Gwen, Gavin & Kingston Arriving At LAX

Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani

An expectant Gwen, 38, along with Gavin and Kingston, 20 months, was snapped landing at LAX Saturday night.


  1. Ronnie says

    as long as she is holding the baby[in a passenger seat] the car seat is not important how do you think people drove in cars before car seats?

  2. LooLoo says

    Awwwww……… Kingston is so cute! So what if he has a pacifier it relaxes kids so its no big deal, whatever will keep them quite!

  3. boo says

    Awww Thank you AEM! I appreciate that very much!
    I assume this is AEM from Hello??lol.
    How are you doing?? and how is your handsome little Man doing?? getting big I’m sure?
    I hope all is well with you and your family, its been months since I spoke to you… as I haven’t been a member of Hello since last June or July!!
    I hope to speak to you again soon!! Have a great Day hun! 🙂

  4. AEM says

    oh lay off of Boo – she’s a better mother to her boys than most of you probably are to your dogs! she’s not attacking anyone she’s just saying what she does with HER child – not once has she said what to do with yours nor do I think she cares!…she gave her opinion which some people didn’t seem to like (although I happen to agree with hers ha) and thats that – so like she said about a hundred posts ago – GET OVER IT!

  5. boo says

    Oh #91 Dear, I am doing nothing wrong in terms of parenting My children, Thank You so very very much… And the Bond I have with them is greater then any bond one could imagine…..A mothers love has No boundaries…. and that is how I feel about my little ones 🙂

  6. gweny says

    OH!!! kingston gets cuter every day! Gwen and Gavin are such good loving parents, i cant wait for the new baby! im soo happy for them!

  7. booty says

    Boo — Night time or day time…LAZY! That means that you use it to shut your child up at night. You don’t feel like teaching your child to fall asleep on his/her own. The pacifier is a “night time ” convenience for YOU. Your child should be able to find comfort in YOU not a piece of plastic.

    Read a book on Attachment Parenting or on how to bond with your child every now and again. It might help you out a little to understand what you are doing so wrong…making a child depend on a piece of plastic instead of mommy because she is too “busy” for her baby.

  8. Taylor Mastronni says

    My son only had his pacifier until he was two months old. He just didn’t have an interest in it anymore after that.

    Kingston is soo cute.

  9. oriana says

    There is a BIG difference from at bedtime to help them get to sleep and feel more secure, than all day long everywhere they go. I see nothing wrong with it. I don’t like seeing a child sucking their thumb either but am not familiar with what the doctors say about that.

    Happy Valentines Day everyone!!!!!

  10. tammy says

    boo- my friend Heather had to take away her 4 year old paci away from her by making up a paci fairy scenario. This child did not and was not going to give hers up. I was just making a point about being 6 years old- that I didn’t care. I realize that you probably wouldn’t do that. I never had a paci even when I was born, just because my mom didn’t want me to get started on that. Sucking a thumb is different to me because it’s a natural part of the body. A paci is an artificial part that you buy. If you’re getting tired of arguing with me, quit answering my blogs.

  11. boo says

    O.K now you are just being ridiculous… noone said anything about their child being 6 and having a paci.,… and 2 and 3 years old are a far distance from age 6!
    Some kids suck their thumbs to soothe themselves at that age… What do you think we should threaten to cut it off, in order to make them stop cuz they are too old to have anything in their mouthg at that age???
    Noones trying to CONVINCE you to think like them, I am simply saying you are going off on people for giving their child a paci day in and day out… and Noone on here has said they do that, It’s a Bedtime routine for ALL of us … so maybe you should just lay off people!

    And for the record TOO ANY Parent who does give their older child their paci whenever they want it….GO NUTS! When the child is ready to give it up they will….Unless of course a DOCTOR OR DENTIST OR PROFESSIONAL tells you you should get rid of it then obviously its time… but Don’t think you are a bad parent for allowing your child to be comfortable and happy just because certain People say it’s wrong!

    Anywho I’m done arguing with you cuz its actually getting really rather annoying!


  12. tammy says

    boo- that’s great. I’m just giving my opinion. If you want to give your child a paci until he’s 6 years old, I really don’t care, but please don’t try to convince me to think like you. I realize every parent is different, so parent away!!!

  13. tammy says

    Wow- talk about original- tam-pon. Did your mommy help you come up with that? You have to admit that that is pretty stupid, JJ Walker. And trust me, you’re not worth wishing hard for.

  14. Tia :) says

    I agree Boo…my daughter will be 2 in a few months and she only uses her at bedtime. I dont see the problem with it!! She also knows it’s for bedtime only!

