An Expectant Jamie Lynn Spears Out & About

Jamie Lynn Spears

An expectant Jamie Lynn Spears, 16, made a rare appearance in her hometown of Kentwood, Louisiana.

Wearing a baggy hooded-sweatshirt she took her puppy to the veterinarian Friday.

On Saturday and Sunday, Jamie Lynn went out with her beau, Casey Aldridge, the father of her baby.

Hand-in-hand, they went to a convenience store Saturday. Jamie Lynn sported a white Heineken beer T-shirt that showed the faintest hint of her growing stomach.

The next day, Jamie Lynn and Casey ran errands, stopping to kiss every now and then.

Jamie Lynn wore a similar oversized sweatshirt when she was last photographed leaving a GED class with her mom Lynne on January 4th.

Jamie Lynn Spears



  1. ashley says

    umm…i have read all of these comments nd i agree with the people who say jamie lynn won’t follow in brittany’s foot steps….yea jamie lynn is only 17 but i have plenty of friends who are pregnant or who already hve friends and they are by far the best parents they can be…..i believe that you don’t parent your children by the way others do you have your own ways….and carleigh maybe you didn’t go out and have sex when you were that age but some people don’t think before they act….trust me….i haven’t had sex yet and i’m 16 but that doesn’t mean i will or i won’t but my boyfriend does ask but when i say no he listens…..some girls are pressured nd maybe you didnt even get that pressure from any guy but that doesnt mean jamie lynn won’t be a good mother just like i said youhave your own mothering instincts trust me i have 2 cousins i raised by myself because their mother was in jail and their dad didn’t want noting to do with them.;….i still treat them like they are my own children even though my aunt is their mother and is now with them!!!!

  2. meagan says

    Jammie lyne is NOT going to fall in her sisters steps. she made her up her mind she knows what she’s doing and knew the dangers, it was her choice so leave her alone. she should not be jugded by her sister because if she see’s whats happening to her then do you think she’s going to want to do it?

  3. Krista says

    I don’t think Jamie has done anything too wrong, but she could have waited a few more years before having a child (in my opinion).

  4. emily says

    yes sherri when u hav an abotion you are getting rid of your mistake which isnt very good because you need to take responsibility because if you dont you will just get rid of tht same mistake everytime you dont want it. And ally i think its great tht yooh have taken responsiblitiy i bet u are a great mum .sherri just coz people are teen mums doesnt mean they cant be good mum s. I bet some teen mums are btter than some adult mum out there. just leave jamie lynn alone godd its over an dun wid know. oh yh an sherri how do u know about miley cyrus following in her footsteps i think she is a great person an if she duz follow in her footsteps (which i dont think she will) she wud probebly be a gud mum an take care of it!!!!

  5. emily says

    hi an when this convo started yooh asked how far along she is an she is more than 3 months now lol she is about 6-7 months an she is having a girl the internet is saying i hope she has a great life for her an her baby she is doing the best she can an i think that is really great beacause she is taking responsibility for her actions. Have a great life jamie and make the most of it. and i dont think yooh shud be called names an critisied beacause of your pregnancy its . As i sed hav a great life .hun.

  6. ally says

    well sherri, abortion isn’t always the best idea because of the effects it may have on your body in the long run it can cause miscarriages later on in life. even though getting pregnant wasn’t her best idea maybe it was an accident, we weren’t there. Judging her is a waste of your time because it isn’t going to make the baby go away and it certainly won’t make it easier for her. i’m only 16 and i am more mature about this than you. my advice to you would be stop being so judgemental and grow up.

  7. blndbluiprincess says

    you should all really give the girl some slack. yeah so she is 16 and pregnant… big deal stuff happens and life goes on. i am speaking from persional experience. i am going on 18 and i have a beautiful 16month old girl. and i know you are probably just thinking that i was a stupid teengaer who got knocked up from not using protection, but no i religiousley took birth control, never missed a pill. yet here i am a teenage mother, and a pretty good one ( so iv’e been told). so you should all really just get off her back. it’s happened it’s over, stop ragging on her and just wish hopeful thoughts for the baby. which in the end is all that really matters, as long as that baby is happy and healthy nothing else should matter, especially the age of it’s mother.

  8. rose says

    i would never have a baby so young i mean just because she is a superstar does mean that she should go having s###@# with every man she wonts men will do anything for money trust me

  9. kendra says

    !!!!!!!!!!! | April 12th, 2008 at 11:00 am
    get over it im only 13 and ive just found out im pregnant.

    JESS | April 13th, 2008 at 2:00 pm
    ^^^^ congrats im 15 and im 8 months pergnant

    you are both s*uts cant you keep your legs closed until your married or older i bet you two aint with the daddy

  10. clanay says

    ummm wow i hope u n the baby live a good life. i hope no one says ur going to ev=nd up like ur sister

  11. jackie mcgraw says

    i think that she is running her life fine, and i don’t think that the other people are thinking that you will be a better mother than brittany right now at least. I am very proud that she is doing well and wish her the best of luck. she is going to be fine. i just hope that she gets married, and that will help alot.

