An Expectant Jamie Lynn Spears & Casey Aldridge In Kentwood

Jamie Lynn Spears

A five-months-pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears and boyfriend Casey Aldridge were snapped while running errands in Kentwood, Louisiana on Sunday. Jamie Lynn is due in June.



  1. Carlton-Jane says

    Hey, Casey, sorry you didn’t like those names… those are MY boys. Chicken Little Preemie really helped me with clothes for them.

    funny how their dad found that picture!

    they are almost 3 now. hope you enjoy your twins.

  2. bits and bited says

    u guys r all being assholes…if u dont like it that she is pregnant stop talking about it and keep ur own opinons to ur self!!! i support her in every way …! just lay off

  3. bits and bites says

    OMG people give her a break it must be hard enough that she is 16 and pregnant! who cares if she is wearing a beer shirt…im 13 and im wearing a beer shirt that says molson canadian!! seroiusly who cares …not mee

  4. JustMe says

    Although 16 is the legal age to have sex it still doesn’t mean it’s ok that she got pregnant at that age… I mean really. Use a condom hun really. I have sexual active friends (Am seventeen right now) and all of them are using some form of contraception.

  5. Chantel says

    Oh My Lord !
    It a Loose T-shirt !
    You people have the audacity to say the most oblivious things !

  6. Chantel says

    Havent you guys ever notice Britt & Jamie Have two seperate Birth Certificate , Their two different people !!!
    If Britt is crazy then that doesnt mean Jamie would be and I hope Jamie Lynn keeps the baby so you ignorate people can say something different about the Spears family !!

    Yea now put that on your myspace !

  7. Supportive Girl says

    Hey all of you who are dissing Jaime Lynn Spears needs to back off. there are kids out there who are getting pregnate at 14, so what are you all complaining about. Its not like Jaime needed all of your guys permission to get pregnate. its a big step in life for Jaime. Jaime can do what ever she wants. her mom honestly is doing a big mistake wanting to get read of JAIMES baby. honestly i support Jaime in every way. all of the girls in the world are going to eventually get pregnate. so what if Jaimes pregnate. you all should be happy for her, instead of dissing her. in a way im proud of her. she wants to be a mommy so let her be a mommy its none of your guys business. i support all of you guys who are also sticking up for Jaime. Its none of the rest of your guys concern what Jaime does with her life. Jaime made the right dicision when she decided to keep her baby girl. yeah she might end up learning from her mistake. I think its just because she wanted to follow her sisters foot steps. and thats pretty cool.

  8. doria says


    people… you don’t get the BIGGEST problem in here… she being 16-17 years old and she apparently being pregnant ruins the teenage hood ahead of her…

    SHE IS in the the age to have fun, to explore the life, to involve… but she (by coincidence?) cut it and exchange it for being a teenage momma… but when she’ll be the teenager again? i guess never… maybe she will have a mental brake-down and will do silly things in the age of 30…

    i really don’t envy her at all… having a boyfriend is a nice thing but being pregnant so early not…

    that’s all i have to say about this i guess…

    (and i deeply apologize in advance for the grammar or any other mistakes… i’m from slovak republic which is obviously not english speaking country 😀 )

  9. Emie says

    I love having sex and im 17 and i have 4 kids i love it when we have sex. I ADORE IT SO MUCH!!!! They probably do to. I bet you they did it and they just forgot 2 use a condom. That’s how she got preg.

  10. LAURA says


  11. AlexJoelle says

    I know for a fact she will be A MUCH BETTTER mom then Brittany will..
    You can just tell, she way more responsible.

  12. ree says

    is it ya’lls life?
    i dont think so.
    is it ya’lls baby, i think not.
    its most likely her bf’s t shirt and yes baggy clothes are comfortable when your pregnant. do u want to wear tite cute clothes? or baggy comfortable clothes?
    but i think she will be a good mommy =]
    and plus. all teens will have sex.
    get over it people

  13. cutie2875 says

    She was stupid to have sex at the age of 16 or supposely have “sex” well I hope the baby doesn’t turn out like hers I would have sex at tthe age of 20 not 16

  14. autti says

    what the hell does that mean britany take two listen if this is how she choses to live her life let her live it millions of teen girls around the world get pregnat what do myouh have to say about that ??? Shes going to be fine let her be

  15. andrea molina says

    Jamie yo creo que haces muy bièn al q*rer tener a tu bebeè,me parece una buena idea q* te vayas a casar despuès de tener a tu bb.muchas felicidades

  16. Nikki says

    Wow. some of you people are pathetic. Its just a fricking shirt. So what if it has a beer logo on it. Maybe that shirt is comfty on her. Didn’t you want to wear a comfty shirt when you where pregnant? Just because it is adveritising something does not mean she is going to be a bad mother. And for her age, look at everyone else. The “normal” age these days to get pregnant is between 16-18. I know alot of girls that are pregnant or has had a baby at 16 or 17. Thats their choice. Just because Brittney Spears screwed up does not mean Jamie will. Maybe seeing Brittney the way she is will show Jamie how not to be.

  17. JADE says

    im with jeni am a teen mum and i have one on the way a it is nothing wrong with it it would not make any diffrents if i was 19 or 30

  18. jeni says

    casey – jamie lynn doesnt affect me but your not just slagging off jamie lynn your trying to insult all pregnant teens. i sat my GCSE’s pregnant and started college at 7 months gone and guess what im still there still supporting my daughter! age does not determine how good you are at parenthood. i got pregnant at 15 and do you no what ITS THE BEST THING THAT HAPPENED TO ME i bet jamie lynn will support her child as well as she can. and yes you can pretty much garentee that her child will get bumps and bruises like all children and the press will flare it up as child abuse or something pathetic and then ignorant people like you will be like i knew she would be a bad mother because your too stubborn to accept that not everyone does things the same way!

  19. Tara says

    omg people leave them alone! im pretty damn sure you all have made stupid choices but shes happy and when that baby comes out that baby is going to be her pride and joy! now if your kid got pregnant then im pretty sure you wouldnt want people to say negative stuff about your kid so why would you talk about others!!!!!
    lay off of people!

