Minnie Driver Reportedly Pregnant & Expecting A Girl

Minnie Driver

Minnie Driver, 38,  is rumored to be expecting her first child. Page Six reported seeing her looking at her sonograms with a friend outside her doctor’s office on Crescent Avenue in LA earlier this week while on her cell phone to a boyfriend named Matthew. And someone at Crewcuts, the J.Crew store for children on Prince Street, reported, “Minnie came in and bought clothes for a baby girl and was overheard talking about her pregnancy and how she hasn’t been feeling well.”

There has not been any official confirmation of her baby joy….so we’ll see.



  1. Generic name says

    # 15..nicemom
    you’re calling me “hollywood robot”? anyway..why do u care about my comments..don’t u know that this is a free blog?!

  2. 2teens says

    She does have a different look, for sure. But it’s not a bad look in my opinion. I like her. Ever since I first saw her in Circle of Friends I thought she was talented.

  3. Zbella says

    Not pretty, but a good enough actress. She’s also in The Phantom of the Opera, which I love (she plays the annoying Italian Diva).

  4. ~ Catarina ~ says

    Many of you here are very unkind. Minnie cannot help how she looks ~ and I happen to think she is a very good actress! Congrats to her with her first baby, I believe she will be very happy and make a great mom.

  5. carleigh says

    She’s very strange looking…I have never been impressed with her acting, she’s kind of lame. I wish her a healthy pregnancy and a strong baby girl..but honestly I hope the baby looks like the father…I know fire away, it’s mean but I think she is truly funny looking and not in a Tori Spelling kinda way either, she’s just the epitome of homely.

    P.S. She is English.

  6. Ruby Jackson says

    Is she English? I first saw her in GWH and she didn’t have an accent, then I saw her in something else, and she had an English accent, which I thought she was affecting. But, someone said she’s from England, so now I’m confused…

  7. ANTI says

    I’ve always felt kind of sorry for her since the time she found out that Matt Damon had broken up with her when he announced it on the Oprah Winfrey show – OUCH. I wish her good health and happiness.

  8. Alexis says

    I don’t care for Minnie Driver. I don’t think she’s all that and she has been around the block more than a few times! She came out on Good Will Hunting, she dated Matt Damon, and I think she also dated Ben Affleck.

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