Miley Cyrus Proud Of Jamie Lynn Spears

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is proud of how Jamie Lynn Spears is handling her controversial teen pregnancy.

“We’ve actually been talking,” the Hannah Montana star, 15, told Us magazine at the Official Grammy Talent Gift Lounge in L.A. over the weekend.

“She’s now really excited, so I’m proud of her,” Miley told Us magazine of Jamie Lynn.

“I think she’s done the best she can,” Miley added.

Jamie Lynn has been laying low ever since announcing her pregnancy, but was snapped out and about in her hometown of Kentwood, Louisiana on Friday.



  1. melanie says

    zoe shannon and maegan, you guys are so jelouse its insane. haha no lives what so ever. grow up, look at how immature you guys sound.

  2. desteny says

    Anayeli ur right miley has a right to support her friend she may not incourage it but at least jamie is doin wat she gotta do as a mother and not jus givin her kid up jus like some adults do

  3. desteny says

    zoe billy ray and millieys business is there business she is doin her thing dont try to put her down

  4. annonomous says

    You know wat? all of u people need to seriously get a life! I highly doubt that you have never done anything wrong in your lives. And actually, yea what Jamie Lynn did was wrong but, she is conducting her behavior and dealing with the situation at hand very well for a young teenage girl. So u guys should start thinking about what you have just said.

  5. Anayeli says

    Teenagers are getting pregnant all the time. Things happen…all kids now more than anyone thinks these days maybe more than there own parents! She probably is proud of her. Because she’s owning up to her responsibilities and being a mature adult about it and chooseing to keep her baby.

  6. barry and zoe says

    Billy Ray you better watch out for Miley so she doesn’t do that!!!! By Zoe!!! Miley why the hell r u proud of Jamie Lynn!!!! By Barry

  7. Tristen says

    Okay, I had to put my input in this whole situation about Little Ms. Jamie Lynn. What is the big deal? What did she do that was oh so wrong in you people’s eyes? She is young yes thats obvious and she brought a blessing into this world. She made the best out of a situation she kept her baby girl she didn’t just go in take the easy way out and go kill her like some of the piece shit mom’s who can’t take responsibility for there own actions. So, whether she’s young teen mom she obviously has a brain and wants the best for her child like any mother would. And just because shes young don’t be quick to judge I’ve seen older women who have babies who shouldn’t even be called a mom they can’t take care them selves let alone a little baby. Just because she decided to take the chance of having a baby at a young age doesn’t mean anything she may be a little unexperienced but, were all gonna have kids at some point or another and her familys there to back her up and guide her to be a good mother. We all aren’t perfect so, don’t be so quick to judge on teen mothers you’d be suprised how many teen moms work there ass off to give there child every thing she or he needs. So, before you go putting your input on other peoples lifes and decisions look at yourself!
    Thank You!

  8. says

    Miley should be proud of jamie lynn because she is doing the thing being excited and making the best out of it and I would be proud of her too.

  9. Ryan says

    Miley Ray is a very good rolemodel for kids and she is very nice and sweet. And for her saying she is proud of jamie lynn to get pregnat and excited for her. but having a baby can be really hard and difficult so i dont know what she was thinking….???

  10. joanni says

    Everyone should just stop judging Jaime; she is not the first or last girl to get pregnant at that age, yes she made a mistake so what, she’s facing her problem head on instead of getting an abortion like most teenager that regretted it at the end or have health problems because of it. And if your daughter is looking up to someone on TV then, that’s your problem for not teaching them to be their own person. Seriously, all miley said was she was proud of her friend for dealing with all lot of the crap everyone talks about her. Miley is just being there for her friend , miley knows Jaime made a mistake but that’s not going to make miley be like Jaime , miley is very smart and sweet girl that knows what she wants and is confident of who she is and that’s comes with good PARENTENTAL TEACHINGS . all you can say is good luck to Jaime because at the end is her problem not yours .

  11. Maegen (again) says

    To Miley you suck lesbo!!!!!!!!!!! we are making a hate milley club. SEE YOU CRASH AND BURN BEYOUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Shannon says


  13. Shannon says

    HOW COULD YOU MILEY, YOU BEAST! How could you say things like that?! how can you tell a beautiful singer that? you need to hear youself!!! You SUCK AT SINGING! And billy ray cyrus!!! how can you raise your naked fat ass daughter like this?!!?!?? She already looks and sounds bad enough, MY GOD!

  14. Maegen says

    Who cares if she got pregnet. It is probually her boy friends fault. Hey, a lot of girls get pregnat when they are older. I know a friend of mine that is 10/11 years old, and he made a 10/11 year old pregnat.

  15. different jordan says

    i’m confused. where does it say she’s proud of her for not having an abortion? it’s just says she’s proud of her. seriously?
    another thing…miley shouldnt not be friends with jamie, she’s need her support, she’s needs support in general(although i’m not supporting her).
    continued…little fact: the younger you have kids, the more likely death is. just a little fact of life…
    keep going…IT IS HER FAULT. she didnt just hop in bed and get confused. she KNEW wat was going down. end of story.

  16. Marlena says

    I think that she is stepping up to what she has does, and it is amazing. Im 16, and I was pregnant 3 months ago and had a I know how she feels, I’ve been in her shoes. Your terrified, but at the same time, your already feeling materal instincts. Atleast she knows she will have the money to support her child, and her boyfriend is still with her. I might still be young and naive, but the best feeling in the world I have EVER had was having a baby in my belly, and knowing if no one was ever there for me, it would be.

  17. crzygrl says

    come on i think some people need to give jamie just a little bit more credit sure she did something wrong underage but y is it that its her thats a big deal i mean most teens do have sex underage y do u have to take all that pressure and put it on jamie lynn.and i am very proud of jamie for letting another life come in this world and giving it a chance to live insted of killing the baby just like most other teens

  18. Bo says

    Hee Jamie, (can say I, however, hè) I saw you for the first time on nickelodeon, at zoey 101. I end up the Netherlands. Duss are you also there very famous. I thought all that your brithney spears were. Because you seemed so much there on. But I want just as say that I heal that programme nice find to look at to. And groetjes from the Netherlands!

  19. bribri says

    i agree with skylynn because her babies are so cute even the gurl she so cccccccccuuuuuuuuuuttttttteeeeeeee

  20. Brittney says

    U know it is not that big of deal Iam 17 and I have an 8 month old and he is my life so what if shes a actress or not get over it its gods gift to earth okay people and yeah that 12 yr old daughter is right at least she didnt get an abortion.

  21. nobody says

    If Miley Cyrus wants to be proud of Jamie Lynn, let her be. I am also proud of her for not getting an abortion. I also still love Miley’s voice, and i think she’s a great role model. I am 13 years old and I watch episode on “Hannah Montana”, and I think she is a really awsome person. So… let her be proud of anybody she wants to be proud of.

  22. Taylor Salstman says

    Jamie is such a pretty girl.. and i love the road or responceability that she is taking in this matter …!
    Well see im getting ready to be a freshman in high school and there are many cases like her’s here and many do not take this a serious as her … ily ….

  23. sabrina says

    I dunnoee if im happy for jamie ; then again you dont plan things like that nomore..not to say she actaully wanted to be a mother at 16 yrs old .but i still wish dem both good luck with the baby and all wishes.

    Lets hope that he dont leave you like alot of teen stiill have alot of support but theres nuthing like having a father..]