  20. rachel says

    hiya every1 was just wandering if any1 had any advice for birth 2nd time round? is it any easier as you know what to expect? with my son i was only 16 when i had him and had a really bad experience was in so much pain i had pethidine but it didnt really do anythink except make me sleepy, now im 12 weeks pregnant and am worried about the birth already! every1 i know who is pregnant have all said they are doing it with gas and air, i could never just have gas and air! am i just a big wimp? anyone got any advice on how it could be easier? thanks, rachel

  21. riahiana says

    jamie,jamie,jamie do you really think your sister is a good role model ?if you want to awnser me just call me at (973-368-2845)

  22. dev says

    you all have no lifes..if she wasnt famous you wouldnt even care it would just be a nother teen pregnancy..and i didnt read the whole website but about the beer shirt she is wearing who cares..she can wear watever she wants.and jeni you keep replying too so dont even say anything to casey..and where does it says you cant be 25 and be on here??
    k thanks

  23. jeni. says

    oh and casey can i just say if you are a 28 year old women with kids and a husband why are you on here? how does jamie lynns pregnancy effect you? seems a bit pathetic that youve taken th effort to keep replying and keep the arguements going? seems pretty childish to me

  24. jeni says

    oh and casey can i just say if you are a 28 year old women with kids and a husband why are you on here? how does jamie lynns pregnancy effect you? seems a bit pathetic that youve taken th effort to keep replying and keep the arguements going? seems pretty childish

  25. Jeni says

    Some of you are so single minded its untrue!! teen pregnancy is not due to bad parenting at all!! face facts shes got pregnant and decided to keep it give her a chance for christ sake! youd soon be giving her greif if she’d had an abortion! either way celebrities cant win can they, there normal human beings just like everyone else they do make mistake.

    i got pregnant at 15 and became a parent at 16 it happens in non celebrity families aswell. my mother is fantasic. maybe all of you that are doubting her ability to parent should look a little closer to home and perfect your own lives before criticising others that you dont no the first thing about!

  26. dannii says

    i spose it could be possible but the babies would of prob had to stay in hospital because they were early and usually when that happens the mums stay in hospital for a few days and you can have births without drugs plus the babies were big for 6 weeks early! especially twins. its prob casey making up one of her little fantasy worlds again!
    casey/morgan was stupid in sayin she had a c-section and was home the day after because thats impossible!

  27. jess says

    thank you ok there is this woman she said she had twins on the 25th then came home the next day, they were 6 weeks early and they weighed 6lbs. 2oz. and 5lbs 15oz it is a bit out there if you know what i mean oh and she said she did it with out any drugs

  28. dannii says

    yeah alright you make me laugh so what if i have got a failed relationship so have alot of people you gonna go give them grief?
    i dont ever fob my mum of with my kids i hardly ever go out drinking because i stay at home and look after my kids my kids have a great life and they have got everything they need and want and i give them all the love they would ever need and more so dont start assuming stuff about me because im 18 cos u aint gotta clue!

  29. Casey says

    dannii you are just another teen with kids a failed relationship and fobes her kids on her mother then goes out drinking oh and no need to feel sorry for me and once again POOR KIDS

  30. dannii says

    Fu ck off i feel sorry for your family the guilt of bringing you into the world!
    and i wouldnt want you to be my love thanks
    and noo im not on here all the time thanks!

  31. Casey says

    1st im not your love

    2nd you want to look at your self you are on here all the time

    3rd i do really really sorry for theses kids of yours a trashy moth mother like you!!!

  32. dannii says

    no you come on here and act like you do cos ur a sad little woman!!!
    you don’t fu cking know me or my kids thank you very much you slate teenage mums go on cos it just shows what a fu ckin low life you are!!!
    some people have a life and get on with it not sit at home and pretend to have all these lives that will never exist.
    if you have a husband then why are you sitting on here all day and night


  33. Casey says

    no dannii what you don’t understand is im a 28 year old woman and my name is morgan not casey and i come on her for kicks my god you do everything for you kids yeah whatever

  34. dannii says

    a mother like me… i do everything for my kids thank you… your husband! you live in a fantasy world love u belong in a nut house you’ve got serious issues you need to see a psychiatrist and fast! your not right in the head!

  35. Casey says

    dannii your kids should be put in to care with a mother like you! oh and by the way my husband gives me plenty of it thank you very much

  36. dannii says

    lmao and ask urself how many other girls have u mug u just wish u could open ur fu kin legs fu ck off

  37. dannii says

    i know my english thanks i am fu cking english why don’t you pi ss off and try and get a life don’t bother writin back cos i aint wastin my time on some low life like u!

  38. Casey says

    dannii why don’t you go and learn some english first? dumb bit ch and Zoe, Zara and Gracie mae’s mommy why don’t you butt out of this

  39. dannii says

    oh my days! erm… hows that then casey?? i’ve gotta fab life thanks… with my REAL kids! ur probs a mong cant have kids cos u cant get a bf! go sort yourself out love then come back to me!!!

  40. Zoe, Zara and Gracie mae's mommy says

    dannii you should not have believed casey it’s morgan she does it all the time

  41. Insane Child says

    Listen why don’t ya’ll get a life ( I don’t care how old you are) and stop bagging on her, just cause she’s wearing a FREAKING beer t-shirt. for godness sake it’s a FREAKING T-SHIRT, get over it.

  42. dannii says

    ur pathetic the pic of ur so called twins is from an american clothing site for small babies u wouldnt be home the next morning after a ceserean and so called pic of u is rli easy 2 get up when u search pregnant teen u nob!

  43. Casey says

    dannii i had the twins two boys
    Noah and Tyler, Noah was 6lb 2oz and Tyler was 6lb, i had them yeaterday and i was supposed to have them today but my waters broke then i had to have a c-section i got home today just emailing my mum to see if she cares dout it any way i got a pic of them
    sorry they have got different names scott the daddy wants to call them Lleyton and tycen and i dont like thoses names so he put the pic on here and name it that

  44. Casey says

    dannii have fun next time i will speak to you i will be a mother of three i spoke to my ex courtney’s dad and the twins and he really wants to give it a try when we broke up we didnt do it in a nasty way we were still mates for courtney’s sake and then we got back together i got pergnant it didnt work and now i want to give it a try before i was just thinking about me but now i know i got to think about my family i will be sixteen on monday so the twins will be born on my bday, (sorry to give u my life story)

  45. dannii says

    thanks hun! u will be too! im off now my mums offered to have the kids tonight so im off to go be a teenager lol speak to u soon x

  46. dannii says

    i’ve been strerelised so i cant because i had 3 cesereans but i think 3s enough they can be a handful lol but i love babies thats why i decided to go into midwifery and im glad iv got all of them now cos i can start doin what i want to do aswell and not worry about getting pregnant again and have to stop it all

  47. Casey says

    dannii aww that is so cute my little girl just turned one what are their names sorry if i sound weried you dont have to answer

  48. Casey says

    dannii thank you so much how old are your children if you dont mind me asking and sorry about what i said

  49. dannii says

    well im glad use protection! sorry if i wos a right bi tch earlier i wos just so shocked with what u said! them babies need u and their dad hun! and if it doesn’t work out with him dont go back to sleeping around just start again and focus on ur children and then meet someone else when ur older! hope everything works out for u and good luck!

  50. says

    Thanks dannii your right i should be a better mum i can see now that i have been stupid i’m going to grow up look after my baby girl and get ready for my twins and all my babies do have the same daddy i was being a bit out thier i do sleep around but i use protection when i do and all of that is going to stop and i’m going to start to build a relation ship with my babies daddy

  51. dannii says

    i havent got a perfect life casey believe me! me and my bf are about to split up but we both dote on our children! if u wanted to have fun then u shouldnt be having babies! and if u do want to have fun get a babysitter once a month and go out and act ur age but u shouldnt be going out to get pregnant! go and have fun with your friends it sounds to me that you have had a hard life and u sleep with these boys because it makes u feel loved and ur kids love u and uno that but how would u feel if ur still ahving ur fun when ur children are at school and their getting bullied because their mum sleeps around! ur children love u and if u will do anything for them then stop sleepin with these boys as much as it hurts they dont love u they are usin u! focus on ur kids for now and then go and find mr right… which i dont really think there is such thing ! lol but uno wot i mean go get som1 who loves u for u and ur children and not for sex u and ur kids deserve that!