  15. boo says

    o.k Tammy you are talking about 3 year olds keeping pacifiers at all times of the day, getting them whenever they ask for them and want them! Both Jules and Myself mentioned our children… hers being 3 and mine being 2 only getting the paci’s at bedtime… To help them sleep! in the morning my son has a habit of getting up walking over to his dresser and throwing his up there… he Knows that he does not get it UNLESS he is going to sleep!
    No offense but if it helps to Sooth a child to sleep, Then I don’t really see a problem with it!!….. I mean once they are out, Mommy can take it out of their mouth and tuck it off to the side of the bed or put it on their dresser herself….. and if thats the case, that child may only have the paci in their mouth for a mere matter of minutes… depending on how long it takes them to fall asleep!!

  16. tammy says

    # 78- I was referring to Jules- she said her 3 year old still has a paci and I got attacked for thinking that that is too old- which it is by the way. Parents need to get over the fact that their babies are going to cry and it’s a part of life- you can’t always please them. To think you can raise a child that never gets angry, never cries, or never gets frustrated is like living in a dream world. Many kids that have pacis at age 3+ have a lot of social problems too. My mom used to do daycare and she said that when the kids would come to the house she would notice that when they had their blankie, or pacifier they would be really withdrawn and snotty to the other kids, so when they would come my mom would put their pacis and blankies up until they left and they would be really social and play with the other kids. It made them really mad at first, then they got over it, just like all kids eventually do if you’re consistent. I believe you have to have some tough skin.

  17. AEM says

    Kingston is not 3 – he’s not even 2 yet! You’re the one my dear who came up with the “goldfish” idea – but when I go to use your fantastic idea you get upset! Sheesh!…so, tell me, when they’re trying to get to sleep and crying how do you explain to your not even 2 year old yet that they’re too big for the pacifier? Unless you have another idea that you havent shared with us yet….But who cares – I’m sure your kids are perfect and they reach each milestone at the perfect time and that you do no wrong raising them – so congratulations! 🙂 I’m sure they’ll turn out to be wonderful people as will my son too hopefully – even if he is sucking on a pacifier at his job interview when he turns thirty 🙂

  18. tammy says

    AEM- you’re an idiot- have some common sense. Why would someone give goldfish to their child when they go to sleep? C’mon now. Use some discretion. Also, I’m glad I’m not the only one on here who thinks 3 years old is too old for a pacifier, but it looks like I’m the only one people like to pick on. # 46- I’m really happy I got such rise out of you- the fact that you’re so upset makes me really satisfied.

  19. Tia :) says

    JJ storm # 2 was unbelievable! I thought we were only getting 5-10 cm? We got 25 cm here! Wasnt the last one one a tuesday night too? I do realize that we live in Canada, but I think it’s time for this snow to go away…im sick to death of it! Stay safe today…the roads and sidewalks are going to be bad today!

  20. 2teens says

    Yeah, that ice sounds wicked JJ… please be careful.
    We just got a lot of wind and rain in my area last night… we never lost power, so it kind of fizzled out.

  21. AEM says

    in all honesty the majority of the people on this page just want to look for something to “pick” about…who cares if he has a chupie in his mouth? how is he hurting anyone? I’m sure there are plenty of things that you (the people arguing about the pacifier) as a parent did and do that other people don’t agree with…the fact of the matter is that every parent has their own ideas and ways of raising their children! And if Gwen thinks that Kingston needs the chupie then so be it! All of you who give your critical opinion should think about this – how many of you personally or had your kids walk through a public area with a bunch of strange guys flashing lights in their eyes and calling their names left and right to try to get “the shot”…besides haha I’m sure if Gwen made you guys happy and let Kingston cry it out instead you would say oh sheesh what a horrible mother she is for allowing him to just cry like that 😉
    P.S the goldfish was a good idea – except as they’re lying in their beds/cribs at night what do you say to them? “here honey, knaw on some goldfish for awhile until you fall asleep”

  22. oriana says

    Jx2, putting all jokes and wisecracks aside, I will pray for you to not get injured and I wish you didn’t have to walk in the nasty weather. And yes, I did have to laugh at your comment about your butt being busted, you got me good on that one! Ha!

  23. Jx2 says

    Tia I’m sure that you can relate…storm # 2 just hit home…in a matter of 1 week we have had 2 major snow storms. It’s unbelievable out there tonight. By the time I walked home from the train – I looked like the abominable snowman – covered from head to toe in snow. It’s going to be treacherous getting to work in the morning. There’s a lot of ice underneath that snow! If you folks don’t hear from me in a while you will know that I’ve fallen and couldn’t get back up!!
    There have been 150 casualties in the past 2 days as a result of individuals slipping on ice and injuring themselves.
    I may be next. I need you to pray for me Oriana!