  24. Yazemine says

    Yall need to live her alone cuz she didnt do nothing to any of yall. She is the one dealing with them pain is any of yall dealing with her pain no yall not so yall need to leave the gurl alone. At lease she dealing with it and with the pain. Jamie Lynn Spears look like a good gurl she might not turn out like her sister Britney Spears.

  25. Tay says

    I think all past that if she dose do her beast and dosent scroue up like her sister she well be a very good mom to her baby and with the saport from others she well de great so dont juje her for what her sister did so GIVE HER A LITTLE OF SLAKE.

  26. says

    first off what shes done thats so bad is have underage sex while being a role model for young children o wow shes such an angel for not aborting it so what she still portrayed the innocent 15 yr old girl but behinds the scenes she was having unprotected sex with a minor if she was 18 she would be in jail and second of all look at miley shes taking sexual pictures of herself and there all over the net these young girls need 2 realize sex is for grownups go back 2 your barbies sweethearts

  27. some 1 special says

    hey yall are all bout some dissing on some pregnate teen and bout her having her baby but u no what i am 14 had my 1st baby at 12 and now i am 7 months pregnate with TWINS tell me something stupid like u think it is wrong and 1st of all i am mileys best friend if you dont believe me then go look on her websit and ask her cause we are 3rd cousins. so u no what i am also friends with jamie to we call he jj so that is what i have to say and so back bout to me when i had my 1st child shallie maressia i had a still born little boy jonothan ronnie and that hurt me really bad and i can say it is not right for teens to ahve kids bubt mistakes happin and it is so hard to get out of 1 but adoption was not 1 of my choices and that is y i just wanted to make sience to yall and tell yall that i bet if you werent in jjs shoes then you still wouldent be dissin would you so pray for me and my babys my due date is june 26, 2008. that is y i just wanted to let yall know it doesnt make me or n e other teen mom fill good bout your self it is like some1 killing u on the inside and i just hope when you read this you can appolgize for what you have said and done…….

  28. Hidden says

    shut your freaking mouth up! Miley isn`t going to be the next Disney ho. You`re the ho for saying that! She`s a very sweet and awesome girl! She promised to not DO IT until she`s married! SO all you people shut your butt-hole up!!!

  29. Hidden says

    You people are insane! Miley is proud of Jamie cause she kept her baby insted of killing her/him! I would support my kid if she got pregnent but i would give her an earfull and i would probably ground her for the rest of her life. Miley is my biggest role model and so is Jamie but that doesn`t mean im going to get pregnent! Billy Ray has nothing to worry about cause Miley is a very intellegent girl ans she`s propbably going to be protected when SHE does it. Miley promised to wait after marriage to “do it“ and i think she will keep her promise. Jamie isn`t going to turn out like her sister because of genetics and she probably won`t turn out like her at all! Give the Spears family a break, all you guys do is make them feel bad and that`s just really mean! Meaby they have something going on at home that they don`t want the people out there to know so they can just make them feel bad about that too! I think Miley is going to turn out great and Jamie is going to take good care of her baby and give her all the love it needs! STOP MAKING THEM FEEL BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Angie says

    I can’t see what the big deal is. Miley is a Christian, even though she often falls short, and is happy that her friend chose to try to take responsibility after making a very serious mistake. Parents ought to use this as an opportunity to discuss abstinence and sex. No one here would be whining if she had just had an abortion because no one would be the wiser. Instead, she’s decided to do her best and give her baby a chance at life instead of putting her reputation and career first. You rarely see photos of her unless she’s getting groceries or gassing up, so hopefully she will continue to live low-key with her child. I wish her all the best.

  31. Miley luver says

    listen and listen GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    mILEY IS 16

  32. ANGIE says

    My parents say u are stupid and to young to have a baby but come on your 17. that’s pretty old. i want to talk to u if you want to talk call me at(262)547-3647

  33. ANGIE says

    u are so stupid miley stupid cyris. if u feel bad for her why dont u get your self pregnant at that age. i love u jaMIE LYNN AND YOUR SHOW. NOT YOURS STUPID MILEY

  34. chantay says

    that baby is sooo cute congrads to you jamie .
    question? can you please do a show with your new baby girl and send me a message back

  35. semita says

    miley im your BIGGEST fan but i wouldnt be happy for my friend if she was pregnant.especially at a young age.i mean she had it[sex

  36. jody says

    Im sorry but being proud of a teenage mum-to-be isnt a good thing. Number one , Jamie Lynn is setting a bad example for other teenagers. Number two , if miley is saying she is proud of Jamie then who knows what Miley would do.

    I understand that its all ready done and she cant change what happen but her Sister Britney never set a very good example for Jamie and im sure Lynn spears as the mother should take more responsiblity and talk to jamie about this properly because Jamie is way too young and im pretty sure she is not ready to become a mother yet , she still has a long life ahead of her so why take on a mother hood so young.

    Im done now :~)

  37. noneya says

    Did you ever think that maybe Miley is proud of Jamie Lynn for dealing with the consequenses? Taking full responsability and acting like an adult about things? It’s not like all the young stars out there are going to start having kids because Jamie Lynn Spears is…Come on’ now. Get realistic pepole!

  38. Me says

    I think Miley know what is life is about and I think she has every right to be friends with Jamie. She ios not a bad role model no matter what all you think. She is just a teenager, this is what they do.

  39. hollywood says

    wow i dont think it is smart for jamie to go and get pregnet! she is a hugeeeeeeeee roll model for little kids! i think that is a big job but to blow it off and do something like that!! that is just wrong!!! sorry jamie …… i still lke you but mot as much as i did….. SORRY!

  40. Lizbeth says

    i think that Miley is very sweet and nice to Jaymie Lynn. People you all should be proud of Miley and Jamie Lynn because first Miley is just saying she is proud of Jamie for not having an abortion and two Jamie at least is going to take care of her baby and NOT end up like her sister!!!!

  41. Isis Rayne. says

    I think Miley is a good person to be proud of poor Jamie Lynn..These things can happen by accident too. I for one am proud of Jamie Lynn for staying strong and not haveing an abortion.. I dont think she is going to end up like her sister. Jamie Lynn seems like a smart teen-age girl. And i think Miley is too, also being a good freind.

  42. miley'sbiggestfan says

    hey u guys,
    she is just going through a rough patch. she has made bad choices but, what can i say? she is just a teen and we all make mistakes. i lov jaymie lyn but i dont like the choices she made. i still lov them both.

    -miley cyrus’s biggest fan! serousily.

  43. Kay says

    I don’t know how Jamie Lynn is going to take care of her baby…she’s to busy on the red carpet! and on the bed! It’s nice she’s not giving up her baby…stay away from that Casey guy ,Jamie Lynn!

  44. jordyn says

    I congradulate Jamie! Not on being pregnant and deciding to keep the baby but being stupid enough to GET pregnent! Look at her sister! She doesn’t exactly have the best role model and she was probably pressured by her “boyfriend” but still, she shouldn’t have been stupid enough to get pregnant in the first place. I quess it doesn’t matter because she’ll use her mommy’s money to hire a nanny to take care of HER child while she runs off with her “boyfriend.”