  52. Casey says

    dannii i havent got a perfect life like you have i would do anything for my kid but i want to have FUN

  53. Lauren says

    ok i’m 17 and i have got children and pregnant and Casey dannii is right you are a disgrace you should have your child taken from you and put into safe hands

  54. dannii says

    erm ur about to be 15 wiv 3 kids u mug! yh i had mine young but i aint sleepin round i have been with my boyfriend since i wos 13 had my 1st at 15 2nd 16 3rd 18 as soon as i found out i was pregnant with my 1st i turned my life around and grew up!! and had to grow up for my child! i have my teenage times when i go out every couple of months clubbin but when my kids are with me i act like an adult not wonderin what boy to get with 1st. i dont mean to be nasty or anything casey but your worth alot more then men payin u for sex which im gathering is true because u havent denied it correct me if im wrong do u not want ur kids to be happy with a mummy and daddy who love them very much and work hard to get them everything they want in a proper job! you dont need to be getting with 1 boy after the other or having anymore kids u need to focus on the 1s you’ve got because its hard with 3 believe me and its going to be harder for u with twins! just do something good with ur life and give them kids the love they need!

  55. dannii says

    yeah exactly off ur lovers!! y dont u go support them urself! im not sittin on my arse alday thanks im at uni part time and have a job im only on here now because the kids have gone round to their nans for the day while i study so fu ck u! ur a fu ckin prossie obviously because thats the lovers ur gettin money off! u need help! n ur shaggin about wiv no protection god nos wot uv got ur filth! u r a disgrace to al teenage mums who r good mums and look after their children themselves and fend for their children themselves! u should have ur babies and focus on them not other boys u dont need to be gettin paid for sex why stoop so low u have time to sort urself out so go and do it!! think about ur kids for once!

  56. Casey says

    dannii i get all my money off my lovers you say am a cramp mum how do you look after your kids if sitting on your fat arse all the time

  57. dannii says

    lol yh alrite love! wot u fink dats sexy haha jus shows they do fink ur easy! how do u look after ur child when ur too busy throwin urself at boys! how u gonna cope with 3 babies 2 of them twins and u wanna try again how have u got money to look after them… i dont really think i wanna no!! your 15 u want to grow up! i bet none of them babies were from a relationship u need to sort ur life out girl!

  58. dannii says

    omfg ur a little girl love im prob skinnier den u darlin and yeah i have 3 kids and me and their dad dote on them wheres the dad to ur so called kids call urself a woman dont ake me laugh!! how old are u 15! im 18 which makes me n adult u nob! grow up n look after ur so called children! and keep ur legs closed!!! im sure ur children dont 2 look upto their mummy being a whore! now not a teen mother puleez this girl casey is wot u call trailor trash!

  59. Casey says

    dannii whatever you are a fat nasty A** KID yes thats right youra KID and i’m all woman who is able to get a man unlike you who has three kids and no man

  60. dannii says

    casey you are pathetic they dont ‘love u’ darlin they think ur easy!! its all bol ox anyway so i aint even goin there good luck 2 u cos u rli need it and i dont mean it for ur so called kids and i am not!! jealous of u! grow up love

  61. Casey says

    OMG dannii you are just saying that because you want to be me am sexy your not i can get boys you cant am having my babies on monday and as soon as i get out of hospital i’m going out to find i man i have another baby because boys love me

  62. dannii says

    she is talking cr*p cos shes put that shes having twins then put she wants more after this baby meaning 1 but if it is true then shame on you girl!! i got slated for being a young mum because people think i am like you!! who is looking after your child when you are trying to get all these boys???

  63. jordan says

    oh and Casey you say you are sexy and always will be well you wont when you have got stretch marks and your all fat after these “babies” shows that your lying because if you are having so called twins then you would be all streched.

    i hope you look like this seems as your so ful of yourself

  64. jordan says

    Casey you got pregnant at 14 and then you liked the way boys were lokking at you and now your pregnant again at 15 and then you want to get pregnant just because you want more s*e*x well that shows what kind of person you are

  65. Casey says

    Awww, that’s so cute! But, Jamie’s gotta
    start being braver, and just show off her
    tummy. I mean, it’s rather pretty being
    pregnant. And, you should use all the
    time you have while pregnant. I did, I
    wore bkini’s every time at the beach. I
    was only 14, when I was pregnant with
    my first child. It was wonderfull. Boys
    where always hanging around me! Plus,
    I am pregnant with twins, and now I am
    only 15. I feel so sexy. I am sexy, and I
    will always be. Plus, I love how big my
    breast get during pregnancy. It feels great.
    I’m going to keep on getting pregnant,
    once my baby is born. I hope I will, Bye.

  66. Zbella says

    I didn’t even notice. It’s just a t-shirt,not the end of the world. Obviously some people think teen pregnancy and beer t-shirts are one and the same.

  67. Tazmin says

    not another teen mother-puleez!

    hi there

    It depends on what part of the world you are from behaviour or in The USA behavior can be spelt both ways
    the same for the word apologise or USA apologize – both are correct.

    so it all depends on where you are situated in the world

  68. jordan says

    Not another teen mother-puleez! “I’d like to go back to my street corner again but I am afraid I’d put you out of work” I don’t think men are interested in a old saggy woman who is going through the menopause so get a life, you need to grow up and get a job

  69. dannii says

    oh so you know your an idiot then… ‘idiots and i make no fecking apologies for my opinions’ u twat u belong on a street cornor skany hoe who needs money for drugs cos ur life is so pathetic!! GROW UP!!!

  70. not another teen mother-puleez! says

    #185–to the stupid person from the UK who hacked my ID—try again jackass–I know how to spell properly!

    apologize not apologise
    behavior not behaviour
    and BLOG not blogg

    Idiots and i make no fecking apologies for any of my opinions.

    Jordan I’d like to go back to my street corner again but I am afraid I’d put you out of work and lord knows you need the money worse than I do!

  71. not another teen mother-puleez! says

    I would just like to say I have been really really childish and I would like to apologise for my behaviour on this Blogg.

  72. jordan says

    Not another teen mother-puleez! “No Jordan that’s not the only thing I can come up with, but it is—–entirely appropriate!!!!!! You PIG NOSED B*TCH” how do you know what I look like you don’t anything about so don’t even bother leaving a comment about me because I really don’t care about what you think.

