Valentine's Day Baby Joy For Jennifer Lopez?

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez’s twins are reportedly due on Valentine’s Day. A friend is quoted: “She didn’t just like it because of the obvious correlation, which is sweet, but she also was happy that it … would easily make the deadline for the weekly magazine covers.” The nurseries prepared for the babies — who will reportedly be called Anna Maria and Marc Ruiz — cost more than $120,000 to furnish, the same source said. They have changing tables and cribs and armoires imported from England and France and “some of it has 18-karat gold on the legs and knobs. The rooms will even have crystal chandeliers.”



  1. tamboo says


  2. tamboo says

    Back to my conspiracy theory. Now that the birth of
    the babies has been announced, Watch how slim
    Jennifer will be so soon. It’s because she had the
    babies back in January. With her ego and superficiality,
    she is definitely going to want to look good when she
    presents her babies. She has been preparing herself
    all this time by losing the weight.

  3. Zbella says

    Silly, very silly. I like the name they may have picked for their daughter. I have 2 daughters with the same names.

  4. Sofimee says

    if i wanted to be preached about Islam i would go to a ‘temple’ not to babyrazzi!! people, please we’re here to comment pictures not to do two hour sermons!

  5. jordan says

    Tamboo they don’t want any privacy because they are going to sell their baby pictures for 6 million

  6. tamboo says

    One more thing. What the **** is up with Anthony?
    That is the most somber looking dude I have ever seen.
    Is he depressed or something? He always looks like he is in another zone, like he has got a lot on his mind. It almost appears as if he hates his life. Can someone tell him to smile once in a while or try to enjoy life a little.

  7. tamboo says

    Another thing. Didn’t her and Anthony keep it quiet when she got pregnant in the first place. What makes you think they are going to admit that she has had the babies now.
    They want their privacy. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes did the same thing. And isn’t it coincidental that Jennifer and Anthony have been seen with TOMKAT lately?

  8. tamboo says

    What did I tell you? She has had those babies already.
    The babies were due on Valentines Day. It is now 2/20/08. If anything, those babies would have come early, with all the activity she’s portraying. Has anyone heard anything about the birth of the babies? NO, because they are already here.


  9. tamboo says

    My take on this is that she has already delivered those babies. That’s why she looks so small. That’s why she is able to wear heels as if she doesn’t care about tripping and falling. It’s a fake bump to throw people off.

    Isn’t it strange that at first you never seen her with her big belly, now all of a sudden she is everywhere taking pictures of her belly.

    Those babies are here already!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. ansar says

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  11. ansar says

    Jx2 The universe will one day definitely come to an with it.u can’t handle the truth.ur stupid.

  12. Jx2 says

    Ansar the Robot -I think you have a malfunction…malfunction …malfunction…Allah peanut butter sandwiches….Allah peanut butter sandwiches…today is bananas…b-a-n-a-n-a-s!!

  13. Frannie says

    “Hello”, its her money, she can do what she wants to. I’d do the same. Congratulations Jen & Marc, you have been blessed. Right On!

  14. ansar says

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  15. ansar says

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  16. ansar says

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  17. Mrs. B says


    There is alot of haterzzz up in here!!!! lol

    Let the woman do whatever she wants with her money.
    Go Jlo, go Jlo…..LMAO!!!

  18. cindy says

    i think it fab that she has done the baies rooms up like that. She has waited a long time for these babies so we should be happy for her. Im so happy for her and marc the babies are gona be so beautiful. congratulations jen + marc well done.

  19. gabriela says

    To the parents to be, I think Jenifer will be an exceptional Mother, Both her and Marc will be great parents!
    I wish them both best wishes and that they have great healthy children, and that everyday is a new experience with having kids, you just try to be the best parent you can!

  20. Jx2 says

    Victor / Victoria – Your attitude is the exact reason why the United States is in a current state of economic crisis…people over spending their income and become heavily in debt – maxing out their credit cards…children do not need all the extravagances that celebrity parents seem to think they do…a child will be just as happy and content playing with pots and pans and having one or two toys…children today have an abundance of material things and they grow up being overstimulated and not knowing how to enjoy the simpler things in life.

    You need to see the documentary called “Maxed Out!”

    People that feel the need to spend disgusting amounts of money on “things” are very unhappy people – in my eyes. They are not satisfied with their life and try to fill the void in their lives by using “retail therapy” as an excuse to provide temporary happiness.

