1. Kaylenio says

    Milla is so completely beautiful and so is the beautiful baby! Milla keep your baby “fat”…it is soooooooo perfect!@

  2. Kaylenio says

    Milla is so completely beautiful and so is the beautiful! Milla keep your baby “fat”…it is soooooooo perfect!@

  3. Nicki says

    Kimora, Kariah, and Kajanae’s Mommy~Thanks for the info about the CD, I will look for it at the mall this weekend.
    No I don’t mind you asking how old I am. I just wonder if I feel typing it out. LOL. I am a bit younger than oriana.
    OK here goes for the next 2 months I am still 48. LOL. Thats easier to type than- in 14 months I’ll be 50. I feel 30 so it’s all good. When people ask how old I am, most never believe I am in my 40’s let alone in my late 40’s, so thats another good thing.

    What a lucky girl Ciahnna is to have you as a big sis and to be part of your loving family. Beautiful song!

  4. says

    Jx2…as I mentioned above to Nicki, Chris Brown is a current R&B recording artist…he hails from VA and I believe he is 18 years old. He appeared in the OC and was in the movies Stomp the Yard (which also had NeYo) and This Christmas. He was on the Step Up soundtrack; also known for hits “Wall to Wall” and “Kiss Kiss”….I don’t know if any of that helps or not.. 🙂

  5. says

    Hey there, ever-faithful Nicki! Haha…Chris Brown is a current R&B artist; the album is called “Exclusive”. I’m pretty sure the only song that I’ve heard from that album is “With You”, the one that Jamal sang. So your era was before ’85? How old are you, if you don’t mind me asking? 🙂

    Yes, Jamal is a special one, for sure! Truly my soulmate and other half…my better half. Awww…Nicki…that’s so sweet that you had tears in your eyes. Once again, I really am delighted that you take an interest in me and my family. Be sure to let me know if you ever begin to blog!

  6. jordan says

    Heidi Klum: Britney Can Come Live in Our House
    A neighbor wants to help Britney Spears: Heidi Klum.

    The supermodel and Project Runway star, 34, says that her family would welcome Spears, 26, with open arms as the troubled singer seeks to reassemble her life.

    “She can call me and come live in our house with us for a couple of months. I would help set her straight,” Klum, who was born in Germany, tells broadcaster ARD in an interview set to air Monday in her native country, the Associated Press reports.

    “I am sorry when a young person gets thrown so off track. She has, of course, lived an extremely wild life,” adds Klum, according to an interview transcript.

    A Beverly Hills resident, like Spears, Klum is a mother of three (the children, two boys and a girl, are aged 1, 2 and 3) and married to the singer Seal.
    Klum believes that the pop star could benefit from being in her stable household.

    “I have never been as happy as I am today,” says Klum. “I have found the man of my life, and we have three great kids. They are all so different and fantastic that it

  7. Nicki says

    Kimora, Kariah, and Kajanae’s Mommy~I love your blog. I check it everyday, and yes I do understand your time in able to update. I apprieciate any and all updates your time allows.
    Please don’t ask me about any artist that hasn’t been around since 1985,LOL. I usually just listen to my ipod or my “old” CDs. I will look for Chris Brown. Is the name of the CD “With You”, or just one song? Let me know the CD name and I will get it. Much thanks.
    You are a lucky lady to have found a wonderful guy like Jamal. I have a wonderul guy myself, but he doesn’t sing or dance, but he does love me.
    Again tears in my eyes reading the words, couldn’t imagine them being sung to me. You two have something special. Lucky..

  8. Jx2 says

    Miss Website – get your act together…for someone that is apparently a celeb and has access to celebrity gossip – you certainly don’t get your stories very fast – do you?

    You should be quicker on your toes!

  9. Jx2 says

    Kx3 who is Chris Brown? Never heard of him.
    My husband is a hobby-ist musician so one year he took out his guitar and sang a Neil Young song to me while strumming…it was quite nice actually but he hasn’t done that since…which is okay because he isn’t such a great singer anyway LOL.