  73. not another teen mother-puleez! says

    No Jordan that’s not the only thing I can come up with, but it is—–entirely appropriate!!!!!! You PIG NOSED B*TCH

  74. jordan says

    omg is that the only thing you could come up with that is soooooo original you stupid piece trailer trash

  75. carleigh says

    WOW! I leave for a few days and come back to WWIII! Ladies remember this is a baby blog, it can be viewed by anyone at anytime, this is just sad and I see the fabulous Jordan is involved….no big surprise there?!! Ladies, is this really necessary?

  76. not another teen mother-puleez! says

    172. Nichola–you write: I work for a living and i am speak. read and write 4 different languages —well you should pay attention to English because you barely have a grasp of this one!!!!

    Jordan–slag off as you say!!

  77. jordan says

    Not another teen mother-puleez! just because dannii is 18 it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t love or care for her children age is just a number now get over your self your just picking on dannii because she is young and she has got a life unlike you

  78. nichola says

    165. not another teen mother-puleez

    what you have to say is no concern of mine. I work for a living and i am speak. read and write 4 different languages . so personally you are nothing to me you never have been and never will

    your just a sour plumbin amoungst the good ones and one of these fine days you will resort a prune and we all know what they do for people … hey maybe your are ine already as you have so much verbal C**P come out your mouth

    here have a cup of sugar it may sweeten you up

  79. not another teen mother-puleez! says

    Apparently in the UK it pays to be a gutter tramp??? Wow, take care of their own—in the US that means getting a job, being productive and paying your fecking bills!Q In the UK that means laying down being a tramp and makin’ babies you can’t take care of!

    People in the UK aren’t that smart as evidenced by the abundance of idiots who can’t spell, don’t work, make babies they can’t take care of and have nasty ass teeth!

  80. not another teen mother-puleez! says

    I only slag those off who deserve it! Now to you Nichola—-you fecking suck the big hose too ya B******!

  81. nichola says

    165. not another teen mother-puleez

    this is What i wrote previously but it is waiting to be modified so i did it in the meantime cause i wanted you to see it

    it is about time you took the vi****Or out your a** you piece of SH*~T the batteries have worn down and you need new ones .

    or is it perhaps you are just in this blogg to crank people up. all you have done on this blogg is slagg everyone off. perhaps you were once in the same situation as JLS and you got bullied so there for you have the need to do do unto others that has been done unto you.

    if you had a brain about your self you would not make yourself look like such a TW*T by telling poor Dannii that she lives off the GOV . Dannii speaks the truth about what the uk offer their subjects – Unlike your country the UK look after their own and support their own too .
    Dannii from what i can tell is a mother of 3 and is studing too – what have you done for your kids apart from sit on this blogg slagging people off,

    do you actually have kids . poor them i say you must be a pathetic mother to not be looking after them and i bet you are as mean to them as you are to this blog ….. you should take a leaf out of Dannie’s book love

    i will sent some batteries over for you in the meantime you can email me at B**chbitemya**.com

  82. nichola says

    165. not another teen mother-puleez

    if fact here have a can to go with the trailer that you live in

  83. not another teen mother-puleez! says

    dannii & jordan—you are both trashy little street wenches! I believe you are both the same gutter dwelling cum swilling pigs!

    Neither one of you have a brain cell between the two of you to share! The spelling, the way you type a blog is very similar!

    Jessica—-go feck yourself!

  84. ~ Catarina ~ says

    Jessica. You are supposed to capitalize the first letter after you write a question mark. I just thought I would give you a spelling tip, please don’t be offended.

    ~ Catarina ~

    Jamie Lynn is much to young to be having a baby. My 2 cents.

  85. jessica says

    not another teen mother-puleez! – you just can’t help yourself can you? are you unhappy with your own life? is that why you feel the need to come on here and put other people down?

    I think maybe you should go away and think of something original to post, cause so far, you haven’t said anything original.

  86. dannii says

    i f*****g work hard for my money with my job thank you very much!!! ur da tramp!!!!! and the little whore!! u havent got any kids have u cos any kids that are around a little low life wiv a disgustin mouth would be taken straight away from u!!! no me and jordan are not the same person shes a nice girl that doesnt go round givin people grief!! its u that needs 2 get of this site for the vermin that comes out of ur mouth call me what u f*****g like i couldnt care 1 lil bit cos ino im alot better person than u!! so y dont u go get yourself a job and a life!! dont ever write a comment about me again becos the stuff that wil com bk at ya… i aint even go there ppl like u shouldnt b given the time of the day ur a waste of space in this world what do u do f**k all!! so i aint givin u my time anymore i aint guna stoop 2 ur pathetic level

  87. jordan says

    not another teen mother-puleez! shut up you stupid old bag me and dannii are not the same person, are you sure that you and Hmmmm? aint the same person because ever since she said that we were the same person you started to follow what are you a sheep or something, i think you need to get off this bolg and wash your mouth out you disgusting pice of filth!

  88. Carissa says

    not another teen mother-puleez! you are a sad little woman who needs to get a life you are so pathetic

  89. not another teen mother-puleez! says

    Nichola—why don’t you post something relevant and original, instead of posting the same thing on two other threads.

    dannii aka: jordan—you are one in the same. If you are 18 and have three kids, that makes you a little whore. A money grubbing, promiscuous tramp who can’t keep her legs shut. Get off this website and watch your kids, do your homework and get a real job and stop living off the taxpayers!

  90. Nichola says

    omg– If any of you who say you are christian – slagged this poor girl off- you are no christian – My little toe is more of a christian- christians are meant to celebrate the miricle of life not slagg it off no matter who the mother is.

    yes she is young yes she has made some mistakes- but havent we all at one time or another . I am sure she has gotton allot of flack from allot of people. And i Think that may be we should all take a look at our own lives before passing comments on one another.

    people dont you think that there is arleady alot of nastyness in the world aready. come on you lot. just be happy that there is a miricle of live and whether or not she gives the baby to a family member is her decision and who are we to judge

  91. Lisa says

    I see that TRASH and NO CLASS run through the Spears Family GENES!!! What a way to glorify a 16 year old getting knocked up. I wonder what the parents would actually think if they werent blinded by money signs all the damn time.

  92. jessica says

    So you miss spell words on purpose, yet still feel the need to comment on the way other people spell words? do you have double standards? one set for you, and then another set for other people? Thats a little hypocrictal don’t you think?

  93. dannii says

    NO WE AINT THE SAME PEOPLE! your the one who’s pathetic luv!!! anything to have a go ay!! your just sad!

  94. not another teen mother-puleez! says

    Uh Jessica—the misspelling of PULEEZ is intentional, but apparently the meaning of it is lost on you. Dannii and Jordan are the same person, look at the typing, spellings and the texts she/he/it uses! How pathetic and juvenile!

  95. jordan says

    Hmmmm? i do forgive u but i do not forget and as for Ashley Here’s an idea why dont you stop sticking your nose in

  96. Ashley says

    Here’s an idea why dont every last one of you get a grip and stop worring about a 16yr old girl you have nothing to do with and know nothing about is doing with her life and if affects you that much bc you are worried that your children watch her on tv then maybe you have bigger problems bc let me just say that if a child can be influenced by another child so much then maybe we should be looking at the parents to the rasing of these children. Or here is a better idea turn the tv off and play a game or send them out side to play. And I am sure that there are mothers on this website bickering back and forth about “your child this and my child that” Clearly you need to step away from the computer and talk to your children instead of talking about them!