  12. says

    honestly she’s a horrible influence for her younger on lookers, and certenly not a good role model. She having sex that young was bad enough, but to get pregnant? she runined her career and has infected young people everywhere. Soon this world will have too many confused teen moms who think A BABY IS A DOLL. ITS NO DOLL IM A MOTHER MY SELF. She has the resources, why ruin your whole career and not just have an aboriton. I bet you Miley Cyrus will follow in her footsteps, as she’s all for this.

  13. sarah says

    not just one people who had sex when they were 16 everyone is done it and it not bad i mean you know you growing up so do whatever you want to do

    having a kid when you 16 is not a bad mother
    there are alot of 16 year teen girl who pregnants
    so yeah i think im ageeting with jamie!!

    she do what she got to do!!

  14. msh says

    i think that you shouldn`t be so shy and just be a happy 16 year old and have fun but not to much fun for the baby`s health

    your friend msh

  15. cass says

    ok how can she be following her sisters footsteps if brit got pregnant in her 20’s not teens. anyways…….leave her alone it was her mistake but there are more and more teens out there getting pregnant. its not like shes any different from them. i got pregnant when i was 16 with twins and take care of them fine. i am still with the guy. we had kids at 16, 19, and 20. im 21 and love them more then anything. yes it was hard but we did it. she can too. its not like she doesnt have the money…

  16. says

    Is your baby a girl/boy ? when are you going to have your baby ? what are you going to name her/him? are you still going to be on the zoey101 show?do you miss chase on the zoey101 show ?are you mad that your boyfriend got you -pregnit?are you and your boyfriend still going out

  17. jessica says

    oh yeah and me and my bf at the time are now married and great we’ve been together for 6 years now and going strong so i hope you and the baby’s father stay together.

  18. jessica says

    don’t listen to what others say i got pregnant at age 16 and my daughter was born when i was 17 and i wasn’t the happiest person when i found out but i love my life now and i don’t let anyone put me down for your decision im glad your taking responsibility unlike allot of girls out there that think the morning after pill is a form of birth control but you slipped up and your taking control and the responsibility thats allot for a 16 year old to do but stay strong and do what you feel is right!

    hope everything goes well!

  19. jordan says

    Margie jamie lynn doesnt need any sypathies what jamie lynn needs is a lesson on birth control

  20. Margie says

    First of all, my sypathies to Jamie Lynn. This is going to be a struggle and she needs all the love and support she can get. In no way do I condone what she did- I’m only 15 but I’m smart enough to know (duh) that sex before marriage is a BIG mistake. Example A… the baby bump. Ex. B… STDs. Example on and on and on. I’m not trying to impose my beliefs, but if you want look at it from a secular standpoint. There are more than enough facts to convince you, and just because everyone is doing it doesn’t make it okay. Most teenagers today don’t understand the concept of patience. It is a virtue you know. I’m not saying that I’m always patient or claiming to be saint- I’m human. But loving God gives me so much strength to resist. Don’t you want your husband to feel special- give him the first chance to see your body intimatly? If you don’t value marriage in that respect than what’s stopping you from getting divorced a thousand times? World I have one message…. rethink your values.

  21. Joshua a.k.a pollo loco says

    Yo jaime i think that you r too young to be pregnant. well if you want to just let the baby decide it’s own path. but just be careful what you think about

    🙂 bye

  22. anonymous says

    I think u should leave Jamie Lynn Spears aloneand not judge her and her boyfriend they might last longer than u think not all guys are jerks,at least she is trying to get her G.E.D.I got pregnant around her age and I’m very happy with my kids my daughter is now 6y/o and just because I was younger at the time doesn’t mean that I’m going to raise my daughters the wrong way,she is a very special little girl she always brings certificate from school saying how good she is doing,just because she is young and has the sister that she has doesn’t mean she’ll turn out like her .I was raise by my aunt that is an alcoholic and a drug addict and Ididn;t turn out like her and I also been around people like her and that made me think about how I wanted to live my life when I grow up and I’m still with my kids father he didn’t walk out on me we’ve been together for 7y/o and have 3 kids.So back off leave them alone they will make their owe mistakes like everyone else.

  23. Ava says

    Don’t you people have anything else to do than talk about other people’s mistakes! You must be bored with your own lives!!

  24. Zbella says

    Some people are very judgmental. I was not a sexually active teenager – and I’m very thankful for that. However, I know that many females mature physically at a younger age than I did. Sex is a very complicated thing and I don’t feel it’s my place to judge anyone for their decisions. It doesn’t make her a ho or a saint. She is human.

