Michelle Williams' Last Interview Before Heath Ledger's Death

Michelle Williams

Before Heath Ledger’s tragic death last month, Michelle Williams sat down with British magazine Wonderland. The issue has just hit newsstands.

In the interview, Michelle, 27, briefly opens up about her split from Heath, as well as how daughter Matilda, 2, has changed her life.

Eerily, she also talks about shooting a movie, where she pays a woman grieving over the loss of her husband.


“When you’re in a relationship with somebody who is also a public personality then it doubles the attention from the media. When you minus that equation it’s just less enticing. That’s been a real bonus. It’s the plus side of the break-up for me. It was so pervading, it got bad there for a while. Every time I walk out of the door I still worry. That’s what is so silly about it: even if the paparazzi aren’t there, you wonder if they are. I’m not good at that stuff. I need to get better at it. It really used to affect me.”


“I feel like I didn’t have any relationship with my body before Matilda. Well, I did, but it was just a bad one. After having my daughter I can’t judge myself in the same way. My body has done this totally miraculous but utterly ordinary thing. The downside is that my vocabulary has shrunk to the size of a pea. Since having a kid I just don’t have the same access to the world. I don’t see as many shows, I don’t go to many movies and I hardly read any books anymore. I’m lucky to make it through a book a month. So you start to develop in a much more non-verbal way, which can be so frustrating. Also there’s been a lot going on in my personal life and part of me is… I don’t know. I shouldn’t talk about it but it’s like I’m re-emerging back into the world or something.”


“It’s not easy. Last April I was over in London doing a movie called Incendiary with Ewan McGregor. It’s about a woman grieving after losing her husband and son in a terrorist attack. It was a brutal role and arduous: six-day weeks, 14 hour-days. I was like the walking dead towards the end. Matilda would visit me everyday on-set for lunch and I’d race home to put her to bed. My only days off were Sundays and as much as I’d want to pass out, I’d try to take her out somewhere fun so she didn’t associate me with boredom. The only time that is really my own these days is after I’ve put her to bed and until I go to bed. That’s about two hours.”


“I don’t really have a concept of my 30s. Obviously so much has changed for me in the last few months that I don’t really have an idea of what my life is going to be. I thought I knew certain things and it turned out that I didn’t so I don’t really try and anticipate so much anymore. I’m not making any bets on the future. I feel like I’m just starting to catch up to my age. 27 years old sounds about right now. For a long time I didn’t really relate to my age because I was working so much when I was 16 and I had a child at 24. I always felt way too young for my situation. Now it’s starting to even out.”


“Sometimes I wonder but I’m very happy at home just reading a book or pottering about. I love domestic life. I’m really my mother’s daughter. I like needlepoint, folding laundry and baking bread. I can be happy doing that stuff for a long time. But right now the work is so good and the opportunities are so remarkable – they’re what I’ve always hoped for – that it’s hard to pass up. You always wonder how long the good roles will keep coming.”


“It’s a generalization but actors are either extroverts or introverts, it’s true. I’ve been thinking a lot recently about why I act because I think of myself as more of an introvert. I embarrass easily. I have such problems with people looking at me. So I think, ‘Why do I do this to myself? Why do I do something so public?’ But I never expected it to be this public. It does seem like a funny choice for somebody who doesn’t really like attention.”


“I was 16 when I started. It’s a strange record to have of those awkward years. It was a very important time for my personal development. When I came onto that show I didn’t have any taste or values. Doing that show gave me self-esteem and my work ethic. But, weirdly enough, it also gave me some privacy to develop my ideas about who I was as an actress and what I did and did not want to do.”


“Everybody wants to know that. No, I didn’t go because I was working on The Tourist. To be honest, we’re not really in touch.”



  1. Mia-pocca says

    See its only katie holmes who pretends she is touch with people who are not in touch with her…ahahhahahha…the cruises are showing their a-r-se-s..ahahha

  2. Malayka says

    Jennifer # 16 Katie just said that Michelle is a mysterious sweetheart, has never said they keep in touch. I am so sad for Michelle, she is a tough cookie.

  3. Taylor Mastronni says

    I am so sad for her, Matilda and Heath. It’s incredibly sad that Heath will never be able to see his little angel grow up.

    🙁 My sincere and heartfelt condolences.

  4. celine says

    she’s a cool one. good woman. i like how she gives it to that silly thing kati holmes, who by the way remember how she said yeah they keep in touch and people have had babies etc so that’s what they share. lies. she said this last month while promoting her silly movie.

  5. Tia :) says

    Jennifer, irregardless if they broke up, they shared something scared together. They had a daughter. Michelle is hurting right now for what they once had and their daughter that has to grow up without a daughter. nanda was right, the break-up is still fresh, of course it’s going to hurt. She’ll probably always love him.

  6. Lauren says

    I admire Michelle for being classy throughout this whole ordeal. She seems so much more mature than 27

  7. nanda says

    Imagine you’re tweenty-seven and the father of your only daughter, who has only two years, die without nobody expecting it and you only break-up five monts ago… yes jennifer, you would feel very well

  8. jennifer says

    I cannot understand you guys,Heath and Michelle split,that means
    they found out they had nothing in common,besides they couldn’t
    get along with eachother so what is all fuss about worrying 4 Michelle
    on Heath’s dead,I mean michelle decided to go on her way why then
    you are worried about how can she deal with his loss in her life.
    O.K this is true about Matilda but I cannot understand the fuss over Michelle’s life.

  9. oriana says

    Again, just pitiful when someone steals another person’s name!

    I do admire Michelle and I pray she will continue to be strong and be uplifted. It is still a shock to me about Heath, I can only imagine what it is to her and Matilda. It just one of the saddest things to me and it was a tragedy indeed.

    #7, Shut your filthy mouth!!!!!

  10. oriana says

    I can get her mind off of everything……..I have been known to ALL my LEZBO friends as WONDERWOMAN.

  11. luckylee13 says

    Heath’s death is still sad and shocking to me,too.Michelle certainly has a good head on her shoulders and Heath’s family seems so close and loving – I’m sure they’ll give the two of them a lot of support through the years. The thought that this little girl will never see her daddy again still brings tears to my eyes.

  12. Jacquie says

    She is fantastic! I loved her on Dawsons Creek and continue to do so. Matilda is very lucky to have Michelle as a Mom.

  13. Amy says

    I love how honest she is…and REAL. You can always tell she’s not into the hoop-la with being famous. That’s what drew Heath/Michelle together–neither liked the spotlight; they liked living their ordinary/authentic lives as they saw them; and shared a great many other things in common we (the public) shall never know (besides the obvious: acting).

    She sounds matured…I only wish her a small or large piece of solace and peace as each day goes by after Heath’s passing.

    I am still reeling over it, as many of you are. Michelle will be strong, for she loves Matilda and has a part of Heath in Matilda to hold onto.

    Hugs Michelle/Matilda…


  14. carleigh says

    I admire Michelle for her tact and sensitivity. She is a great actress and she also has a very realistic approach to her life, I believe she is going to be fine and she will do a great job of raising Matilda and getting them both through this difficult situation.

    I wish only the best for her and that she finds her peace in life.

  15. boo says

    I feel such heartache for her!!! Its truly Devestating 🙁 I’m still saddened and shocked over Heath’s Death…..So I can’t imagine what Michelle & Matilda are going through? The Poor Baby has to be wondering by now where Daddy is now and why he hasn’t come to see her in the past few weeks?? Its Just extremely Heartbreaking 🙁 I hope She/They will be ok!!!

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