  97. Hmmmm? says

    Thanks dannii. You are a real forgiving person, thats a very good quality to posess. I only hope that jordan will be as forgiving. Because I am truly sorry.

  98. Hmmmm? says

    I’m sorry dannii, I’m just having a bad day I don’t mean to take it out on you. If you keep saying that you are not jordan then I will believe you. But my opinion doesn’t really matter anyway, we all have a right to post here. Forgive me.

  99. dannii says

    and oh look you and jessica are 9 mins apart does that mean u 2 are the same person?! no! didn’t think so!!

  100. dannii says

    im in the u.k and here its 12am my kids are fast asleep thank you!! i am not pretending to be jordan!! you make me laugh!! get a life!

  101. jessica says

    puleez! FYI this isn’t how you spell seem very hung up on how everyone else is illiterate, yet your own name contains the worst spelling mistake. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

  102. jessica says

    #129 – there go again assuming things

    you assume that all her children don’t have the same father
    you assume that she didn’t plan to have the children,
    you assume that she doesn’t work,
    you assume that she doesn’t study
    and again you assume that your advice is somehow wanted or needed.

    I could assume things about you…but like I said assuming things about other people only makes you look like an idiot. And right now, you look like a really big idiot.

  103. Hmmmm? says

    You dannii are the loser. Pretending not to be jordan when everyone can clearly see that you are. I am sure she dannii aka jordan will be the next to post after me

    Why don’t you go and take care of your ” three” children.. instead of posting here all day. I’m sure that they need their mother.

  104. Hmmmm? says

    wow dannii and jordan are the same person. Look how close they post together. They comes to each others defense quickly don’t they? Hmmmm.

  105. dannii says

    well why don’t you go and look up that in the u.k EVERY MOTHER recieves child benefit for their children!!! even celebritys in the u.k do!! and every family who earns under £50,000 which i think in the usa is $100,000 is entitled to working tax credits! i do work and i aint sponging of the government at all!! yeah alright i admit i should of waited a few years to have kids but it happend and theres nothing i can do about that now i wouldn’t change my kids for anything they are my life i’ve had my 3 kids and i went to be sterelised i’m not stupid! i was on the pill but it didn’t work! i don’t think its all fun and games i know its hard work especially when you have 3 children under the age of 4 and going to uni part time and working and having to study for uni aswell! but just like every other mother i do it so i think you need to come back down your high horse and go slag someone else off! i have now had my 3 kids cant have anymore so i can focus on my life with my kids! why don’t you just leave me alone to get on with my life and be happy with my kids! i didn’t ask for your opinion in the first place!
    and go round and find out how many teens are having underage sex drinking and doing drugs!!! i’ve never done drugs and i wouldn’t touch them but its happening thats just life! i would love to see your face when you have a 16 year old daughter coming home drunk and high and telling you shes pregnant! if your talking to me like this and think you and your family are sooo perfect your kids are going to rebel against you!!! and it will be YOUR fault!!! and this is all i want to say to you as i dont wanna give you the time of the day your just a stuck up ahh im so disgusted at u i dont even know anymore just sort your life out love!!!

  106. not another teen mother-puleez! says

    and jordan— darling what is it exactly that you do all day long, as you are on here as much as anyone else! Your posts are filled with poison and you are as illiterate and uneducated, that much is obvious! Go back to scrubbing the loo and asking if they want ketchup with their order, that’s about as good as what you’re worth!

  107. not another teen mother-puleez! says

    No Dannii, darling, living off the government/taxpayers isn’t the least that all parents are entitled to. What a person is entitled to is to get off their proverbial bums and WORK!! Not keep making babies they can’t pay for. What kind of birth control were you on that quit working or didn’t work? There is ONLY ONE way to become pregnant and many, many, many ways to stop it from happening. The best method for someone your age would have been to put a book between your knees and keep it there! There is nothing intelligent about being a teen mother of THREE children at 18 years old, there’s nothing you can say that will redeem you because you were too horny, young and irresponsible to figure out how you got yourself into this situation. Grow up and stop trying to make yourself out to be some kind of role model or patron saint of young, ignorant. teens who think “making babies” is all fun and games! It’s not and you have apparently learned nothing from your experience!

  108. jordan says

    listen Cruella De Vil a.k.a not another teen mother-puleez!, dannii is doing something with her life unlike you who sits at her computer all day, leave dannii alone she is a brilliant person

  109. dannii says

    me talking filth!! you are filth!! i have never known somone with their head stuck so far up their own a**! lure in next baby daddy i can tell you now my kids all have the same dad thank you very much and yes we was using birth control but it obviously didn’t work! that is all i get from the government but that is what every parent is entitled to you can try and put me down as much as you like! i have all my grades thank you very much and you say me doing midwifery is a joke!? atleast i’m doing something with my life! and i’m sure there’s plenty of expectant mums who will need a midwife as there aren’t many nowadays to bring babies safely into this world! and i would have some good advice for teens who are expecting like not to listen to b****s like you!! you are obviously some low life with nothing else better to do and feels like you have to slag off people because your life’s so s**t!! u moan that this is all foul well you had it coming!!!! my three gorgeous kids have better manners than you and you carry on slagging my kids off then this will get nasty!!!

  110. not another teen mother-puleez! says

    Dannii–you laden your posts with trashy language and filth so it wouldn’t surprise me to see your own three little darlings have ‘potty mouth’! I can ASSUME she is not on birth control because she is 18 years old and has 3 children, that to me either tells me she is a complete idiot or she just didn’t care or she was irresponsible and just had these kids on a whim. Nobody plans to have 3 children at the age of 18. It sounds like Dannii should have been focusing more on her studies and less on trying to lure in her next “baby daddy”. She’s not a role model for teen mothers, she’s an example of what NOT TO DO! There is nothing to be proud of when you are a stupid child who doesn’t learn from past mistakes or indiscretions, it’s like one time shame on you, but THREE TIMES, that’s just inexcusable. You do receive a child care stipend from the government and I’m sure you get more assistance than that, so you are living off the citizens of the UK. You going into midwifery is a joke! You need to go around and take your kids and lecture about the hazards of UNPROTECTED SEX!

  111. Tamara says

    thought as much lol
    it is amazing that some people think so high and mighty of themselves. But you are correct in saying that if the shoe was on the other foot . they would be the ones defending themselves..

    you should be proud of yourself hun.. i know exactly what people get on the child benefits – it is not much but i am sure some people around the world dont know that. plus you are in uni too and have kids – it must be hard but you are doing it. you are a role model for some of the teen mums out there. WELL DONE

  112. nicola says


    that is brilliant hunny – i wish you all the luck in the world chick. you are a good example that just cause you were young when having kids that it does not stop you from making something of your self and it does not make you Trash or a slag .. good on you hunny. i bet your 3 kids are lovely

    your a Star

  113. jessica says

    I have to completly agree with dannii … good on you for standing up for yourself!