    But you know what – one thing I do agree with, is that I cannot tell anyone how to spend their money…I’m only concerned with how I spend my money. It is my goal in life to retire early and spend my retirement in a beautiful Mediterranean country with a not climate. You – VIC – on the other hand, can raise your children like little kings with a gold spoon in their mouth. You can also give them a nice hefty mortgage to inherit when you are dead and buried. I’m sure they will be very happy to inherit your debt among other “things”!!!!!

  21. tim says

    vic keep your opinions to yourself thay can say watever they want…………… p.s im surprised she doesnt have golden pacifiers!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol!!!!!!

  22. vic says


  23. Aileen says

    I am very happy for Jennifer and Marc, I am a mom myself and thats the most estraordinary expirience for a woman. Enjoy your babies and congratulations.

    All my respects.

  24. Lisa says

    I know tons of JLos (on a much smaller scale) who don’t realize what kids need. They are about to get a wake up call. I hope things go well for her – twins are HELL. They are very lucky to have the money they do so they can have nannies and housekeepers. It is so hard when you don’t have enough money. I am not jealous, but I am a bit envious.

  25. Original Name says

    hahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Jordan’s Evil Twin youre not evil, just a dumbass! I’ll bet you feel pretty stupid right about now.

  26. Jx2 says

    Lily of the Valley – I am left wing – very Socialist…perhaps in your eyes I would be a Communist – does that offend you?

    Kx3 – I’m glad to hear about your community work. I had no idea. I wasn’t implying that you were shrugging your shoulders…I was speaking in general terms about society…it was not directly aimed at you. Anyway, thanks for clarifying.

    As for V-day – I don’t celebrate it per say, but my hubbie surprised me with a decadent box of Imported Belgian chocolates…so incredibly good! But then again he often brings me treats like that as a surprise from time to time – just because 🙂

    As for those folks accusing the Jennifer bashers of “jealousy” – it has nothing to do with jealousy – that’s a cop out…there’s more to it than that. Yes, she has earned her money. Did she work “HARD” for it?…I don’t think so…is it hers to spend how she pleases? – Of course! Am I proud of her? Do I admire her? Is she someone whose autobiography I would want to read? Not a chance!!!!!

  27. Kat says

    Just because your rich and famous doesnt exclude you from the future horrors of parenthood.. (wink)

  28. chay says

    I don’t understand some the comments these people send. Why can’t we avoid the jealousy thing. So what if J Lo wants to go all out for her babies. She has that right! They are her children and it’s her money. So, just a few words of wisdom to those who like to hate on others who has more then they do; If the haters spend half the time they spend on hating others, then maybe they would have a little bit more for themselves. Good Luck Haters!!!

  29. chay says

    J Lo is my favorite! I am so very happy for her and Marc. I wish her all the happiness her heart and hand can hold. God Bless her, Marc, and those “Angel Babies”

  30. 2teens says

    ^^^ Dear “Jordans Evil Twin”, Kx3 is white… aka Caucasian. She has a black husband and mixed kids. Issues affecting blacks are very important to her. She sees things from a different, more enlightened perspective because she was adopted by black parents and raised in a black family. I think she knows what she is talking about.
    It is PC for the African American community to have their own organizations and college funds because they are a MINORITY and have gotten horrible treatment in this country historically. They are still struggling for equality in the US today.

  31. jordans evil twin says

    Kx’s3, I understand that you are an African American (if that term is even PC now), and I understand that you are proud of your race and take pride in it, but why is it racially unacceptable and racist when Caucasian people do it? Why is it socially acceptable for you to have the NAACP, Black History Month, Miss Black America, United Way and various other African American organizations to promote the culture and preserve the rights of African Americans, but if Caucasian Americans were to do this…… would all scream and picket under the guise of racism

  32. jordans evil twin says

    Kx’s3, I understand that you are an African American (if that term is even PC now), and I understand that you are proud of your race and take pride in it, but why is it racially unacceptable and racist when Caucasian people do it? Why is it socially acceptable for you to have the NAACP, Black History Month, Miss Black America, United Way and various other African American organizations to promote the culture and preserve the rights of African Americans, but if Caucasian Americans were to do this…… would all scream and picket under the guise of racism.
    One of th few philanthropic organizations that African Americans have is the United Negro College Fund, which provides tuition assistance for 39 BLACK colleges & universities.
    I see a lot of people screaming about “white privilege”, well I ask you this, what kind of privilege is it when it is racist for whites to want to consort and be amongst whites but yet it’s ok for blacks??? What’s up with that? I have never understood the whole scenario with racism. Why is it OK for blacks to have their won separate organizations, foundations, clubs, groups, which are black exclusive but when whites do it, the blacks are the first to scream about racial equality.
    I am not racist so don’t even attempt to pull that card with me, but I took offense to your post above about “white privilege”, kind of like blacks take offense to certain terms deemed to be derogatory or demeaning to them as a race. It’s OK for blacks to fall back on the race card at any time they feel the slightest bit of social pressures or indifference.
    JLO has earned her money and just because she doesn’t want to throw it away on others or on charities doesn’t make her a bad person. She has a choice of doing what she sees fit to do with her money.
    I get sick of people whining about people who have money should do this or do that….it’s pretty easy to say what you think others would do when you yourself sit back and do little or nothing.