    Update…rumour has it that Jenni McCarthy is expecting with Jim Carrey and Nelly Furtado the Canadian singer is also rumoured to be expecting.

  10. jordan says

    aww Kimora, Kariah, and Kajanae’s Mommy what a fantastic valentine you had you have a wonderful habby all the best to you and your family.

  11. AEM says

    I’m not sure about what happened to the pics on this site from Christina BUT I know on another site that I work for they had to take down the pictures because of legal issues – apparently the pictures were put out to the public sooner than PEOPLE wanted – anyway, now since the magazine is out I’m sure they’ll be posting them again 😉

  12. says comment isn’t coming through. Take four.

    Hi Nicki! I’ve missed talking to you! You’re right, he IS very sweet. I’m so glad that you enjoy reading my blo*g. I know I’ve been remiss in writing updates, but I’m sure you know why! Have you ever heard Ch*ris Bro*wn’s With You?

  13. says comment isn’t coming through. Take three.

    Hi Nicki! I’ve missed talking to you! You’re right, he IS very sweet. I’m so glad that you enjoy reading my blog. I know I’ve been remiss in writing updates, but I’m sure you know why! Have you ever heard Ch*ris Bro*wn’s With You?

  14. says comment didn’t come through. Take two.

    Hi Nicki! I’ve missed talking to you! You’re right, he IS very sweet. I’m so glad that you enjoy reading my blog. I know I’ve been remiss in writing updates, but I’m sure you know why! Have you ever heard Chris Brown’s With You?

  15. Nicki says

    Kimora, Kariah, and Kajanae’s Mommy~What a wonderful Valentines Day you had. Jamal is very sweet. I had tears in my eyes just reading the song. Your a lucky lady!

  16. Mia-pocca says

    nothing bas meant but this woman re minds me of an albino “babe” (the movie with the little piggie)

  17. chinny says

    lol, Milla’s always guna be a sexy lady in my books 🙂 i mean, did you see the woman in resident evil?
    and now, i think being a mother just adds to who she is.
    oh, and cute baby 🙂

  18. anime says

    She looks really grumpy — probably still bummed out about gaining 80 lbs during her pregnancy. She has a few rolls to lose… Finally one celebrity that isn’t instantly skinny after baby.

  19. The Original Summer says

    Yes I believe they were boo, ah well if the webmistress wants to be a stroppy biatch, let her!! 😛

  20. boo says

    Nopers the most recent posts I see after refreshing the page twice are Milla, Valentina, X & J Valentines Day, Jessica Alba, MJH, Cheryl Hines,Katie Price etc.
    I believe the Family pics were supposed to be posted after Melissa Joan Harts thread weren’t they???

  21. boo says

    Ya you would think she would just maybe remove her comment and possibly remove everyone elses… and maybe just start fresh so to speak! They were Nice pics!

  22. boo says

    I just watched that link #14- Thanks for it, that was cute, she seems really happy and down to Earth!

  23. The Original Summer says

    Yep the pics are still showin here but when I click to read the comments it says ‘error page not found’…..strange eh?!

  24. Miranda says

    boo, yes I’m sure she did! Wouldn’t it be easier for her just to remove what she wrote and let the pictures be?

  25. boo says

    I can’t see any link at all to the X’-tina and family… she deleted it off completely did she not!
    Apparently she realized how offended some people got by her snarky remarks and removed it??

  26. Miranda says

    The Original Summer, you can? I really can’t, it’s not even there if i specifically click on the link for Christina Aguilera. So that’s really weird.

  27. Miranda says

    Excuse me, but why did WEBMISTRESS take away the pictures of Christina, Max and the dogs? She did the same with the pictures of Jen and Violet in the pet store. Now it’s kinda getting on my nerves.

  28. jana says

    Poor Milla, she looks as tired as I did when my baby was that little! She did drop the weight quickly, however, it looks like things have settled a bit as they unfortunately do. Her baby is cute!

  29. Jx2 says

    Her face managed to slim down quite a bit…You can tell though, that her waist is a bit thicker than her hips! I still think Milla is an attractive woman, with or without the glamour.

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