  45. jess says

    abortion’s sickin me how could someone do that to there own baby if you don’t want one then way get pergnant i think it’s great that she is keeping the baby

  46. dannii says

    shes a good supportive friend it doesn’t mean she’s gonna jump into bed and get pregnant does it! i’m proud of her for not having an abortion as they are horrible the way they get rid of the poor babies is disgusting! imo they should take the baby out and let it die peacefully even though i am so against abortion but its alot better than ripping the poor bby limb for limb and being thrown in a dustbin (saw it on a documentary) it is sick and that is murder!! so good for her for choosing to love her baby. i’m sure jamie wasn;t talking to britney because of how she’s been acting so thats one step of knowing that she doesn’t approve of that behavior and im sure she will give that baby a great life so stop slating her and let her get on with her life because all you haters are the ones that causes the problems! trust me i know but i’ve learned to stick up for myslef cos i know i’m a great mum and me and my children are happy! go nd get on with your own lives and stop worrying about everyone elses!

  47. says

    hey i am glad that yall are freinds miley is really supportive and jamie needs someone to be there for her i am glad that billy ray approves even if he didn’t i wouldn’t really matter miley is her own person

  48. cloey says

    lc like dude my friends likes miley cyrus and looked up pictures of her and then found pictures of that you reatard!!!!! i mean ur sooooo retarted!! der der der! and if i did want to see miley in her underwear i woudlnt be complaining about her!!!

  49. Macline Cline says

    i think miley is right. Billy Ray is a great person and so is miley, and jamie lynn spears so bug off . I think miley is doing a great thing, standing up for her friend. I bet none of you jurks could do that . Soooo how about i make this easy. Rather than comind and yelling at you how about you all keep you ignerint comments to your seves.

  50. Miley/JamieFan102 says

    ”im so proud of her” said miley…i will ask her if she said that because i know miley and i will ask her!

  51. LC says

    Cloey look at your slef love you are a stupid child who likes to look at miley in her underwear SICKO

  52. Cloey says

    Look miley is stupid she takes pictures of herself in her underwear!!!!!!!!! PEOPLE I KNOW U LIKE HER BUT FACE THE TRUTH SHE ISNT MATURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GODDDD!!!! SOME OF U PPL R REATARTS

  53. says

    i think that miley is doing a good thing by suporting jamie cause jamie is in a tight sitution and jamie needs guidence and family and friends the most to boost her comfadence she needs love and miley is there to share that special word with jamie
    the spears family is not a bad family they just have mistakes and everyone makes mistakes and now everyone is on track jamie is still going to live her drems and be a kid but at the same time a mom to a great one.

  54. Cloey says

    We all know what Jamie Lynn was wrong but it’s hard to be a young star with millions of dollars I mean look and Britney spears. Miley should just stay out of it she doesn’t know that she could end up like Jamie. Im not letting my children watch her show I think she is a bad role model. If she were a good role model she would stay out of all the parties, not take anymore-naked pictures of her, and dress appropriately

  55. jessica says

    i think that miley cyrus is right she should be proud off her because a baby isent a curse its a blessing no matter how old you are and i like the way that mileys sticking up for a freind and not backing out on her. and you should all belive mileys jugment because its a good one.

  56. ashley says

    I am really happy that jamie lynn is having a baby but it is going to be hard to taking care of a baby

  57. kayla says

    i think you all should stop. she just wants to be proud of her friend theres nothing wrong for that. for all you know she not happy she might just want to be suportive. leave her out of this. its not jamie lynns fault her sister is a bad influence cant you under stand. brittny needs to know she has a little sister she has to do good things

  58. Lexie says

    miley is a good girl… i dont think anything like that would happen, but if it does.. she could ruin her fame and stuff

  59. says

    heyy miley
    keep up with ur show alright
    give me ur phone number please
    and i dont want you to fllow jamie lynn spears foot steps an i dont think jamielynn spear shouldn’t of gotten pregant becasue now zoey 101 is runned and thats all i want to say jamie lynn spear i love you and miley cyrus too

    keep up the good work miley


  60. says

    i think miley cyrus needs to keep it up with her show
    i eman she is great is her dad is i think zoey 101 jamie lynn spears should of gotten pregant but thats has nothing to with me but i wish zoey 101 can contuie cuz it was a awsome show and i dont think miley cyrus should follow her foot step cuz jamie lynn is flowwing brittanys and i thought jamie was the good one and she is very pretty an she still is the good one i just hope she doesnt turn out to do what brittany said…..and miley cyrus is gegous i want her to ahve a another concert and i want her phone number soo bad alrigth good bye luv you guys both

  61. becca says

    i am proud of miley for not leaving jaime lynn in her time of need. sometimes when you have gotten yourself in trouble a good responsible friend can help get you on the right path.

  62. Becca says

    For one thing their not telling the whole stroy. I the real story it said she started crying when she found out, but that she was proud of her for the way she was handling it because she didnt have an abortion.

  63. Laila says

    I think Miley is getting herself into a bad situation. She was accused of being pregnant and that is why i bet. Jamie made a big mistake in her life by having a child. You should be pure until marriage. Even tho her bf is smoking!

  64. msh says

    it is not bad with a child so young but think of your furture and i sopport you to!!!

    #1 miley and jamie

    yolls friendmsh

  65. ashley says

    i think that jamie may be young but she has her life set as of right now. she may not be mature enough to be a parent yet but the fact of the matter is. every one makes mistakes and this is her’s. i dont think that jamie is going to be like brittney and i think its said that ppl look and think into it that much. this is why brittney went crazy. she never was able to be her self. she had ppl constantly up her butt about everything she did. i would have to. i think that if jamie keeps her head straight she will be just fine and turn into a wonderful mother.

  66. tosha says

    cummon ppl stop arguing on here it’s not abouit u and your abortions its about miley and jamie and just bcs your pregnate dosn’t mean ur a ho.

  67. tosha says

    just bcs miley is proud dosn’t mean she will end up pregnate. lots of love 2 miley 4 her support luv ya miley =)

  68. says

    everyone makes mistakes in life . and the rude and insensitive people need to stop teasing them about there lifes cause im pretty sure half the worlds it no better so loose the negativity.

  69. amanda crintha says

    forget about all these other people but mileys not stupid and nither are you so just keep doin wat you do best

  70. emily says

    milley is not a role modle either mabey u need to get a way from the news for a while jamie is doing the best she can for being 16

  71. Courtney says

    i think it is stupid if she is proud of her. if she is that must mean she either wants one or she is on drugs..!! they are just alike Jamie said once she never wanted to be like her sister,,,,,but you see she is turning into her twin….oooppps she did it again.

  72. says

    Ah! A double dose of evil. Just what i really need to take over the world with me. You know, I can use them two cute lovely babes to help me take on the Power Rangers and the world too. The more, the better.

  73. Alex says

    coleen i think you should just grow up i bet any child would be glad that you are not their mother and i agree with tammy about the birth control if you dont wont any kids then shut your legs

  74. tammy says

    Coleen- You don’t think that I can tell that you’re just trying to push my buttons? Hey s l u t- try using birth control.

  75. Alex says

    am pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh sorry for this comment but am sooooooooooo happy

  76. coleen says

    whoooooooooohhooooooooooooooooo tammy you will be glad to know that i am finally getting my abortion i cant wait yes tammy thats right am having my blob taking out of my body and putting it in a trash can

  77. tammy says

    Coleen- Didn’t your mama ever tell you that if millions of people jumped off a 300 ft. bridge would you? Just because millions of women are doing it, doesn’t make it ok. Great argument there, genius. Try again. This time, try to sound a little less airhead and a lot more educated. People might not agree with me, but at least I back my self up. Also, you get over it. What if your mom had aborted you? It makes you think huh? Why don’t you go thank her right now?

