Michelle Williams Finds Healing At Heath Ledger's Intimate Funeral

Heath Ledger

Here Michelle was snapped at Heath’s funeral yesterday, clutching Heath’s older sister Kate’s hand for support.

Heath Ledger

Heath Ledger

Heath Ledger

What started out as a subdued wake after Heath Ledger’s funeral ended in an emotional goodbye by mourners including Michelle Williams, who all took a plunge into the ocean as the sun began to set.

“It’s exactly what Heath would have wanted,” one mourner told People magazine, dripping wet in his underwear as he made his way out of the water.

An unidentified man led Michelle by the hand, followed by several guests, who walked down the stairs behind the Indiana Tea House on Cottesloe Beach, the site of the wake and one of Heath’s favorite spots.

At least 50 people attending the wake ran onto the beach and many began to take off their clothes. While some women took the plunge in their black dresses, other men and women stripped down to just their underwear and jumped into the ocean.

Michelle, still wearing her cream-colored sundress and black sunglasses, was briefly dragged into the water as everyone cheered. She was then quickly surrounded by a group of mourners, creating a protective circle around the actress.

Those in the water laughed and cheered as Michelle watched from the shore. Heath’s sister Kate also took a dive into the water and was surrounded by pals splashing around her while her father Kim Ledger watched from the restaurant’s balcony and shouted, “Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray!” giving two thumbs up in the air.

As the sun began to set, the swimmers came on shore and stood in a line on both sides of Michelle and linked arms. In the last five minutes, as the sun moved toward the horizon, the mourners stood in silence, watching and embracing.

Michelle hugged Kate Ledger and smiled as she watched the sunset at 8:15 p.m., local time.

Two mourners in the group summoned up the moment as they stood behind Michelle.

“The sun goes down on our love,” they said. “But it will never go down on Heathy.”

Michelle left the wake with Heath’s mother Sally Ledger Bell and her husband Roger Bell at 9:20 p.m., local time. Sally Ledger Bell held on to Michelle as they got into a black SUV. Once inside, Sally rested her head on Michelle’ shoulder as the car drove away.

What a beautiful sounding ceremony.

Earlier Saturday afternoon Heath’s remains were cremated.

Following a memorial at Penrhos College for hundreds of mourners, Michelle Williams, escorted by police, arrived with a small entourage of Heath’s closest family for a more intimate service at Fremantle Cemetery, just outside Perth, Australia. The chapel at Fremantle, which was blacked out with sheets and scaffolding, has only eight wooden pews and a lectern.

There, Michelle read William Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18 (“Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?”).

“It was a very emotional service,” a source told People magazine.

Less than an hour after arriving, the mourners were spotted putting their arms around a clearly distressed Michelle and hugging the chaplain in gratitude as they departed.

From there, they headed to the Indiana Tea House on Cottesloe Beach, where attendees from the earlier memorial could be seen smoking and drinking beer and red and white wine on the patio of the establishment, which has a spectacular view of the ocean. Michelle was visibly shaken and looked like she had just been crying when she entered the restaurant.

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  1. Tango says

    I would have prefered NOT to see these pictures, to be taking pictures at an incredibly intimate family occassion like this is just not right.

    Shame on you web mistress for posting these

  2. Malayka says

    I am not sure about the appropriateness of posting these pictures but I am glad every one is comforting Michelle at this time even though she had separated from Heath. Any one could see that they were soulmates. I cried reading this. It was so beautiful I wish Heath was still with us.

  3. Sally_08 says

    Liza…you had to view the pictures to post a blog so your statement is silly. Just relax, sister!
    Yes, the Wake was private and should of remained so, but It’s sincerely wonderful to Michelle, family, and friends embrace each other in celebration in what seems the most perfect way.! Just beautiful!

  4. AMJ says

    Actually if you read it carefully it said “wake” not funeral…wakes are when anyone and everyone can go and funerals can be more of a private thing.

  5. sara says

    I don’t feel his funeral was any of anyone’s business. They just need privacy! The world doesn’t need to be involved with such an intimate occasion.

  6. Generic name says

    my goodness! I almost cry when I read the statement..the whole thing is so sad! thanks to Heath’s family and other friends for comforting Michelle she really needs that.

  7. Jenna M. (UK) says

    It doesn’t make it ok. They were smiling because they were celebrating Heath’s life, but they were still at a funeral. There was no need for these photos to be taken or shown.

  8. AMJ says

    since Michelle is smiling in these photo’s I would say it was ok to take pictures…besides you know the paparazzi they will do anything.

  9. Jenna M. (UK) says

    WM, this is low. Even for you. I think its disgraceful that you would post these very intimate and private photos on your website. I have very little respect for anybody who would post these pictures, but even less for the paparazzi who took them. They were at a funeral for heaven’s sake, its sick.

    Please, leave this family alone to grieve in peace.

  10. Liza says

    I don’t think these pictures are appropriate to post. and will not view them They are essentially of someone’s funeral and of the family’s last goodbyes.

    I think its disrespectful and distasteful to post them.

  11. oriana says

    I think it was a wonderful way to say Goodbye and help with the grieving process. It is soooo sad to me and I have been praying for this family. Heath left us way too soon and I think he was truely loved by many people. I am so thankful he spent two weeks at Christmas with his friends and loved ones. I wish Matilda had been with them.

  12. Dollface says

    I agree with .5 Michelle and Heaths sister actually look like sisters. I could hardly tell which one was Michelle.

    I do agree with .8 also this should have been kept private.

  13. Keni says

    Do u think that it was necessary to post these pics and a synopsis of his funeral? I mean, this is a poignant moment and though he chose to live a public life; had his family wanted this publicised, they would not have asked for privacy.

    I think this is a little too far… though the pics are touching, its as far removed from what this site is about, celebrating the joys of parenting, babies, families and celebrities…

  14. Missy says

    That look on her face in the last picture says “I’m going to be alright. It’s gonna be hard without you baby, but we are going to make it. We love you. We miss you. We’ll see you again.” I’m crying.

  15. Eir says

    Wow, Heath’s sister and Michelle look strikingly alike.

    What a wonderful way to remember your loved one, I can only hope that when I die I’m remembered with laughter and happy tears like this.

  16. nanda says

    I hate going to funerals because most of them are so sad… but this one sound so beautiful… heath must be smiling now for seeing his family celebrating his life this way… michelle is a strong woman… R.I.P HEATH

  17. boo says

    What a beauitiful way to bid Heath a Final Farewell… celebrating his life the way they did ….absolutely wonderful!

  18. pat says

    It sounds so beautiful, so special, and so personal. What a moment that must of been for these people to remember someone so dear to each person there. I tear up just reading about it. Heath was a very special person to so many it is nice to see him remembered in such a way.

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