    #109 – you make so many assumptions in your post, you assume that dannii gets money from the government, you assume that she doesn’t work, you assume that she’s a bad mother, you assume she doesn’t use birth control, you assume that you’re somehow better than she is, you assume that she wants your advice, you assume that she’s not educated, and to top it all of you assume that she wants or some how needs your advice.

    Assuming things just makes you look like an idiot.

  114. dannii says

    109. erm im at university doing a degree in midwifery actually its people like u that put teen mums down age is a number!! when you have a child u grow up!!!! im probably a better mum than u are!! i dont have any money of the government except child benefit and tax credits as i am also working! u can sit there and say were all s**t mums but u know f**k all!! and i bet if your daughter was pregnant at 16 u wouldnt be calling her trash people like u make me sick!!!!
    i have my life sorted and my future planned why dont u go and sort yourself out!

  115. nicola says

    108. dannii

    dont listen to that woman she obviously thinks she is something she is not- someone get her a sex toy might put a smile on her face and make her a happy person one Day

  116. alex says

    and im sorry i misspelled so many words. i dont feel the need to correct my words on these blogs. so dont whine about it. k thanks 🙂

  117. alex says

    and if she had a abortion all these people would be saying WAY WAY wore things about her. i ADMIRE jamielynn for being so strong and caring about her own baby, ecspeacilly in the public eye all the time. YA SHES 16 YEARS Ols , news flash people…teens have sex all the time!! ITS LIFE! stop talking crap on 16 year old girls, its pathetic.

  118. not another teen mother--puleez! says

    Dannii–you should do everything for your kids because you had them. Now you need to do the taxpayers of the country a favor and stop spitting out kids you clearly can’t afford or have any business having. You need to go back to school and get some discernible spelling skills and learn a trade if you are ever going to be able to be self sufficient. Facing up to responsibility is one thing and being ABLE to TAKE FULL and COMPLETE responsibility is an entirely different matter. Grow up and get on some birth control, I would hope at your age with the number of children you have that you would finally learn how this happens. Stop making excuses for trashy Jamie Lynn and worry about how you are going to plan for a future with your three kids.

  119. dannii says

    im 18 with 3 kids and i do everything for my kids just like any other mum would so whats with all the slaggin off teen mums? yh alrite some aint intereted in their kids but theres alot of teen mums who face up to their responsabilities. i’m sure jamie-lynne will make a great mum seen as shes watched what britneys gone through and has probably learnt from brits mistakes. as for her t-shirt its prob not even hers and wanted to wear something baggy to cover her bump! people these days can be very pathetic!

  120. Lauren says

    Who gives a crap if she’s wearing a beer logo t-shirt. She’s obviously trying to cover up her baby bump. GET OVER IT

  121. Kole says


    r there really over a hundred comments about her shirt.

    I’m seventeen and a virgin (if that means anything for you). i know for a fact that if any of you have teen children then they probably drink. Whether they are pregnant or on the honor roll.

    you guys probably have children that wouldn’t tell if you if they were having sex or not.

    why are people so judgemental of a damn shirt that’s was probably the first thing she saw before she left her house

    ♥ Kole

  122. Jessie says


  123. Emma says

    Jamie is not the first 16 year old to become pregnant, nor will she be the last. It is unfortunate that she is in the public eye and that she will be stalked and hounded every minute during this incredibly trying time in her life. From now on her life will be more challenging as she tries to balance her youth with raising a baby, but I have confidnece that with support and love she’ll make it through.

  124. carleigh says

    #85, lol, from one mother to another we both know there is NO such a thing as “perfect” kids!!!

  125. jordans evil twin says

    Mia she has asked for it. Now comment on the topic of shut the hell up please, you are confusing poor Jordan who is having enough trouble googling for an opinion.

  126. mia says

    for godsakes people LEAVE jordan alone she misspelled a few words big wow we have all done it before

  127. Jordan - silly girl... says

    Get a ‘live’ or a LIFE? Go play ‘with’ traffic or IN traffic? You’re kind of cute. And by cute I mean retarded.

  128. jordans evil twin says

    Jordan darling if you are going to call someone stupid at least know how to spell it right! What a classic tard you are!LOL

  129. Jordan - silly girl... says

    That wasn’t Carleigh dear. How about you go lay down & watch something on PBS for a while? I think it’s time for your nap. You just sound plain tired and cranky little one.

  130. jordan says

    oh and Carleigh you think you got PERFECT children i think not i can see them now stuck up little brats just like their mom.
    i hope they hate you so much that when they are sixteen they will go and get pregnant.
    i hope YOU will enjoy being a grandma at 30

  131. Bottom of the barrel or what?? says

    Where in the world are all of you trashy posters coming from today? I cannot believe how low all of your standards are – especially for your children. I can just picture your filthy houses & dirty children right now. Gross. I bet you all wear sweatpants with stains on them and your slippers when you go on a shopping spree down at the Wal-marts, huh? Greasy hair? A lot of clothes with the Looney Toons on them? Children walking in parking lots bare footed? I can picture you all right now, in Heineken shirts. Hillbillies.

  132. Carleigh - let them fail says

    Obviously – there aren’t very many “mom’s” on this blog that care for their children like you and I. It’s OK – we can sit back and admire our well adjusted PERFECT children. It’s hard to be the best some times…

    JORDAN!! You are a moron! Nichola “seems like a down to earth person”?? She is talking about kegs of beer and psychotically posting – yeah, down to earth. Good luck with your delinquent children and have fun being a grandma at 30!!

  133. carleigh says

    Due to the fact that we strongly disagree in our assessment of this situation Jordan, I will not respond anymore to your deliberate jabs and barbs directed at me. You try to incite and invoke an inflammatory response from me, so sorry to disappoint you but you won’t get it.

    I respect your right to think and feel the way you do, so be it. However unfortunate it may be. I have my right to an opinion as well.

    Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!! This is my last response to you on any blog so fire away but know you will not garner the attention of a response or acknowledgment from me.

  134. carleigh says

    Jordan coming from you, I take that as a compliment. Thank you for your concern, I appreciate it!!

  135. jordan says

    thank you nichola you seem to be a down to earth person,Tamara thank you i hope you have a lovely Valentines day

  136. carleigh says

    It’s only a T-shirt…oh it’s only teen sex resulting in pregnancy…oh it’s only a crack pipe…I love how people excuse such things with such a lackadaisical attitude. These are the same people who will wonder what the hell happened when their kids wind up drug addicted, homeless, runaways………people need to take responsibility for their kids and that starts at home by setting standards. I’d hate to see how half the people on this blogs children turn out since they view things like teen pregnancy so jokingly. It isn’t a joke, far from it, since when does society set the norm for what is acceptable in our OWN homes? Society certainly doesn’t dictate how I raise my girls!!

