Trista Sutter & Family With Tyra

Tyra Banks

Trista and Ryan Sutter were snapped with their adorable baby, Max, on an episode of The Tyra Banks Show, that will air on Friday.

Wow! I wonder if Tyra is really THAT much taller than Trista! Maybe they are standing on different levels.



  1. says

    How on earth are these people “completely normal”? Their lives have been sensationalized to a ridiculous degree, and now their little boy is being dragged into it! They’ve milked their fame long enough, GO AWAY!! And by the way, her hair looks MUCH better blonde.

  2. ava says

    Max does have Ryan’s eyes, but it looks like he will be a little blond headed boy when he grows some hair. He’ll have to grow into that onesie!

    I love how completly normal they are. Brown must be Trista’s natural hair color. Sweet family.

  3. boo says

    Tyra is a Tall woman to begin with and chances are she is just wearing HIGH High Heels.
    She is a Beautiful Woman, I Love Tyra!
    And Baby Max is an Handsome little Man!

  4. becky says

    No kidding! Tyra looks like a MAMMOTH next to her…even Ryan…she MUST be standing up a level…or two! (But even her head size looks larger than them both. Hmmm, odd.)

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