1. 2teens says

    I think the mother programed it to say KILL JAMES…..She is doing it for attention because she has what is called MUNCHHAUSEN SYNDROME BY PROXY………I feel so sorry for her and can feel her pain because I suffer from that too. She has recieved so much attention from this story and she is loving it. That is what these ladies seek with this terrible syndrome……………….It’s sad what a mother will do just for some attention………………..GOD HELP HER !!!!!!!!!!!!!! He helped me.

  2. oriana says

    #4 don’t you know that ELMO is PSYCHIC and knows our names and everything we do? I think this is funny as SH*T.

  3. Sandra says

    DMITZ No kidding huh. I just walked out of there telling my husband, that will kid will be very messed up when he is older. It is just so sad. I didn’t even think about CPS, I just wanted to get out of there with my own son so he didn’t hear them.

  4. DMITZ says

    Sandra – that’s awful. I would have reported them to someone, CPS or something. I would have taking down their license plate. No child deserves that!

  5. Sandra says

    Sydney the sound of money doesn’t bother people. Do you know I went to a restaurant tonight where 2 tables away from me I heard the lady tell this little boy and I mean little enough to still be in an infant carrier, to shut up and not only did she tell him to shut up but her husband said quote un quote “Shut the f___ up or I will kill you.” So no after hearing that tonight I put nothing past parents anymore even if it is sick.

  6. Sydney says

    Sandra, i dont think that the family purposly made the elmo doll to say “kill james.” Why would any parent want to let their little child hear that?

    very creepy =/

  7. Jx2 says

    LOL…I have to laugh…sorry!
    I can never understand what on earth Elmo says anyway. My nieces have Elmo toys and it is so hard to decipher his words…what ever happened to Oscar the Grouch, he was my favourite…not surprising, eh?

  8. Sandra says

    The Elmo is programmable. It hooks up to your PC via usb and you program it with your child’s name, birth date, favorite color, etc. I am willing to bet that the family didn’t just change out the batteries but programmed Elmo to say Kill James. People are so sick now a days trying to get money from everything.

  9. 2teens says

    The toy is supposed to learn the childs name… that is one of the selling points. But what it’s saying “kill james” is just plain creepy. I am thinking of the movie Child’s Play and I wouldn’t want that doll in my house!

  10. colleen says

    Is someone in the family responsible for this? What are the odds that the doll says the same name as the boy?

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