  137. nichola says

    CNN – you obviously know what that is about – is it not what you watch dear. something for the boring lol


  138. jordan says

    #65 you are a fool it is not tragic at all if you think it is then you must be very tragic.
    i have a right to be on this website as much as you do.
    i would just like to say thank you to Tamara finally someone with a bit of sence.

  139. nichola says

    think some of you are mistaken some of the kids are alread ajusted lol so where do i post them shirts too

  140. Yes it is Jordan says

    Yes it is a tragedy Jordan. Yes. it. its. Get off this thread you fool. Teenage pregnancy is a tragic epidemic in this country – read CNN or something else other than this website.

  141. Tamara says

    you are right – some people would love to have kids and cant – bringing life it to the world is one of the most treasured things that can only be done by some

  142. hooray Karleigh!! says

    We are going to have the most well adjusted kids out there!! Good for us! Keep on keepin on!

  143. jordan says

    carleigh it is not a ”tragedy” as you call it someone dying is a tragedy. jamie lynn is having a baby she is giving life not dying you NEED to stop calling it a tragedy

  144. nichola says

    and for the old biddies in here that thing a girl of 16 and pregnant is terrible – more fools you .

    maybe you should wear a shirt to match

  145. Busted says

    I didn’t even look to see what was on the shirt I’m wearing I just threw it on because it’s roomy enough for me and the pregger belly. It’s advertising plastic surgery O_o

    Darn those free t-shirt people DARN THEM ALL!!

  146. carleigh says

    What I can see from this picture speaks volumes. I see a sad situation….I, too agree, that it is highly inappropriate for JLS to be parading around public in a beer t-shirt…but then again I am the same one who thinks this situation is a tragedy. I think it’s sad that the pap’s and press almost seem to glamorize this type of situation.

    There is nothing glorious or happy about a 16 y/o girl getting pregnant and yes it does happen every single day in the USA and other countries. The big difference here is that JLS USED to be a teen role model and there are still girls that follow her every move, how does this bode for young girls?

    I got slammed on the Marla Maples/Tiffany Trump thread for suggesting that her short was too short…you know something, I don’t care. So I am old-fashioned, I can think of worse things to be called, like “Grandma” at the age of 35 years old. My daughters are being raised to respect themselves and their bodies, this includes being aware of how the present themselves to the public. People do judge you by the appearance you put forth, and treat and judge you accordingly.

    JLS needs to rethink her wardrobe choices and realize that there is a public fascination with her situation because the press and pap’s won’t leave her alone. She now has her own pack following her around and she’s going to be hounded just like her sister. Unfortunately she is even going to be scrutinized and judged by people, it’s called “guilt by association”.

    There is no fairy tale ending for JLS or Britney either, they are both on the downward spiral of their fame and when it’s good it’s very, very good…but when it’s bad it’s just downright vicious.

  147. Liza says

    For those people who keep saying that it is common for kids her age to drink alcohol and do drugs? Well, it’s also illegal. A child should not be advertising beer or any alcholic beverage, and Jamie Lynn is a child, pregnant or not. I don’t know any responsible parents of a teenager who allow their child to walk around with beer logos on their shirts. Even with teenagers having personal style, there are some clothes which are not appropriate for them to wear.

    And she has plenty of money to buy comfortable clothes that are appropriate that will cover her stomach, if that is what she chooses to do. I don’t have nearly as much money as she does, and I still managed to afford comfortable maternity clothes, so I’m not sure what the problem is.

  148. candykane says

    When Liz Lange wanted to give her appropriate maternity clothes everyone complained, now she wears what looks like her boyfriends clothes there are complaints again. Its not like she was dressing up to have her picture taken.
    No matter what she does now there will be always complaints. So it doesn’t really matter what she picks.

  149. Tamara says


    not letting this one go, i have seen so many girls like her been bullied and judged to the point of no return. To the point that they end up doing somehting to harm themselves and hurting people around them.

    it is so crule that people can judge and bully in such a way

  150. Oh Tamara,,, says

    Yes I AM JUDGING!! Are you smart? She deserves to be judged! Get a life – is it warm in your glass house too? When I am 16 (too late now), pregnant and wearing a Heineken shirt you can jusdge me if you want – I’LL JUDGE MYSELF!! I’ll say it again… JUDGE AWAY!!!

  151. Tamara says

    jordon i agree with you hun
    it is a tee shirt
    if i wore a shirt saying kiss me would people come up to me and kiss me NO it is a sloggan and that is all it is

  152. Tamara says

    40. Oh please

    your judging !!!!! remember what you sent out will come back to you. calling her trash cause she is 16 hmmmmmmmmmmmmm remember when you point a finger at someone there is always 3 pointing back.

    people in glass houses should not throw stones – and we all live in glass houses..

  153. Great idea Jordan! says

    She should dr!nk beer since it’s more inexpensive than most nutritious drinks (gallon for gallon), Being that she’s too poor to afford proper clothing and all… Right – Original “N”?

  154. Oh please. says

    Judge, judge, judge!! Criticize too! She is a pregnant teen who is wearing a beer shirt – judge away! I judge: based on the fact that she is pregnant at 16 and wearing a beer shirt that she is a white trash trampy teen. That’s my judgment! Comfy shirt my a** – find another “cumfie” (thanks for that one Tamara) one that doesn’t fit the bill of trash that she is. Like – how about an over sized college t-shirt?? That would be way out there, but she can dream…

  155. jordan says

    it is just a t shirt its not like jamie lynn is out drinking the beer she she just wearing a top with a beer logo on god what would you say is she was out drinking beer i met all of you would go mad

  156. Tamara says

    28. K | February 14th, 2008 at 10:16 am
    in this day in age what 16 year old is not having sex drinking beer??? yes i would have shunned it if it were 50 -60 years ogo but this day in age it is not uncommon.

    it is the way of life. she is 16 the legal age to have sex !!!
    be completely honest, at what stage did you start – children as young as 9 are doing it – i am not saying i agree with this age –

    with regards to the beer t-shirt – pregnant woman like to be comfie – this shirt may be bagging and cumfie to her – the shirt my be her boyfriend or something . but we should not judge based on a picture we have seen.

    we are not here to criticise

    with regards to the advert of beer, i personally have seen alot worse things that children wear –

    a child is a mircle no matter how old the mother is .

    good luck to her

  157. Amen #32! says

    I am really shocked by all the support on this stupid subject. Bottom line – children should not wear any shirt that advertises alcohol. Good children that is but it’s not that shocking on the back of this girl.

  158. There is mention all over the internet! says

    Google it. “Jamie Lynn beer shirt”. Lots and lots of people think it’s weird – why not you? Like beer shirts on pregnant teens? Or just like beer shirts?

  159. Just me says

    I agree with you #32!! I bet Lynne Spears wore a Heineken T-shirt when she was pregnant with her kids!

