. He is usually the better dressed out of the pair when it comes to red carpet events but the last two red carpets I’ve seen him on…his attire has been disappointing.
    I think Angelina is a fantastic mother I always feel with new addition to their family a certain sense of joy for Brad. He has never hid his desire to have a large family and to see all of this unfolding for him brings a smile to my face. Seeing him interact with his children and gush about his family is just wonderful.

  63. Lisa says

    I am so happy for them… Brad is hot, looks like Robert Redford in these pics. They are a great couple and have a wonderful family. The best of luck to them… it must be so challenging to have any kind of normal family life with the press driving them nuts.

  64. Amanda says

    Personally Angie worries me, she writes people out of her life too easily. I mean if she wants such a big happily family why not give her children a chance to know thier gandfather? I simply don’t get it. I just hope she doesnt get bored with being a mom and go back to her old ways. Brad looks horrible and needs to ease off the makeup. LOL I loved him in Legends of the Fall but lately he just looks rough and unhappy. Angie is still way to thin. EAT WOMAN!!

  65. Daze says

    They are a very loving couple and terrific parents. I have seen many photos/clips of Angie being loving and close with Shiloh. They do a terrific job of spending quality time with all the kids. Angie looks beautiful and glowing. These “Team Anniston” people need to give up on it. They are doing nothing to spite Jennifer, it has nothing to do with Jennifer and everything to do with their family. If JA would have wanted kids with Brad, she would have had them. She is busy with her own life, she and Brad are just 2 very different people who wanted 2 very different things. They have gone their own ways and are doing what makes them happy. For Brad, that is a large family, and for Jen, it is her career sans family. Not all women are cracked up to be mothers or want to be. I applaud Angie for her choice, she does it so ethically. And Jen for her choice, she has chosen to remain childless. Maybe motherhood is not on her agenda.

  66. Fly On The Wall says

    I called you ridiculous, DMITZ, because you are ridiculous. You’re also a fraud. For all your fake congratulations to Brad and Angelina, you’ve been sniping at them on this web site for the past year and a half. Once and for all, get over it. They can do whatever they want in their life. If it was up to people like you, they couldn’t do squat through fear of upsetting poor little Jenny-poo. I can guarantee you neither one of them spares Aniston a thought, nor should they. It’s not their fault that after three years she hasn’t been able to hang onto a man for more than a month. Three years is a long time to hold a grudge. Let it go. They’ve moved on. So should you.

  67. daisy says

    I don’t much care for her but I’ll tell you – – it’s hard to not be happy for her seeing the joy in her face and that real smile. I think the loss of her mother probably really affected her. I wish them the best of luck. She looks stunning and even sweet in these pics.

  68. DMITZ says

    Fly, I didn’t say she’s making babies to spite Jennifer. I said she enjoys rubbing it in her face. I remember all those articles where she forbids Brad to have contact w/Jennifer and have read a few recent in the media (maybe fictional) but still I’m entitled to my own option. So why don’t you shut your mouth and stop calling me ridiculous. I said it was my OPINION.

    To others, I’m not complaing about their PDA. I’m saying they way their PDA looks to me. Why would I complain if they didn’t show love? Do you see Naomi and Liev swapping saliva at events? J-Lo and Marc? A friendly love pat, rub, hug, hand holding, smile, whispering yeah… I’m just saying about B&A.

    Geez, you guys always want to find the ONE person that has a different opinion and attack.

    Anyways… back to the pics… Angie looks pretty in the last pic. She usually looks serene or “fake” in a lot of pics (most of her pics remind me of her wax figure at Ripley’s Believe it or Not), but she looks gorgeous in the last pic here.

  69. Blair says

    Wow, I personally think its great and they seem to be wonderful parents. Plus their kids all seem so happy, well-adjusted and normal. So it’s wonderful….but they do move quickly, dont they?! I mean Shiloh is still so little! But then again, they have all the money in the world to hire the help they need. Although, i dont think they use a nanny, do they?

  70. Lauren says

    Wow, Angelina is all of a sudden showing. I do think she’s having twins. 6 kids under the age of 10?! Nuts! Brad really has aged a lot

  71. carleigh says

    There is nothing wrong with them being affectionate with one another in public. I’m sure those who complain now are the same one’s that would b*tch about the opposite if they didn’t show affection.

    They can’t please anyone with anything they do and thank goodness they don’t even try. It would drive them insane.

    I hardly think that B & A conceived this child to coincide with the event at which AJ would come face to face with JA. They want a large family, they are in love, they make each other happy and nobody can deny this by just looking at their pictures….those don’t lie!

