Katie Holmes At The 10th Annual Costume Designers Guild Awards

Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes, 29, was snapped (sans Tom Cruise) at the 10th Annual Costume Designers Guild Awards held at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel on February 19th.

Her stunning gown put to rest any rumors that she was expecting.

The rumors flew after it was revealed Katie’s assistant placed an order for six organic baby blankets in “petal pink” and “ocean blue” from website robbieadrian.com.

But a source close to Katie and Tom Cruise quickly shot down the gossip and said the actress is not pregnant, saying “hey, can’t a girl buy some baby clothes for friends?”

It is believed the gifts were for friend Jennifer Lopez who is due to give birth to twins this month.


  1. cherisse says

    It is the sleeves that makes it look bad if it was no strips or strips or a rap around the neck it would look perfect. But other then that it is the top of the dress it is the sleeves but i seen worse so it is ok.

  2. Shadow Girl says

    her, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen all look like little old ladies and it’s quite disconcerting… this the newest $cien spouse rage?

  3. tamboo says

    I’ll say this though, TOMKAT has the best looking baby out of all the celebrity babies that I have seen thus far.

  4. not another teen mother-puleez! says

    and there’s our Mia………right on time…….spewing forth ignorance and horrible spelling and grammar!!!!

    LMAO………sorry so predictable and I think we need to invest in a Mia translator for our blog ladies, what do you think????

    Mia, you need to go back to school and learn manners, spelling and grammar because YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Marie says

    This dress looks home-made. For a 30 year old she looks about 45-50 and not good at all. What was she thinking!

  6. Suzianne says

    Her posture is bad because she is taller than Tom and with high heels on she tends to slouch. Not good for her back. The dress is ugly and definitely matronly, but I love her haircut.

  7. dori says

    The style is not new either the fabrics(silk) and the gems around the color is very popular today eberyone is wearing that stlye but the sleeves on this dress are too much for her frame and with her bad posture the whole dress is just hanging on her. She usually has great fashion sense but she goofed here. And for 29 years old she should be wearing a younger look. Being married to an older man is making her old nefore her time. Put on your your blue jeans and T shirts girlfirend and enjoy your youth .

  8. dori says

    She’s very beautiful nut she has terrible posture so the dress looks terrible om her. Grey is also not her color. She is a winter and should stick with gem tones and brighten her look. She looks frumpy and old in these pics.

  9. pat says

    Katie is a beautiful woman, but I agree this dress is horrible. Hey we can’t get it right every time. Look and learn from this one Katie, hide this dress in the back of the closet!

  10. Liza says

    I think the reason her engagement ring is on her right hand is because of the size of her wedding band. It’s huge, takes up almost her entire finger!!

    I don’t think the dress is very flattering to her body, but it is very fashion forward.

    Her make-up always looks great!

  11. Suzianne says

    Curious! Why does she wear her engagement ring on her right hand? Is it a Scientologist/Scientology tradition!!!

  12. carleigh says

    I don’t know about this dress, the color and cut on her are just atrocious and Katie has had problems with slouchy posture before. Sometimes she stands straight as an arrow and clothes hang beautifully and sometimes she is a big hunched over and the angle is all bad. She usually makes impeccable choices in her clothing but this is just not one of them, she has a decent shape so you know if she can’t make this dress look good then the dress must be bad, bad, bad!!

  13. Abbe says

    #23..Sarah B…a mess would be Britney Spears. Perhaps Katie Holmes is a little different, but she’s obviously happen in life. In what way is she a mess?

  14. Eir says

    This dress is the latest fashion? Wtf? Are you SERIOUS? In no way does this look like anything anyone would be caught dead in that has taste.

    Sorry, I may not be a Gucci or Couture girl, but I definitely know ugly when I see it. 🙁

  15. Generic name says

    well there she goes again! the AMAZING! MAGICAL WOMAN!!!! LOL
    I don’t like gray color..and I don’t like her dress too! she looks old on this pic..hhmm..money does change everything huh?!

  16. carleigh says

    I usually like what Katie wears and think in general she dresses quite tasteful, though a bit older than her years, but this dress is awful! The color does nothing for her complexion and the cut does nothing for her body shape, it makes her look flat all over and the cut is just awful. Katie has a good shape and if she can’t pull this dress off then that’s saying a lot about the dress itself.

  17. D'Anna says

    I think she looks like Diane Keaton here.

    Wait, I think Diane is kinda cute, so I retract that.

    But she looks really old!

  18. Mary says

    She’s just so strange now. Her mannerism has completely changed and most of what she says makes no sense. You’d have to be a fairy yourself to understand her “magical” language.

  19. oriana says

    I think she is elegant looking. She is a very pretty young lady. I still find it hard to believe she thinks Suri is a billion years old and treats her like an adult! Ridiculous! Poor brainwashed Katie!

  20. sara says

    Her posture needs much improvement. I think all those idicate classes she’s attended since marring Tom have paid off.

  21. olive says

    Beautiful girl, beautiful dress. The hair suits her too. Those who are behind the fashion times should not advertise their ignorance on this blog.

  22. Kessy says

    Looooooooooooooooove this girl. She has style and she knows what suits her. It helps to have money though. Suri took her beauty from Katie. Tom is also handsome.

  23. Eir says

    I don’t really like this look for her. It makes her look rather old lady-like! It’s just too.. ick. 🙁

  24. Ileana says

    I love Kate Holmes and her family, but I don’t like this dress, she always looks very good, love her hair cut, god bless her family.

  25. candykane says

    There is absolutely nothing stunning about that dress. It looks old fashioned and makes her breast look saggy. This dress does nothing good for her

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