  78. coleen says

    tammy and alex i would just like to say that you tow are soooo stupid millions of women have abortions so get over it

  79. tammy says

    #42- actually, yes I do. Why not put them up for adoption? I think to murder something is completely selfish. I really don’t see how that makes me uneducated- unless you just like to throw that word around. I have a chocolate lab puppy at home and if he was really sick and I took him in the backyard and shot him to put him out of his misery, people would be down my throat. But if a woman wants to murder her baby (human, mind you) by sticking it in a garbage disposal or poisoning it with saline, that’s OK. Are you that “uneducated” that you can’t see how warped that is? As for sticking up for your friend jx2, get a life. Do you meet all of your friends on blogs? Do you think she really cares about you?

  80. tammy says

    Alex- that’s great. I’m glad that you looked up the pics. It kind of makes reality set in. I don’t know how someone can still be for abortion after looking at those.

  81. Alex says

    Ok Tammy I do agree with you on the abortions and I do feel strongly about it I don’t think people should have an abortion if you don’t want to get pregnant then use protection

  82. tammy says

    Alex- why don’t you try reading the last 20 blogs. That is what the discussion has been about. Why do we keep discussing it? Because there are morons on here with no morals that feel it is okay to kill an unborn “life” all the way up until the umbilical cord is cut. Kind of sad huh?

  83. katie says

    Billey Ray you need to watch out just incase your daughter desides to get pregant at 15 years old just like Jamie disided to

  84. tammy says

    2. EMBRYONIC DEVELOPMENT: 4-8 weeks of embryo development.

    1.5 WEEKS: Completely developed embryo.
    2nd WEEK: Primitive streak.
    3rd WEEK: Central nervous system begins to develop.
    Heart development initiated – beating begins.
    4th WEEK: Complete mass (baby and chorion, etc.) – about 1″ long and the size of a pigeon’s egg.
    Embryo inside is about 3/8″ and weighs less than 1 gram.
    Outpouching from anterior brain – early eyes – limb buds of arms and legs.
    5th WEEK: Nose and lips formation begins.
    Brain is developed into 5 components and lumen of spinal cord is continuous with brain vesicles allowing free cerebral spinal fluid flow.
    8th WEEK: Major organs begin development.
    Now about size of hen’s egg.
    Embryo is 1″ long and about 4 grams.
    Hands and feet are seen.
    Baby is extremely reactive to its environment.
    Male sex hormone (testosterone) produced by testes
    Masculine development in males – no change in females.
    12th WEEK: Embryo is about the size of a goose egg.
    Placenta is well established and weighs more than the baby.
    Baby is approximately 3 1/2″ long and weights about 60 grams (2 oz.). Fingers and toes can be seen.
    This is the end of the embryonic stage.


  85. Zbella says

    I agree that Jx2 should abort. If she does not respect the life growing in her body, she may not respect it outside her body. Just as she chooses to disrespect many people who post here. I am pro-choice in theory. However, I could not abort my “fetus” because to me, it’s a baby; my child. But I would not force anyone, such as JJ to birth a child. She is obviously not ready for such a gift or responsibility. I do respect JLS and other teenage mothers who choose to give birth rather than abort. That is my personal opinion, which I’m entitled to. 🙂

  86. Mhel says

    oriana, your’e the one who should get a grip. That’s her opinion, it’s none of your bussiness ok!!!!!!!!

  87. tim says

    jennifer what is you last name do tyou have 2boys and 1 girl is 1 boy 11 and 1 boy2 and 1 girl 7 or 8

  88. says

    OMG DON’T GO THERE MILEY…another show I have to block from TV. Like a girl stated earlier, what a way to glamourize teen skankness..get over it people and stop paying attention to Jamie and maybe she will go away!

  89. Jx2 says

    The e*mbryo is alive – of course. Para*sites and bacteria are also alive! Is an e*mbryo human? No way!! Can it live on it’s own without the placenta and umbilical cord – not a chance! The hiccups you claim you felt during your first trimester was your indigestion!! Does this image appear to be a human being to you? Do you think that this can hiccup at 5 weeks?

    What will do you some good would be to crack open a biology book on animal and human development. And I’m not talking about the story in the bible about Noah’s ark. Do you think you can handle reality?

  90. Jx2 says

    At the end of the 8th week the e*mbryonic stage is over and the fe*tal stage begins. During fe*tal development, the fe*tus makes sounds and vibrations – so does a honeybee pupa.

    Fe*tal pain, its existence, and its implications are debated politically and academically. Most medical researchers agree pain cannot be felt until around the seventh month of pregnancy.

    The fe*tus of most mammals develops similarly to the Homo sapiens fe*tus. After the first stages of development, the human e*mbryo reaches a stage very similar to all other vertebrates. Development at birth is similar, with animals also having a poorly developed sense of vision and other senses.

  91. Jx2 says

    Does the above statement describe a human e*mbryo or fe*tus? Standing upright? A highly developed brain?

    In the insect world, there are different stages of development from a larvae (or an e*mbryo) to a full grown fly, honeybee or butterfly (adult human). A e*mbryo or a fe*tus is in the development stage similar to that of a larvae. It does not have characteristics of an adult human while it is in the u*terus. Perhaps you need to revisit your biology 101 high school notes.

    I have had enough schooling and education to be able to make intelligent decisions and draw conclusions for myself. I do not require additional research in order to determine the irrelevancy of your ramblings.

    I have studied human bio*logy and genetic mutations in plants, animals and humans when in University. An e*mbryo in the first and second trimester is not a fully developed human being. The brain is not developed yet. It cannot live outside he wo*mb. What does that tell you? It is still undergoing transformations.

  92. Jx2 says

    Tiffany Lamp – what on earth are you talking about???
    Did i ever say I was planning to sue someone ?
    Stop blo*wing hot air out of your a*rse!

    “Humans, or human beings, are bi*pedal primates belonging to the mam*malian species Homo sapiens (Latin: “wise man” or “knowing man”) in the family Hominidae (the great a*pes). Compared to other living organisms on Earth, humans have a highly developed brain capable of abstract reasoning, language, and introspection. This mental capability, combined with an ere*ct body carriage that frees their upper limbs for manipulating objects, has allowed humans to make far greater use of to*ols than any other spe*cies.”

  93. Liza says


    A fetus can not process and feel pain until 18-20 weeks. Science has been pretty definite on that.

    I’d provide the actual facts relatetd to late term abortion and Dr. Tiller, but every comment about either ends up being under moderation. Suffice to say that the information you have provided is incorrect.

  94. Liza says

    Planned Parenthood isn’t fighing against doing ultrasounds before abortions, they do that now to find out how far along the pregnancy is. It’s pretty routine, done especially when the woman doesn’t know how far along she is.

    What they are fighting against are laws requiring that the woman be forced to view the ultrasound prior to her abortion. Doing so is plain manipulation and Planned Parenthood is right to have opposed it.

    And I AM a mother, and a first trimester pregnancy is nothing more than a blob of tissue to me, a human being is something that can survive outside of the womb.

  95. tiffany says

    Jx2 said “For me a fetus is just that. It is not a baby yet. It is a baby when it is born and when the umbilical cord is cut.”

    If you truly believe that, then you have no right to take legal action when harm comes to your “blob” when you are pregnant should you be in a car collision or what not.

