Angelina Takes Maddox To See The Spiderwick Chronicles

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie and Maddox, 6, shared a movie date in L.A. on Tuesday.

They caught the PG-rated adventure The Spiderwick Chronicles at the Arclight Hollywood movie theatre on Sunset Boulevard.

As they left theater, Angelina (who hid her baby bump in a beige trench coat) held Maddox’s hand as he walked on the edge of a water fountain.

It was the latest outing for the two.

On February 15th, they joined Brad, Pax, 4, Zahara, 3, and Shiloh, 21 months, as they hit the slopes in the ski-resort town of Mammoth, California. An expectant Angelina even went skiing!



  1. sxymlado says

    I love Angelina Jolie, and her family. She is an amazing woman… wish the world had more woman like her. Strong, ambitious, smart, beautiful & sexy, great mother, and I can keep going…

  2. HELLOBUDD says

    well i think tht she and Madoxx (cutie)
    should be left alone i neva got alone time with my mom
    and i wish i did!
    maybe the little munchin and his mum should get some quality time alone!

  3. mayra sanchez says



  4. says

    Hola Mayra!! Como estas? Espero que tu y tu familia esten bien! Estoy de acuerdo sobre Zahara…que personalidad!!!
    Si…Angie esta embarazada ya. Que buenas noticias!
    Tengo una pregunta…hablas ingles..o entiendes el ingles?
    Un abrazo a ti tambien!

  5. mayra sanchez says

    kimora,angie esta embarazada definitivamente,he visto unas fotos en una pagina de internet,en la alfombra azul de cine independiente y tendra unos 4 meses.
    espero que este embarazo no afecte a zahara,por que ella es muy posesiva,lo siento jenifer aniston

    un abrazoooooooooooooooooo

  6. mayra sanchez says

    HOLA,kimora que buen es saber de ti,espero que en tu familia todos se encuentren bien.
    sabes no me canso de ver el video es una familia hermosa,y zahara es toda una personalidad,le encanta como a toda chiquilla de su edad,estar con su padre para las actividades,y con mami para que la consientan,si te fijas en una ella quiere estar con su papi,pero en otra le pide a su mami que la tome en brazos.

    es una familia encantadora

  7. Deeds says

    If AJ & BJ don’t make it together. Brad wouldn’t go back to Jenn anymore than he’d go back to Gwen. They are so over.

  8. oriana says

    traveler, yes, they start them out very young and they love it. Me, not my cup of tea at all, not even when I was young, ice skating either! I lived in Kansas for five years and it is flat so I know what you mean. Loved it there too! I bet these kids, all of them, had a wonderful time in the Snow!

  9. traveler says


    I didn’t know kids could take skiing lessons that young. I guess you learn something new everyday. I live in the Midwest, so land here is flat. No skiing oportunities. I’ve never attempted snow skiing before, which would explain my lack of knowledge.

  10. oriana says

    I for one have never thought he would even consider going back to Jennifer, I think he is very happy with his life now and has been for a long time. Angie has his hooked and trained and he likes it. I did think he and Jen made a good couple, but I think she was selfish in her wants and needs, and she has lost out.

    Very happy for little Pax!!!!!!!

  11. Fly On The Wall says

    Angelina has never confirmed or denied the rumors she is pregnant — she’s simply ignored them, the way she has ignored everything the tabs print about her, and good for her. It’s none of anyone’s business but hers and Brad’s.

    Little Pax’s adoption was finalized today and he is officially a Jolie-Pitt. Angelina and Brad both went to court to finalize the adoption. I realize the haters’ heads are probably exploding at this news because it must represent the death of their hopes that Brad will leave his family and go back to Jennifer, but they can cry themselves to sleep one more night. They’re used to it by now.

    Completely off topic — congratulations to JLo and hubby for becoming the proud parents of twins born just after midnight Friday February 22. The girl weighed in at 5 lbs 7 oz and the boy at 6 lbs even. Both babies and mom are healthy and well.

  12. Zbella says

    BTW, I do believe she is pregnant. She has every right to keep it private or shout it from the roof-tops. Her body – her child – her choice. I believe, since she is not denying rumors, that they are true. And I hope so.

  13. oriana says

    Angie looks identical to her brother in these pictures, I think he is handsome too. Great pictures Nicki!!!!!!!

  14. oriana says

    Oh these are some of the cutest family pictures of any celebs I have ever seen enjoying family time! Thanks Nicki!

    Love Shiloh’s coat, my favorite is the one of Brad and Pax, they both are having a Blast and so happy! Love seeing that! As for Zahara showing her independence, yes, it does look like Angie is reaching for her hand, I can tell she doesn’t easily mind or pay attention to them. I think she is a spoiled brat that gets her way most of the time doing what she wants to do.

    These are all very nice pictures, guess the WM knew what she was talking about!

    No worries traveler, actually Zahara is old enough to start skiiing lessons, there are lots of three year old kids that start that early, I never had the inclination to learn how, too much of a chicken!!!!

  15. Nicki says

    I don’t think Shiloh was there when the boys had thier skiing/snowboarding lessons. I think it was the next day they brought the girls. I love Brad taking home videos even as Pax and Maddox are tubing down the slopes with him. Very cute.
    Your welcome everyone, CTBmom, lily, ann, traveler, and of course, Kimora, Kariah, and Kajanae’s Mommy. (I love little Zahara and her showing her independence.)

