Catherine Zeta-Jones & Family At The 10th Annual Michael Douglas & Friends Celebrity Golf Event

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine Zeta-Jones was snapped enjoying a relaxing day with her children Dylan, 7, and Carys, 4 and husband Michael Douglas playing golf for charity.

Catherine’s new movie, Death Defying Acts, will be coming out soon. Below is a still from the movie.

Catherine Zeta-Jones


  1. Stephanie says

    The girl in the first pic is Emily Osment she is a very good friend of mine and yes I know that I look pregnant in the third pic but I’m not I promise.
    Thasnks for being great fans

    Catherine Zeta-Jones

  2. Nicki says

    Zeta pizazz!!! I think both are equally beautiful. I also think Halle Berry, Thandie Newton, Angelina Jolie, Ashley Judd and for older brunettes I’d have to say Sofia Loren.
    My top 2 would be CZJ & AJ. But Sofia leads the race so far. (lets see CZJ & AJ when they are her age now).

  3. Zeta pizazz!!! says

    I think Cat is the most beautiful celebs ever. I am partial to brunettes, and I think she is also more beautilful than Salma Hayek, even though my husband always gets the two mixed up. What do you think?


  4. 100 says

    Carys carzy loves her daddy,yo can learn it from every pic of them.
    catherine as always can’t go wrong,beautiful.

  5. tammy says

    CZJ is pretty but I think she was the prettiest in the “Mask of Zorro.” She hasn’t looked that pretty since-JMO.

  6. muna says

    What a gorgeous family!
    i agree with most of you there’s somthing charming with lil carys. there’s an other pic from this tournament in an other website,dylan is so supportive for his lil sister,cute!

    i don’t think czj is prgo or has a stomach,it’s just the way she’s standing! there’s more pics of her from thsi tournament,her stomach is actually FLAT!

  7. Sandra says

    She definitely looks pregnant. Compare her to the pic on the bottom. There is nothing wrong with a little gut Unhappy, but when someone like Catherine has expressed recently that she wanted another child and she normally doesn’t have roundness on her belly then it causes speculation. I think we will be hearing an announcement soon.

  8. Unhappy says

    Now why can’t women have a little tummy without being accused of being pregnant? I know plenty of women who just have a tummy “naturally” myself included.

    I also don’t believe that Catherine needs any work , anywhere. Thats just my opinion of course.

  9. suzianne says

    Posture is important and she looks good from the neck up but the rest down needs work. I like Mike and they all look happy but I bet CJ wears the pants in the family.

  10. squeekysue says

    I don’t nessecarily think she dresses her son in a preppy way, more the way ‘older’ mothers from UK dress their sons. Don’t forget she has the money to dress her children in nice clothes, and chooses too, unlike
    Denise ‘pimp mamma’ Richards!!

  11. diva says

    Probably Alice is a close friend of the family,since carys looks comfort around him.
    Cute family .

  12. Jx2 says

    I think Catherine is a stunning woman. That being said, I don’t care much for her husband. I certainly don’t like the preppy clothes she has her son wearing. You can barely decipher her daughters face. I’m sure they are well-behaved kids.

  13. Chloe says

    Alice has a 5 handicap in golf which beats Michael’s 12 handicap. He hosts an annual golf tournament.

  14. matte says

    WOW!zeta kids,it’s a treat.
    we never see them,so it’s a fresh air to see cute dyl,carys and their beautiful mother.

  15. adam says

    Ctherine has very pretty lips and nose (third pic),she always looks too pretty.
    it is too funny that czj is sitting nexto alice cooper,what’s the conection????

  16. YAX says

    AWWWWWWWWWWWWW,i love them.cute kids and gorgeous mum.

    i love the name carys. carys zeta is a sexy name!!!

  17. Liza says

    The kids are cute, but I’ve never been a fan of hers. Mostly her comments about money. But it seems her children have made her more humble.

  18. Zar says

    HOT mom!
    carys is so sweet,dylan has his mummy’s face,that’s so cute.
    god bless them ,they are one beautiful,in love and healthy family.

  19. RAMADA says

    CJZ such a beaty,i know she plays psychic in that movie and the make up and costum is for it.

    she’s so beautiful in golf pics.
    and kiddies!ahhhhhh,they are so adoreable,carys is such a classy lil girl.

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