Elisabeth Hasselbeck Talks About Her Son & Her Workout Regime

Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Elisabeth Hasselbeck attended J.C. Penney’s launch of the American Living clothing line on Tuesday in NYC. At the event she told People magazine that her son Taylor Thomas, born just three months ago, “loves words that begin with the letter B,” and “I can’t come up with any more. I’m looking through the dictionary just to come up with new ‘B’ words. I’m like bubble, buffalo, bulldozer, bumble bee!”

Elisabeth, who attended the event with her husband Tim Hasselbeck, showed no sign of the baby weight.

“I’ve been working out like a crazy women!” she admitted. “Lots of hard work. I’m trying.”

Elisabeth – who also has her hands full with their 2-year-old daughter, Grace – said she never tires of the strenuous workouts. “That’s my vacation,” she explained. “Are you kidding? That’s the only time I get to myself. [My personal trainer] is like, you get to run six miles today. And I’m like, thank you!”

She also shared that Grace and Taylor are getting along great. “They get along. The first person she wants to see in the morning is him,” Hasselbeck said. “I will be holding his head up and he’s looking around admiring his big sister. Hopefully one day he can return the favor of all the headbutts she’s giving him.”



  1. sara says

    This person grates on my nerves….again, she acts like she’s the only one who’s had kids! Like she’s the center of the universe!!!

  2. Meg says

    Why would anyone care that she lost the baby weight. People do it all the time. Without personnal trainers

  3. oriana says

    Blah! Who cares? This is boring, why would the WM even post this for in the first place? Is this the best she could come up with?

  4. Sam says

    I can’t stand this woman but at least she is honest that it takes hard work to lose baby weight. I’m so tired of these celebrities who emerge with flat tummies and say it is just because they stayed in shape while pregnant. I don’t buy it!

  5. Beatrice G. says

    Who care what she does? There is more important things to read that somebody so mean like her (Rossie).

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