  33. Claire says

    I am sure that she will make an excellent mother. I suppose she only wants to give her children the best and I don’t blame her for that.

  34. Alexis says

    I think you guys are jealous! Let’s face it, if we all had the money that she has worked hard for, we all would be in the same boat! We all would be spoiling our children. There is nothing wrong with spoiling our children. Just because she spoils them, that doesn’t mean that they are going to go grow up like brats as #3 states.

    Give her a break! I personally don’t care for her but she deserves to be happy, just like we all do.

  35. onatear says

    K&K&K’s mom…She gets picked on, because she deserves it. She does things which are hard to understand. She could be a little more conservative. Those were good points made about sharing one’s wealth, and making life easier for others when you can. I hope J-L and her kids don’t become like Kimora and hers….uuyyweh!

  36. Lilac says

    Uneven DISTRIBUTION of wealth and privilege?? What are you guys, Communist?

    Her money was not distributed to her, but EARNED. That’s fair. More fair than when people just receive a handout for nothing.

    There will always be successful people and not so successful people. Just because one is successful does not mean they should give away what they earned with hard work to “even things out.”

    By the way, we don’t know how much she gives to charity. But I hate it when people feign humanitarianism to disguise their envy and hatred of those who are successful.

  37. The original "N" says

    She once was poor…. She worked for this money she can spend it how she pleases. I’m sorry but I feel that if she is paying TAXES to this wonderful country…. she is making a contribution to the community. I’m pretty sure she is also contributing some of her money to a charitable cause ……WANT TO KNOW WHY? TAX RIGHT OFF’S . Learn something about money and the rich ladies. Not trying to be “SNARKY” but I dont understand why JLO is so hated either.

  38. Jo says

    Its up to her how much money she wants to spend on her kids nursery, she’s worked for her money, so good on her!!
    Good luck to her and her little ones!!

  39. kim says

    and whats funny is shes one the who sang “Im still Jenny from the block” …go help your block.

  40. 2teens says

    Well, regardless of the extravagant spending, I just don’t really like J-lo. I never have been a fan. (same with Posh – ugh!)
    Everyone should give back to their communities, even if just a little bit. It doesn’t have to be monetary, people can give their time. I volunteer at my kids schools… which I know is minimal, but I also give money. I give to All Children’s Hospital and I give a good chunk to a local community center that assists adults with mental health and/or drug issues.

  41. Ali says

    emma, i know i know what you mean.. but, i find the ones were once poor to be one of the worst! my family is proof of that,lol.not me personally,but other members…. they forget where they came from real fast and spend being cheap with others but when it comes to themselves only the best.

  42. emma says

    We all need to be more giving and less selfish! People that have more money than they will ever spend and don,t give it away,’ need to have to go without, so they know how it feels to be poor.

  43. Ali says

    i do not care about what she does with her money…. it is hers. i just think she has no morals and is a husband stealer and a cheater. she deserves marc. too cheaters.

  44. says

    I don’t think that I was shrugging my shoulders and saying “that’s life.” I simply don’t like how Jennifer is always the brunt of the picking.

    I do assist the less fortunate. I’ve donated countless hours of my time in volunteer work in Atlanta, working with youth and children. I have a huge heart for urban and racial issues. I research white privilege and social class constructs, speak against the injustice, and mentor my foster sisters. If I wasn’t passionate about this and an activist, I wouldn’t have become a teacher in the inner city, fighting the battle against violence and inopportunity every day in the classroom.

    Hopefully you’re not annoyed by the long shpeel, but I felt it necessary; I’ll be sure to check out your link. Don’t get too bothered by all the saccharine that is sure to be hurting your teeth tomorrow on Valentines Day! 🙂 lol

  45. Jx2 says

    Kx3 – Life isn’t fair but why just stand around and shrug our shoulders at the unfairness and say “that’s life”? Sorry – but I can’t do that. I can’t admire someone that spends disgusting amounts of money on material objects. But I will admire someone that makes an effort to assist the less fortunate however. Especially when that someone has the disposable income to do so.