    Personally, it doesn’t even sound like you’re a mother because if you were ever pregnant, you would know that the “thing” inside you was alive, a human being. You could feel its hiccups even in the first trimester in your belly, like I did.

    …And about Planned Parenthood fighting against having sonogram/ultrasound machines in the abortion clinics, it’s true. Please refrain from making false accusations against me, saying I’m making things up, when you haven’t even researched it one iota.
    And while you’re at it, why don’t you look up what exactly develops in the fetus at the first and second trimesters. It’ll do you some good in that black heart of yours.

  96. 2teens says

    Liza.. You could try posting it in sections, that way you could narrow down what the problem is. I’d like to know the truth about Dr. Tiller.

    Hi Oriana, doing great! How ’bout you? Keep your chin up girl, that Taylor M. is worse than a clingon on an a.s.s.h.o.l.e.!

  97. Liza says

    Nope, none of those words and no inappropriate words either.

    My post gave factual informaiton about Dr. Tiller, who tammy claims provides elective late term abortions which isn’t true, and some other info on late term abortions.

    I’d repost it here, but then I figure it would end up being under moderation again.

  98. oriana says

    I have to say I have learned a lot of interesting facts by reading all this back and forth. It has been educational for me to learn some of this. I had heard before about the doctor and was shocked to read that!

    Hi 2teens! Hope all is well with you!

  99. 2teens says

    ^^ Liza, I doubt that. It’s probably just one of the odd flagged words WM has on this site. These are some of the words that I know you can’t post, but I’m sure there are others:
    did you have any of those words in your post?

  100. Liza says

    It seems that when someone provides actual facts about abortion, their comments end up being under moderation.

  101. Jx2 says

    Clammy Tammy – Lay off of 2teens!!
    If you have issues with me, take it up with me. I welcome the diatribe. Oh boy, do I relish the thought of plowing into you.
    So don’t delay – speak up today LOL

  102. 2teens says

    ^^^^ Hey moron – this is what you said:
    “I believe that life begins at conception. If it didn’t, why does he/she have their own DNA?”
    THAT is why I made that particular comparison. AND, there is NO heartbeat in the first several weeks of conception, in case you didn’t know.
    AND, why are you calling JX2 a murderer? She stated she has never had an abortion and as far as I know she doesn’t perform abortions… which are your criteria for calling someone a murderer, am I right?
    Weak, weak, weak arguments Tammy.

  103. tammy says

    2teens- hey genius- bacteria also doesn’t have a heartbeat. That was a really stupid comparison. JJ Walker- I’m done with you. You’re evil at its finest-murderer.

  104. Jx2 says

    TAM I AM – Obviously I do not agree with your uber-Pope mentality so there is no point in discussing the issue of abortion with you – Sister Ignatius Tammy!

    The debate around when a fetus can be dubbed a baby has been circulating in the courts since the 1970s. There have been numerous court hearings about this topic…it’s all very theoretical..there is no point in insisting that you are right and I am wrong.

    Perhaps in your pea-sized brain you believe that you are right. I cannot stop you from your beliefs. Nor can you stop me from voicing my opinion. If I want to support women that get abortions, so be it. Personally, I have never had an abortion but like I said in previous posts – I would not hesitate one bit if I had become accidentally pregnant and wanted to terminate the pregnancy. No amount of anti-abortion literature, photos of dismembered fetus’, ultrasound images of hearts beating or a personal letter from the Pope would get me to change my mind. For me a fetus is just that. It is not a baby yet. It is a baby when it is born and when the umbilical cord is cut.

    So you can keep ranting all you want but your rants are directed towards the wrong person. I am a very strong Feminist and your propaganda will not sway me.

  105. 2teens says

    ^^^You’re right about one thing, we will never agree on this issue. There are lots of things that have dna, including bacteria… that doesn’t make bacteria human.
    As for my chiming in, this is a public blog and anyone can chime in anywhere, anytime… besides, JX2 is a friend of mine.

  106. tammy says

    2 teens- I respect the fact that you did some research, but the part where we disagree on and we’ll probably never agree on is when a baby is considered a human being. I don’t agree with abortion in the first, second, or third trimester. It doesn’t sound like you agree with third trimester abortions, but maybe first and second. This is where we differ. I believe that life begins at conception. If it didn’t, why does he/she have their own DNA? How can something that is nothing have that? Also, just because something is illegal, doesn’t mean that Doctors aren’t doing it. I think we’re just wasting our breath here-we could go on forever. As far as your comment in # 57, have you seen the way Jx2 a.k.a- JJ Walker have gone back and forth? You’d be mad too, and really, that was none of your business to chime in, no disrespect intended.

  107. 2teens says

    Tammy, I took your advice and googled abortion in the US and let me give you a few FACTS.
    A. Only 1.4% of abortions in the US are performed after 20 weeks gestation. Any abortion after 20 weeks is considered late-term.
    B. Partial birth abortion has been illegal in all 50 states since 1993.
    C. 36 states have banned abortions after 20 weeks gestation, 13 more states have banned abortion after 24 weeks when a fetus is able to survive outside the womb with assistance.
    D. Under Kansas state law, abortion is legal only when a doctor affirms that the fetus can’t live independently outside of the mother’s womb.
    So things aren’t quite as dire as you make them out to be. Your grandstanding & fear tactics will get you nowhere – bottom line, laws are in place in every state to prevent a viable fetus from being aborted.

  108. tammy says

    2teens- you are very ignorant and misinformed. There is a Doctor in Wichita, KS named Dr. Tiller who performs 3rd trimester abortions for any reason. They call him Tiller the Killer. Also, how do you think abortions are performed? Do you really think they make it nice and cozy for the mother and baby and give the baby an anesthetic before the procedure? No, because stupid people like JJ Walker probably think that the baby doesn’t feel any pain- which it does by the way. Have you heard of a movie called “The Silent Scream?” I highly recommend that. Have you seen aborted babies or do you just tune it out because you’re going to believe in abortion no matter what? The baby is torn limb from limb, depending on how the procedure is done. Why don’t you google it and see? The reason that I posted the same thing twice is because it took forever for the first post to go through and I didn’t think it would, JJ Walker- so lay off.

  109. 2teens says

    Hey JJ, I’m glad that snow is finally starting to melt. I grew up in a snowy area of New England so I know what that time of year is like with the slush and dirty piles of old snow on the street. It sure is pretty at the beginning though.
    For v-day I got roses from my hubby, he gave carnations to our daughter and chocolates all around. I only have one or two pieces and then I give the rest to my son so he ends up with 2 boxes. And it doesn’t take him very long to finish those off either! 😀

  110. woman says

    Dear Webmistress,
    My post #56 is nothing compared to the some of the other posts here. Please read them before deciding to delete mine again. I only posted facts on fetal development: a whole 3 lines.

  111. alex says

    hahah. reading all these posts are kind of funny. but anyways, i love miley cyrus, shes a sweet girl. jamie and miley are FRIENDS. thats what friends do, they support one another no matter what. and thats great. so stop talking crap. atleast jamielynn did not get a abortion. GOOD FOR YOU JAMIELYNN. I’M PROUD OF YOU FOR BEING SUCH A STRONG PERSON AND TAKING RESONSABILITY. 🙂

  112. Jx2 says

    Hi 2teens – how are you ? Do anything “special” for heart day? How’s the sunny Florida weather treating you? Our mountains of snow are beginning to melt…ever so slowly. So far I haven’t slipped on the icy streets…I can be clumsy and accident prone on occasion. The good thing is that the days are beginning to get longer and there is actual daylight at 5 pm when i get off work. Anyway – it’s sleep time, signing out.

