1. Taylor Mastronni says

    Hello #19. Someone here just loves to use my name and post the most awful things. I would “never” even think of posting such garbage on this site! Or any site for that matter.
    I hope everyones V day was as joyful as mine was. šŸ™‚

  2. Generic name says

    I’m not sure, I just can’t name names! but I think you must be “the original N”…well..

  3. Generic name says

    Original name…I’m not talking to you! kindly excuse yourself?? why are you poking you’re nose about my comments?..if you don’t like can always drag down the cursor don’t read and leave it!! and why am I worthless?..did I just got you’re attention when I mentioned Philippines? what’s wrong with that..and why would I piss my self??..obviously dear It’s you who needs to PISS you’re self…

  4. Original Name says

    Generic Name; your names says it all…..your so generic (aka worthless). Go piss yourself.

  5. Generic name says

    Happy Valentines Day ladies! oh my! I’m so excited my hubby and I plan to go to Boracay Philippines! that will be next week..oh my! oh my!

  6. Jessie says


  7. oriana says

    Happy Valentine’s Day one and all! Getting my hair dyed today! Ha! Got balloons and some crystal! Now I am eating some strawberry frozen yogurt from one of my clients! Very sweet of her!

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