  25. oriana says

    Jenna, yes, I was a young mother, I was married exactly one month when I got pregnant. I only married to get away from home and an alcoholic father, my first and only real boyfriend and what a mistake I made! It was hard on me going to school and having a small child with no child support or help from my husband.

    I missed out on sooo much! I was too stupid to use birth control and back then the man used protection mostly and the guys didn’t use condoms like they should have. I was 17, my husband was 21 and very immature himself.

    I wish I could go back in time and do it all over again. It was hard on me but I finished college, got a degree in Psychology and raised my two sons basically alone, my mother helped by letting me live with her but I was miserable.

  26. phnxgirl says

    I don’t blame Jamie, yea she was having unprotected sex but her mom should have been proactive. When I was 14 my mom had me get on the pill. 14 is WAY too young to be having sex, but at the time I thought I was so mature. My mom knew I was in for big trouble if she didn’t intervene. For all of you thinking that my mom was condoning what I was doing, you are wrong. She was totally against it, but she knew I was head strong and I was going to keep doing what I wanted to do. Thankfully, I never ended up getting pregnant as a teen. I thank her today for doing what she did.

  27. Lauren says

    Jamie-Lynn should not be compared to Britney at all. Britney was 23 years old when she had her first child and by 25 was already divorced. Jamie-Lynn may be 16 but that doesn’t mean she’ll turn out the way Britney has. Jamie-Lynn will, undoubtedly make mistakes but it’s a completly different situation from Britney.

  28. carleigh says

    Unfortunately it’s hard not to judge/make observations on this situation given the girls family history… and who do children look up to? Their elder siblings…mark my words, this will not turn out good.

  29. Danie says

    I don’t think that being a Spears woman should reflect on how Jamie Lynn is going to be as a mother, or a grown woman for that matter! Britney is Britney and Jamie Lynn is Jamie Lynn, and NOT to get off the subject BUT if Britney did’nt have abandondment issues then I bet anything she wouldnt be acting this way! Try seeing things from theire end of the deal! Don’t pass judgement until you’ve walked that mile!

  30. jess says

    age has nothing to do with it. britney waited til mid-20s and boy is she a screw up! if jamie has a good support community (unfortunately doubtful, judging the rest of her fam) she should be fine. there are some 17 year olds id trust more than some 13 year olds with a child.

  31. carleigh says


    Age, yes I am sorry does have a bearing as to the parental abilities of another person, as a parent we have to make decisions for the best interest of our kids…how can a girl of 16 y/o have the presence of mind to do this??? She’s not mature, she’s herself a child and now will be responsible for shaping and molding her own child.

    Can I think of anything negative to say about Jamie Lynn besides the fact she is pregnant??? No, I think her being pregnant speaks volumes, I think nothing else needs to be said.

    IF, I had become pregnant at that age, yes, I don’t believe I would have had the emotional/mental maturity to make good decisions and be the best parent I could be, I think my age definitely made me more comfortable and self-assured. I was in no way prepared to be a mother at 16 y/o, which is why I wasn’t out having sex at that age.

    I think Jamie Lynn has had a very lax upbringing which is half the reason why she is in the predicament that she’s in now….perhaps she was given to much of a break and not parented enough??? Whose to say?

  32. carleigh says

    Jenna…I came over here to read your post after seeing you direct me here from another topic….I would like to respond appropriately to your above post, so here goes.

    OK, lots of 16 y/o (kids in my estimation) have sex…my retort would be this: Does that make it right????NO

    It only takes one mistake to get pregnant….yes there is only one way to get pregnant and many, many methods to prevent it. Which shows me that these KIDS didn’t think about the consequences of their actions.

  33. Jenna M. (UK) says

    I think people should lay off Jamie-Lynn a bit. She hasn’t done anything wrong. Lots of 16 year olds have had sex, it only takes one mistake to get pregnant! And that can happen at any age! Also, age has no bearing on her ability to be a good mum. Oriana, weren’t you yourself a mum pretty young (sorry if I’m wrong, just seem to remember you mentioning it before)?

    In fact before anybody criticises her, can you think of anything negative to say about her other than she had sex and got pregnant? And even think about that, how many of you were having sex when you were 16? And if you had fallen pregnant at that age, would you have been bad parents? Sorry, I just think Jamie-Lynn deserves a bit of a break, she didn’t choose her family and shouldn’t be judged by Britney’s standards.

  34. carleigh says

    Jamie Lynn announced her pregnancy in December and at that point she was 3 months, with that information I would say that she is about 4 1/2 months almost 5 by now. Not that I care, but she is following in her sisters footsteps and she is probably going to be worse because she’s a lot younger and has more time to screw up. I hate thinking this way, but lets be honest here, she is a Spears!!!

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