  24. Jx2 says

    Thanks 2teens!!

    Oriana – if I fall down and bust my ass I will more thank likely be hurt – because my ass is busted, right? LOL

  25. oriana says

    Oh I forgot about the Salt! Ha! Ha! That is too funny!

    Guess the hubby is in Heaven with his snow blower!

    I would just die if I was in that bad of cold weather!!! I do miss Kentucky but not the cold!

    Have a good evening and Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours!!!!!!

  26. Tia :) says

    Oriana, remember my obsession with the Salt!! We’ll never fall! haha!! We only take my daughter to and from the car…that’s it! Too cold for walks right now! JJ is right…your face will feel very numb after you’ve been outside for too long!

  27. oriana says

    2teens, let us know how things are going!!! The tornadoes are really in full swing this time of year. Stay away from the windows, flying glass can be very dangerous, keep your flashlights handy and keep some extra bottled water in the house at all times. I am praying for you my Dear!!!!

  28. oriana says

    Jx2, you have been mean to me but that is okay. I definitely wish you are safe also, it is too cold up there for anyone to have to be out in that kind of weather. If you fall and bust your ass I wouldn’t want you or anyone to get hurt!

  29. Lauren says

    I wonder where Gwen doesn’t have Kingston in a carseat. I’d think she’d be more protective over him. I can’t wait until she has baby #2.

  30. 2teens says

    Hey, there is a tornado watch for my town tonight… the watch is supposed to last until 11pm. Which fits in very well with the wizard of oz theme. But seriously, this sucks. The streets are starting to flood and the power will probably go off soon and then I won’t be able to cook dinner or play on the computer!!

  31. Jx2 says

    The*n, wh*ile I’m in a co*ma – I w*ill h*ave a tec*hni*col*our dre*am about livi*ng in Kan*sas and follo*wing the ye*llow bri*ck ro*ad wit*h my d*o*g To*to and try*ing to es*cap*e th*e clu*tches of a gre*en-fa*ced wit*ch*es call*ed…hmm*m…let’s se*e….um*mm…”Tam-pon” or her wi*cked si*ster “Miapokaroo”.

  32. Jx2 says

    How about me Oriana???!! Are*n’t you con*cerned about me slip*ping on the ice? I do*n’t have a car to driv*e around in – I have to walk every*where or take pub*lic trans*portation. My life is in pe*ril – I can slip on the very slip*pery ice pat*ches that are cov*ered with sn*ow and bre*ak a le*g or a hip or a tail*bone or ch*ip a to*oth or get a con*cussion.

  33. oriana says

    Tia, stay in as much as possible if you can. The weather is just too cold for you and the little one! I am concerned about you slipping on the ice!

  34. Tia :) says

    JJ, that sucks a lot. I had to walk from the parking lot into work today and that was enough for me. my face hurt!! and hahaha about the Botox! haha

    K,K, & K’s mommy!, Hiii! Sorry, i never got back to you! We’ve been busy bee’s here!! We’re all doing good!. Alyssa is doing fine, getting big! almost 2! where does the time go? How is everything on your front? How’s everyone doing with the new baby?

  35. D'Anna says

    I’m with a few of the other people about that car seat. Sometimes if we are waiting, I could hold my kid in the car. NOBODY knows for sure whether the vehicle is in motion or not,and I’m kind of assuming it isn’t.

    That is old for a binky, it can cause speech problems if they’re incessantly sucking on one but the orthodontists say they’re better than bottles. (Guess it could be worse.)

  36. Miranda says

    I can’t agree pacifiers are for lazy parents. Sometimes it doesn’t help to “slip a piece of plastic in their mouths.” But it does comfort some children to have a pacifier and they feel comforted and calm with it. I’m not saying pacifier over parents, but if the child wants a pacifier when it’s not even 2, I say let him. I had my pacifier pretty long I remember, and it worked just fine for me.

  37. Al&J says

    As I said before if this were another celebrity there would National Outrage over the lack of carseat.
    I love Gwen and think Kingston is so darn cute (happy there was no tantrum today..LOL) but she really should have him in a carseat. Maybe we need to see the additional photos from this outing to see if she did use a carseat after all.