  113. 2teens says

    Tammy, any credibility you had just went flying out the window with your last two posts. You are a very angry, irrational person.

  114. Jx2 says

    Tambourine Tammy Tampax Tampon…do you like repeating yourself? Is it because you ran out of things to say? Had nothing interesting to write down? The two comments you’ve posted are virtually identical !!

    Humans are mammals. Do you condone the killing of mammals for food consumption? Do you eat beef? pork? lamb? If you do then you are a hypocrite and a two-faced liar!

    So what if people agree with your posts…There are a lot of people that agree with George Bush – does that make him right in everything he says and does? I certainly don’t think so.

    I come from a country where abortion is legal…I come from a country where same sex marriage is legal…I come from a country where smoking pot is legal…SO put that in your pipe and smoke it!

    I also come from a country where freedom of speech is part of our constitutional law – so YES!! I will respond to your fundamentalist anti-abortion extremist jibberish whenever I want to and you can’t stop me!!
    Hows that for obsessive???

  115. tammy says

    JJ Walker- why am I ignorant? Just because I don’t believe in murdering a human life? You know there are other people on this thread that agree with me, but since you are so obsessed with me ( do you like have a crush on me or something?) you choose to pinpoint me. Do us both a favor and quit responding to every little thing I say psycho.

  116. tammy says

    Jx2- if not believing in murdering a human life makes me ignorant, then I’m proud to be labeled that. You’re pure evil- do us both a favor and stop responding to every little thing I say you obsessive little c u n t.

  117. Jx2 says

    TAM-bourine! You are incredibly ignorant!!

    TORTURE is having to listen to your idiotic ramblings
    BOO – ring!!!

  118. Liza says

    Actually 2teens, only one type of late term abortion is now illegal, the intact d&e or “partial birth abortion”.

  119. 2teens says

    What you are describing are late term abortions, which are no longer legal unless the mother’s life is endangered.
    An abortion done in the first trimester removes an embryo about the size of a strawberry. There is no baby “torn limb from limb”, that is just propaganda and fear tactics.

  120. Liza says

    I also have a question for those who consider abortion to be murder:

    I assume that in order to consider it murder, you would have to consider the embryo or fetus a whole person. Is this correct?

    Miscarriages are very common, it’s believe that 25-35% of all pregnancies end in early miscarriage.

    So if abortion is the murder of a person, then why doesn’t society treat couples that have lost a pregnancy to miscarriage like parents who have lost a child?

  121. tammy says

    Liza- one more thing, and I don’t mean to sound harsh, but where did you think that that biohazardous bag went after you left the clinic? Unless you took it home with you, they have no reason to keep it around- it goes in the trash.

  122. tammy a.k.a- tam-pon- wow that hurts. says

    hi boo- See? I’m not such a bad person. 🙂 I agree with you also. I think it’s sad because many young “girls”, are not told the facts about abortion- very sad.

  123. boo says

    Tammy… On this thread My Views are Absolutely Dead on with yours!
    I too am Pro-Life and am glad that even though her age JL is willing to Go through with this pregnancy!

    I have read up on abortion ( through a forwarded email) and it made my stomache turn just reading at how they go through with it…Pulling the baby apart limb by limb …all the while the baby can feel this pain…. then counting all the body parts to make sure there were no parts left inside the “mother”.
    It was disgusting and brutal and I can’t understand why any woman would want to go through with some thing like that…or be willing to make their child go through it…… as some women on this site have said they’d do! IT’S TORTURE!!!

  124. tammy says

    Hi Liza- a miscarriage is different than actually going out of your way to have an abortion. I don’t know if yours was on purpose or accidental. I also had one 2 years ago (accidental) so I’m really sorry for your loss. Have you ever googled an aborted baby? They are tossed in trash cans. I don’t know what high class abortions you have witnessed, but they are treated like trash. I, unlike you, believe that something can’t grow from nothing. I believe that it is a human life from conception. It has its own DNA and a heartbeat within less than a month. Are you telling me that something with a heartbeat is not a living thing?

  125. Liza says

    When I had my miscarriage, the products of conception were, I assume, put into a biohazard bag and incinerated, much the same way that the products of conception of a woman undergoing an abortion would be. Nothing is just dumped into the garbage.

    Your point about women undergoing termination as “evil” and “selfish” is based on your view that abortion is murder and that an embryo or early fetus constitutes a whole human being. But many people don’t and if they don’t, it can’t possibly be murder.

    Of the women I know who have terminated, some of them teenagers, some adults, they were all sad about the decision they were facing, and while they mourn having to make that choice, all of them feel they made the right choice. And none of them have had any physical side-effects or long term emotional effects from it. That, in my opinion, is simply just propaganda, supported by a minority of the women who have undergone abortions.

  126. tammy says

    Also, when I did mention education earlier, I was talking about “girls” like Jamie Lynn age and teaching them about the after effects of abortion emotionally and physically and telling them that the abortionists don’t care about them-all they want is their money. They don’t care and then they have to live with that emotional scar for the rest of their lives. But once they’re given that info, it becomes a moral decision.

  127. tammy says

    2teens- I think that a woman who goes into an abortion clinic and has her unborn baby put through a garbage disposal, or has her baby poisoned with saline solution, is a murderer. She is making a choice to murder her baby.How is that not evil and selfish? I’ve done a lot of research and had many a debate with people over this subject, so please don’t get me started-you’ll never win. Do I agree with the psychos out there that bomb abortion clinics? No, of course not!! That doesn’t solve anything. Education has nothing to do with- whether or not you think murder is ok does.

  128. 2teens says

    Are you calling pro-choice women evil and selfish Tammy? You know, it’s ok to disagree with someone, or to have a differing opinion. That doesn’t make the opposing viewpoint “evil”, but it does make you look like the uneducated one.

  129. tammy says

    Tiffany- i agree with you 100%. There are just a lot of evil selfish women in the world that aren’t educated about abortion and what it really does to a human life. My question is how can it be a “blob” when it has it’s own DNA from the moment of conception?

  130. Jx2 says

    Ali- Baba – I did not say that JLS does not have a choice to keep her child – personally, I just think her choice is very stupid. Just like there are people out there that think abortion is wrong. I don’t think a 16 year old that still relies on her parents to support her should be making a life altering decision like keeping an unplanned pregnancy!!
    If JLS is old enough to have a baby and make her own decisions then she is old enough to get a job and support herself financially AND not ask her parents to babysit when she wants to go out and have fun with her girlfriends. She needs to be mature and responsible on all levels…not just where it suits her fancy.

    Hey Breakfast at Tiffany’s – you listen to me!! When something is inside my body – it belongs to me and I make the decision to abort. If I had a tumour that I wanted to get rid of – the same strategy applies to that as well. If I were in a car accident and happened to be pregnant and I lost the fetus – I would not be suing someone for the loss of a fetus. A fetus is a fetus. It is an undeveloped soon-to-be baby – but not quite there yet.
    A blob of tissue ? Yes !

    As for your comment:

    “There’s a very good reason why Planned Parenthood is fighting against having ultrasound machines at abortion clinics. Research shows that women who were thinking about having an abortion, after seeing their baby’s ultrasound change their minds. They realize they are carrying human life. Look into 4D ultrasounds. ”

    Your above comment has no validity to me. You are making a slew of generalizations. If I had a reason to have an abortion I would do it without doubt or hesitation – regardless of an ultrasound picture or image.