  160. Guess what Dobe (and pretty much everyone else) says

    I will raise my children the same way I was raised. I wasn’t pregnant at 16, I wasn’t wearing beer shirts when I wasn’t old enough to drink beer, I had parental guidance and support. I went to college, got my masters (like all four of my siblings), got married and had children. I DON’T SEE ANYTHING WRONG WITH WHAT THEY DID IN THE PAST. My children are honor roll students, prom queens, homecoming kings and scholarship getting GOOD CHILDREN with values and morals. It’s a sad world when it’s easier to see that it’s OK for a child to wear a ‘beer shirt’ than it is to think it’s odd – at least raise an eyebrow! But then again – maybe you had babies when you were teens, then of course you wouldn’t see a problem… Best of luck to you AND YOUR CHILDREN.

  161. Dobe says

    Oh my… some people sure seem to still be living in the past. Kids now a days…. drink, have sex, do drugs…… wear clothing with beer logos on it. Get a grip!!!!!!!!!!! I can only imagine what some of you people are like in real life… your poor kids proably arent allowed to do anything fun for teenagers!!!

  162. tammy says

    2 teens- if she weighs 300 lbs-there is something wrong with that. 🙂 I for one, don’t want to have to look, and if she walks past me I don’t have a choice.

  163. K says

    20. Tamara | February 14th, 2008 at 7:03 am

    some people are so pessimistic!!

    can you not just be happy for them.


    It’s an unwed teen pregnancy. There’s nothing to celebrate in that.

  164. D'Anna says


    The thrift stores I go to charge the same amount for beer shirts as they do any other kind, so she could have picked something else out.

    But you know, whatever.

  165. Silly me says

    Is Jaime Lynn poor? Than by all means – it’s fine for her to wear that shirt! Silly me!! I didn’t realize she couldn’t AFFORD a shirt not advertising beer. You are so smart, original N!

  166. The original "N" says

    Its a T-shirt…. To some people that may not have a lot of money ITS CLOTHES! ….. Be concerned when she is drinking the Heineken with the belly!

  167. Well... says

    It really does go together: Sixteen year old pregnant / sixteen year old wearing beer shirt. Kind of like: Lack of parental guidance / Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears.

  168. LizH. says

    Oh my – why is everyone saying it’s fine for a child to wear a Heienken shirt? Am I missing something? I’ve got a 16 y/o daughter and I know she would make a better choice of shirts, even if she was dumb enough to be pregnant. Plus – I don’t know of any high school (she’s a child still in school – I mean GED class) that allows children to wear anything advertising alcohol – dress code doesn’t permit that or bare midriffs. Maybe that’s why my daughter isn’t pregnant at 16?? Start seeing the big picture ladies. Wearing a bikini or a shirt showing off a pregnant belly is TOTALLY different from a YOUNG PREGNANT CHILD wearing a shirt with a beer logo on it!!!

  169. Where are your brains??? says

    Would YOU let your 16 year old daughter walk around in a shirt with a beer logo on it????? I bet you would allow her wear shorts with her a** cheeks hanging out too, huh?? I totally agree that it is wrong in every way for a CHILD to wear a shirt advertising alcohol. Get a life people! You get no where if you are the “cool” parent. No where if you are your child’s BFF instead of a guiding parent. SHE IS A CHILD OF 16 YEARS. Seriously – you should all be ashamed for thinking that it’s fine.

  170. 2teens says

    Tammy, what is wrong with a pregnant woman wearing a bikini on the beach? It’s the beach!!
    And it’s just a tummy, it’s not like she is exposing her privates.

  171. Tamara says

    some people are so pessimistic!!

    can you not just be happy for them. does it really matter if they are together in a year. they have brought a miricle into the world and as long as it is loved, has food in its belly , clothes on its back and a roof over its head. who are we to judge — we are no- body in a world that is ever growing criticism.

    so people dont judge on the pass but look to the future..

    respect and be respected

  172. Generic name says

    It’s just a T-shirt! maybe she want to cover the bump so she wear loose T-shirt..I think there’s nothing wrong in it..It’s not that she will wear that beer T-shirt the whole month of her pregnancy…

  173. tammy says

    I have to agree with boo on this one. If you think this is not classy, what about the pregnant women that wear tops where their belly hangs out everywhere or to where a bikini to the beach? At least she’s covering up. Wearing a beer shirt and drinking beer during pregnancy are two different things.

  174. Busted says

    I don’t know if she’ll be a great mom simply because she decided to have her baby, hopefully she will, but I do think that judging her for wearing a beer shirt is petty.

    I wear my husband’s Corona t-shirt and I’m 5 months pregnant (but showing way more than Jaime Lynn) is that somehow indicative of the kind of mother I’m going to be? It’s a t-shirt, baggy, loose, comfy get over it!

    I wonder what kind of parent people who severely judge the mistakes of others will be.

  175. boo says

    Oh and I’m sure you never wore clothes with Drug and Alcohol logo’s, foul language, Some type of “Grown Up” nature on it when you were a teenager??? It’s a Friggen T-SHIRT!!!…. And I don’t care of her age and pregnancy…She’s a big girl and has been outta the Barbie doll and Polly Pockets stage for a long time now!!! she’s 16 putting her in HIGHSCOOL Grade 10 or 11 I assume…….. AND ALL Highschool kids wear what they wanna wear and have come in to there OWN sense of style by now!!! Leave the Poor girl alone! Pregnant or Not again I say IT’S A T-SHIRT!!!!!!!

  176. tink1217 says

    i don’t know many “classy” 16 yr olds. I have a 19 yr old daughter and at 16 I can say she wasn’t classy and none of her friends were, but they were good kids. Even good kids can get themselves into trouble!! Not saying Jamie Lynn is perfect…far from it, but she is hangin with her boyfriend and is 16 yrs old. WHO CARES what she is wearing??? At least she is covered up unlike her sister lately. She is trying to lead a low key life right now, unlike her sister! Lets hope she turns out to be the “normal” one in the family despite the pregnancy…UNLIKE her sister!!

  177. Dobe says

    Oh come on people!! What should she be wearing because she is a pregnant 16 year old?? A “My Little Pony” shirt????????????? 16 year olds have sex, deal with it!! Its not like its the end of the world. If she had gotten an abortion all you people would be ragging on her just the same as you are now…….. She will be a great Mom. And her Mom will help her lots and be a great Grandma. The baby will be loved!!!

  178. Liza says

    Sorry Boo, a pregnant 16 year old wearing a beer t-shirt is the exact opposite of classy.

    I’d wonder about the kind of parenting that resulted in a 16 year old who was pregnant and who walked around advertising beer, but that’s just me.

  179. boo says

    OMG its a T-shirt with a Beer Logo on it! So I guess that makes her a terrible person and Mommy to be because she is wearing it right???
    Give me a break people …. SERIOUSLY!!! Its a T-SHIRT and its BAGGY and she is probably trying to cover up any signs of a bump! Some people will try and Find ANYTHING to nit pick about… It RIDICULOUS!!!!

  180. Never cease to amaze... says

    Ohh that Spears clan – they never cease to amaze… Is that a Heineken Beer shirt, that pregnant SIXTEEN year old is wearing?? Nice.

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