    I can’t wait to hear what they will name the new baby. Something funky and creative, no doubt. 😉

  38. oriana says

    I can see a child his age with one if it is soothing to them, but 3 years old is ridiculous to me. When a child turns two then he is considered a toddler not a baby. Unless that has changed since my day, I haven’t read a doctor’s book for children in years so I could be wrong now, just my opinion.

    As for the extreme cold in Canada, -30 sounds unreal to me! That is terrible, I just can’t take the cold weather any more! I feel so sorry for the poor homeless people!

  39. Brandy says

    Where is the carseat??? How can she be expecting child #2 when she obviously can’t even take care of child #1??? Ignorance isn’t bliss when your child gets thrown through the front windshield you idiot.

    They also need to stop being lazy parents and get that damn pacifier out of that toddler’s mouth. Pacifiers are for lazy parents. It is an easy way to get a child to “shut up”. Child crying? Whining? Fussing? Being annoying? Slip a piece of plastic in their mouth. Now that is what we call parent of the year. *sarcasm*

  40. boo says

    No Tammy It’s NOT too Old…You may think so But WE do not!
    As Jules stated her Dentist and Pediatrician DO NOT see it UNCOMMON for a child of that age with a Paci in their mouth…And as I stated My children found and find comfort in there paci’s and Who am I to take it away!
    When her child is ready to give it up he will……. I tried with my oldest and finally just before his 3rd birthday I took it away and he had no problems…. I have repeatedly tried with my youngest and he is Not ready to let it go so I will not take it from him!
    You can have you opinion and I can have Mine and That My Dear is what YOU Need to GET OVER!

  41. Jx2 says

    Tam-Tam are the dogs still sniffing your butt? Maybe you need to take a break from all that and focus on your child. He/she needs attention too and since you don’t want to offer your kid a pacifier the next best thing to use would be your deflated and wrinkly tit! Tam-Tam does not have a husband which is why she is so bitter about me getting “some-some” and continues to make reference to my se*x life so often. Tam-Tam can only use use a rolling pin or a cucumber to satisfy herself. Hey did you hear the Safeway is selling cukes for .50 cents each? You better hurry before they are all sold out otherwise you won’t be getting “some” tonight.

  42. 2teens says

    Jeez Tammy chill out!!!
    You have YOUR opinion about the damn pacifier and other people have theirs… ever think of that genius?

  43. tammy says

    boo- there’s nothing to get over – it’s too old. What am I getting over? If they’re crying at age 3, maybe they’re hungry, maybe they want to be held, maybe they want you to play with them, maybe they’re tired. It’s laziness just to stick a nipple in your 3 year olds mouth to pacify him-maybe you’re just lazy- why don’t you just breastfeed him while you’re at it? You get over it.

  44. Jx2 says

    Jessie – I live in Ottawa the capital of Canada.

    Tia – I had to walk to the subway station…it’s a ten minute walk from my home…10 minutes is nothing on a regular day but try walking that distance with a temperature of minus 30…how about not being able to feel your whole face…who needs Botox when you can come to Canada and have your face frozen (expressionless) by the cold. Okay…I’m exaggerating just a tad but I’m just trying to illustrate the extreme weather condition.

  45. CTBmom says

    I agree with Maybe Baby, that they were probably sitting in the car waiting for the luggage and carseat to be brought to them. I don’t Gwen of course, but she seems like such a devoted mom, I can’t imagine her risking her son’s safety. JMO

  46. Tia :) says

    JJ My fingers almost fell off on my walk down my driveway this morning to my car…it’s been pretty cold these past few days… -31 here today apparently.

    Kingston is adorable…im sorry, but my daughter is almost two and still uses her paci…they’re still babies people!! get over it!

  47. Jessie says

    JX2- Do you live in Chicago?! Because you said it was -30 degrees and that’s what it is in Chicago, so I was jw.

    Kingston is so cute! Gwen is definitely prego!

  48. 2teens says

    I live in Florida. You’ll hear me b i t c h i n g about the weather in August & September when summer turns to hell. LOL

  49. 2teens says

    I live in Florida. You’ll hear me bitching about the weather in August & September when summer turns to hell. LOL

  50. MaybeBaby says

    Maybe someone was carrying the car seat and just hadn’t brought it to the vehicle yet. I’m sure Gwen would much rather have Kingston safely waiting in the car while her things were being delivered. Wading through a sea of paps to get a car seat installed isn’t the easiest thing to do. The pic is only one instant in time and doesn’t reflect the whole truth of the situation.

