Kyle MacLachlan & Wife Expecting First Child

Kyle MacLachlan

Desperate Housewives actor Kyle MacLachlan and his wife, Desiree Gruber, are expecting their first child, their rep has confirmed to People magazine.

The baby is due in July. “We are really excited,” said Desiree, 39, who is president of Full Picture and executive producer of Project Runway.

“We are thrilled,” Kyle, 48, told People magazine. “I’m so excited that I’ve been telling anyone who will listen!!”

Kyle, who also starred on Sex in the City, will next be seen in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2.

The two have been married for six years after having first met in a chiropractor’s office. “We just started talking,” Desiree shared. “We always say, ‘Thank goodness Kyle had a bad back.”

On Friday, Desiree not only confirmed her baby joy…she also wrapped the Project Runway season with pal Heidi Klum.

Desiree shared that Heidi is thrilled for them. “She’s so excited. Heidi wants all her friends to have kids. She wants her kids to hang out with our kids.”

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  1. Emily says

    WOW!! I am watching DH right nowl; I’m so happy for him!

    I thought I hated him, because I’d only seen him on SATC. He must just be a wonderful actor, because he seemed so spineless and yucky. But after seeing him on DH (after the whole mystery in season three is untangled!), I quite like him.

    It is just amazing how many celebrities are having children right now. Was it always this way? Or are we just hearing about it more because of the media? I wonder…

  2. Jx2 says

    I never knew what women saw in this guy…he has dated some stunning women…Linda Evangelista a super model for Pete’s sake dated him for a few years…yucky poo to Kyle!!

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