    That’s just the way I am. Your rantings earlier might apply to some women BUT NOT ALL and certainly NOT ME.

  131. oriana says

    When I was a young girl, abortion was not legal and it was a sin to do it. People would look down on anyone and consider them a tainted woman and a disgrace.

    I would have been beaten within an inch of my life if I had gotten pregnant at 15! I do believe in a woman having the choice over what she wants to do if she gets pregnant. I am one that thinks Abortion Rights should be legal. I am 60, well, will be March 4th, and I am from the Old School but I am pretty liberal, always have been.

    Yes, I like the Grateful Dead, Eagles, Elvis, all the old groups and wish I could be a Hippie all over again!

    I definitely think if a woman is raped, the baby will be born deformed, and if a young girl can’t provide for herself and the child, their are psychological problems that need to be considered also. I am for it, sorry if that disappoints my friends on here but a child can change a person’s life forever.

    In Jamie Lynn’s case, she has tons of money, her mother will raise the baby for her and she will go on and flaunt herself from here on out. The baby won’t go without and she won’t struggle and suffer to provide food, shoes, clothes, etc. like many young mothers are doing.

    She is not a role model for anyone to admire, her TV show should replace her and she should go get some counseling and prepare to be a nuturing mother, which I highly doubt she will be.

  132. Liza says

    I think it is glamourizing it when it is continually publicized. She’s getting more attention than she was previously simply because she’s pregnant at 16.

    I support the choice that Jamie Lynn has made, but she shouldn’t be applauded for it. She’s still setting a bad example for other young girls, especially when she is continually given attention and publicity for her pregnancy.

    Monica, I don’t see anyone applauding women who get abortions. People who are pro-choice agree with a woman’s right to choose and to make the decision that is right for her. I don’t ever see anyone running around chanting “yay abortion!”.

    2teens, great post. And Tiffany, do you care to clarify what you meant? Is this hypothetical accident when the woman was still pregnant? And who is suing, do you have information on these particulare lawsuits? Do you think every woman who supports the right to an abortion doesn’t want her pregnancy?

    I have a daughter I love dearly, it was a wanted and planned pregnancy. I have also had a miscarriage that was also a planned and wanted pregnancy. But in the early weeks, cardiac activity or not, they were still just blobs of tissue to me. They weren’t babies and they certainly weren’t my children.

  133. umm? says

    What I took from Tiffany’s comment ( and I too could be wrong) a woman who is thinking of having an abortion, then while Still pregnant gets in an accident and sues the driver for killing her baby
    So one second she doesn’t want the baby, then the next she is angered and upset that an irresponsible driver took her unborn babies life!
    I think she was refferring to killing the baby she is carrying not the Child she has already had a hand in raising.
    I dunno thats how I understood that comment but as I said I could be wrong as well!

  134. kim says

    yeah a “suprise” pregnancy means oops! like i said if you dont want to get pregnant there are so many options. i was on birth control but i also watched my cycle and when it was time i stayed away because i wouldnt want to have an abortion but im not bringing another child in the world unless im ready and wanting to.

  135. 2teens says

    Tiffany, your statement that women who are for abortion would sue someone who killed their baby in a car accident makes zero sense. If a women is for abortion, but decides to keep her baby… then years down the road the child is killed in a car accident… you are saying that she has no right to sue, or be angry, or grieve? Because she believes in a woman’s lawful right to have an abortion if she chooses? Please explain this to me if I am misunderstanding your point, because right now I think its pretty lame.
    I do believe that women should have the ultimate control over what happens to their body, not the government. I have 2 kids, yet I am pro-choice. It’s all about choice Tiffany… and it’s the law whether you like it or not.
    JL Spears made the choice to keep her baby, fine, that doesn’t make her a good role model for the teens and tweens who idolize her.

  136. tiffany says

    Sure Jx2, you say it’s your body and that you’ll abort your baby if you choose to… But you ladies can’t have it both ways. The same women who are for abortion, saying the baby is just a blob of tissue when in fact the fetus has a heartbeat at Day 25, sue drivers who may have had a collision with saying that they killed their baby.

    I’m sorry but it’s very inconsistent and unethical to conveniently call the fetus “a blob of tissue” when it suits your purpose, then to call it a “baby” at other times.

    There’s a very good reason why Planned Parenthood is fighting against having ultrasound machines at abortion clinics. Research shows that women who were thinking about having an abortion, after seeing their baby’s ultrasound change their minds. They realize they are carrying human life. Look into 4D ultrasounds.

  137. Ali says

    jx2….. yes, an abortion would be YOUR choice… isn’t Jamie using her choice by KEEPING her fetus? You seem to be anti-choice…choice goes boths way. do not bother fighting with me cause, i try not to judge any woman….i hope jamie is happy with the “choice” she made. i know i was with mine:)

  138. Ali says

    A part of me is wondering if this was for attention.We all know when you do not use birth control there is a huge risk!Maybe, she wanted to be preg…

    i think miley is cute and was just trying to be a good friend…

  139. Jx2 says

    Zbella – what makes me mad is people like you that try to applaud a sixteen year olds decision to keep her baby. Come hell or high water if I ever became pregnant as a teenager I would have had an ABORTION – yes! That’s right! and I’m not ashamed to say it. AND I don’t want to hear about all the naysayers on this blog telling me what a SIN it is or how EVIL I am …because YOU people will not be paying my doctors bills and taking care of me as a pregnant teenager when my parents throw me out of the house…everyone does what is in their best interest.
    It’s MY body and I decide what I want to do and if I want to terminate a pregnancy – I should damn well have that choice!

  140. Zbella says

    BTW, Miley is adorable in this pic. I do hope she, Miley, is able to be a kid and not grow up too soon. I would not wish Hollywood or fame on my child!

  141. Zbella says

    Here we go again… I wish Jamie Lynn the best. And Nicki is so right – birth control does not always work.

    Kim – I’m really amazed by this comment: “i have many friends and not one of us is pregnant until we want to be.”
    I also have many friends and 2 of them got pregnant on birth control pills – another just had a surprise pregnancy! They are in loving relationships. So what if they didn’t plan every pregnancy? Their children are very loved and it makes me mad to see these holier-than-thou opinions.

  142. Jx2 says

    I’m proud of myself for never having sex as a teenager. I’m also proud of myself for practicing safe sex and for using a condom with spermicide – when at the age of 25 – I did have sex for the first time. I’m also proud of the fact that I have never had a STD or have never become accidentally pregnant!!!

    Where’s my cookie? I want a cookie – damn it!!

    Nobody should be proud of JLS! She did nothing exceptional other than have a baby at the age of 16 – she isn’t the first and certainly won’t be the last.

    Miley is naive and does not have the ability to conceptualize how JLS’s life will dramatically change when she gives birth. Right now – to these young women – getting pregnant is all cupcakes and sunshine and reminiscent of playing with their beloved cabbage patch doll as a little girl.

    Reality bites….!!!!!

  143. monica says

    She didn’t mean she was proud of Jamie Lynn for getting pregnant at 16. That would be so ridiculous. She meant she was proud of her for CHOOSING TO KEEP HER BABY instead of having an abortion.
    Yes, she made a poor choice in having sex outside of marriage, but good for her in deciding not to abort.