    CTBmom~Yes, your right, things have gotten very quite. It is quite amusing. The truth always has a way of coming through.

    If only the naysayers would realize the rag-mags only print the pics that make thier lies seem true (even if the pics are 3-4 years old) to get them to believe thier lying BS. But the truth always prevails in the end.

  16. Deeds says

    I don’t get it. I know AJ is “special” but woman all over the world get pregnant and have babies. Why can’t AJ say 1 way or the other? Sounds like she has an agenda.

  17. Liza says


    where they were skiiing is was in the mid-forties, so not that cold to have a kid out and bundled up in. also has pictures of the entire family.

  18. traveler says

    Thanks for the pics Nicki. Man, those kids are getting big. And they look like they were having a blast. I knew Brad Pitt was just a big kid at heart.

  19. traveler says


    Sorry, about that. Apparently, they had both girls with them. I just missed the pictures. Still, I don’t think I’d have my 2 and 3 year olds out in that kind of weather for very long. Hopefully, they weren’t out the whole time that Maddox and Pax were skiing. Since they’re both to young to really enjoy the activities, it makes no sense to expose them for long. But then again, that’s my parenting style and to each their own.

  20. ann says

    Thanks Nicki . It is so great to see Shiloh, She is so cute and so natural looking. She must be an Angel Evertime I see her picture it makes me so happy. Thanks again. Nicki you doing good job.

  21. CTBmom says

    Thanks Nicki!! I like Brad and Angelina, although I would not call myself a huge fan….but it just kills me how people want to attack them saying they don’t ever do anything with Shiloh. Yet when pictures are posted (like these you posted) showing her with them, it all of a sudden it gets quiet. There have been many pics of her out with them, but they are quickly forgotten. Thanks again for posting them. 🙂

  22. oriana says

    I wonder why the WM stated they were all on the slopes for? That is why I was wondering why Shiloh wasn’t in the pictures with the other three kids.

    traveler, apparently it did make sense for Brad and Angie to have ONE of the girls exposed to the frigid temperatures!

  23. CTBmom says

    I saw some pics (I believe on Just Jared ) a couple of days ago, of the whole family at the airport. They were from way far away so they were very blurry, but Brad was carrying Shiloh. If I was on a skiing trip, I don’t think I would have my 21 month old out in the cold weather very much. I think that is why it was just the 3 older kids you see in the skiing pics….JMO.

  24. oriana says

    HI NIcki, I would love to see the family pictures of all of them. I did see the ones of them with the boys and Brad carrying Zahara but missed the ones with Shiloh along. Thanks if you can direct me to them. Have a nice evening!

  25. oriana says

    traveler, I saw some pictures with them and Brad was carrying Zahara so apparently they didn’t mind having her with them. The webmistress is the one that stated they had Shiloh with them so that is why I said I must have missed those pictures. Maybe she was and was playing in the snow or something, but I did see Brad with Zahara in pink. I would think if they had her out on the snow they could have had Shiloh also, even if for 30 min. or so.

  26. traveler says


    From what I saw of the pictures, it was only Maddox and Pax on the slopes with their parents. Doesn’t surprise me as the girls are a little young for that activity. I doubt Shiloh can ski (she just learned to walk) and it’s not safe for the adults to be carrying her while on skis. No sense for the girls to be out exposed to the frigid temps when they can’t participate in the activities. I’m sure they’ll get their one on one time with mom and dad later.

  27. Nicki says

    oriana~Just Jared or Dlisted or some of the others had then a day or two ago. (Perez Hilton had them too, but the comment section is, it seems only for 9-16 yr olds, redundant, but a bit comicial). I tried to find a link but don’t have much time now, tomorrow I will if you hadn’t seen them. (you have to search the archives of each said site.) They aren’t the greatest pics, far away. Could really be anyone, but I do think it is them. JMO. Take care oriana.

  28. oriana says

    I like her raincoat. I think Maddox could sit thru that movie with no problem, he seems very bright to me. I think he is a very smart little boy.

    I must have missed the pictures of Shiloh with them when they hit the ski slopes, I saw all the other kids but not her. Where were those pictures at?

  29. Jenna M. (UK) says

    The WN should not be making comments implying Angelina is definitely pregnant when it hasn’t been confirmed (or is very obvious). She’s just feeding on speculation, its not a sign of good journalism at all.

  30. traveler says

    I wouldn’t even take my 6 year old niece to a movie. No way would she sit through the whole thing. She won’t sit through a half hour sitcom on tv. So, I completely understand why Angelina only took the older kid. I take my 9 year old niece to a lot more places with me than I do any of my other nieces and nephews. When they get older, they’ll get to come along.

    I love how everyone keeps talking about the “baby”, like it exists. They’ve never confirmed a pregnancy, so I’ll refrain from the baby talk.

  31. Eir says

    Probably because Maddox is the oldest, and therefore well-behaved in a theater?

    Do you take your 4 year-old to the movies? I don’t know any child that old that can sit still for an hour and a half..

  32. Granny says

    I took my 9 and 11 year old granddaughters to see that film this weekend. The 9 yr old hid in my lap and the 11 watched through her fingers.

    It would be a little intense for the younger kids. I was suprised because it was a kids film.

    All kids like 1 on 1 time with Mom without sharing. A movie is a good way to do it.

  33. ann says

    She is best the mom in the world, She is generous and talented and sexy. We love her and her family, We love Shiloh she is my favorite baby.

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