    Anyway – if anyone wants to learn more about the lecture I heard this evening, here is the lecturer’s website:

  46. boo says

    Yes you did sound a bit snarky KK&K, But I got your humour from the start! lol
    I think its great that she wants to deck out her kids room in nice things…. what parent doesn’t look forward decking out the new Babies nursery? I just think the amount of money that she is putting out on these bedrooms is pretty obscene! especially considering the amount of families out there that can’t afford anything and look to second hand and used stores to buy things for their children!
    I loved what Nicole and Joel did giving all of their gifts to needy parents to be…… I just feel it would’ve been nice if she was willing to spend that much money on nurseries that she would consider donating a little to people who could use the help! JMO

  47. Jx2 says

    I just attended a University lecture this evening on displaced and homeless people eking out an existence in the developing world, especially areas ravaged by wars and natural disasters. The lecture was so inspiring and moving. At the end of this lecture, I felt grounded and focused on doing something to help less fortunate people who don’t have a home, children that don’t have access to a local school or youth that don’t have access to a local sports facility or an HIV awareness clinic.

    Then I come onto this site and read about Jello’s disgusting spending spree for her soon to be babies and I felt sick to my stomach. I’m so repulsed by the superficiality of her life. I hate everything she stands for.
    Excuse me while I go and vomit.

  48. Jennifer says

    If you have that much money to spend on a nursery…..why not scale down and donate that money to people who can barely afford the car seat to bring their baby home in. Now how awesome would it have looked if she went and donated car seats and cribs, or babies r us gift cards to moms to be who don’ t have the money or support to get what they need. I am sure there are many programs out there that she could have looked into to see how she could help out poverty stricken moms. I don’t understand why they have to spend that much on a nursery when honestly how many people really see it……next we will here that they have a nanny wing off the nurseries and the babies will have their own chauffers and butlers…

  49. says

    The nursery is “over the top” as seems to be the favorite descriptive phrase around here. However, why do you all always have to be so hard on J-Lo? Other celebs shell out the bucks, too! Sometimes I think you all just look for things to complain about. My baby has a crystal encrusted pacifier…bite me! 🙂 LOL

  50. Tia :) says

    Love J-Lo…i agree it’s a bit over the top, but the woman has wanted children for sooo long…maybe she just got too excited?

  51. boo says

    I’m on the same page as the rest of you…. That is waaaaaay too much for brand new babies to be getting their Dirty Bottoms changed on… and its as #5 said those expensive sheets and garments and so on will be stained with Poop and Puke in a Matter of days after the births!
    To me thats ridiculous… I mean I know she has Money and wants all the finer things in life for her kids that she has yearned to have for years… But C’mon this is going a bit too extreme…I mean 18K Gold on the legs and Knobs? Crystal chandeliers? These kids are going to grow up very rude and selfish and with a Gimme Gimme Gimme attitude if this is how they plan to raise them… But hey Its their Money and they will spend it as they please… even though to us regular, average joes its a complete waste of money and could be put too MUCH better use… in their community or diaster reliefs etc

  52. D'Anna says

    I’m with everyone else…there are starving people in the world and these kids don’t need gold plated pacifiers or platinum bottle warmers…it’s just more stuff.

    The less they get, the better. All they need is love and comfort, and you can’t buy that.

  53. dori says

    selfish and obnoxious diva will raise selfish and obnoxious children … spend spend spend thats what Jlo is good at .You know… she and Katie Holmes would be perfect friends they can spend millions together.

  54. oriana says

    Over the top as usual with her! Doesn’t surprise me. She could have had a beautiful nursery for way much less. I wish she had donated some of that money to an Animal Shelter or to the Katrina projects to help the homeless down there!

  55. tink1217 says

    definitely over the top nursery. I know she is beyond rich and has wanted children for quite awhile but even if I had that kind of money I wouldn’t do that!! I mean, I see a crib that costs more than $500 and I cringe!! LOL. Babies won’t remember all that stuff and will probably spit up and poop on those luxury sheets she probably bought so what is the use??? Looks??? Photo shoots??? Babies just need food, comfort, and love. Thats all.

  56. jordan says

    i know shes got the money and its jennifers first time as a mommy but if you give them stuff like that then they are going to grow up like brats.
    i know its nice to give them every thing in the world i love giving little baby girl things but that a bit over the top.

  57. 2teens says

    Marc & Anna, not Max & Emme hey? Those nurseries sound over the top? Why not use one nursery for the both of them?

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