Katie Price Is A Pony-Loving Superhero!

Katie Price

Sometimes things just strike me as too perfect! Katie Price has a line of signature books for children all about ponies!

“For Katie’s ponies aren’t just looked after superbly; they also get Katie’s unique ideas to make them really cool too.” -excerpt from the website.

And she has a book coming out soon!

Katie Price

Katie was at a book signing today in London for her third autobiography titled Jordan: Pushed To The Limit. The book includes her post-natal depression following the birth of son Junior in 2005, her miscarriage, the birth of her daughter Princess Tiáamii and her husband Peter Andre’s battle with meningitis. It follows her two previous autobiographies: Being Jordan and Jordan: A Whole New World. Katie is quite a prolific writer!

Katie Price

Katie Price

I think she looks great as a brunette! (The heart is there to cover a wardrobe malfunction!)



  1. L.Lodhi says

    Oh u know my husband do you?
    Sounds to me as though your one sad a******e that sits indoors all day with a dirty mag! nice……………..

    I dont know how much she loves her kids as I havent had the pleasure of meeting her but I know that shes never seen out with her kids. Shes pictured many a time rolling out of nightclubs drunk though so just speaks for itself!
    And yes of course she has more money then me but is money everything in life? I know if I was loaded like her id stop working and be with my children not flying bk and forth to get my t**s done all the time.

  2. boo says

    Well hey she’s got more money then you doesn’t she??? And I am sure she really cares so much what you and Every other person in this world thinks about her to! NOT! 🙂

  3. L.Lodhi says

    She is an attention grabbing h***e that lets all her body parts hang out. The only time shes seen with her kids is in an OK photoshoot and says she wants 4 more! She cant even deal with the ones shes got.
    Im sorry but if theres anyone that should be gotten rid of its her I cant stand her. Shes made her money from being a s**t.

  4. Bobby's girl says

    Honey : if you want to be a brunette ~ try immulating Catherine Zeta – Jones. Now that is a lady w/ class!
    She would never allow her nips to show in public

  5. Strike A Pose says

    The person who is posing as oriana & Taylor Mastronni should be admitted to a sanitarium.

  6. Taylor M. says

    ^^^ That was really me, Taylor M. For some reason I just hate Oriana so I impersonate her. My material is getting old though… I sure do say salty pussy a lot, don’t I? It must be because of my low IQ, low self esteem, and of course… it has always been my fantasy to do that!

  7. oriana says

    Damn Katie is one hot mama, everytime I see a picture of her I wet my panties. Wow she has quite the body, she is so ripe and delicious…..I am so HORNY right now it’s driving me crazy. Wish I was next to Katie right now licking her salty pussy.

  8. Carolina says

    The outfit looks like a cheap Halloween Costume
    from K.mart.
    What’s the deal, it doesn’t even look like her at all.
    She has blue eyes usually… no…
    It looks like another women totally.

  9. Taylor Mastronni says

    I agree with you Holly, she is very scantily dressed.

    #22 You must have me confused with my impersonator. I would “NEVER” post that kind of garbage on a baby site.

  10. holly says

    what a state lol where exactly are the kids?….hopefully far away enough not to c their mother of the year dresssed as a cheap porn star. Peter, put some clothes on your wife[please!!] x x

  11. Original Name says

    Taylor Mastronni, as in Taylor M that posted those posts about humping bananas and fur fetishes? Welcome back! YOur attempts for attention were hilarious! I don’t think the rest of us get wet by looking at hard bananas what a perve.

  12. Jx2 says

    Her breasts are “pushed to the limit!!!”
    Why is this info important?
    With her blond hair she could easily play a live Barbie.

  13. LSM says

    She is gorgeous!! To all of you who slate her – your husbands would rather do her than you – and you know that’s true!! 😉

  14. 2teens says

    I know she got a breast reduction but it seems like they got smaller and then bigger again. These sure look bigger to me than the last photos posted on babyrazzi.

  15. boo says

    Sorry, I mis-read that part…I thought it was childrens book signing 🙂 ….BUT EVEN STILL, She could cover those Puppies up a bit They are still Huge and popping out all over the place 😉 lol!
    And yes it was the word U g l y that did it.
    Its strange how a word like that can prevent a comment from posting….. But reading through some of the other threads there is some VERY Vulgar, nasty language that managed to slip through the cracks! I can’t help but wonder why??

  16. Puh-leeze says

    She was at the book signing for her “grown ups” book, her third autobiographical book. Not the children’s books.

    I think she looks amazing with dark hair! I’ve always thought she was pretty, even with the make up…. some women just like to wear dramatic make up, doesn’t mean anything, certainly doesn’t mean they’re u g l y…. but I loooove the dark hair.

    (awaiting moderation? I can only assume it’s the u word)

  17. Puh-leeze says

    She was at the book signing for her “grown ups” book, her third autobiographical book. Not the children’s books.

    I think she looks amazing with dark hair! I’ve always thought she was pretty, even with the make up…. some women just like to wear dramatic make up, doesn’t mean anything, certainly doesn’t mean they’re ugly…. but I loooove the dark hair.

  18. boo says

    ok maybe not put MORE clothes on, cuz the outfit itself is Fine, but the Top should DEFINITELY be a litttle higher up the breast….especially if she is around kiddies!!! 😉

  19. boo says

    I like Katie Price I think She is a beautiful Woman and Dark hair suits her well…But yes all that make-up is a wee bit too much…She needs to tone down the make-up and put some more clothes on…I would hope she didn’t wear something like this ( with her boob hanging out) to the book signing, She kind of Looks like a Porn star in these pics and I’m sure there were probably alot of kids around that enjoy her books…and that is not very appropriate for being around little ones!!

  20. lala_brit says

    #1 – YES this is Katie. She has recently had a nose job and a breast reduction as well as some botox, so she does seem a little different…

    #6 – Katie Price is a british model and TV personality – very popular in the UK. She has her own TV shows and married Peter Andre

  21. xxx says

    She truly is a great beauty whatever her hair colour was. i guess she would be one even she had no hair at all…

  22. tammy says

    That’s really classy how the top of her areola is sticking out the top of her outfit. Her makeup makes her look like a clown. Women that have to wear that much makeup are usually the really u*** ones. If you scraped her face with an ice cream scoop, you could fill it up.

  23. Just me says

    Are you sure this is Katie? It doesn’t look anything like her. Regardless, really classy outfit that she’s falling out of 🙁

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