  72. Mary says

    I have nothing against this couple really but to bring in another child when you’re hardly spending time with your biological child, whom you indignantly said was “born into privilege”… just doesn’t add up to me. Almost like she resents Shiloh for “being born into privilege”.
    She can say all she wants about equality but her actions say she shows favoritism to her adopted children.

    She can adopt a 1000 kids if she wants, but until I see her actually connecting and loving her flesh and blood, I can’t see her as a loving mom.

    (you can say what you will, as I expect, but this is just my opinion.)

  73. 2cents says

    It’s not necessary a concerted scheme to make out in public at all. Some people are just drawn to each other sexually and passionate people tend to show resulting affection where ever the urge arise. Angelina, I think, judging by her previous marriage w/ BBT, seems to be passionate. I am that way too and feel so drawn to my hubby that I want to touch him and kiss him often, and frequently in outing. He is too, and loves that I am the same way. Perhaps Brad is one too and the previous women in his life were not on the same page so he refrained.

    Anyway, happy for them.

  74. ME says

    Finaly a REAL confirmation!! YAY!!!!!!!
    P.S. Doesn`t Brad look like a wax figure in the 2nd pic??? LOL

  75. Fly On The Wall says

    #18 DMITZ: Oh honey, get real. Do you really think Angelina wastes a single moment thinking about Aniston? She couldn’t care less about Aniston one way or another. She certainly doesn’t make babies to spite Aniston! How ridiculous can you get?

  76. Sandra says

    I truly think she just revealed it to make Jennifer jealous. After all she kept it under wraps all this time and then when the one and only function comes along where Jennifer and Husband Stealer Angelina are together at she magically decides to reveal she is knocked up with another tax break for them.

  77. DMITZ says

    I don’t know, call me a cynic, but they don’t seem sincerely happy to me. I just see her as controlling and feeds off making Jennifer Aniston jealous by giving Brad something Jen never did/would/could? I know they both truly love all their children. I don’t take that from them.

    I keep seeing all these pics “Angelina and Brad’s make-out fest!” “Angelina and Brad were at so-and-so and couldn’t keep their hands off each other!” I mean they could do that in the privacy of their own home yet they get out to make a point to the public just how happy and hot for each other they really are. I dunno – JMO.

    She does look great – glowing and all. I wish them the best and if they have twins (which I think it is) wouldn’t that just be the icing on their cake?

  78. ann says

    It is so great to see Angelina and Bred have other baby, They are best parents in the world. His life is more rewarding and fulfilling. Angelina is most beautiful woman in the world. We love this family. We love to see their movies. They are the world’s best actor and actress.

  79. oriana says

    She looks good and is very beautiful. I think she is happy and it shows. My apologies to Nicki and everyone else! Have to swallow my words! I never thought she would have another biological child so I was dead wrong on that one! I think the baby will be healthy and I hope it is a boy if she isn’t carrying twins. Good luck to them!!!!

  80. sara says

    Yikes! She does look big….and didn’t she just get back from Iraq?? My hubby just returned with the Air Force and said it definitely is NOT a place for a pregnant woman at ANY stage……

  81. Fly On The Wall says

    To #4 Ines: In case you hadn’t noticed, she’s been wearing loose clothes and her trench coat unbelted for at least a month.

  82. Fly On The Wall says

    Her face has filled out — not to mention the rest of her — and she looks wonderful. Congratulations to the whole J-P family!

    Anybody wanna bet it’s twins this time?

  83. says

    why on earht does she have to confirm her pregnancy to anyone..she owes no one an expkanation

    In any case she looks like a skeleton with a bloated tummy..brad looks awaful

    Making thier break up even messier ahahha

  84. Jaxon says

    Wow! She went from hide-able to OUT THERE in minutes! That says twins to me. Congrats to the Jolie-Pitt family.

  85. carleigh says

    P.S. What in the hell is up with Brad wearing those damn golf pants??? Those are hideous and I don’t care if it is considered to be “high fashion”, those need to be burned. He looks like the teacher from the “Breakfast Club”.

  86. carleigh says

    She looks fantastic!! She is carrying a bit more weigh in her face and the rest of her is filling out quite nicely….I guess there is no denying it now…she appears to be pregnant. Congrats to them both and I can’t wait to see their latest offspring. I wonder if the buzz about twins is true?? She appears to be about 5-6 months along in my estimation, she’s very small so I just have to shake my head and wonder how in the world she kept this a secret for so long??? WOW!!!

  87. Jessie says

    I don’t think she looks that great. She looks better, but I think her arms are just skin and bones! I am happy for her, but I want her to get a little meat on her bones! She will look so much healthier! :] Congratulations to her, Brad and the kids though! I can’t wait to see what they name this one! :]

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