  51. Jx2 says

    Yes 2teens, go ahead – rub it in…LOL …72…sheesh!!
    Where are you at? If it were 72 here I would be outdoors soaking up the sun…by the time summer rolls around I have cabin fever from spending so much time at home during the winter months.

  52. 2teens says

    Oh boy, red flags going up on the lack of car seat 🙁
    The binky is a non-issue as far as I am concerned, I think it’s fine for him to have it.

    Damn JJ, it’s cold up in Canada these days!!! I guess you probably don’t want to hear that it’s 72 here today.

  53. jules says

    The lack of a carseat is very disturbing, but lay off the pacifier thing. My son just turned 3 and still takes his at bedtime. The dentist and pediatrician have told me that it is not uncommon, nor will it hurt his teeth. Some children have a blankie, some a stuffed animal or doll and some need a pacifier.

  54. kim says

    the thing is…nobody wants to hear their baby cry and go crazy for it but in all honesty…i just took it away and never gave it back…threw it in the garbage and end of story. a few days go by they forget all about it.

  55. tammy says

    Kim- I agree with you about the pacifier. He is way too old. But I guess to each his own. Instead of a paci, maybe they can try goldfish or something. 🙂

  56. kim says

    then again you never know….both of my sons bottle and pacifier were gone by the age of 1 and because my sons mouth is so “small” we are still paying thousands to fix them now. oh well…still, i love gwen and kingston is adorable and im happy shes having another one.

  57. kim says

    I live close to detroit too. i know what you mean about kids…im always trying to keep mine inside because im cold and they get mad…but this weather was dangerous. poor old man with alzheimers got lost and died by traverse city. anyways, again i love this family but i worry about bottles and pacifiers because of teeth problems and i guess you just know that by the age of 2 it is just habit…they dont need it like when they are a baby.

  58. boo says

    ok Lay off the friggen Pacifier use… as stated on a Bagillion different occasions.. Pacifiers can act as a sort of security blanket for young children, they seem to be a little more relaxed and calm with them! My son Is 29 months old and he still gets his at bedtime only because he can’t fall asleep without it! I’ve tried and it doesn’t work! I refuse to have my child screaming and upset because I think that other people may look down on me and think it is wrong for him to have… He’ll continue to get it til HE is ready to part from it….Many people say it will harm a childs teeth… well that is complete BS or at least in my kids cases… My oldest was 3 when he finally gave his up and my youngest as I said 29 mos and they both have perfect, straight teeth even the dentist has had only good things to say about them!
    Now as for the Carseat, I too wonder why it is that Celebs feel the need to pull their childrens lives at risk??? Especially in front of cameras, I mean c’mon put your kid in his seat for crying out loud, it takes all of 3 or 4 minutes to install and 1 to secure him in it!

  59. Jx2 says

    That’s where you and I are different Miranda – having a child twist my hair in his hand would annoy the heck out of me…!!

  60. Miranda says

    how cute is he, twisting Gwen’s hair between his fingers 🙂 I think he’s adorable. But it kinda bugs me that everybody has to complain about the pacifier. He’s 20 months old for cryin out loud!

  61. Jx2 says

    Kids are pretty resilient though. I see them playing outside in the winter… playing street hockey and making snow men but perhaps not in minus 30 degrees!

  62. Just me says

    Barely, Kim!! The INSIDE of my car windshield was frosted over this morning. I had to let it run for 20 minutes to defrost.
    (I live in a suburb north of Detroit.)

  63. kim says

    yeah same here. minus 20 and they were also taking the homeless to shelters. i was suprised my kids had school…alot of them didnt. those poor kids who have to walk.

  64. Jx2 says

    #7 – It’s minus 30 degrees in my city today…there’s a severe cold weather alert in effect…they’re rounding up the homeless people and taking them to shelters.

    About the photo – I hear yah!

  65. kim says

    Just me…im from Michigan too. Hope your keeping warm in these temps…Jx2…good point. if it was brit…whole different story.

  66. Jx2 says

    All the Britney bashers out there come on…what are you waiting for? It’s Gwen! Her kid is almost 2 and has a pacifier in his mouth AND if that’s not bad enough…he’s riding in a car without being strapped inside a care seat…egads!!!

  67. kim says

    and whats with the pacifier? hes almost 2. i love this family but i cant help it…it bugs me when i see a kid with a pacifier or bottle when they are too old for it.

  68. Just me says

    Yeah, it’s kind of weird that they are so blatantly not using a car seat. In Michigan, where I live, it’s illegal to not use them.

  69. starstruk says

    #2 they are celebrities….they don’t ‘need’ them, they are an exception uhmm hmm. (as i clear my throat)

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