    What’s up with this world when a man is ostracized and criminalized for taking part in dog fights but the same people applaud an abortion where you kill a baby. They value animals more than human life. Insane.

  144. Nicki says

    boo~I have to agree with what you said.
    The only other choice is adoption or abortion. Adoption for a major “TV star” or anyone in the public eye, is almost impossible. (6+ months pregnant) constantly photograph. I feel for Jamie Lynne, I understand how this happens. Although in this day and age it seems weird.

    I was in 11th grade and 1 9th grader and 3 10th graders were having babies. This was the the mid 70″s. They all had the babies and married the guy. I think 1 made it in thier marriage. But they choose to have te baby, (and all the girls said, they were forced to get married.)
    I wisn Jamie Lynnn the best!!

    B/C doesn’t always work.

  145. boo says

    I understand she is a Role Model for young girls… But honestly if a 13 year old girl decides to go out and have a baby cuz her idol Jamie Lynn Sears is having one then there is problems with that girl and her Family!
    Its not Jamie Lynns responsibility if they take it upon themselves to find a boy to father a baby for them, just because she did it!
    It is up to the PARENTS of the younger generation out there to discuss with their kids that what Jamie Lynn did was Irresponisible and that she will have to deal with grownup responsibilities every day for the rest of her life and will never again be able to be a kid due to having to raise a baby!
    Thats just My opinion… People look down on her for doing this but guaranteed all of those people in some way or another have known or been in contact with someone in the same situation.
    It happens Everywhere all over the world and Jamie Lynn is certainly not the first Celebrity to go through this…. and I’m sure as Sh*t she won’t be the last!!

  146. oriana says

    Jenna, I love you and you know this. However, when I say Jamie Lynn is nothing to be proud of, she was a role model for young girls, even ages 8 on up, and that has fallen short. In this day and age, and you are young yourself, there is no excuse to be getting pregnant at her age.

    If she didn’t want to wait, then use some birth control. What about getting some disease? I think she has the same character Brit has. I saw her on TV cursing and yelling, using vulgar language, it is obvious to me her mother has not set any guidelines for her, just like she didn’t for Brit. Look how that mess has turned out!

  147. Abbe says

    Liza-I don’t think that the WM is glamourizing teen pregnancy at all. She’s simply showcasing yet another celebrity pregnancy. Miley Cyrus has a good head on her shoulders and I think she’s simply supporting her friend for caring on with the pregnancy despite the world’s “tsks tsks”. I think Jamie Lynn has been very lowkey and just because her sister is a nutjob doesn’t mean she’s destined to be one. Teens have babies every single day. At least she’s making a responsible decision and has the support of many family and friends.

  148. Lauren says

    Miley has nothing to do with the Spears pregnancy. She’s just proud of her friend for not having an abortion and choosing to have her baby.

  149. britmama says

    Okay, people!

    I don’t condone teenage sex, not even teenage dating!!

    But unfortunately there are teenage girls all over the world facing similar issues. This is not the 50’s – they should not be ostracized, whether they become pregnant or choose an abortion.

    We have no idea what our children will do when they reach adolescence. All we can do is raise them the best we can. Not everyone has access to good basic education, health care etc. and some look for love in the wrong places.

    Plus taking care of a child at a any age is hard enough.

    What is the solution: abstinence? Hopefully most girls would choose this and hopefully many parents of boys will encourage this too. But let’s be realistic.

    Also, it is not fair to demonize abortion, even on a baby site. We never know what situation someone may find themselves in.

    While we are on the subject of teens – why not clamp down on all the underage drinking out there and the mass sexual images in the media. Plus stop condoning celebs etc., who take drugs every five minutes. That’s a start!!

  150. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Carleigh, if she were my daughter, I’d lecture her about not being responsible and be upset that she’s going to miss out on having all the fun someone that age is supposed to have. But I’d be proud of her for keeping it and I’d be delighted to have a grandchild. It really isn’t the end of the world, as jordan said she is pregnant not dying.

  151. Notawannabe says

    It makes me kind of laugh when we spend time explaining how sex is something that you do when you love someone and are commited(married or whatever) or about how bad it is to do and to not say that word-Whatever your teaching style is, and throw them into the world as teenagers and in some way not expect them to mess up. 16 is young to have a child, but she surely isn’t the first and probably not the last. It’s life and she stood up and made her decisions. I do give her kudos on not having an abortion.

  152. kim says

    it does take two…but you also have to take it your own hands as well. if my hubby wasnt going to be using something then i would make sure i took care of it. i have many friends and not one of us is pregnant until we want to be. i just think that its sad when my kids looked at me and said “zoey 101 is having a baby???” i think she’ll be ok and i hope she learns from her sister instead of following her footsteps.

  153. 2teens says

    This girl is going to be stalked by the paps 24/7 just like her sister. Maybe that is what she wanted all along.
    She made a mistake, so she says… I still think it might have been intentional. Planned by Jamie Lynne because she wasn’t getting the attention that her sister was.
    I know most people don’t agree with me on this, that’s ok. It’s just the feeling I get from the whole situation.

  154. says

    carleigh you are trying to make out that it is a horrible thing thats happend she is pregnant for godsake she not dying she knew what she was doing when she jumped into bed with a 19 year old

  155. carleigh says

    Jordan last time I check it does take TWO….unless you know something I don’t??? other than that what is it that you are exactly trying to say?

  156. carleigh says

    Jenna K., I have my opinions about this situation and you have yours. It’s sad and unfortunate that Jamie Lynn is pregnant, that’s what is so horrible. I could care less that she has the money and means to provide for her child, the fact is that Jamie is just a kid herself. I think it’s even worse that she is a child star and a lot of kids see her on TV and this just brings it home for kids her own age. It’s a sad unfortunate situation and the only thing I would ask you Jenna K. is if this were your daughter, then how would you feel? I am not trying to be a smart ass either, its just a very sad situation and made worse by the fact that the press will now be hounding the crap out of Jamie Lynn like they do Britney. I see another disaster in the making, but of course that is only my observation.

  157. dori says

    agree with you Oriana Lynne Spears is no example for anyone. The wise old 15 year old proud of the 16 year old? Geeez…where’s Dr. Phil on this….

  158. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Can’t blame everything on genetics Jess, we lead our own lives and are pathetic excuses for human beings if not.

  159. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Oriana, Carleigh, please read my post on the other Jamie Lynn thread and tell me what she has done that is so bad? I wish people would just leave her alone. Everybody is waiting for her to screw up like her sister, its so wrong.

  160. carleigh says

    Miley needs to distance herself from anything Spears related. There is nothing to be “proud” of Jamie Lynn for, she (and her bf) got themselves into a bad situation. It’s just really sad that kids today have hardly anyone wholesome to look up to. Miley should enjoy herself and her stardom and not get all caught up in the Spears trainwrecks……jmho

  161. Lynn Hall says

    I think Miley is a sweet and innocent girl who thinks that she should be proud of her friend for not having an abortion. My daughter is 12 and said the same thing to me. She was disappointed in what Jamie Lyn did, but at least she didn’t have an abortion. I was proud of my daughter for saying that while not condoning Jamie Lyn’s behavior.

  162. oriana says

    Billy Ray!!!!!!!!! Get a grip on her! If she is proud of Jamie Lynn then something is wrong. She is no role model for anyone and I wish her show would continue and she be replaced. Miley is a sweet young girl, she needs to stay ont the right track with some strong family guidance.

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