An Expectant Tori Spelling Out Shopping

Tori Spelling

An expectant Tori, 34, was snapped out shopping yesterday. She bought boxes of cereal for husband Dean McDermott and 11-month-old son Liam.



  1. Zoe, Zara and Gracie mae's mommy says

    Tori looks really good i wiah all the best to her and dean and little liam

  2. Heather Lynn says

    pregnancy really suits tori.. I wish her, dean, and little liam all the best of luck!! I can’t wait to see the new little one!! =)

  3. Sandy Blair says

    Hi Tori: I love your show, and my 13 yr. old grandson watched it with me last week and thought it was funny. If only your Dad was around to see the fine person you are. I hope your Mom also realizes what a great daughter, wife and Mom you are. Liam is cute and I like Dean. I wish he wouldn’t talk about money soo much.
    Take care

  4. Dana says

    I’m so happy for her. She’s lucky to have such a loving husband, a beautiful healthy son and one on the way.

  5. Zbella says

    Sorry, it’s beneath me, but (as always) the first thing that comes to mind when I see her is Warthog.

  6. pat says

    Tori looks great! She is so beautiful when she is expecting, (more than her normal) I wish her all the best. Can’t wait for the new baby!

  7. carleigh says

    Its good to see Tori, she is just adorable when she’s pregnant! Who cares if she’s not much to look at, once you watch her and see her personality and see how she dotes on Liam, she’s just hard not to fall in love with! I can’t wait to see the new baby and I too hope she has a lil girl this time! Congrats to her and Dean!

  8. Suzianne says

    What a bunch of rude people. Why jump on her and Dean when many marriages break up. They are a happy couple/good parents and deserve the benefit of the doubt. Tori acts as good as a lot of others who get more credits.
    They love each other and Dean is not dumb. Look in your mirrors and see if there is beauty there or plain jealous Janes! Find something good to do if that’s possible.

  9. Tam says

    She can’t act at all.. wth.. who would say she can act? lol…
    the only guy who ever hired her to act was her father!

    shes totally homely..

    good figure but homely!

  10. boo says

    Jealous Much??
    I Love her, she’s a great actress and a great Mom!!! I can’t wait til she gives birth to this baby! I wonder if she has picked out any names??

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