Isla Fisher & Olive In NYC

Isla Fisher

Isla brought Olive, 4-months-old, along for a photo shoot in Manhattan.

As usual, they are just too cute!



  1. susanna says

    We never see Sasha and Isla together, why? its just like Cris and Gwyneth- would love to see them together, love them just the same .

  2. Dana says

    I love this pic. The baby looks like her from what I can see, except a little red in the face, maybe from being squished. Isla is beautiful and seems very content.

  3. Laiila says

    Isla looks so gorgeous here! I think she is so much prettier since becoming a mother.
    Poor Olive looks all squished up though

  4. Eir says

    That is an adorable outfit, but uh.. Olive looks SO squished and uncomfortable like that, doesn’t she?

    Isla is looking very good. 🙂

  5. Nicki says

    She is beautiful. Olvie looks very cozy. Hope we see her whole face soon. I’ve only seen the side, but she was adorable.

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