Melissa Joan Hart Prepares For Baby

Melissa Joan Hart

Her second baby is “kicking like a maniac” – and Melissa Joan Hart is getting ready for its arrival by making major changes around the house.

“We actually moved 2-year-old Mason into a big boy room and left the nursery the way it is,” Melissa recently told People magazine about rearranging her house to prepare for her second child with husband Mark Wilkerson. “It’s very neutral.”

And while Mason will soon have a new sibling, his parents are still doting on him, Melissa said.

“We made him a big fish themed room,” she says. “It was his birthday a few weeks ago, so we got him a bed from Pottery Barn – and my stepmom came and put murals on the wall of fish, whales and turtles. It’s huge, and he’s got a fish tank now.”

With all the activity, one thing still hasn’t slowed down: her baby is still kicking. “The baby’s been way more active than our first son,” Mark said. “Every day the baby’s doing aerobics in there.”



  1. Ali says

    i soooooooooo hope you are right tim! i tend to worry over all of that kind of stuff!
    you just never know though…. especially if an earth quake.

  2. Ali says

    the only thing i did not like was the fish tank is way too close to his bed…. you just never know if that can tip on his head!

  3. Strike A Pose says

    Isn’t love grand? They are great parents. If in fact it’s another boy they will be 2 cute playing wth one another.

  4. buffy says

    I think its a going to be a girl. They said that they are reusing Mason’s room because its very neutral.

  5. Kara says

    I think she just gave the gender away by saying this baby is way more active than our first son. Plus have you seen Mason’s old room that will be new baby’s room? It’s very boyish like than more girly.

  6. Jessie says

    Yeah, I think so too NG. I love this couple. They are too cute. Their son Mason is the cutest boy ever! He seriously should do some baby modeling! Haha.

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